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Weekly Tarotscope for April 3rd – 9th

Hello, Beautiful Souls,

Welcome to our weekly Tarot love readings, where we explore the enchanting messages of the cards. Before we begin, have you had the opportunity to experience the free three-card Tarot reading that my dear friend Angel Adams has generously allowed me to share with all of you? The astounding accuracy of these readings has received rave reviews, so don’t miss out on discovering what the cards have in store for your love journey.

As we step into the week of April 3rd – 9th, we embark on a captivating adventure filled with growth and self-discovery. The arrival of spring infuses our surroundings and our souls with fresh energy, igniting a renewed sense of hope and enthusiasm. The blooming of nature reflects the blossoming of our hearts, inspiring us to explore uncharted paths in love and life.

Prepare yourselves for an extraordinary week ahead as we unveil the wisdom of the Tarot to illuminate our journey through love’s many twists and turns. And always remember to read your Sun, Moon, and Rising sign for the most precise and well-rounded message.

Sending you all love and light!

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AriesKing of Pentacles

This month Aries have the power to make something out of nothing at all. You are fully aware of what needs to be done, and you want the get on with things. You are looking for solutions, and that makes you very forceful and focused in your love life or marriage.

Your partner will feel a really assertive and positive vibe about you and will respect your ideas. You will be taking the lead in terms of responsibility and providing in family life; you are in control. Your strength is in using both your wisdom and your fiery personality to wade through problems and create opportunities.

The key this month is harnessing your energy and carrying yourself and your partner over the line, in terms of financial, and emotional relationship goals.

This is an excellent time for you to make a terrific impression on a new partner, so it’s ideal for dating, yet you may not get to know a lot about a new partner because you will meet in a frenzied environment where so much is going on and conversations are not very deep.

Remember to be yourself and radiate your authentic can-do attitude, as this is extremely enticing for your partner or new date.

TaurusThree of cups

The key this month is letting go of all the worries and hassles of life and making time for escapism, fantasy and romance. This week is a time of increasing happiness where you should spend quality time with family and friends.

This week is marvelous for reunions, and you may well hook up with a long lost friend with whom there’s a romantic connection.

It’s a perfect time for celebration, whether the party is for yourself or a loved one. What is paramount is spending quality time with folks who you truly cherish.

Your firm friends may look to you for your guidance and support, and you are respected your empathy. It could be that your compassion and guidance for friends or colleagues morphs into love and romance, as you now realize that you have shared a special bond, that’s been like a latent sexual attraction.

The key to making marriage stronger is sharing good times and creating events you can both look forward to. Support your partner in their work, even if it involves some business entertaining. Socializing with mutual friends helps you and your partner rekindle the romance.

GeminiTwo of Wands

This week is about making concrete plans. If you and a partner have been toying with ideas and plans, now it’s time to start actioning these and seeing if they are going to work and, importantly, if you guys really believe in the plans and have commitment to them.

The key right now is the difference between theory and practice; discovering potential is all about stepping out of your comfort zones and exploring new experiences by totally immersing yourselves in a new experience, even if the beginning is pretty daunting.

In relationships, you have to mature as a couple to reach the next point in your relationship. This week you guys are beginning to clarify your objectives and long-term by actually starting to do things in a concrete way to see what actually works and what doesn’t.

If you are single, set out your romantic objectives, and think about what you need to change about your lifestyle or mentality to get into the right zone to attract the best person towards you. The more you know what you want in love, the more you are drawn towards it

CancerHigh Priestess

Cancer always listen to their intuition, but this week it’s more important than ever, especially in love. It’s refreshing to focus on the tender, touchy feely aspects of your relationship and place less emphasis on the cold, harsh realities. They say money can’t buy you love, and that’s appropriate for this week, depth of feeling is real gold.

Mindfulness and positive affirmations can help you to achieve the right mindset to improve a current relationship or attract a loving new romantic partner.

Night life is very enticing and it’s important romantically to have dates and outings planned in the evening, so you can tap into the music or comedy scene and have adult experiences, rather than being defined by the school run and patents evenings.

In terms of happiness, whether you are single or married, this week is all about delving within yourself for insight and reassurance, as the answers lie deep within and only you can access them.

Patience is vital in love, your calm exterior conceals an inner passion, but it’s important to bide your time in a new relationship because the very intimacy and openness that’s potentially there can’t be microwaved, it’s a slow cooker.

