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Weekly Love Horoscope For October 11th- 17th

Darling, it is so good to see you back this week. I’m thrilled to have you here. Welcome to the weekly love horoscope for all signs for the week of October 11th – October 17th. Big changes are on their way to you this week, so I hope that you’re prepared for the implications it brings to your love life…

For now, three planets linger in the sign of Libra, meaning that some energy will remain similar to the weeks prior. With such concentration within the sign of peace and cooperation, what could this mean for your sign?

Venus continues her transit through Sagittarius, creating opportunities for free love. Sagittarius does not want to be pinned down. Love without the need for control is a big theme this week! 

We see Venus making not one, but two extra-beneficial aspects to two different planets. We should all be feeling the love, but only if we take extra initiative to make it happen. Remember, sextile aspects are wonderful omens, but they don’t come free. You must be willing to make your own move. 

With two positive aspects from Venus to different planets, I know you’re probably wondering what this means for your sign. It’s always a pleasure to write these weekly reports, so I am ready when you are, dear reader!


Aries, your sister sign, Libra, is still seeing a bulk of the action this week (at least from the inner planets). Libra being opposite your own sign of Aries spells great things in the realm of love, but perhaps a bit of a challenge for your own ego. 

You are focused on others, especially your partner or potential partner, right now. With Mercury, Mars, and the Sun in the sign of Libra, you can expect extra communication (Mercury), motivation (Mars), and vitality (the Sun) in the realm of your relationships. 

As Venus makes a sextile to Mercury this week, it’s a great time to take a bit of initiative when it comes to positive communication in love. You should certainly send out those messages that could yield a positive connection with your partner. Communication with your partner is likely to be harmonious if you take advantage of it. 

Venus is also forming a sextile to Saturn in your house of friendships this week. Try acting like a buddy to your lover. Go out for drinks, catch up with your interests together, and try to foster that connection with them outside of romance! This is the perfect time to do so.

Weekly Advice for Aries: Be A Pal

Romance and casual friendship can go hand in hand. Don’t lose the feeling of being your lover’s best friend this week. It is what creates a blossoming partnership. 


Taurus, with Venus having moved on out of your house of partnership and into the house of taboo and secrets, it’s time to ask yourself what hidden burdens of your love life you need to be rid of. The eighth house (where Venus is right now) is about transformation. What about your approach to love needs to be burned to the ground and reborn as a new and improved version? 

Your house of labor is loaded with Libra energy this week, creating a desire to compromise at work. You could be feeling stuck and frustrated on how to do so when you’re so adamant that your own voice be heard. This is a period where you are empowered to meet your coworkers in the middle. 

As Venus makes a positive sextile to Mercury in the sixth house of labor, you could find that compromising at work creates a romantic buzz in the air. Could you be partnering with a hottie on the job? The stars think maybe! 

Venus making a sextile to Saturn in your house of career and legacy bodes very well for you. Your next lover may be someone who is able to command authority and lay down the law. Being with someone exceptionally strong is the move, Taurus. He may even be your boss!

Weekly Advice for Taurus: Compromise Could Lead To Something More

I know you’re stubborn, Taurus, but stepping down from your pedestal at work could yield some dreamy results if you play your cards right.


Gemini, you lucky dog! You’re the most blessed sign when it comes to love and romance this week. We are seeing Venus transit through your house of partnership, creating the potential for long-lasting love that opens your mind to new possibilities. If you do meet a new lover or lockdown an existing one, bear in mind that they could come from a totally different background than your own.

On top of your twitterpated seventh house, you’re seeing a full house of romance as Mars, Mercury, and the Sun in Libra create harmony on the dating scene! This means that you’re more flirtatious than ever and highly motivated to pursue fun and pleasure, especially if a little hook up is involved. 

As Venus creates a positive sextile to Mercury in your fifth house, it’s go time baby! Work your charm and adorable sass, Gemini. This is a day to send those risky and flirty messages, meet up with people, and create new love connections. Don’t allow anything to hold you back from your romantic liaisons. 

Venus making a sextile to Saturn in your house of travel, higher education, and spirituality reinforces the idea that your long-term partner is coming from a religion, culture, or language that differs from your own. Don’t let that cool you off though! He could be highly educated and altruistic on top of everything else. 

Weekly Advice for Gemini: Be Aggressive 

This is no time to be a shrinking violet, Gemini. You’re being blessed with romantic opportunity after romantic opportunity. Make your move and don’t look back!


Cancer, you’re seeing a lot of compromising and peaceful Libra energy within your house of family and home, just like last week. Being a Cancer, and probably a total homebody, I don’t imagine you’re complaining much about this! Your motivation could be focused on updating your home and talking at length about your plans for home. 

Cancer, Venus is transiting through your house of labor right now, creating opportunities for love on the work front. They say you shouldn’t mix romance and business, but what do they know? You’re the star of the show on the work front… so your better work it. 

