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Weekly Love Horoscope For October 18th- 24th

It’s hard to believe, but I never get tired of writing weekly horoscopes! I always look forward to seeing you back again. I am thrilled to have you here. Welcome to the weekly love horoscope for all signs for the week of October 18th through October 24th.

For now, three planets linger in the sign of Libra, meaning that some energy will remain similar to the weeks prior to this. But hey, not many people are arguing with more peaceful and congenial love energy. 

Venus remains in the fire sign Sagittarius, bringing energy, enthusiasm, and hope into your romantic exploits. You’re more than capable to find a marriage between freedom and commitment during this transit. 

As it turns out, Venus is not the star of the show for most signs this week. Rather, we see Mars stepping into the spotlight with an optimistic trine between Jupiter in Aquarius and Mars in Libra, as well as a harsh square between Mars and dramatic Pluto in Capricorn. 

Almost every major aspect this week is stemmed from Mars, which can be good, bad, or somewhere in between – depending on who you are. Go ahead and read on to find which camp your sign is falling into this week. 

Weekly Love Horoscope For Aries 

Aries, this week carries a particularly strong energy for you. You’re ruled by Mars, meaning that you and Scorpio will be feeling every aspect the planet of passion makes with particular strength. You’re the warrior sign itself, so let’s see what Mars is dishing out for you in particular. 

I know that you will be feeling like you’re on cloud nine as Mars kicks off this week with a trine to Jupiter in Aquarius. For you, this is a beneficial boost to your relationship and partnerships of any kind. Your core energy is translating into the pristine energy of romance, since Mars currently resides in your house of long-term romance. 

You might roll into this week with general optimism about your relationship, and this will serve you well for the rest of the week. After the 20th, the one major aspect all week is a square between Pluto and Mars. 

This is an aspect that is meant to test your relationship, or at least your approach to relationships. You are likely to find it difficult to stay neutral in your relationship until the end of this week. It can be hard for you to find a calm middle ground. Take the time you need to relax and take space to avoid unnecessary overreactions. 

Weekly Advice for Aries: Take a Minute

Before losing your head this week, try to step back and relax while grounding. This is going to provide you with necessary perspective. 

Weekly Love Horoscope For Taurus

Taurus, your planetary ruler (Venus) has moved on into the house of taboo, sex, and secrets. With the ruler of this house making an aspect to Mars, I know that you’ll be feeling a romantic connection to someone who scares you a little bit. Their mystery and aura are enough to keep your interest piqued. 

Mars in your house of labor is already an indicator of a potential sexy coworker, but I am smelling an opportunity to take some action on this attraction this week. As Mars and Pluto (ruler of your house of partnership) aspect this week, you have a fine line to walk if you’d like to make something of this relationship. 

The door is open if you play your cards right. Though, if you’re after a ‘loud and proud’ relationship that you can share with others, the one I am referring to may not be the best one. This is a transit that has a much heavier emphasis on secrets and that which is hidden. If you want someone you can bring home to mom, maybe this relationship isn’t the one for you. 

I have seen configurations like this create situations of secrecy for a while only to become more ‘open’ later on as well. It’s all about how well you read the vibes, Taurus.

Weekly Advice for Taurus: Trust Your Gut

What is your intuition telling you about this work hottie? Don’t question it – and believe the information you’re getting.

Weekly Love Horoscope For Gemini

Gemini, with Venus in your house of partnership and Jupiter making a positive trine to Mars, ruler of your house of friendship, I am sensing some friends-to-lovers energy showing itself! You’re surely about to walk into an opportunity to create the romance you’ve been hoping for! 

What’s more, the sign that Mars is in is ruled by Venus in your house of long-term partnership. This is such an obvious sign to me that who you thought was your friend is really your future lover. Who in your tribe is giving you those looks you’ve been hesitant to read too far into? 

Gemini, with Mars, also forming a square to Pluto, you could be in for some event that lays the truth out. There could be some great purging of feelings on the part of your friend. 

You should be aware of potential sexual tension on the work front. Someone at work could be crushing on you, though you would never expect this person. 

Weekly Advice for Gemini: Keep an Open Mind

Gemini, the love that you’re after may not come in the way that you expected. Be accepting of any true, pure love that is meant for you. 

Weekly Love Horoscope For Cancer 

Cancer, with your planetary ruler (the Moon) in the signs of Pisces, Aries, Taurus, and Gemini this week, you’re going through a small ending and a new beginning of something this month. For you, Cancer, this happens at least once a month, so I wouldn’t be too concerned of the long-term effects. 

