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Weekly Love Horoscope For September 6th – 12th

Hey there, darling! Welcome to the weekly love horoscope for all signs for the week of September 6th-September 12th. I’m so excited that you’ve found your way here, since dishing with you about these transits is something that I look forward to all week long! 

September has only been here for a week and already we are seeing changes happening… There are new energies in the sky that are translating to specific events here on Earth. So, what can you expect for this coming this week?

Last week Mercury moved into Libra, creating an emphasis on collaboration and compromise. You’re now weighing the options in some area of your life. Finding balance in the mental sphere is the ultimate goal right now. Just make sure to take action sometimes and not just ponder the options.  

We’re seeing three planets in Virgo on the 7th (Sun, Moon, and Mars) creating an emphasis on productivity. But what is it you should be focusing your efforts on? 

Three planets will also be in Libra on the 9th. The Moon, Mercury, and Venus together will be putting an emphasis on being accommodating and friendly. Where in your life will you see this energy arise?

The biggest shift to look forward to is Venus entering sexy Scorpio on the 10th. With this transit comes intense fixations, overwhelming desire, and a craving for physical satisfaction. Ooh la la! I can’t wait to cover what this means for your sign. 

I’ve been very excited to get into this week’s events with you! I’m ready to talk about it with you, so find your sign and tell me how these tips can be useful for you in the comments below. 


Dearest Aries, the Libra energy in the air is spelling L-O-V-E for you! Libra rests in your house of long-term partnership, creating an emphasis on love and romance. As Venus finishes her transit through this house this week, you have some more time to create the dream love you desire. Don’t sleep on the days prior to the 10th of September. 

If you put it off and are going for the Hail Mary, then keep your eyes open on the 9th when there is a stellium of the Moon, Venus, and Mercury in Libra. This is the best day to express your feelings of commitment to your significant other or crush. They are far more likely to see your side of things on this day! 

September 6th is your day to take a huge risk. You have a risky, but positive trine between your chart ruler, Mars, and Pluto. This is a day when you’re feeling invigorated and energized. Anything that you’ve been putting off can be conquered on this day. 

On the 8th you could find some romance at work since the Sun, Moon, and Mars are in your house of labor and routines. Going to the gym in particular could certainly put you on the radar of a very healthy hottie!

Weekly Advice For Aries

Your success depends on collaboration! Get a second opinion on what you’re working on. You’re likely to find advice that you’d never considered. 


Taurus, you are one of the most blessed signs in love this week! With two planets (the Sun and Mars) in your house of romance with the Moon joining them on the 6th, this is the day to create the love of your dreams. The onus is on you to take the action though, Taurus. You are being challenged to step up and take the romance that is yours.

Venus enters Scorpio and your house of partnership on the 10th. This opens you up to a whole new world of commitment! Having Venus’ blessing in a relationship is as good as it gets. This is a time to get serious and find new ways to endear yourself to your partner. If you have no long-term partner then this is a period where you could secure something casual into a serious relationship. 

On the 9th you will feel an urge to be ultra-accommodating at work. You look gorgeous to those that you work with right now and your increased generosity and kindness is forcing someone to take a closer look at you. Who’s making eyes at you on the job, Taurus? 

Weekly Advice For Taurus

A dream you’ve held privately is filling you with hope at this time. You’re receiving blessings from all around if you choose to see them. 


The 9th and 10th of September is coming at you with a trine to your sign by the Moon, Saturn, Jupiter, Venus, and Mercury. I was pretty excited when I noticed this pattern. This screams to me that you’re looking for a positively transformational day. The planets of action, feelings, authority, blessings, expansion, and communication are ALL on your side on these days! 

These two days are setting you up for success in almost anything you do. I’d highly recommend going ahead with any romantic moves on these days since fate is on your side. 

On the 6th you will see a positive trine from Venus to Jupiter, creating a perfect love opportunity. You and your lover are totally feeling each other on this day. The positivity and good feelings are overwhelming. Make sure to do something romantic on this day!