As Venus is making a sextile to Mercury in your house of home, try inviting your work crush over to your home if you’re brace enough. Create that environment of passion and sexiness within your own home. This is sure to totally surprise him and knock him off his feet. 

Venus is also making a sextile to Saturn within your house of secrets and taboo. Is something keeping you apart from your lover right now? Maybe the pandemic has you two feeling far away from one another, for example. Despite any struggles, this aspect creates room for positive exchange regardless. Don’t miss this opportunity to bridge the gap. 

Weekly Advice for Cancer: You Better Work

Oddly enough, work is where you can get your flirt on this week. Don’t be afraid to pursue the person on your mind. Try to move the party to the home front, if at all possible. 


Leo, this week we see all of the planets within the sign of Libra filling up your house of communication. Mercury within the sign of Libra and in your third house packs an extra charming punch. Using your gift of gab is your best bet to seducing and attracting that one person on your mind. 

As Venus has entered Sagittarius, it has also entered your house of romance, flirting, and fun. This bodes extremely well for you, Leo. You’re able to use this fun and flirty planet to create the potential love of your life! 

Remember, this is a house of casual romance… but this week we see an opportunity for you to solidify love into something long-term. As Venus forms a sextile to Saturn in your house of partnership, this is the perfect week to make your move on the one you’re interested in! Tell him how you want to make things more serious and just see what happens. 

Venus also forms a sextile to Mercury in your house of communication. Overall, the energy is all there for you to create new, romantic bonds. It’s on you to shoot your shots though! Sextiles give blessings, but not for free dear Leo. 

Weekly Advice for Leo: Solidify Your Love

This is the best week to make your casual romance into something more serious. Don’t be afraid to call the shots and lay your desire for a more long-term love on the line. 


Virgo, you could be feeling rather reserved these days, especially in love and romance. With Venus within your house of family and home, you could be channeling your romantic urges into interior design more than with guys. Nothing wrong with that, though! Invite your love interest over to your pad this week to really turn on the charm. 

As Mercury, your planetary ruler, is in the sign of Libra within your house of resources and material objects, we are seeing incredible opportunities for using physical tokens of love. Try buying your lover something special this week. You also could be receiving a gift of some kind too! 

As Venus makes a sextile to your ruler, Mercury, you’re being given the opportunity to embody the love that you’d like to receive. Remember, people gravitate towards those that are loving. When you give love, you receive love in return. 

Venus making another sextile to Saturn in your house of labor creates the possibility of putting more work into your relationship. If you’re willing to expend the effort, you will reap the rewards, dear Virgo. 

Weekly Advice for Virgo: Give Love To Get Love

Don’t hold back on your displays of affection. This is exactly what you need to signal to the right person that you’re open to giving them all the love they desire. 


Libra, you’re still rocking out with three planets within your own sign, making you a powerhouse of energy, charm, wit, and intensity. You are an absolute dynamo, full of energy and enthusiasm for life. This energy is not going unnoticed, Libra. With Mars in your sign, you’re looking sexier than ever to your lovers! 

On top of that, your planetary ruler, Libra, is transiting within your third house of communication. This usually means that you’re seeking out prettier and more congenial ways to say things. This obviously means that your general outlook on communication is now supporting your love life. Making as many connections as possible is going to give you the advantage. 

As Venus makes a sextile to Mercury, you’re getting an even bigger boost to your style of talking! This configuration adds an extra layer of charm to your words. Remember, this aspect does not last beyond this week, so you have to make your move soon.

In addition, there is another sextile that we see Venus making to Saturn in your fifth house of romance and creativity. This is an opportunity to break down the walls of someone who is normally hard to talk to or unreceptive to your advances. When Venus and Saturn align positively there is always some effort involved, but you can rest assured that it will be worth it.

Weekly Advice for Libra: Melt His Heart 

You have an opportunity to connect with someone who is usually harder to get through to. What actions can you take to charm the pants off this guy?


Venus has officially left your sign, which means she is within your house of money and resources at this time. Anyone who has an affiliation with money is going to be a good bet when it comes to love. Dressing nicely and wearing your nicest clothes will add that va-va-voom that you’re looking for on your dates. 

You still have a collection of planets within your house of isolation and universal connection this week, highlighting all the reasons to keep to yourself this week. It can be lonely to try to bear this transit alone, so reach out to friends and family to keep those ties to the outside world while you’re doing some soul searching. 

Scorpio, with Venus making a positive sextile to Mercury, you could use this week to reach out to someone that you’ve been eyeing. You’re in the perfect position to be someone’s secret admirer this week, so study up on the person that you’re into before making any moves. This transit should allow you to catch a glimpse into his life if you’re clever enough.