With Mars receiving a trine from Jupiter, your home life is about to get way more prosperous. Jupiter rules abundance and Mars rules initiative. What potential gift for your home have you been waiting for? What do you wish would happen? And does your partner have a role to play in how you build up your home? 

Cancer, with the ruler of your house of partnership located in the house of taboo and secrets at this time, you can expect that any new long-term partnership could indeed be on the horizon. This is a transit that can mean combining resources as well. 

If you’re thinking of taking your commitment to the next level then consider bucking up and asking your partner around this time.

Weekly Advice for Cancer: Ask For What You Need

Cancer, you’re good at attending to others’ needs, but what about your own? Ask your partner to take the next step with you if that’s been on your mind. 

Weekly Love Horoscope For Leo

Leo, as this week rolls in your planetary ruler (the Sun) is sitting in the sign of Libra still, and thus in your house of communication. However, more than almost any sign, you’ll feel the Sun’s shift into the sign of Scorpio just as the week rounds out. This is putting new emphasis on home and family.

Mars is located in your house of communication along with Mercury and the Sun this week, creating ample conditions for making new connections and flirting. With a positive trine from Jupiter to Mars at the beginning of the week, you can expect some seriously stellar conversations. Make sure they’re with the people you’d like to get closer to romantically!

Later in the week, we see a Square between Pluto and Mars, creating a more antagonistic tone to your words. Ensure that you are not shooting to kill when you critique those around you. Tread lightly if you have any truth bombs to drop. Sometimes things are better left unsaid. 

Weekly Advice for Leo: Watch Your Language 

You’re in a unique position to excel and fall due to your words this week. Make sure that you’re ready for the lasting effects of everything you say.

Weekly Love Horoscope For Virgo

Virgo, with so many planets in your second house, I have to imagine you’re putting your focus on looking good and recognizing your value these days. That’s great, because I think we all know that loving yourself makes it easier for others to love you too. 

Venus in Sagittarius is bringing home the feelings of love… literally. You’ll be feeling most romantically inclined at home, or at least that is where you’ll find the greatest success in love. Try inviting your love over for a date night in. 

A trine to Mars in the second house from Jupiter in your sixth house gives you a sexual boost. Try involving sensual pleasures like food, silky sheets, and toys. Incorporating any fun accessories into the bedroom will likely go over well for you around this period. Get it, girl! 

As the end of the week rolls in, watch your spending closely. You may be tempted to splurge without a second thought. Ask your partner to keep your accountable with your spending habits to avoid excess.  

Weekly Advice for Virgo: Get Hedonistic

Virgo, you don’t let loose very often, but this is a time to enjoy worldly pleasures. Get yourself something nice and appreciate all the abundance in your love life and life in general. 

Weekly Love Horoscope For Libra

Libra, you could be feeling a little off this week. Mars, though not your planetary ruler, is in your sign and it’s receiving some energetic transits this week. It could spell frustration for your love life if you’re not careful. 

The beginning of the week is a breeze as Jupiter forms a friendly trine aspect to your sign. You’re feeling confident, charitable, and grateful as the week rolls in. This energy is enough to make you a magnet to others. Your physical aura makes your love interest believe anything is possible. 

During the second half of the week, you can expect significant shifts towards intensity and scandal. Perhaps nothing dramatic will actually go down, but Mars square Pluto creates prime conditions for some explosive event. 

Libra, your planetary ruler in Sagittarius is giving you an opportunity for romantic communication. You’re more than able to seduce others through your wit and way with words at this time. Don’t forget to lay the charm on thick to attract your lover.

Weekly Advice for Libra: Pick Your Battles 

This week Libra, make sure you maintain that congenial nature of yours. You could feel pushed to the limit. 

Weekly Love Horoscope For Scorpio 

Not much has been popping off for your sign, Scorpio. That is, until this week. On the 24th, the Sun squeezes into your sign of Scorpio, empowering and engaging you. The focus is on you now. With the Sun in your first house, you’re luminous. 

You’ve been feeling some hopelessness in the last few weeks thanks to a hoard of planets in your house of isolation. The Sun’s entry into your sign marks the beginning of an influx of major planets to your sign of Scorpio. This means that all eyes are on you, darling. 

Mars is still in your house of isolation, and you’ll be receiving some mixed messages from him this week. As Jupiter makes a trine to your planetary co-ruler, you’re able to see the light at the end of the tunnel. Hold on to the hope that you’re finding as this transit occurs. Hanging out with someone funny and uplifting is a great call at the beginning of this week. 

As your co-rulers, Pluto and Mars, make a tough square to one another as the week rounds out, things get even more dicey. Ensure that you don’t allow your ego and desperation for love to affect your thinking. 