Venus entering Scorpio means that it’s exiting your house of romance an entering your house of labor and habits. Love can be found at work or in places of health, like hospitals and clinics. While you don’t have to break your arm to get a date, you could simply find that your next lover is someone like a physical trainer, nurse, radiologist, etc. 

Weekly Advice For Gemini

As I’ve noted Gemini, the Universe is handing you blessings on a silver platter… but are you willing to see the positives? Let go of the worries in your mind long enough to see what’s in front of you. 


Cancer, there quote a few periods this week where you can expect incredible concentration of energy. Your planetary ruler, the Moon, is making her rounds, and along the way she is stopping by Libra (where Venus and Mercury are) and Virgo (where the Sun and Mars are). 

When the Moon hits Virgo (6th-8th) you’re looking at an emphasis on communication of all kinds. This is a great day to be helpful in your communication. Checking on your crush’s wellbeing is a great way to get them thinking about what a sweetheart you are!

As the Moon enters Libra from the 9th-10th, we see the Moon empowering Venus and Mercury with lots of emotion. Using this transit looks like being very kind and considerate. Putting your own needs on the backburner for these two days could endear your lover to you in a big way. 

Cancer, later in the day on the 10th we see Venus entering Scorpio and thus your house of romance. This is a wonderful spot for Venus to be in. You’re likely to start encountering plenty of romantic interest in this transit, so don’t hide away in your shell! 

Weekly Advice For Cancer

You’re the boss of your own life right now, Cancer. Sure, you’re a subdued gal, but that doesn’t mean you’re not powerful! Use this quiet rulership to command life to be what you want it to be this week. 


Leo, a Virgo stellium including the Moon, Mars, and your planetary ruler in your house of resources and money, is making you see dollar signs. Trust your intuition in the realm of finances on the 6th-8th. This might just lead you to a guy who is able to provide for you and take care of you, if you so desire. 

As the Moon makes its way into Libra on the 9th and 10th, the energies of Venus and Mercury are emphasized. This makes you authentically expressive, which might just endear you to your love or your crush. Staying quiet is not the move! However, it’s important to assure that your words are graceful and kind for this to work. 

As Saturn is in your house of partnership and forming a positive trine to Mercury in Libra this week, it’s a perfect time to talk about further solidifying your relationship. Try deep bonding exercises with your partner or having a conversation about taking your love to the next level this week!

On September 6th, we see another trine from Venus to Saturn, indicating that you and your partner have the potential to make a big purchase together which would seal your commitment… a new house? A new car? A puppy? Only you know, dearest Leo. 

Weekly Advice For Leo

Is there a better indicator of love in the Tarot? This is a great card that indicates that a union or a birth of some kind is yours, either now or in the future. It’s a great omen of prosperity. 


Mars and the Sun remain in your sign, Virgo. This is still bolstering your self confidence in a big way, and also making you motivated to put your park on the world. On the 6th-8th this is magnified as the Moon joins your sign for a few days. You’re able to authentically share your feelings without being afraid or backing down. This is an excellent day to make a love confession or put your partner in their place.

Following this, the 9th-10th sees the Moon joining Mercury and Venus in your second house. This is a great configuration for romance, and on either of these days you could be seeing opportunities to communicate with your crush or partner. It’s a great period for making big purchases with your partner that will create a more lasting bond. 

Venus enters your house of communication at the end of this week, creating an emphasis on expressing love openly! This is a happy-go-lucky position where you’re free to loosen up and be a bit silly with your friends and lovers. This transit also highlights communication issues in relationships, so ensure that you’re working through them as they come up. 

Weekly Advice For Virgo

This is your sign to be emotionally honest with everyone around you. Hiding your own desires is not the answer! In fact, you’ll be happier if you bite the bullet and say what’s on your mind. 


Now that Mercury and Venus are firmly within your sign you are feeling more like yourself again. You are the embodiment of charm and grace all the time, but especially now as Venus transits your house of self. Being ‘you’ feels like a blast right now! 

