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Weekly Tarot Card Reading for September 13th – 19th

Hello, my beautiful ladies! I hope you are all doing so well and living your purpose! I would love to hear where each and every one of you are on your love and relationship journey. Is there someone who has taken your fancy, or are you still waiting for your prince charming?

I hope if any of you need some guidance and reassurance that this week’s Love Tarot Reading is going to give you some clarity on your situation. I just love the Tarot and how helpful it can be to understand some of the more subconscious themes going on in your life. 

So please continue reading and see what this week has in store for you and your love life. Remember to read your Sun, Moon, and Rising sign to get the most accurate message. And please be discerning, and only take what resonates. 


Weekly Tarot Card For Aries: 3 Of Pentacles

It is time for you to really get to know your partner or potential partner. What do they like? What makes them feel special? Ask them what they enjoy in a relationship and what are they looking to get out of a relationship.

This can be a beautiful bonding experience and a moment for the two of you to really get to know each other on a deeper level. A time where you can be more vulnerable with one another and feel like a greater intimacy is growing between the two of you. 

This can really help the two of you to know what you are getting yourselves into and what working as a team would look like for you two in a relationship. Be open to discovery and see what you can learn about this person.


Weekly Tarot Card For Taurus: The Hanged Woman

You might be feeling a little uncertain about your love life or the status of your relationship. Everything feels like it is up in the air and a bit confusing. Uncertainty is never a fun thing to experience when it comes to love. All we truly want is stability in our relationships.

Something might have gone awry recently, and you cannot figure out why. The best thing you can do is not to ruminate and overthink about what went wrong. You will only drive yourself crazy with these anxious thoughts!

The best thing you can do is to just accept it and go with the flow. The more you try to control a situation, the faster it will start running away from you. Just take it easy and don’t beat yourself up too much about it.


Weekly Tarot Card For Gemini: The Devil 

It is so important that you don’t let past relationships set the bar for your current or future relationships. If you have been treated really badly in the past, don’t allow yourself to make this a pattern. You deserve a lot more than any ill-treatment.

If someone is giving you some red flags, then you need to wake up and realize that this is your intuition trying to tell you something. You have to listen or you might get hurt. Don’t let your feelings cloud your judgment.

Think very carefully before committing to something that seems a little bit dangerous. Keep yourself protected and listen to your intuition. It is always right and your Higher Self is always trying to warn you, so listen carefully!


Weekly Tarot Card For Cancer: 4 Of Pentacles

Are you a bit controlling when it comes to your relationship? Or perhaps you’re finding yourself in a situation where you feel like you can’t be free and independent. Either way, this is no good! Love shouldn’t ever feel like a prison.

Suffocation and neediness can be quite detrimental in a relationship. Take a deeper look at your situation and see if you can let go of the reigns a little, or alternatively, let your partner know that you need some space.

Both of you deserve to feel free and independent in the relationship, and if neither of you does, is the relationship even that healthy? You can really work on this over the next week and see if things improve. 


Weekly Tarot Card For Leo: 2 Of Cups

Love is in the air! This card is really straightforward. Things are really looking up for you in your romantic life. So, what is there to worry about? Keep things positive and look at the bright side because something really special and solid is coming your way.

If you’re single or in a relationship, things bode really well for your romantic life. So have peace in the knowledge that love is around the corner and it is only going to be strengthened from this moment moving forward.

All you can do is believe in love and know that you are worthy of having a really special and fulfilling relationship. Believing in love is really all you need to attract it to you. So, keep on dreaming, because it is coming your way!


Weekly Tarot Card For Virgo: 6 Of Cups

Are you still thinking fondly about an ex? Perhaps hoping that he might come back into your life? Well, this card definitely indicates that this could be a possibility this week… Just be cautious and don’t get your hopes up too high. 

This is also a warning for you though, be careful because you might be living in the past, making it impossible for you to move on and make space in your life for someone new and equally wonderful as your ex. 