Weekly Advice for Scorpio: Stay Hopeful

Love and romance are hard right now, but don’t despair. Take the lessons from this period and release the hurt. This is the best way to open up to others once more. 

Weekly Love Horoscope For Sagittarius 

Sagittarius, Venus remains in your own sign and thus your house of self. Of all the signs, you are radiating the most intense love energy at this time. You’re simply impossible to resist! Sagittarius, you’re the belle of the ball, but this only helps if you put yourself out there and attend the party.

Mars in your house of friends is receiving multiple contacts this week, including a positive trine from your planetary ruler, Jupiter. Jupiter and Mars in the house of hope and friendship can have you expanding your group of friends or creating opportunities for benefits. This is a great transit for triggering sexual tension between you and your group of people. 

Now, what happens with that tension will depend heavily on how you approach the upcoming square between Mars and Pluto. You’ll find that rash sexual decisions could get made during this time. Considering the fact that Mars is in a positive house, I doubt that it will go too far South. Still, ensure that your actions reflect your mindset.

Weekly Advice for Sagittarius: Love Among Friends 

Be open to possible romance or sexual situations between yourself and your friends. You’ll find that this allows you to reap the benefits of this period. 

Weekly Love Horoscope For Capricorn

Capricorn, romance can feel like it’s on hiatus at this time. In fact, you might be feeling downright lonely this week. However, there is always something to look forward to. Your sign is the next that Venus is entering. By early November this energy will shift in your favor. 

Mars in Libra is combining with Mercury and the Sun in your house of legacy. Mars is receiving a positive trine from Jupiter in your house of finances, creating a work opportunity. You’re looking at potential promotions or raises if you take the initiative and ask. 

You could be experiencing sexual tension on the work front at this time. Although, I would not be looking amongst your co-workers. Your superiors may be looking at you as more than just an employee. Is there someone older and wiser in your life who could be interested in you?

Capricorn, if there is a relationship on the horizon, I expect that it’s a bit taboo. Ensure that relations with your person of interest will look good for you. 

Weekly Advice for Capricorn: Stay Cautious

Romantic opportunities may not be what they appear until November. Ensure that those who express romantic interest in you have pure intent. 

Weekly Love Horoscope For Aquarius

Venus in Sagittarius is transiting through your house of friendships, creating opportunities for romance among your tribe. This vibes perfectly with your natural friendly aura. You may have already been crushing on a friend, since boundaries between friendship and romance mean less to open-minded Aquarians. 

Mars in your house of higher education is making a trine to Jupiter, allowing you to expand your perception. The beginning of this week could represent a prime period to pursue a love interest who is philosophical and high-minded. 

Mars then immediately forms a square to Pluto, in your house of isolation. This can be a lonely transit, filled with repressed rage. However, this can be a highly sexual transit as well. Listen to what your body is telling you around this time. 

Weekly Advice for Aquarius: Trust Your Gut

The messages that your physical body is sending you are the truth right now. Don’t stick with someone if the vibes are off. 

Weekly Love Horoscope For Pisces 

Pisces, you’re seeing a heavy presence in your eighth house of taboo, sex, and secrets. I know that you Pisces’ are always down for some spiritual connections with others, so this transit could work well for you. The more willing you are to confront the darkness in yourself and your partner, the better this period is able to work with you. 

Mars is receiving a trine from your planetary co-ruler, Jupiter. This is allowing your soul bond with another to take on a lighter, more philosophical tone. At the beginning of the week, you could be having far more sex than normal! 

As Mars creates a square to Pluto right after, you can expect the sex to take on a more seductive and trance-like tone. Pisces, it could benefit you to exercise boundaries if you’re uncomfortable. If not, then you’re in for some of the most intimate relations you’ve ever experienced. 

As Venus transitions through your ninth house, your lover is taking on an intelligent and educated tone. Seek someone who is connected to universities or religious institutions. That guy could be a long-term love. 

Weekly Advice for Pisces: Bond Your Souls

Pisces, don’t be afraid of the dark. Your partner is willing to open himself up to you… don’t deny him the pleasure. 

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Wrapping Up

A darker, juicier tone for almost all signs this week is intriguing to me. But some signs may not know how to appreciate this energy. It’s a lot! I created a service to deal specifically with those struggling at this time. 

Horoscopes can reveal a lot about your love life, but to dive in the way you deserve, I need to get to know you.

Taking advantage of my VIP Consultations will leave you feeling educated and empowered about how to best capitalize on the romantic energy that’s already here.

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See you next week!

Your sister and friend,

Anna Kovach

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