As the Moon joins up with Mercury and Venus in your sign you are feeling totally at peace. Your emotional state is calm and relaxed while also hopeful and full of joy. You can look forward to this energy culminating on the 9th and 10th

Needless to say, love is easy for you right now. Okay, love is usually easier for you anyways, but especially now. You simply look like relationship material right now!

Venus does not stay in your sign forever, unfortunately. On the 10th, Venus transitions into Scorpio, but this brings with it its own blessings. This switches the emphasis to material wealth. This transit almost always brings with it some money! Or perhaps a romance with a man who sells something or works directly with money himself.

Weekly Advice For Libra

Libra, have you been working too hard? This card is your call to take a breather. A little nap never hurt anyone, after all. Take a time out from the stress!


It’s a total mixed bag this week, Scorpio. You have Mercury and Venus in your house of isolation early on in the week, creating a deep desire to withdraw from all social activities – period. You are more than likely hunkered down in a pile of blankets, contemplating the state of the Universe. 

The 9th and 10th could prove to be difficult days as the Moon joins up with Mercury and Venus in the house of isolation. Feelings of loneliness are present and obvious on this day. If you have a partner, it would be very smart to spend the day with him, hopefully snuggled under a blanket with your favorite comfort show on TV.

Despite a lazy beginning to the week, things heat up substantially when Venus moves into your sign of Scorpio. While you may not be totally read to tear up the town, you’re at least willing to get cute and go out of the house. This energy begins at the end of the day on the 10th

Weekly Advice For Scorpio

Scorpio, something needs to be let go of. Have you been harboring something or someone who isn’t adding anything to your life? Releasing this bond is the best thing you can do.


With emphasis on your house of reputation as well as your house of friendship, a lot could happen this week. First off, it’s important to remember that you can’t be subtle right now, even if you try. Everyone sees what you’re up to and they’re taking notes. Keep this in mind if you’re trying to attract the man of your dreams! He is likely already able to see your influence. 

Until the 10th of this week, there is still time to initiate a romance with a friend that you may have been eyeing. You might not have known that there was something there, but there indeed might be. If you’ve had a secret crush on a friend for a while then don’t waste this energy available to you. 

As Venus enters Scorpio later in the day on the 10th, you’ll be more likely to want to isolate. You’re not necessarily going to be in the mood for romance. There is also the possibility that you suddenly find yourself to be unlovable. Nothing could be further from the truth! When these feelings arise, it’s time to focus on yourself as much as possible. Show yourself that love you’re unsure if you deserve.

Weekly Advice For Sagittarius

This is screaming that you have a lot of momentum! Don’t waste the speed that you’ve built up. Reach for the goals that you had in mind this week and don’t settle for less.


Capricorn, you’re on your grind and all eyes are on you this week with Mercury and Venus in your house of legacy and recognition. When Venus arrives in this house, it’s time to wonder if someone in a position of authority is crushing on you. Is there a boss figure that you’re really into? Someone older than you? If you have a suspicion and the feeling is mutual then start dropping hints. 

As the ruler of your house of partnerships, the Moon joins up with Mercury and Venus on the 9th and 10th you could be seeing even more interest coming your way. You’ve almost reached celebrity status it seems! Everyone knows you and everyone wants you or wants to be you. 

The Moon is also meeting up with the Sun and Mars in Virgo this week, from the 6th-8th. This could indicate that someone who is from abroad, who is highly educated, or who is religious is falling for you. Be open to anyone from any background and you may find that love is coming from an unexpected place.

Weekly Advice For Capricorn

A lot is changing right now, Capricorn. Whether you know it or not you are very much in a transition period. It’s important to see how the dots connect and to pay attention to which turn to take next.


Being yourself is still the utmost priority as your planetary co-ruler Saturn and the luck planet, Jupiter, create magic in your house of self. You are supported by the planets of authority and great blessings, creating the best possible conditions for you to be yourself fully. 

Mercury and Venus are forming positive trines to your sign, Aquarius. Love and communication are both on the menu this week. You are considering an expansive love that is totally free of guilt. This is the healthy sort of love that you should be striving for. 

