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Weekly Love Horoscope For September 27th – October 3rd

Why hello, fancy seeing you here! Welcome to the weekly love horoscope for all signs for the week of September 27th – October 3rd. I have a really good feeling about this week, so I’m excited that you’re here to share this with me.

Here we are, firmly entrenched within this Libra energy with the Sun, Mercury, and Mars all within the sign’s reaches. There are plenty of aspects to these planets in the sign of partnership… could it spell love for you?

This week we aren’t seeing any planets switching signs, but we do see plenty of planetary aspects which can bring just as much excitement and intrigue. 

Venus is making an aspect almost every day this week! What are the chances that this spells love for your sign? 

There is one particular aspect that I know can assist EVERY sign in their love life this week. It’s a calming but powerful configuration that is sure to help you see the love that is already around you. 

I am so excited to dive into this week’s energy with you! Please allow me to dive in and show you everything that can be expected for your sign this week. 


Aries, just like last week, we see excellent configurations for your long-term partnerships. With three planets still in your house of relationships, you are totally empowered to bring life into your romantic escapades. 

Keep in mind, this is not the time to pursue casual relationships, though your next serious relationship could feel like it will only be casual due to the fun you have with this person. No worries though, since it he has the potential to get serious with you.  

Venus forms a positive trine to Neptune this week, causing you to throw on those rose-colored glasses. People you’ve previously thought poorly of may now be cast in a better light. Keep your mind as open as your heart and you’re sure to ace the romantic potential present here. 

Venus also forms a positive sextile to Pluto this week, creating the opportunity to claim your power in love. With a little effort, you can turn relationship tides in your favor. You could experience a positive transformation at this time. 

Weekly Advice for Aries: Love Can Be Serious and Fun

The lover available to you this week is going to come across like a goofball, incapable of serious relationships. Don’t be fooled – there could be more to him than meets the eye. 


Taurus, there is a lot of love and partnership energy traversing your house of labor and habits. If you haven’t met your long-term partner yet then you can expect the opportunity to meet him at a place of work, the gym, or in a healthcare setting. 

With Venus (your planetary ruler) in your seventh house of relationships, you should expect a focus on romance with your long-term partner (if you have one). This is an opportunity to experience the finer things in life with your lover. Laugh, dance, make art, and go shopping together for peak bonding experiences. 

With Venus in your seventh house of partnership forming a positive trine to Neptune in your house of friendships and hope, you can expect an even bigger boost to your love life. This transit can make you lazy, but hey, who doesn’t like a day in bed with their lover?

With Venus also forming a sextile to Pluto in Capricorn, expect some great opportunities to positively change your relationship for the better. Taurus, when it comes to love, you can’t be stopped this week!

Weekly Advice for Taurus: Take It Easy

As much as you’re being prompted to work, this week is asking you to strike a balance between love and routine. It’s okay to give yourself a break to enjoy yourself.


Gemini darling, with your planetary ruler in retrograde and in your house of romance, I cannot help but wonder… which past lover is going to pop back up in your life? Maybe they already have! This is a great period to reevaluate past relationships and determine if they really are over or if there is some love lingering there still. 

The beginning of this week could be marked with a touch of anxiety, Gemini. You’re experiencing your ruler, Mercury, at odds with Pluto. This could result in an increase in worry and paranoia. It’s important to not take your thoughts too seriously this week, since they will pass like the wind soon enough.

Venus in your house of labor is forming a trine to Neptune this week. It can make you feel a bit lazy, so watch for the desire to call into work. If you do go to work though, there could be someone interesting waiting for you there. Perhaps someone that can become something more in your eyes. 

On October 3rd we do see relief for your worries as Jupiter forms a happy trine to Mercury. This lifts any clouds of concern and allows you to explore your mind with refreshed optimism. You’re able to talk to just about anyone on this day.

Weekly Advice for Gemini: This Too Shall Pass

When your mind feels out of control, focus on what you can control. You’ve gotten through a lot worse than this, dear Gemini. Keep pushing through. 


Cancer, Pluto in your house of relationships means that when Pluto is activated, you could be seeing some advancement (or major transformation) in your partnership. 

You’re able to see the spots in your relationship that need some TLC and if you’re willing to get your hands dirty, then this could be a good time to patch up the holes. Due to Venus’ sextile to Pluto this week, fixing up a relationship could go smoothly. 

