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Weekly Love Horoscope for September 20th – 26th

Why hello, fancy seeing you here! Welcome to the weekly love horoscope for all signs for the week of September 20th through September 26th. I’m genuinely excited to see what’s in store for you this coming week because I have a feeling it could rock your world!

We’ve seen September slowly sink into more Libra energy and that isn’t changing. In fact, our most important player, the Sun, is entering Libra and creating a stellium of three planets (along with Mercury and Mars) in the sign of the scales. 

This is bound to bring either blessings or opportunities to grow! With all of this Libra love energy in the air, we can expect some shifts in your romantic arena this week. 

This week, we are seeing Mercury in Libra making up for its inaction last week by making aspects to Jupiter and Pluto for almost this entire week. What does this mean when the planet of communication meets the planets of blessings and transformation? Well, that depends on who you are!

Venus remains in Scorpio and after a salty square between her and Saturn last week, she’s laying off on the action. However, with three planets in the sign of Libra (which Venus rules), we will still see her loving touch for many of the signs. 

This week we are seeing shifts for every single sign. It’s important to read up so that you know all about what you’re getting and how to prepare this week. If you’re as interested as I am in seeing what is in store for you, then check out your own Sun sign down below. 


Aries, my dear, you’re likely one of the most blessed signs when it comes to securing and strengthening a long-term partnership. You already have your own chart ruler, Mars, in the sign of partnership and in the house of partnership, along with communicative Mercury. With the Sun aligning in this spot along with the other two this week, we see an intense emphasis on partnership. 

With the ruler of your 5th house of flirtation and romance in your house of long-term partnership, you should recognize that someone who you feel is just a casual fling in your life could turn out to actually be a life-changing relationship. Don’t discount that fun guy that doesn’t seem like he’d be relationship material!

You can use your words and your motivation to create a lasting connection with someone at this time. Taking advantage of this excellent relationship period would be very beneficial. 

It’s important to give yourself some TLC as well, though. Aries, you’re self-oriented – and that’s not a bad thing! You are highly capable of independence, but even you desire some love. Just don’t give yourself away to a partner at this time, Aries. Cater to your needs just as much (if not more) than you cater to theirs.

Weekly Advice for Aries: Love Is Here

You should have someone around you right now who is relationship material. Settling down with a partner has never been easier for you right now, Aries. Make a move.


Taurus, you’re seeing an intense concentration of luscious Libra energy in your house of work and habit. The ruler of all of the planets in this house (Venus) is currently transiting through your house of long-term partnerships. 

Taurus, this bodes very well for your romantic life. There is a huge concentration of energy on Venus (your planetary ruler) which is no doubt reflecting in your partnerships. Taurus, you’re able to create a long-lasting partnership to treasure.

Look for your potential partner at the gym or elsewhere related to health. This guy is likely sweet as sugar. He might just charm the pants off you! Don’t hesitate to fall right into his flirtation. This could be the guy who sticks around for the long haul. 

As Uranus in your own sign opposes Venus in your 7th house, expect an opportunity to balance the unexpected with your romance. A bump in the road that you didn’t see coming could have you questioning your relationship’s ability to hold water. However, you could actually strengthen your relationship if you balance conviviality with your own independence.

Weekly Advice for Taurus: Find the Middle-Ground

As you and your partner feel some tension this week, build off of your combined struggle to ultimately trust one another more by the time it’s over. 


Dearest Gemini, your planetary ruler, Mercury, is seeing a lot of action this week! This signals a romantic switch up as your ruling planet lies in the house of romance while in the sing of partnership. What a good deal, Gemini!

At the beginning of the week, we see an excellent period for mind expanding conversations with your crush. This is a person you might not be deeply entwined with (yet), but who is certainly piquing your interest. 

We see a great time for general laughs, witty banter, and for those butterflies to get all riled up from flirting. You may overshare in some circumstances, but I wouldn’t stress too much. You’re way too charming to come under a lot of fire right now!

With Venus in your house of labor and habits, think about someone from work who everyone seems to ship you with. You’re the Belle of the ball in your workplace right now. If you’re seeking love that hasn’t found you in any other ways yet, then strut your stuff at the office, girl.

Weekly Advice for Gemini: Enjoy the Attention

You’re seeing a lot of interest right now, Gemini. This is due to your flirtatious nature of late, and you should celebrate the fun times that are all yours right now. 