Keep your memories sacred and think about them fondly, but don’t get stuck thinking that your life isn’t going to get any better than that. This is a limiting belief! You are ALWAYS worthy of love and something wonderful is waiting for you around the corner. 


Weekly Tarot Card For Libra: 10 Of Pentacles

In relationships, it is always good to see if you and your partner are on the same page when it comes to morals and values. Do you and your partner see eye to eye when it comes to marriage or having children?

All these things seem insignificant at first, but as the relationship progresses you will come to notice how important it is that the two of you have the same vision for your futures. If you don’t feel the same way, then a lot of conflicts can be born from these disagreements. 

Ask your man how he feels about these big issues this week, and see if his views align with yours. It might be awkward to have this conversation, but you will feel better when you know how he feels. 


Weekly Tarot Card For Scorpio: 6 Of Pentacles

This is a beautiful omen for your relationship. It shows that you and your future partner are working towards a really generous and supportive relationship. The two of you will be able to create something solid together.

Ask yourself, how you can cultivate being more supportive towards each other? What can you do to be more considerate of each other’s feelings so that this can be a feeling that continues into the future?

It is easy to forget to be generous with the passage of time in a relationship because little things start to annoy us. Try to always share kindness with the person you are with and see them in a positive light. This can really help you keep your feelings strong.


Weekly Tarot Card For Sagittarius: Judgment 

If you have been wondering where to from here regarding your relationship you are about to find out.  This card really shows that the situation you find yourself in is definitely meant to be. The two of you have some karmic connection of sorts. 

This can feel quite intense and awaken quite extreme feelings within you. Your person is definitely here to teach you something, and this is why you might feel that the connection can be quite challenging at times. 

This card is here to remind you what will be, will be and there is really nothing you can do about it. Take a deep breath and see what you can learn from the situation. Just try your best to go with the flow and see what develops from there. 


Weekly Tarot Card For Capricorn: Page Of Cups

What are the qualities you are looking for in a partner? Have you ever thought to take a look at yourself to see if you embody any of these qualities? One of the best things you can do for yourself is to BE the person you would want to be in a relationship with. 

Instead of looking for someone else to fulfill the checklist of things you would like in a partner, start embodying these qualities in yourself. If you want to be with a man who is positive and full of life, then you need to be a woman who is positive and full of life. 

Remember that like attracts like! So, the more you work on yourself by becoming the best version of yourself, the easier it will be for you to attract these qualities in someone else. If you can make this mind shift, your whole life can change for the better. 


Weekly Tarot Card For Aquarius: 6 Of Swords

Time to shake things up in your relationship. Have the two of you become a bit stuck in a rut? I think it is the perfect time to organize a little trip away for the two of you. Sometimes all your need is a vacation!

It is good to keep things interesting in a relationship by spicing it up and doing new activities together. This may very well mean that the two of you are moving in a new direction together, don’t be afraid of the change, embrace it!

For those of you who are single, this card is a sign of hope, that you too will move on and heal eventually. Just give yourself the time and space to deal with your demons, and let go of the hurt holding you back. 


Weekly Tarot Advice For Pisces: Page Of Wands

An exciting adventure awaits you! There is a side to you that is so fun-loving, playful, and adventurous and you need to show this beautiful side of yourself to the rest of the world. You could really benefit from doing some amazing inner-child healing. 

Do all the things that bring you joy and make you feel excited about life. Don’t let the seriousness of day-to-day life bog you down. Embrace the parts of you that just want to have fun because this will certainly help you to keep your vibration high.

When you live and exude joy others can’t help but notice it! This can really help you to attract a wonderful man into your life. It is no good meeting someone when you feel down and despondent. When you smile, the universe smiles upon you. 

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Love And Light

My darlings, I hope you all have a magnificent week and everyday work towards evolving yourself into being the most wonderful version of yourselves. Self-love is the journey towards true love. 

