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Weekly Love Horoscope for November 8th – 14th


Hello, sweet thing! I’m so grateful to see you back at my little old weekly horoscope. I’ve been honored to receive your visits and I’m forever in your debt for your continued patronage to my little corner of the internet. Welcome to the weekly love horoscope for the second week of November.

Alright, so we can officially say we are free of Libra energy. Didn’t it feel like forever that we were drenched in the sign of scales? I, for one, am happy to bask in the darkness that Scorpio offers. 

We see no major planets switching signs for a significant time, but that doesn’t mean that nothing is going on. Come on, you and I both know the sky will never bore us. In fact, it’s a total mixed bag of energies this week. 

Mars and Mercury quickly conjoin in the sign of Scorpio, creating opportunities for movement and action. When the planet of daily activities meets the planet of initiative, you know that you’re about to get real productive (at least for the most part). This transit is also a signifier of romance and attraction. Words are a way to seduce. 

Mars and Saturn are forming up almost all week to make a salty square, which is pretty rough. I can’t sugar coat this transit – it could be a real drag. Saturn suppressing the energy of Mars is like an exploding pressure cooker. 

However, all is not lost on the romance front since we also see the Sun form a positive and easy-going trine to Neptune, the planet of dreams and idealism. This creates a more sympathetic and approachable aura, no doubt. 

All that being said, these configurations are sure to affect you in a unique way. What is it that you can expect from these transits? I’m so excited to dive into your sign’s energy, so let’s get going.


Aries, your planetary ruler, Mars, is seeing some pretty intense action this week. To say that this week is whirlwind is an understatement. 

First, we see Mercury conjoin with Mars in the eighth house, creating a gateway to those intimate conversations that you keep with you for a lifetime. Expressing yourself feels easier at the beginning of the week. That is, until Saturn rolls up to Mars and Mercury mid-week. 

When Saturn and Mercury receive a square at the same time, things can get dicey. You are triggered emotionally by those who wish to subdue your interests. You may even want to hit them where it hurts, but rash reactions can have consequences, especially this week. 

Romance is challenging when you feel like you’re getting heat. Use your love as a refuge from the world instead of the source of frustration. 

A trine between the Sun and Neptune is a healing balm. If you can get near a body of water during this time, then even more so. Romantic exploits are easier than ever at this time as well since you now see others in a rosier light. 

Weekly Advice for Aries: Take Shelter In Your Love


Aries, this week is tough, I won’t lie. However, if you can channel the frustration and rage into comfort and acceptance with your love, then you’re better able to handle challenges. 


Taurus, you and your partner have likely been getting along better than you remember in a long time. You’ve built your love up to make it through the trials that could present themselves. This week could put a strain on your partnership, though I hope that you’ve secured it well enough that the love goes nowhere. 

Mars and Mercury are conjoining within the sign of Scorpio in your house of partnerships, and this is generally positive. Though you’re certainly expressing yourself with more gusto than usual, your passion is electrifying. 

As Mars and Mercury receive a square from judgmental Saturn, you could be feeling the pressure between the two of you. You and your partner may be drawn apart for some reason, but the bigger issue is potential arguments breaking out. Is an older figure influencing your relationship decisions?

As the week rounds out, you receive healing in the form of a trine between the Sun and Neptune. This transit could bring those butterflies back again if you lean into it and fully surrender to the good vibes.

Weekly Advice for Taurus: Be Understanding

Remember, this week’s energy will be easiest when you take what your partner says with a forgiving attitude and ask that he does the same for you.


Gemini, Venus has officially entered your house of taboo, sex, and soul bonds. Who is on your mind, and who do you want to get to know as well as you know yourself? These are the questions that Venus is asking right now. 

This is a great time to join resources with another. I’ve seen big moves happen under transits like this as well as combining finances and bank accounts. Who would you share your most personal information with? 

Gemini, your workplace could be a giant downer at this point. On one hand, you’re fired up because you are chatty and passionate at work. But your boss or the powers that be could be throwing a wrench into your plans. The workplace flirting that I mentioned last week could be put on hold. 