LeoTen of Wands

This week should bring relief and a welcome upturn after a period of struggle. Suddenly there’s light at the end of the tunnel and you feel hard work in love, career and family life is paying off.

It’s important to develop a mindset of abundance and also to reward yourself and so, don’t wait for approval and recognition, give yourself a pat on the back now. In relationships, resentment often stems from not getting you dues, that’s why Leo must always work on self-care and not be afraid to make your fun and have your indulgences.

Take responsibility and be the ideas leader and problem solver, but keep leading as this is not a time to take your foot off the gas, you have to press home your advantage.

While compromise is important in love and relationships, too much compromise is a hole that you dig yourself into and that’s what you need to address right now.

In new relationships, you may walk away if a new partner has a lot of baggage. Don’t feel guilty about wanting better because this is a time to be aspirational in love.


This week, it’s very important to make sure that you are fair and to see both sides to any story, particularly in relationships. It’s important to weigh the pros and cons and not to allow emotions to get in the way. I know that Virgo are usually very analytical, but we all have our moments where we become wedded to our emotions, or get wrapped up in our ego, so it’s very important to take a step back and make sure you are seeing every problem from all angles.

There’s a lot of karma at work this week, and so if you have been wronged, your opponents will get their comeuppance. At the same time be very careful what you do, because karma is swift to serve justice.

In your love life, it’s very important to give someone a chance and to always to hear their side of the story. Sometimes when you are dating a guy who’s part of your wider friendship circle, it’s easy to get distracted by rumor and gossip, but you should always make sure that you have the facts straight. Be very careful that you don’t judge a new romantic partner, or potential partner, on hearsay.

This is an excellent week to restore communication and set the record straight in your relationship, so don’t hold back. Be a good listener and make sure that you put your cards on the table and tell your side of the story

With the Justice card, it’s very important to pay attention to cause and effect. For every action, there’s an equal and opposite reaction, so always understand the domino effect of anything you do.


The Lovers card is fantastic for Libra because it portends harmony, fun and compatibility in relationships. This is an excellent time for restoring communication, balance and better understanding in relationships. It’s certainly a period of peace, and whatever else is going on in your lives this week, you should be able to find that ‘eye of the storm” calm to reassess and come together in a sensible and pragmatic way.

This is a good time to make promises or commitments to each other, these don’t have to be huge things like getting married, but it can just mean that you are both going to make more of an effort, or you’re going to commit to saving money, spending more time with family or planning an important event together.

Teamwork really helps stimulate the level of trust and unity, and it will give you both renewed strength through the partnership. It’s very important to work hard at relationships this week, because it can actually serve to increase your own confidence and sense of well-being in your life.

This is an excellent time to be dating because you feel more relaxed, and are likely to strike up conversations with people with whom you will feel an immediate compatibility. So there’s a sense of clicking right from the beginning, which helps you to relax, and new relationship can actually get off the starting blocks quite quickly.

ScorpioQueen of Wands

The queen of Wands is a fantastic card because it resonates with the essence of Scorpio, which is great determination, passion, courage and individualism. So this is a fantastic card for achieving your goals and feeling proud of yourself.

This indicates a very uplifting positive energy, and it’s an ideal time to take on difficult challenges and have the more challenging conversations in your relationship. It’s also a time to take ownership of your stuff, but reject any projection your partner conducts of their problems onto you.

It’s very important this week to be independent and to encourage the independence of your partner. This is not necessarily a week of teamwork, joint decisions and sharing, it’s a time of empowering each other through being more in control of your individual emotions and destiny.

While you can be quite self-centered and focused on getting your own needs met, if your partner is experiencing conflict you will be right in their corner ready to back them up, and that also helps strengthen the relationship.

Single Scorpio may not feel the impetus to enter the dating game or have excessive contact with a romantic partner this week.

SagittariusNine of Wands

The message this week is: don’t lose hope and stay positive even if many hurdles stand in your way. It’s important to draw strength from all the trials and tribulations you and your partner have endured before, and to realize that every step of the way, as you achieve things together or overcome things together, you grow stronger, and your union goes stronger. So in relationships, sometimes one should welcome the storms as a chance to make the relationship that much deeper and more special.

The nine of wands indicates that you have a lot on your plate at the moment, you’re performing a juggling act, and there are many areas of life which require your attention. However, you should not underestimate yourself because you are ready and totally capable of coming out on top, just remember to be determined and systematic.

In new relationships, the key is letting yourself trust again. Part of the beauty of entering a new relationship is overcoming the fear of being hurt and being absolutely ready to take a chance again because as soon as you are, some magic awaits.