I hope you have found my Tarot observations helpful for the week ahead. Take the advice I have given you and see if this is impactful in your life in some way. Here is to having the most amazing relationship of your dreams!

If you have any comments you would like to leave me, please send me a message in the section below. I always really look forward to hearing from all of you and the experiences you have had with your man!

If you are looking for a way to really dive deeper and find the answers to your perfect love life, then please take a look at my new VIP offering. I am sure this will give you exactly what you are looking for and help you to move towards the most romantic time of your life. 

Wishing you all the best.

Your friend and Relationship Astrologer,

Anna Kovach

5 thoughts on “Weekly Tarot Card Reading for September 13th – 19th

  1. Dear Anna, I just want to thank you for all of the readings you post. Although they may not necessarily feel like they are helpful to my life or situation at the given moment but I do enjoy reading them! Have a wonderful week….. Tonia

  2. I am a Capie in a long distance relationship with a crab. We have promised our love to each other, vowed to be true to each other and look forward to the day we marry and join our families. We are both 61. Unfortunately there have been things beyond our control keeping us apart. First his work, then finances, then covid, now back to finances. We have been working together through all this for almost three years. He left home with his children to come to where I have a farm. He had a layover at a friends house and was trapped by covid. His plane tickets expired. It has been a mess, but through it all we speak or write our words of love and support for each other every day. The separation has only made our love and faith stronger. Our relationship was rocky at first. His moodiness and swings, his temper, then sunshine was driving me nuts. I was going through some things that made it even harder. He found my need to plan and figure things out, to protect through control to be tough. Now we rely on those opposing qualities to stabilize us. I get too serious, he’s bright. He’s gloom and doom. I help him walk through the problems. There used to be times I was so frustrated by him, I would cry. He was frustrated because he needs to be “the man”. Now I have learned when he needs his space. If he feels Im too controlling, he gently reminds me to let him be the man. When he needs help or does not mind relegating the task, he lets his strong Marine take over. He reminds me when I need to think a little more about home and us. I remind him to have faith and to trust in the ling game. It will work out eventually. It has been hard, but we are in a good place. Your advice has guided me through this rocky relationship to a place where we are both extremely happy, except for still being physically separated. Thank you for your advice.

  3. Wow! These readings are always interesting, but today it felt as though you were speaking directly to me!

    I’m a Sagittarius woman, Tauras moon, Aquarius rising, in love with a Libra man. He won’t disclose the depth of his feelings for me, and we are attempting to be “just friends” (with occasional benefits). But I sometimes suspect that his feelings run deeper than he wants to admit to me OR himself.

    From the moment I met him (years ago), I felt an indescribable connection to him. I eventually began to wonder if we’re twin flames. We’ve certainly had our share of obstacles to keep us apart. Just this week, we’ve reunited after being separated by the pandemic. I don’t know what the future holds for us, or even what he hopes for the future. I only know what my hopes are. I also know that my hopes may not be possible.

    This week, both Sagittarius and Taurus are advising me to “go with the flow” and not over think the situation – excellent advice that my best friend has also given me, and that I would do well to heed. Let’s see if I can tame my impatient, impulsive Sag heart and not screw this up!

    (If this message is posted publicly, please do not attach my name. Please keep it anonymous. Thank you.)

  4. I’ve been so upset the past 3 weeks. I’m a Virgo & been in a long distance relationship with a Scorpio for two years. He surprised me for my birthday by coming to see me. He’s been having a hard time with his job with Covid impacts, staffing etc so he asked if I could help him out with $. I graciously did as he grinds so hard & raising two daughters. both starting college. Haven’t talked to him since he left. He won’t respond to texts & phone goes straight to vmail. We’ve never gone more than a day without communicating. I cannot make sense of this. Refuse to believe I got played, but obviously he’s blocked my number. I’m heartbroken.

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