Cancer darling, you’re seeing even more emphasis on your house of family and home as the Sun joins Mercury and Mars in your fourth house. You should certainly consider sticking around your home these days. At the very least, make sure that when you hang out it’s at someone’s home! This is where you are currently at your most charming and seductive. 

As Venus transitions across your house of romance, don’t be afraid to put yourself out there a little. You can expect an emphasis on a creative approach to romance. Don’t fear branching out and finding a little lightheartedness in your approach to love. 

As Venus in your fifth house of romance forms a tense opposition to Uranus in the eleventh house, you might find yourself seeking freedom from your dependence on love at this point. It could be a good period to go on a road trip with the girls, if you can swing it. Anything to finally get the stress of love games out of your head!

Weekly Advice for Cancer: Take a Short Romantic Hiatus

Your buddies are urging you to spread you wings a little. This is okay! Get a little crazy and get your mind off of the boy problems this week. 


With your planetary ruler sashaying into your house of communication and brains, you’re certainly not afraid to speak your piece this week! The Sun joining up with Mercury and Mars in the sign of partnerships may have you communicating heavily with your future lover. 

Texts, emails, phone calls, or carrier pigeon – it doesn’t matter. You’ll certainly be seeing an increase of correspondences one way or another! If you want to use this opportunity to take full advantage of any love potential, then ensure that you’re laying the charm on thick with the right people. 

Leo, you’re taking this opportunity to beautify your home while Venus transits your fourth house of family and the house. Think about inviting your love interest to your pad. You’ll find some real conversation starters in your gorgeous sense of interior design (you’re a Leo, so I know you’ve got the finest of fine furnishings!). 

Weekly Advice for Leo: Talk Up a Storm

Using your gift of gab is a big help to you this week! Projecting your luminescence with your words will prove to be a winning bet this week. 


Virgo, your planetary ruler, Mercury, is seeing some serious action this week! As Mercury makes a trine aspect to Jupiter in your house of health and labor you are seeing a great opportunity to move up at work by using your optimism and convincing arguments. 

Being extra giving is on the agenda this week. You can use this opportunity to provide something special for your partner to endear them to you. If you’re looking for romance still, then going out of your way for your crush is likely to yield the kind of results you’re looking for.

On the 24th-26th we see Mercury create a harsh square aspect to Pluto in your fifth house of romance. A romantic event could cause a mental crisis for you on these days. These situations happen so that we become armored for future events like this. Take the lesson you’re meant to learn and leave the ashes behind you. 

Weekly Advice for Virgo: Go Out of Your Way

Virgo, you’re always helpful, but this week it’s paying off big time. As you create new connections through your kind heart you are also opening doorways to your own happiness. 


Man oh man, Libra! You’re seeing some serious action this week as the Sun enters your sign along with Mercury and Mars. Nothing else is sitting in your 12th house anymore! Welcome to the land of the living once again, Libra. 

You’re seeing a period where just being your authentic self is enough to draw all eyes to you. Your energy is infectious and those who hang around you aren’t going to be able to ignore it. 

With Venus (your chart ruler) transiting your house of resources, you could use this energy to your advantage. You can find opportunities to make money by being yourself. In fact, your general aura could endear you to just about anyone right now. 

As far as romance goes, well, come on. You’re glowing, Libra! How could any man in his right mind ignore your gorgeous self? Using your passion, charm, and wit, you can easily attract just the right guy for you at any time now. 

Weekly Advice for Libra: Just… Be Yourself!

Being ‘you’ is the best thing to be right now. This is exactly how you’re able to welcome blessings into your life.


Scorpio, you might be craving a quieter life these days. While you feel beautiful due to Venus’ transit into your own sign a couple of weeks ago, you’re still not feeling as good as you want to be. 

Others can be simply overwhelming to you. You might wish that you could abandon life and run away on your own these days. Being strong is really hard sometimes. 

Some loss has likely found its way to you in recent times which could have you feeling under the weather, physically or mentally. 

As your planetary ruler throws a square aspect onto Venus in your sign, you might be feeling the weight of all that’s happened recently on your shoulders. Pick up some spiritual practices to find some inner peace to retreat to when the outer world feels cold. 

Romance is not the emphasis for you right now, Scorpio. Take some time to practice a little TLC for yourself instead of focusing on the needs of others. 

Weekly Advice for Scorpio: Try Meditation

Being calm within yourself can mitigate the feeling of powerlessness that can come over you these days. Breathe in… breathe out. 


