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Weekly Tarot Reading For August 30th – September 5th

Hello, my gorgeous ladies! I hope you are doing well and enjoy your life to the fullest. I have really been having a lot of fun sharing more of my Tarot knowledge with you, and I am so happy so many of you seem to be getting something valuable out of it!

The Tarot is a fascinating way to look into the archetype of a situation and to gain clarity and even a fresh perspective on something you may be struggling with. I have had so many of my greatest ah-ha moments come from looking towards the Tarot for advice. 

I especially enjoy looking at the cards when it comes to love and how much information one can learn about a relationship by looking at the cards. The Universe works in such a wonderful way and there are so many tools we can use to understand ourselves and others better. 

So, if you are looking for some insight on what to expect from your love life this week then keep on reading! Remember to look at your Sun, Moon, and Rising sign and only take what resonates with you. I hope I help and inspire you somehow! Good luck!


Weekly Tarot Advice For Aries: 6 Of Wands

Optimism can get you very far in life! This card is encouraging you not to lose hope or lose sight of your goals. If you’re unsure of what you want in your love life, then it is time for you to make a list of all the qualities you would like in a man. 

You can also learn to recite an affirmation like: “I am deeply fulfilled in a loving relationship. I attract love to me with ease and grace.” Do whatever you need to do to keep your vibration high and your energy excited around love!

Believe in yourself and in your ability to make your dreams come true. Even if you first need to fake it until you make it, eventually you will start to believe in the things you keep repeating to yourself. You might as well switch it from negative to positive, am I right?


Weekly Tarot Advice For Taurus: The World

Emotional fulfillment and enlightenment are available to you, all you need to do is to reach out and grab it – and it is yours! You are right on track, just keep walking on this path and you will surely gain the results you have been looking for. 

Celebrate how amazing your life is, you have so much to be grateful for. And you know, the Universe blesses us when we are thankful. This way you can be really sure and guaranteed that there are amazing things coming for you in the future. 

When you embrace your glory in its entirety you give others the permission to feel good about themselves. When you feel good about yourself others can’t help but start to reflect this within them as well.


Weekly Tarot Advice For Gemini: 5 Of Cups

Disappointments in love are quite normal and come as necessary teachers. Not everything is supposed to work out, and that is okay! It doesn’t make the situation any less valuable or special. It just is what is it. 

You do have the power to move on from this though. It is okay to wallow and feel sad if your heart is tender, but eventually, you will have to pick yourself up and start living again. Not all is lost and there is a lot more for you to live for.

Be grateful for what you have! Acknowledge the pain you have been through, but also open your eyes and recognize all the wonderful things you still have in your life. Choose one thing to be grateful for every day, and see how quickly your life turns around!


Weekly Tarot Advice For Cancer: The Hierophant

Relationships are often looked at through the eyes of tradition and conformity. People are expected to get married, but this too has been changing with the times and people are making their own rules when it comes to relationships.

What are your non-negotiables when you enter a partnership with someone and which values are a must in your romances? Knowing how you feel about certain things can really help you to get clear on what you want from your love life. 

You don’t have to follow everyone else’s rules, as long as you feel good about the decisions you have made. Let this card give you the freedom to follow your own structures because this means you are honoring your instincts and intuition. 


Weekly Tarot Advice For Leo: Queen Of Pentacles

You are a boss babe! You have so many amazing qualities in your personality. There is a side to you that is soft and gentle, and another one that is pragmatic and goes after what you want in life.

You just need to find a way to balance all these parts of your personality to live in greater harmony. And a fantastic way for you to do this is to practice some grounding. See if you can spend more time in nature this week or do a meditation focused on grounding yourself.

When you feel down-to-earth nothing negative can get you down and you’re able to manifest the life of your dreams easily. When you can recognize how wonderful you are, it makes it easy for others to love you for you!


Weekly Tarot Advice For Virgo: 6 Of Cups

Thinking about the past can be a beautiful thing, but sometimes it can also trigger painful memories from the past. And instead of moving forward, we can get stuck in negative thinking, replaying a memory that makes you cringe. 

Instead of getting stuck on a negative time in your life, why not honor your inner child instead? There are so many videos on YouTube that can support you in this experience. Do a mediation on making your inner child happy, and you might realize why you feel certain things are missing in your love life. 

This is an extremely healing experience and one that should make you feel safe and loved. Because when you heal the things that hurt you as a child, you can heal yourself now in the present and this means taking a positive step forward.


Weekly Tarot Advice For Libra: 10 Of Swords

Let’s just say you’re at the end of a very difficult time for you and things feel as though they cannot get worse. You might feel defeated, but there is a new beginning meeting you on the horizon. All you need to do is trust that the Sun will shine upon you again. 

Take the lessons you have learned from this difficult time, view it as a spiritual awakening of sorts, and implement your new knowledge in your day-to-day life. All of this heartbreak and low points have initiated a healing transformation within you.

