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Weekly Love Horoscope for September 13th – 19th

Hey there, sweetheart! Welcome to the weekly love horoscope for all signs for the week of September 13th – September 19th. I’m genuinely excited to see what’s in store for you this coming week because I have a feeling it could rock your world!

Just as August was jam-packed with Virgo energy, we see September submerging us into Libra-land. Mercury has been in Libra for a while, as Mars moves into Libra this week with the Sun to follow next week. 

That means that this is the last week of Virgo energy in any spot in the sky. As the Sun is the last straggler into the sign of Libra, we can still feel some analytical Virgoan tendencies until he enters the sign of scales. 

Last week saw a positive trine between lucky Jupiter and lovesick Venus. This configuration even had me swooning at the littlest things, so I can hardly imagine its effect on you and others! This was such a lovely energy, and I kind of wish it could have stuck around…

Last week, Venus entered sultry Scorpio, creating a desire for deep, intense love. No casual relationship is going to do right now… the energy is all about that Earth-shattering love!

As we ease into the week of the 13th through 19th, what can we expect on the romantic horizon? I’m honestly dying to get into the energy of this week, so find your sign down below to learn more about what to expect.


Aries, darling, this week we see the Sun in the sign of Virgo opposing Neptune in dreamy Pisces on the 12th and 14th. This creates a period where you could be taken advantage of if you’re not careful. Is that guy you’re flirting with really the dream boat you think he is? Is the guy you’re crushing on at work really this sweet when he’s off the clock? Think twice, and be critical! 

We see an encouraging sign on the horizon as your planetary ruler, Mars, enters the sign of Libra and thus, your house of relationships and partners. You are now fully preoccupied with the needs of your love interest or long-term partner. You bring passion and motivation to the table while Mars is in Libra.

The other coin of this transit is that you could be feeling as if you’re running yourself ragged worrying about your lover! You are typically paying yourself a lot more attention than others, so when this transit rolls around you could be feeling left out in the cold. 

Later on in the week is a harsh square between Venus in your house of taboo, secrets, and the possessions of others and Saturn in your house of friendship and hope. This could indicate that you’re feeling distanced from your lover in general. Your friends may be critics of your current relationship as well. 

Weekly Advice for Aries: Think Twice

Aries, watch your steps this week… Ensure that who you are speaking to really deserves to know the information you’re telling them. And be sure that you keep your friends close.


Taurus, we see a fairly relaxed week for you in general, so it’s likely a good time to carry on what’s working for you. We do see some positive love placements for you this week that will allow you some final opportunities to really rev up your romantic life. 

You’re seeing the Sun traverse your house of romance for this final week. Your focus is still on your romantic relationships as well as creative projects. Just remember not to make a person your creative project. You can’t create a new lover out of the one that you have!

We see Venus in your 7th house of partnerships, creating an opportunity for long-term committed love in your life. If you’ve been in a dedicated partnership then you can expect opportunities to deepen your relationship. 

Venus is also squaring up against Saturn later in the week, creating power struggles for you and your partner. You may want to ask how dedicated you both are to the partnership at this time. Overcome negative energy that could arise by being open and honest with a priority on what brings the two of you together. 

Weekly Advice for Taurus: No One Should Change For You

Taurus, remember, people are their own entities. You might have lofty dreams for your relationship, but remember that your dreams are your own. No one else is obligated to have your dreams or your thought process.


Gemini, you are seeing plenty of action in your house of romance this week as your chart ruler, Mercury, traverses it for several weeks still. This bodes fabulously for your love and romance potential. You could be having hookups, incredible banter, and sexy texts left and right. As Mars joins Mercury this week, we see an added element of heat!

You’re absolutely looking for a good time right now – no doubt about it. However, as Venus is currently tranversing your house of work, you could be feeling the obligations surrounding love. Romance isn’t always buttercups and roses… sometimes it’s driving in a storm at 11pm to pick your partner up from their second shift job. And that’s also love!

The ruler of your 7th house of long-term partnership is Jupiter, which is currently transiting your 9th house of long-distance travel, religion, metaphysics, and higher education. This tells us that if you’re single, your next partner might just be someone from a wildly different background than your own. 

You’re seeing an excellent period to meet new people, especially in a college setting or in a spiritual atmosphere. Don’t be afraid to push the boundaries of your beliefs… this is how you might find your lover. 

Weekly Advice for Gemini: Find Balance

A happy medium between the fun and gooey side of romance and the daily obligations of love needs to be met right now. There is room for both!


This is a period of intense love while the planet of love transits through your house of romance! Love is steamy and sultry while being enticing to you. You’re empowered to turn on your sexy side with the Scorpio energy that Venus is bringing to the table.