This week kicks off with a highly beneficial trine to your ruling planet, Jupiter, from Mercury in your house of friendship and blessings. Not only that, but Mercury happens to ruler your house of partnerships, creating an added relationship potential to this week. 

Use your natural optimism and your wit to charm your love interest. Your words have always been your best weapon in the game of love, but you now have an added powerup of Jupiter on your side. 

With the ruler of your fifth house of romance (Mars) in your house of friends and blessings getting a grounding trine from Saturn, I must ask myself if you’re seeing a friend slowly turn into a stable and long-term lover. This is a great sign for your romantic life, Sagittarius. Your forever love is likely right under your nose!

There is the potential for some relationship drama as Venus in your house of isolation is creating a tense square with Pluto in Capricorn. This time could have you feeling lonely and perhaps panicky about some perceived personal transgression. 

Weekly Advice for Sagittarius: Seek Love with a Smile

Any romantic opportunities on their way to you are only there to reward your aggressive optimism. Keep it up! This is what is endearing any future partners to you. 


Capricorn, you’re seeing some relationship drama this week as Venus creates a harsh square to Pluto which is resting within your own sign. This is shaping up to be a tense aspect as you wrestle with potential feelings of paranoia and suspicion turned towards your partner. Just ensure that any claims that you have are from a place of truth seeking instead of vengeance.

Capricorn, your planetary ruler is located in your second house and is receiving a lucky trine from Mars in your house of career and legacy. This is a chance to make yourself look really good to those around you. Dress in a sensible and classy way to achieve the status and romantic recognition that is on your mind.

As Venus in your house of friendship creates an opposition to Uranus in your house of romance, there is an opportunity to strengthen your relationship against the unpredictable. All long-term lovers go through the unexpected. Prove that you and your romantic interest can maintain your independence while working together as loving partners. 

Weekly Advice for Capricorn: Your Image Is Everything

This week, you’re being noticed by everyone. Keep this in mind as you go about your days. Ensure that you’re proud of everything you do, because your next romantic interest is likely already taking note.


Aquarius, your planetary ruler, Uranus, is seeing an opposition to Venus this week. You could find yourself feeling a bit awkward or isolated in love at this time. You’re feeling more private than anything, but you still have a desire to pursue love. Reconciling these desires is the key to getting through this transit smoothly. 

Aquarius, you’re not totally out in the cold! Your other planetary ruler, Saturn, is certainly seeing some love from Venus as she makes a lucky trine to Saturn in your house of self. You’re also being given an opportunity to solidify your love into something more permanent. 

You’re torn between desiring something traditional in your romance and to be rid of it altogether. Hey, it’s tough to be an Aquarius sometimes. Staying grounded but open minded to all possibilities and following your gut is likely the best course of action this week. 

Weekly Advice for Aquarius: Find Balance

A lifetime romance or random flings? You’re on the fence, Aquarius. Accepting whatever your instincts tell you is the key to success at this time. 


Your period emphasizing long-term partnership has ended for now, Pisces, but you’re still seeing opportunities for romance. With Mercury forming a positive trine to your coruler, Jupiter, you have an advantage if you choose to communicate your needs and desires with the guy you’ve been eyeing. 

Pisces, you’re certainly no stranger to having faith in others, and that’s your key to romantic success at this time. Knowing in your heart that your prince will come, even though you have no tangible evidence to back it up, will make love your reality. 

To further grow your partnership, you should consider the ways in which staying quiet about your love is beneficial. Talking heavily about your lover won’t earn you many brownie points these days. Keeping your relationship private is actually the best move since others may look to subvert your love. 

With Pluto in your house of isolation forming a square to Venus in your house of secrets, things could be feeling pretty tense right now. You suddenly have a lot of fears cropping up about your relationship. Consider if these fears are based in reality. 

Weekly Advice for Pisces: Communicate to Succeed

Being a little chatty could work out to your advantage these days, Pisces. Something about your words could draw new blessings and romance to you. 

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Wrapping Up

Alright, Virgo is officially cleared out this week. Libra is the new vibe, at least for a while. Almost everyone is feeling the love right now, but now you know how to channel your energy for the best romantic success. 

What can you expect to come up next week? Well, anything is on the table! There are some pretty stellar alignments coming up next week. I’m already excited to cover them with you. 

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See you next week!

Your friend and Relationship Astrologer,

Anna Kovach

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