Don’t let this bring you down, and just know that whatever disappointment you have experienced has made you into a stronger individual. Trust that you are on your right path and this little hiccup is just part of your greater spiritual journey. 


Weekly Tarot Advice For Scorpio: Ace Of Cups

You are so worthy of love! There are so many opportunities available to you, you just need to reach out and grab them. Even if this means just pouring so much self-love into yourself, maybe that is all you need?

Take solace in the beautiful peace and harmony in your life. You can have deep satisfaction in the fact that you know you have worked so tirelessly to reach this beautiful point in your life. It will take a lot to bring you down from these high vibes. 

Always trust in your intuition, it is the thing that got you to this point. It is your guide and always knows best. When you have so much self-love it is impossible not to share it. Just watch how people become attracted to your glory. 


Weekly Tarot Advice For Sagittarius: 8 Of Pentacles

There is a lot of promise making its way towards you this week. Just keep thinking big and holding true to the vision of your perfect life and relationship. Keep on going and know that the perfect life you have dreamed of is on its way. 

It can be easy to feel discouraged when you can’t see your manifestations coming true, but have you ever thought that this is the Universe’s way of testing your resilience and determination? 

Don’t back down now, just keep on dreaming and knowing what you deserve in your life. All you have to do is keep your head down and know that all the blessings you have ever wanted are coming your way, so there really is no reason for you to give up now, now is there?


Weekly Tarot Advice For Capricorn: 9 Of Pentacles

It is time for you to pat yourself on the back! You have come so far on your journey towards self-love, and we all know this is an integral part of finding the perfect relationship for yourself. Without self-love, what is there exactly?

This is a point in your life at which you can truly enjoy your independence and your individuality. Nothing (and no one!) is going to bring you down from feeling this good. It is so important to get to this place in your life because if you don’t, it is easy to allow just about anyone into your space. 

Only surround yourself with people or potential partners who lift you and encourage you to be the best version of yourself. If someone keeps bringing you down, do they really have a right to take space in your life?


Weekly Tarot Advice For Aquarius: Ace Of Swords

If you have something on your chest, then you really need to say it. Holding it in is only going to make you feel worse. This card is urging you to speak your mind and to let that certain someone know exactly how you feel, no holding back!

You now know what your truth is, and you can no longer stay silent. This should give you the confidence and certainty to say what you need to say. Perhaps someone has hurt you, or perhaps you want to share your feelings with a certain man.

No matter what your reason is, it is good for you to get your feelings out in the open. At least this way you don’t have to sit with them any longer. This will give you the courage to always speak your truth in the future. 


Weekly Tarot Advice For Pisces: 2 Of Cups

Yummy! There is a deep potential for love coming your way. Just make sure you don’t block these blessings because of fear. There is nothing more beautiful than a mutual love between two people, this is a feeling that can certainly inspire magic. 

Embrace these positive feelings, and recognize how beautiful and powerful it is to feel like you are in love with someone special. It is a bit like a high, isn’t it? But don’t let your hormones make you dizzy and blind.

Remember what your values are, and what you desire in a relationship. Let the respect you have for yourself shine through first, and then you can truly honor this connection and show up for yourself and your partner authentically, amazing things are coming

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Love And Light

I sincerely hope your reading meant something special to you and will help you to navigate the next week. Please let me know how it goes and if any of the advice I gave you is somehow useful to you.

I am so looking forward to hearing from each and every one of you, so please don’t be shy and remember to leave me a comment in the section below. I really love hearing from all of you, you have no idea how much it means to me!

And if you want to receive more detailed insight on how close you are to living up to your highest potential, you can book a private consultation and see what the Tarot cards reveal for you!

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I am wishing you all the love and happiness in the world.

Your friend, sister, and Relationship Astrologer,


Anna Kovach

8 thoughts on “Weekly Tarot Reading For August 30th – September 5th

  1. Thank you Anna. My reading has reflected what I am currently experiencing. I feel so much stronger and proud that I have controlled my emotions and embraced my sadness. I feel i am now healing🙏

    Balanced Libran 💜

  2. Hi Anna. I am Saggitarius and I will take your advice. I pray you are right. Dealing with Libra man and I hope we can have a new beginning and heal together . We love each other and are true soulmates xxx love n light xxx

  3. This is so true, I have been wanting to write a letter to my Boyfriend and tell him a few Things just can’t come up with the right words on how I feel. That he might let soak in his Brain and Heart I just can’t seem to get the letter written property. But yes so Awesome I do need to get things out in the open.

  4. All I can say is WOW!! I have been going back and forth for weeks and to get a reading like I just read today there is no other choice, but to take heed to it and do what I know I need to do. This reading has given me the push I needed to be truth to myself and have the courage to speak that truth out loud.

    Thank you Anna!

  5. The Gemini tarot reading was spot on – On Saturday (we are in lockdown and not able to go further than 5km unless to an intimate partner) I declined to go to visit as arranged as I just felt for 2 hours or so it was not worth it and so I have not heard back so I am guessing this 7 month relationships is over
    Thanks for your insight

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