Cancer, you’re seeing Mercury make a square to Pluto this week, making you have some worries on the relationship front. Before delving into paranoia and what-ifs, ensure that your worries are based on reality. 

With Venus in your house of casual romance, this is a great time to meet potential long-term partners. Notice, I said, “meet.” You’ll want the talking stage to linger for a few months’ time in order to ensure that he’s long-term relationship material. 

Weekly Advice for Cancer: Enjoy The Ride

Don’t feel the need to rush things once you meet the guy who tickles your fancy. Instead, take your time and make sure this is really who you desire. 


Leo dear, with the ruler of your house of relationships in your house of career and legacy, think about finding that partner that not only makes you feel loved, but who also puts you in the spotlight. They should be someone who is as concerned about your reputation as you are. 

With your house of communication holding your chart ruler, the Sun, your power currently lies within your ability to meet and greet. Who you talk to at this time is very important. You’re able to speak in a charming way while making all the right connections right now. Being a social butterfly is working to your advantage!

Leo, with the Sun forming a trine to Saturn in your house of relationships, you’re currently empowered to stabilize the relationship that means the most to you right now. You are able to have that tough conversation. And the best part is, it might even feel easy! 

The end of the week is a good time for you as Mercury forms another trine to Jupiter in your seventh house. Talking to your partner has never felt happier. Engaging in playful banter is a prime activity.

Weekly Advice for Leo: Get It Off Your Chest

Don’t fear retribution for speaking your mind this week, Leo. Being your kind, gracious self will always assist you in winning at the end of the day. 


As your planetary ruler, Mercury, makes a rocky square to Pluto, you might be feeling on edge. You fear that your words are coming out all wrong which may lead to a degree of paranoia. It’s important to not take every thought seriously. 

The beginning of the week proves to be a great time in your personal relationships. You and your lover are more united than ever during the positive Venus-Neptune trine taking place. You’re able to relax with your partner. You’re likely going way out of your way for them, but to no detriment to you. 

Though you start the week out with a frantic mind, a healing balm is on the way. With Mercury forming a trine to Jupiter, you’re given more opportunity to relax and have some witty banter. Things feel a bit more lighthearted at this time, even when you’re doing things that normally bore you.

Weekly Advice for Virgo: Succumb To Fun!

Don’t be afraid to take a load off this week, Virgo. It’s okay to work hard, but remember to play hard too! 


Libra, you’re absolutely glowing with positive energy this week. With three major planets (the Sun, Mars, and Mercury) all traversing your sign, you really can’t lose. You’re able to feel confident in your body and put your best foot forward. You’re meant to be as YOU as possible right now. 

With Venus in your second house, the blessings just don’t stop coming for you, Libra. Venus in this house indicates romance that comes with gifts. You could see an influx of money at this time. Perhaps you’re feeling super generous and shower your partner with gifts. 

With your planetary ruler, Venus, forming a positive trine to Neptune, you can expect this day to feel like the world is all yours. You feel like all the energy in the world has conspired to help you get to where you are. The world feels totally at peace and your lover feels like a total prince charming to you. 

Weekly Advice for Libra: The World Is Your Oyster

There is literally nearly nothing you can’t do right now. After a long time of feeling hidden you are finally in the light. Celebrate!


Scorpio, you’re still self-isolating at this time. With three major planets in your house of being alone, this is the energy that you need. Perhaps it isn’t what you wanted or expected, but it’s surely a needed time to reflect inwardly. 

With Venus in your sign, you are not totally in the dark. Love is still attempting to find you. Though your coruler is in the dark, so you may feel unseen and invisible. This is not true. Someone is still looking upon you through loving eyes. 

As Venus gets a trine to Neptune in your house of romance this week, it’s a good time to embrace love if it finds its way to you. The key is recognizing that what is being offered to you is a gift of love. Keeping your heart open could feel scary right now, but I promise that you won’t be hurt. 

Weekly Advice for Scorpio: See Love For What It Is

Sometimes it feels like you should regard everyone with suspicion. This isn’t always true though. Love is around you, just make sure you don’t mistake it for manipulation and go on the defense.


