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Weekly Tarot Reading For September 6th – 12th

Hello, my lovely ladies! I hope you are all doing wonderfully and living life to the fullest. A couple of weeks back I started adding Tarot card readings to some of my horoscopes and all of you seemed to have really enjoyed it.

I thought, why not start a weekly love Tarotscope as well? Even though Astrology is my first love, the Tarot is such a wonderful tool that can bring fantastic advice to each and every one of you! And some people just resonate with the cards better than the stars. 

With Tarot, I can also really focus on the energy going on with the collective with love and this helps me to be really specific. So, if this sounds like it is your cup of tea then please continue reading. Remember to read for your Sun, Moon, and Rising sign. 

I hope you enjoy it and that it helps you to come closer to the love life you have always been dreaming of!


Weekly Tarot Advice For Aries: The Hermit

Working on yourself should always be the first point of call when it comes to love and relationships. It takes a lot of courage to look within yourself and do the inner work to really be open and available for true love to come in. 

You have to be willing to separate yourself from the crowd, to go silent, and to discover who you truly are. This journey isn’t simple or even easy. It can be challenging to look at your shadow side and to admit how much inner work you need to do.

But this is extremely necessary on the journey towards love with a partner, and it takes a tremendous amount of courage and self-love to be okay with standing on your own for a while. If you embrace this challenge, you will be rewarded in unimaginable ways.

Are you ready to move through the darkness to ultimately come to the light?


Weekly Tarot Advice For Taurus: The Death

The Death card can instill a lot of fear in people, but all it really means is for a new beginning to emerge you have to go through an ending. It is the fact of life, the cycle we all need to go through. 

The challenge is to accept the process and not try to resist it. You are being called to move on from a relationship or situation that may have hurt you. There is no need for you to keep repeating what has happened in your head.

A lot of change is about to occur in your life, especially around relationships, and the only thing you can really do is to allow it to happen. Let the process flow through you. Don’t be frightened by this, it is only happening for your own good.

Shed your skin and allow a new birth in your life to take place.


Weekly Tarot Advice For Gemini: Page Of Cups

What does freedom mean to you and how does it fit into your idea of a relationship? It is so important to still have your autonomy even when you find yourself in a couple. You don’t have to let your partner dictate your comings and goings.

But most importantly, it is so imperative that you don’t lose yourself in a relationship. You need to continue doing the things that make you happy, if not you will only feel constrained and like your freedom is being taken away.

Allow yourself to breathe, and be easy on yourself. Remember to put yourself first, and to trust your instincts. Don’t let anyone take away your power. Do the things that make you happy and the rest will fall into place. 

Don’t give your independence away, it is all you have that can guarantee you happiness.


Weekly Tarot Advice For Cancer: King Of Wands

You’re unstoppable! Your passion for life is addictive, and this is the reason people are drawn to your presence. And if this doesn’t feel authentic, then this is exactly the energy you need to be inviting into your life. 

What makes you feel powerful? What gives you drive and passion for your life? Ask yourself these questions and then use the answers as motivation to follow what your heart is telling you to.

You have so much potential, you just need to have the courage to accept this part of yourself. We are all afraid of how great we can truly be and shy away from showing this to people. Be proud of yourself and who you are and the rest of the world will notice.

You have the power to lift up others. You are an inspiration; you just need to believe in yourself.


Weekly Tarot Advice For Leo: Judgment

Reflection isn’t always easy, especially if that means you need to look at more of the negative aspects of your own personality. But this process can bring incredible insight into what is missing in your life as well as your romances.

Expect quite a few epiphanies to come rushing to you this week, but this can only happen if you’re open to healthy self-analysis. You need to be open to a different perspective and to see yourself in a different light and what you need to work on.

It can’t be easy to see your flaws, but if you do you will be much better equipped to work on what you feel is lacking. And don’t forget about your positive attributes. Remind yourself that you’re amazing and that you too are allowed to be a work in progress. 

Question who you are and what that means in a relationship context?


Weekly Tarot Advice For Virgo: Three of Pentacles

Slow and steady wins the race. Just because you have met someone doesn’t mean you need to go planning your wedding already… You need to be a little more discerning and realize the best things in life and worth waiting for.

Have patience; just because you’re single and maybe struggling to find a life partner does not mean you are unworthy. Did you ever think that the Universe is just waiting for the perfect time for you to meet the man that is suited best for you?

If you rush into something, you might regret it. Keep your head clear, especially when it comes to love. And if something sounds too good to be true it usually is. Don’t lose faith though, the perfect person is coming your way. 

You just need to trust in the process and realize it will all make sense eventually and all the hard work will be worth it.