Don’t judge everyone on past experiences, good or bad.

CapricornFour of Cups

For Capricorn, you may feel a little bit flat and uninspired, it could even feel that your love life and your relationship is in the doldrums and nothing is really making you happy or ringing your bells.

However, it’s also great to appreciate this as a time of calm, and often it’s good to have periods where life is a little bit tasteless, because it usually means that you are about to experience something quite intense and this is just the calm before the storm.

This can be a good week to appraise exactly why you are feeling stuck or in a rut, and to start brainstorming ideas about new paths forward. It may be important to review some of your preconceived attitudes and notions, because often being stuck stems from an attitude that is holding you in a certain space, even though we often project a feeling of inertia onto circumstances.

It’s quite possible that you are feeling your relationship is now more of a friendship and it has entered a stable phase, but it’s good to appreciate the stability and the security of your relationship, as more exciting times will return soon.

This may not be the best week to initiate a sudden change to the relationship, but it certainly is a time to start reevaluating how to breathe life into it.

AquariusSeven of Swords

The theme of this particular card is secrets and lies, there are times in all relationships when we fall into the trap of deception or telling white lies, and these inevitably come out. However, it’s essential for Aquarians to remember that we are all sinners and no one is perfect, so it’s essential to keep things in context and instead take a broad view of someone’s character and not to judge them on one lapse in their judgment, as long as it’s only one.

During this month, it’s important to give people second chances, but these shouldn’t be five or six chances; there is a lot of wisdom in saying ‘leopards don’t change their spots’, so if you are dating someone who’s a bit of a leopard, time to walk away.

In both new and existing relationships, you tend to be a little bit evasive this week. You don’t particularly want to be put on the spot; if you are dating, you may take a rain check on a date and prefer to spend time with some friends or even by yourself.

In marriage, you’ll definitely want to put important conversations on hold, don’t feel guilty, there are times when we want to hide from things rather than face them head on, and so this is totally normal, and others should understand that.

PiscesThe Emperor

Pisces are usually easygoing people who take laid back approach to life and enjoy going with the flow, but right now, it’s very important for you to be assertive, take control and generate ideas. When it comes to your marriage, you need to be positive and bring some structure to the relationship. You may even want to introduce some new rules or boundaries just to set the tone.

This period represents a time when you can really grow in your relationships, so if you’ve been with someone for a short time or even a long time, it’s time for you to challenge your partner and challenge yourselves by setting some different challenges and embarking on some interesting new adventures together.

In new relationships, the phrase, ‘start as you mean to go on’, is quite powerful, so you want to set out your stall at the beginning of the relationship so that a new partner understands your needs, your red lines and your love language.

What’s very important in love right now is clarity, so while you want to be diplomatic, you don’t want to pull your punches, so be straightforward and make it quite clear what you will and won’t stand for.

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My Final Wishes

I’m thrilled to welcome you to another enchanting week brimming with boundless opportunities for love and happiness.

I am profoundly thankful for each one of you who places your trust and support in me on this journey. My mission is to serve you wholeheartedly and to share the blessings and gifts that I have received, with the aim of encouraging you to do the same. You possess limitless potential and deserve all the success and fulfillment that life has to offer, so never doubt your worth for even an instant.

Embrace your inner power, and witness your life flourish with every stride.

Furthermore, I encourage you to explore the delightful offering of my friend’s personalized Three Card tarot reading. It’s an exceptional resource that I’m excited to share with you.

Lastly, I would be delighted to learn about your zodiac sign and the current events in your life. Your stories and experiences add immeasurable meaning to my life, and I am honored by your ongoing love and support.

With an abundance of love and happiness,

Your friend and relationship astrologer,


4 thoughts on “Weekly Tarotscope for April 3rd – 9th

  1. Thank you so much for your advice. I am a Leo engaged to a Virgo. I love him so much. They are very private in their personal life. So I can’t share.
    Thank you….

    1. Hi Virginia,
      Leo is a spendthrift, and Virgo thinks ahead, spending on what is useful more than what is desirable. You are both very independent, but Leo exhibits this in a sensitive way, that makes Virgo feel hurt and rejected.
      Virgo is very private and will not let himself be dominated or controlled.
      In short, Leo is a fiery, high maintenance lover that earthy Virgo will start to resent serving and will always find difficult to trust. The Virgo man Leo woman have a lot of differences, but you could work well 🙂

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