Lucky Sagittarius, there is a very special configuration for you at the beginning of the week. With the Moon transiting your seventh house in the sign of Gemini, it will be receiving multiple trines from Saturn in Aquarius as well as Mercury in your house of friendship. 

This is a significant transit due to the fact that the Moon is in your house of partnerships. With this in mind, you can expect a couple of days at the beginning of the week to be favorable for striking of a conversation with your partner about your feelings, as well as to further secure and lock down your relationship. It’s a great time where you’re caring and maternal to your lover. 

With Venus in Scorpio forming a trine to Neptune, you may be content to lie around and daydream about love for a few days. Taking action towards new love isn’t recommended (until next week!) but until it is, you can certainly escape to happier places in your mind.

Weekly Advice for Sagittarius: Be Patient

Perhaps your love life has felt like a big dud recently – but no worries. With enough positive energy, you’ll be rewarded with new opportunities to open up to love very soon.


With Pluto in your sign, Capricorn, you can expect to really feel the aspects that are made to it while it remains in your sign. At the beginning of the week, Mercury forms a stressful square to Pluto, causing you to feel like an unintentional agent for chaos. 

As the week progresses, we see things look up. With the planet of love forming an opportunistic sextile to Pluto, you can expect that you’re able to take some assertive action towards the love that you’ve been thinking about. Remember, sextiles don’t do all the work for you. They are blessings, but only if you put effort in.

With a calming trine from Venus in your house of friendship to Neptune in your house of communication, you’ll find that your friend group may harbor more opportunities for love than you thought previously. Don’t count out your acquaintances until you try!

Weekly Advice for Capricorn: Your Love May Be Closer Than You Think

Don’t count out those people that you already know from offering you the love you seek. It could be that you love is right under your nose. 


With two major planets, Jupiter and Saturn, in your own sign, you’ll certainly be able to feel every aspect to those two. At the beginning of the week, we are seeing a trine from Mars and the Sun to your coruler, Saturn, in your own sign. This is a spectacular opportunity for a boost in self-confidence. Since the Sun rules your seventh house of relationships, you should consider using this time to solidify your love. 

With Venus forming a square to Jupiter in the middle of the week, you can expect love to find you in an unconventional way. Just don’t allow any romance to drag you too far away from other obligations. This transit has a tendency to make people very loopy in love along with being blasé about their responsibilities.

As Venus forms a positive trine to Neptune, you can expect an opportunity for a dreamy kind of love. You could see your partner through rose colored glasses on this day, completely erasing their flaws in your mind. Celebrate it!

Weekly Advice for Aquarius: Be Your Own Hype Man

Don’t hide away right now, Aquarius. You’re getting support from all over the place. You’re the hero of your own life and you are able to go out and take what you want.


Pisces, have you become suspicious of your partner recently? Do you have questions about their activities? As Saturn forms a trine to Mars and the Sun in your house of secrets early in the week, take this opportunity to present your concerns honestly and prepare for any truth that might come out. 

Venus in your house of spirituality is making a positive trine to your sign’s ruler in your own sign of Pisces. This is sure to boost your mood and to soothe any relationship dilemmas, at least for now. You can rest easy as this transit rolls through. 

With Mercury forming a positive trine to Jupiter in your house of isolations, you can expect some positivity to pop back up in your life. Jupiter is your coruler, after all. When Mercury makes a trine to Jupiter you are likely feeling even more optimistic. Embrace the gifts that the Universe throws your way! 

Finally, a happy sextile from Venus to Pluto could allow you to take some power back in your love life. Remember, this aspect won’t just happen. You need to put in some effort. Being assertive will assist you in making your love into something even better.

Weekly Advice for Pisces: Be Honest

You can easily feel timid, Pisces. But you are half of your relationship. If you have concerns about the activities of your partner then honor yourself by speaking up.

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Wrapping Up

Most planets remain in their signs, even next week, with a single exception. The Libra energy will continue to hold for a while. 

Venus is switching signs next week, spelling significant shifts on the romantic arena! What will this move mean for you and your sign?

Horoscopes can reveal a lot about your love life, but to dive in the way you deserve, I need to get to know you. Taking advantage of my VIP Consultations will leave you feeling educated and empowered about how to best capitalize on the romantic energy that’s already here. Check it out while I still have spots open. 

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See you next week!

Your sister and friend,

Anna Kovach

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