Your house of family and home has Mercury residing there right now, but Mars is about to join. This means that when it comes to sex, you are best to do it in your own home. Make your house a steamy sanctuary this week. You might just get lucky!

As the Sun in Virgo in your 3rd house forms an opposition to Neptune in your 9th house this week, we see a great period to use your words to beguile your love interest. Your words may naturally be more romantic at this time. You naturally paint pictures with your language, so create a beautiful scene to entice your love interest, dear Cancer.

Weekly Advice for Cancer: Use This Time Wisely

You are experiencing some major blessings this week. When it comes to romance, this is a peak period. Don’t waste this time, because this sort of energy may not be back for a while!


Leo darling, you’re seeing a period where you’re developing your gift of gab. No wonder you’re feeling extra charming. With Mercury in Libra, your words are flowing off your tongue with ease. You also have the potential to create lasting romance if you play your cards right. Ensure that you’re communicating your intentions to the right person. 

With Mars entering your 3rd house of communication this week, we notice the heat rising in your texts and conversations. Sexting could be a big theme at this time since Mars rules sex. This is an excellent time to layer on the spice! 

Leo, you could be feeling a bit out of your body as your planetary ruler, the Sun, makes an opposition to Neptune in Pisces. Your energy is more scattered and dedicating your focus to a single task could prove to be quite the chore. You may want to spend some of your time in quiet rumination on the 13th and 14th instead of making advances in romance. 

Leo, as the Sun in Virgo makes a trine to Uranus in Taurus, you are experiencing a great time to go for someone out of the box. This could be someone older than you who is a bit eccentric but crazy smart! Keep an open mind because connection to love could be totally unexpected this week. 

Weekly Advice for Leo: Stay Open-Minded

This week you’re challenged to communicate with people who you might not always go for. It’s a great time to think outside the box and shift your expectations in love. 


Virgo, this is the last week that the Sun remains in your sign, which is giving you an added confidence boost. You feel like royalty now! Keep your head on your shoulders (as you always do) and you’ll use your power for good. 

As Neptune in your house of relationships opposes the Sun in your house of self, you’re feeling torn between honoring your own needs and the perceived needs of others. They key word there is perceived. Others may not have as many expectations for you as you believe. Try easing into honoring yourself first so that you have love to give your partner. 

With the rulers of your 7th house of partnership and your 5th house of romance in your house of work, you’ve got me wondering… is there someone that you’re crushing on at your job? You might just find that your next romantic partner is right under your nose at work! 

Weekly Advice for Virgo: Love on the Job

Virgo, keep your eyes open when you’re at work, especially if you work in a healthcare setting. There well could be a partner there that is waiting for you to notice them! 


Libra, your sign is seeing some action this week! You’re feeling lighter than you have in a long time as Mars exits your house of isolation and enters your house of self. After a month or more of what seemed like an extended out of body experience, you have finally rejoined the land of the living! 

Libra, as Mars and Mercury join in your sign you are feeling chatty and motivated. Others see your drive and your intelligence more prominently than you’d expect right now. You aren’t going unnoticed, that’s for sure! This is high time to embody your most authentic self. 

Your planetary ruler, Venus, is in Scorpio, and she’s running into a bit of a pickle this week as Saturn squares up to her. You could have a couple of days at the end of this week where you’re feeling like love is out of reach. Your partner may be caught up in something else, leaving you wondering why he isn’t with you.

This energy is short lived and he’ll be coming back shortly. Faith is key when this transit pops up! 

Weekly Advice for Libra: Embrace the Bumps in the Road

You might be feeling half elated and half devastated this week, but nothing lasts forever. In short time, you will be on top of the world once more. 


Scorpio, despite convivial Venus being in your sign, you might be feeling a touch overwhelmed by heavily social activity. This is due to Mercury and Mars being in your house of isolation before the week is through. You are coming across as charming enough to people, but you might secretly wish you were alone in your bed. 

Your dreams are likely truly insane right now. If you want to know about the status of your love life, think about your dreams and try to record them when you wake up. If there was anyone popping up then you might want to ask yourself if they have a larger role to play in your life yet. Consider reaching out if possible… it’s never smart to ignore a message from the Universe. 

As the Sun in your house of friendship makes a trine to Pluto in your house of communication, you might find yourself having some provocative conversations with your buddies. Pluto is a karmic planet, so there is a chance that a new karmic relationship could enter your radar this week! They’ll come disguised as a friend, but may be a lover.

Weekly Advice for Scorpio: Take Some Personal Days

As two planets arrive in your house of isolation, honor your need to be alone. Relationships and romance aren’t your top priority right now… this is all about you!


Sagittarius, with your ruling planet in your house of conversation and communication, this is a period where you can speak most authentically. You should not sugarcoat your words because this is all about getting your truth out there! 