Weekly Tarot Advice For Libra: Six of Cups

Sensuality becomes you. Embrace your femininity and your soft edges. You’re a beautiful woman and you should never be ashamed about that! But it can be hard to be soft in a world where everyone reveres masculinity.

One of your greatest gifts in life is to be able to bring softness into the world. Allow yourself to be open and vulnerable through your emotions. It is what makes you so special, and when you’re soft you give the masculine in your life the opportunity to be strong.

Relationships are all about balance, and finding a way to embrace your femininity will bring you really far when it comes to love. Do something for yourself that makes you feel good, something that makes you feel like you’re a powerful woman. 

Be open to enjoying pleasure, you don’t have to hide from it.


Weekly Tarot Advice For Scorpio: King Of Cups

What does love really mean to you? And if you could paint a picture of it, what would it look like? It is so important to know what love looks like to you. If you don’t have a clear image of what you want in your life, how could you possibly invite it in?

Get clear about what you want and need, and then take it from there. Getting really clear about your desires will help you to manifest the perfect partner and relationship into your life. It is so important to ask for love with intention and knowing what you desire.

Keeping your vibration high and your intentions pure will help you along the process. Be grateful for what you already have, and be grateful for what is to come in your life. The more you see the blessings you have in your life, the more blessings you are sure to welcome. 

Know what you want in life, and be grateful for what you have.


Weekly Tarot Advice For Sagittarius: The Moon

You might be feeling a little discouraged like your life isn’t unfolding according to plan, but when does it ever really? This doesn’t mean that this is the moment for you to give up and let go of everything you have dreamed of. 

This is actually the moment for you to press on and keep the dream alive. Love is real, and it is available for each and every one of us. Yes, it can be hard, but this is what makes it all so worth it. Don’t give up on your hope, it will come to you, you just need to believe.

Appreciate how far you have come on your journey, what good would it do for you if you just decided to give up now? No, this is when you need to persevere and continue believing in your dream of amazing true love. 

Keep on dreaming!


Weekly Tarot Advice For Capricorn: Eight Of Wands

You need to work on your communication, girl! Have you not been speaking your mind or being direct with your desires? How is your man supposed to know what you want if you can’t seem to tell him? We give men way too much credit, but trust me, they are not mind-readers.

Any misunderstandings you might have can all be chalked up to miscommunication. It is your responsibility to state what you want and need. Yes, it isn’t always easy to be direct and honest, but it is necessary.

Direct speech can solve any kind of uncertainty or problem. This is why it is never good for you to beat around the bush. Honesty is always the best policy. Force yourself to speak clearly and say what you think.

Don’t be afraid to communicate your needs.


Weekly Tarot Advice For Aquarius: Knight Of Cups

Desire is a beautiful thing, isn’t it? It gives us a good inkling of what we need to work towards in our lives. It is what sets us off to get motivated. What are your wishes and what do you want to manifest in your life?

Knowing exactly what you want out of life can help you to gain clarity, but first, you need to be self-aware and go through a process of introspection. Be attuned to what you crave and honor yourself by achieving it.

I believe a particular desire is given to us for a reason, yet somehow it can be hard to admit our deepest wants, even to ourselves. There is no shame in wanting certain things, and as soon as you accept what you desire it gives you the chance to welcome them in.

Honor your desires and accept the things you crave.


Weekly Tarot Advice For Pisces: Two Of Wands

Find the balance in life isn’t always as simple as it may seem. Life is a dynamic process, and it is sometimes filled with tension and conflict. This isn’t always a bad thing, and it can give us a lot of energy to soldier on and move forward.

But through the process, we need to somehow find harmony. If your life feels a little chaotic at present, it might be the time to really quiet everything down and find your center. This means spending a good deal on yourself and the things that bring you peace.

Don’t give power to those that try to take you off your path. You are incredibly strong, a force to be reckoned with, but you need to have the stillness inside to cope with the chaos on the outside. 

Be the calm in the midst of the storm.

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I hope you have all enjoyed your Tarotscope for the week! Please let me know what you think of it in the comment section below. You don’t realize how much it means to me to hear from all of you. I would be lost without your feedback.

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Until next week!

Wishing you love and light,

Anna Kovach 

3 thoughts on “Weekly Tarot Reading For September 6th – 12th

  1. I’m a Gemini. I’m trying to find true love but it’s hard. I just recently broke up with my fi’ance and I’m sort of lost because I really loved him, but he didn’t love me 😔

    1. So my sun sign is Pisces and moon sign is Gemini. I can really relate to both of these readings today. My life is in chaos and partner that I’m trying to leave is causing all the chaos.he is trying to get me off course by not giving me a divorce. I’m really trying to find my center but I also need to be free to heal and regroup. Thank you so much for these readings.

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