As Mercury and Venus spend time within your house of long-distance travel, higher education, and religion, these are topics that you enjoy talking about right now. As a result of expressing this interest, you could be attracting someone who is broad minded and intelligent as well as quite different than yourself. Keeping an open mind is the key for positive love with him!

At the end of the week Venus transits into Scorpio, thus entering your house of recognition and legacy. You are being recognized for your charm starting on the 10th, and someone might even say something to you about your glowing reputation and all of the good buzz you’re getting. 

Weekly Advice For Aquarius

Aquarius, you’re independent in most cases, but sometimes it’s okay to lean on others. Your overall success requires the contributions and thoughts of someone else right now, so don’t be afraid to ask for a second opinion. 


Pisces, you could be feeling a little bit on edge right now as Mercury and Venus transition through your house of secrets and taboo. You could be feeling suspicious of your partner right now, wondering what secrets he’s holding back from you. I advise that you approach the situation calmly while also ensuring that all of your concerns are being addressed. 

You’re still experiencing positive energy for establishing long term partnership right now, Pisces. With the Sun and Mars in your house of marriage you are highly motivated to create lasting love!

On September 6th and 7th, you are seeing a positive trine between Mars (in your house of love) and Pluto. This day can have you feeling like acting on impulse to the extreme. Sex with your partner is high on your list of priorities. You may even engage in something much riskier than you ever have before. This energy can be a lot of fun, so enjoy!

Weekly Advice For Pisces

Whoa, Pisces! If this doesn’t seem obvious, I don’t know what does. You are ready for partnership. If you already have a partner then that bond is strengthening. If you’re single, you won’t be for long. 

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Wrapping Up

With Venus switching signs to steamy Scorpio, are you on board with this new energy? I, personally, am ready for some sultry water energy in my love life – how about you?

Next week we see yet another major player switching signs, implicating huge changes for every sign of the Zodiac. I am so excited for you to tune in with my next week to find out what this could possibly bring to you!

Being who I am, I just love being able to chat with you one on one. If you’re in need of some extra Astrological guidance in love then I highly encourage you to check out my VIP Consultations. I created them so that I could get more in touch with my followers, one to one. Move fast to book a spot though! 

See you next week!

Your friend and Relationship Astrologer,

Anna Kovach

7 thoughts on “Weekly Love Horoscope For September 6th – 12th

  1. My Taurus boyfriend if of over two years said he no longer loves me. He was unwilling to communicate with me and eventually I angered him and said that I talked down to him, which was never my intention; I love this man more than life itself. I apologized to him but I don’t think it matters to him. Is there any hope of getting my beloved Taurus man’s love back ? If so, how.
    Broken hearted lioness 💔

  2. Im in a relationship that im questioning. It’s long distance he’s a scorpio im a Leo. We have a deep connection despite the distance. He confuses me he doesn’t act like a typical scorpio he always contacts me is very loving and always there fo me. I have said some awful things to him and tried to break up with him more than I can count. He always find a way to get back in touch with me. I’m in deep with this guy. Is he playing me ? Help

  3. I have some very strong feelings for a Gemini man 6 yrs my senior
    I get mixed messages from him and I do not know if we have a chance together or not
    Is this just wishful thinking on my part?

  4. Taurus woman here. For my love horoscope I’m going to let things happen and not resist them. I’m going to see where my relationship with my long distance boyfriend of over 3 years whom I’ve never met yet in person but saw him on video chat because he was deployed and has now been home since the 30th of June. It seems as if every time we plan it out to finally meet each other something goes wrong and we can’t. I’m not giving up on my Sagittarius man. Positive energy is flowing through my veins and it won’t stop until that day finally comes when we meet each other face to face and hold and share our love for each other. I love reading my weekly love horoscope it helps to remind me to stay positive. You’re truly an amazing lady to do this for all us women!! I can’t thank you enough. Sending you all the blessings in the world.

  5. I am Cancer, i found info to be very positive even i end up going through a tough situation to be positive. First love myself and to love others around me! And to Look forward to finding a partner and that it should be happy and exciting. Thanks!!!

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