As Venus also makes a sextile aspect to Saturn in your house of family and home, this might be a good time to catch up on things around the home that you’ve been putting off. On top of that, it’s a positive time to reach out to someone else in your life. You’ve got a unique opportunity to make the heavier topics sound sweet at this time. It’s a great period to ask to take your relationship to the next level.

Weekly Advice for Scorpio: Reach Out

The transits you are going through don’t always bode well for new love… but no one said anything about reaching out to those that already love you. 


Sagittarius, Venus is in your own sign, meaning that you’re seriously amped about romance right now. You embody love and kindness at this time, making you far more likely to attract those who match that positive frequency. Turn up the romantic charm, Sagittarius! 

With a collection of planets within your house of friendship, it has me thinking that you’re in for even more blessings and surprise good news! Don’t be afraid to look within your friend group for motivation, company, and vitality this week. You might also find that someone from your group of friends has their eye on you romantically.

As Venus makes a positive sextile to Mercury, you’re seeing an opportunity to create a love within your friend group. This transit completely depends on your actions. If you take none, then nothing will change. But if you do take the initiative to test the waters with a friend then you’re likely going to find it go over well. 

Venus is also forming a sextile to Saturn in your house of communication, further highlighting opportunities to be honest about your feelings (if any). You should use this time to talk about how you two can become more serious together and keep your relationship strong. 

Weekly Advice for Sagittarius: Embody Love

Your real mission these days is to be a beacon of love to all around you. Being kind to all those around you has never been so easy. 


Capricorn, we see Venus within your house of isolation right now, meaning that while love and romance didn’t go anywhere, you’re not seeing it around right now. This is a much better time to focus on self-love rather than incorporating new people into the mix. This transit is important for doing soul searching over boyfriend searching. 

With a mess of planets in your house of career and legacy in the sign of Libra, you’re looking at an opportunity establish your reputation. With the Sun and Mercury in this house, there has rarely been a better time for asking for a raise or a promotion at work. 

Venus forms a positive sextile to Mercury this week, meaning that sweet talking the powers that be could be on the menu. Saying the most charming things to just the right people could yield sweet results these days. If you are interested in someone right now, then reaching out to them this week is not a bad idea. 

As Venus forms another sextile to Saturn within your house of resources, this is a great day to make some money moves. Think about investing in very old, establish companies this week for the highest financial yield. 

Weekly Advice for Capricorn: Put Romance On Pause 

While there are transits positively supporting reaching out to your love interest this week, you might find that you’re more comfortable alone right now overall – and there is nothing wrong with that. 


Aquarius, Venus, the planet of love, is transiting through your house of friendship and blessings this week, speaking to the potential of romance to grow on the romantic front. You’ve still got time to act on this positive energy (that is, if there is anyone piquing your interest within your friend group).

Mars, Mercury, and The Sun find their current home to be in the sign of Libra in the ninth house of religion, travel, and higher education. You might be experiencing love from abroad, Aquarius. This is a free and unrestrained love that keeps you on your toes. The love that you’re interested in may well be an educated man. 

Venus sees a sextile to Mercury this week, creating an opportunity to make connections with friends and potential new lovers. Don’t hold yourself back from reaching out to others at this time. The blessings you receive during this time depend entirely on your ability to put yourself out there. 

Venus is also creating a sextile to Saturn in the house of self this week! This is an excellent period to work on your own self love journey. On top of that, this is an opportunity to come off to others as softer and more approachable. It’s a great time to loosen up and do the inner work needed to approach love in a healthy way. 

Weekly Advice for Aquarius: Stay Open To Romantic Blessings

As Venus rolls through Sagittarius, we see you receiving blessing after blessing, especially when it comes to love and romance. You might not expect your next love to be who they are, but I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised. 


Pisces, with Mercury, Mars, and The Sun residing in your house of secrets, taboo, and other people’s resources, we see a focus on the unseen side of romance. You might be allowing your interests and sexual desires to travel in unknown and steamy directions. Indulge your wild side right now. 

As Venus transits through your house of career and legacy, we see you having great opportunities to find love in someone who is in a position above you. This could be a boss or simply a slightly older, respected figure. It’s incidentally a great time to ask for a raise at work. 

A sextile from Venus to Mercury is creating an opportunity for you to reach out to the person on your mind. Being passive won’t cut it right now, Pisces. Instead, you have to let the other person know exactly what and who you desire. 

Another positive sextile from Venus to Saturn is giving you an opportunity to create a more solid connection with someone. Allowing the other person to step up and make their love for you known is a huge gift! 

Weekly Advice for Pisces: Explore The Taboo

You might be frightened of the dark, but this is a period to heal that fear. You should embrace that which makes you just a little uncomfortable these days. 

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Wrapping Up

Phew! Were you ready for those fireworks this week? There is a lot about to go down for almost everyone, so I hope that this love horoscope is able to prepare you for the new energy entering around this time. 

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See you next week!

Your sister and friend,

Anna Kovach

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