Your gift of gab could create opportunities for romance this week! Avoiding exaggeration when you speak will be key since you can come off as a braggart otherwise. Keep your speech fun but concise. Cracking jokes is a great idea since your wit and humor have scarcely been sharper! 

The ruler of your house of romance is in your house of friendship right now. Could a fiery new lover enter your life looking like a friend? You should consider that that soulful romance that you’ve been after is already here! Seeing the people in your life through a new lens will help you find the one who has a crush on you. 

Not only could this person have a crush on you, they might just want to bring a romance to the next level. They aren’t interested in a casual romance (though that is fun too…), they really want to be your one and only. Don’t discount your friends just cause you’ve known them for a while! They could just be something more.

Weekly Advice for Sagittarius: Keep Your Friends Close 

Your buddy might just want to be something more Sagittarius… being open to a romance with someone you’ve known for a long time could bring unexpected blessings into your life.


Lovely Capricorn, your reputation is getting a fiery boost this week as Mars joins Mercury in your house of career and legacy. You have the opportunity to raise your status if you engage your motivation and your mind to work for you. 

With Venus in your house of friendship, it’s time to consider that someone in your friend group could be more ‘relationship material’ than you thought! This person could be a Scorpio or someone with a heavy Mars or Pluto influence. Look for that dark and handsome friend who is a little mysterious. It may be time to see if he harbors a secret attraction to you. 

With Pluto in your sign forming a trine to the Sun in Virgo this week, we can expect some positive transformation to occur. Perhaps you have been trying to make some physical improvements and this week you finally get the gumption to hit the racks and the gym, for example.

Weekly Advice for Capricorn: Embrace the Mystery

This week you have an opportunity to find love in a spot that went entirely unnoticed by you before… don’t discount anyone! Your true love may just be biding his time, waiting for the best moment to let you know.


Aquarius, with your coruler, Saturn, in your sign, you’re feeling good! As Jupiter is also in your sign, you have some unique opportunities. Every time one of these planets is activated by a faster planet, you’ll see effects. 

Speaking of that, let’s talk about the Saturn-Venus square that you’re about to experience this week. This creates a sense of distance in your romantic realm. With Venus in your house of career and legacy, you could feel halted in love due to your reputation. Is someone slandering you, Aquarius? 

With the ruler of your house of romance in your house of taboo, sex, and secrets, you might be experiencing a clandestine love affair. You have reason to keep hush hush about your partnership right now. Not everyone is on board with it!

As the Sun (ruler of your house of partnership) opposes Neptune in your house of resources, you could find a good opportunity for splitting resources compassionately. You could find that over sympathizing with your partner’s money problems leaves you a few dollars poorer. Ensure that their intentions are pure when you give away your resources. 

Weekly Advice for Aquarius: Keep Your Guard Up

You’re being noticed right now, Aquarius. Not everyone who speaks kindly to you is actually on your side. Your relationship depends on having the right people on your side. Don’t share with those whose intentions are unknown.


Pisces, the Sun remains in your house of long-term partnerships for yet another week, maintaining an energy of opportunity when it comes to romance. The spotlight is on your partner right now, and you’re okay with that. Being the supportive and adoring partner is your primary mission at this time! 

You are seeing the Sun in your house of partnership oppose your planetary ruler, Neptune, in your own sign this week. This is giving you an opportunity to create balance in your relationship to yourself and your relationship to your partner. You are able to compromise well on this day due to heightened compassion for your partner. 

You’re about to experience a period where secrets become a central focus. Something needs to remain hidden. With Mercury in your house of secrets, consider keeping tight lips about anything edgy going on in your life. You might find that you’re talked about in hushed tones if not.

Weekly Advice for Pisces: Be a Giving Partner

You’re being called upon to raise your partner up this week. They are achieving greatness, but you are their rock. Celebrate them!

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Wrapping Up

As Mars brings more Libra energy to the table, no sign was without a little change up this week! The opportunity to get sexy in a charming and agreeable way is all yours if you choose to take advantage of this unique energy. 

Next week we see the Sun switching signs and moving into Libra as well! What can this added influence on Libra bring to your sign? I’m all over it! I’ll be here next week to let you in on how this change up affects YOU. 

I know that it can feel impersonal just to read my general advice on my horoscopes. If you ever feel this way then take advantage of my VIP Consultations. I created them so that I could get more in touch with my followers, one on one. Move fast to book a spot though! 

See you next week!

Your friend and Relationship Astrologer,

Anna Kovach

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  2. Well, nothing sexy has happened between me and my Gemini man this week…and its Friday the 17th. I’m truly disappointed. Maybe tomorrow? He keeps himself over-busy

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