There is an opportunity for relief as the Sun in your house of work trines with Neptune. Try taking some time off, either mentally or physically, from the workplace. A mental health day could be just what you need to get back on your feet. 

Weekly Advice for Gemini: Prioritize Yourself

This week’s work situation is a drag. Reward yourself or take a day off, if you have the luxury of PTO. 


Cancer, you have an opportunity that most don’t this week because your planetary ruler is the speedy Moon. The Moon is linking up with Venus in your house of commitment and partnership this week, creating an opening for creating a permanent union. Taking advantage of this energy on the 9th will provide you with heartfelt intimacy. 

You are receiving the same harsh aspect as everyone else this week as Saturn squares up with Mars and Mercury. This is a stressful transit for everyone, but you lucked out because of Mars and Mercury’s presence in your house of parties and romance. Not too much can go wrong if you just don’t go to celebrations this week, and even if you do I doubt it will be life-ruining. 

As Mars and Mercury conjoin in your house of romance, you see an opportunity to create spicy and flirty situations. You could even hook up with someone intellectual and sharp. 

You’re far more blessed than a majority of signs this week, Cancer. Thank the Universe for your good luck.

Weekly Advice for Cancer: Have Fun 

This is a perfect period to unwind and lean into the flow of love and acceptance. 


This week hits close to home for you, Leo… literally. As the bulk of the inner planets (including your planetary ruler, the Sun) are in your house of home and family, this week could cause turbulence within your tribe. But that’s why we consult the horoscope, right?

The beginning of the week brings Mercury right over Mars, giving you a lot of energy and motivation. This is a great time to get some things done around the house. Considering that Mars is a sex planet, you can expect some sensual cravings around this time. 

The fun wraps up when Saturn in your house of relationships forms a square to both Mercury and Mars. Your relationship could be putting undue pressure on your home and family. Perhaps your romance is taking time away from obligations at home, or maybe your partner is butting heads with family members. 

Weekly Advice for Leo: Stay Flexible

Sometimes when circumstances aren’t changing, you just have to go with the flow. Being able to bounce back is your best asset this week. 


Virgo, you’re seeing a period of potential tension as this week rolls in. Last week you were on cloud nine, but reality may kick back in this week. Though there are some challenging aspects, your adaptable nature makes you better able to take the heat. 

Virgo, your planetary ruler is conjoining with Mars, creating potential inner pressure. Your tone could be sharper than usual or your voice may be raised unintentionally. Be aware of the impact that your words are having on the guys that you’re interested in because it may be a little too much for them. 

As Mercury and Mars receive a square to Saturn, things can feel overwhelming. Your partnership could see struggles if you allow the weight to affect your outlook. The good news is that transits like this were made to strengthen the bonds of couples that were meant to last.

The week rounds out with a calming trine between the Sun and Neptune, giving you a much-needed mental vacation. 

Weekly Advice for Virgo: Watch Your Language 

Your words strike to kill right now if you let them. Keep them in check to maintain relationships.  


Libra, the good news is that your planetary ruler (Venus) is staying completely out of the drama this week. The bad news is, all the other major planets aren’t. 

Things aren’t so bad as Mercury and Mars conjoin in the sign of Scorpio in your second house. You could be feeling overspending if you’re not too careful. Despite this, this transit is going to rev up your sex drive and make you far more willing to communicate about your needs. Coincidentally, if toys are on your wish list, then it’s the perfect time to make a purchase. 

Your second house is feeling the heat as Saturn makes a square to Mercury and Mars. Your finances could be under pressure at this time, especially mid-week. 

This week rounds out with a calming trine from Neptune to your Sun in the same house, so some of the aches will likely ease before the week is out. 

Weekly Advice for Libra: Get Spicy

If you’ve been looking for your sign to bring up that risky sexual idea to your partner, this is it!


Scorpio, now that Mercury has officially entered your own sign you’ve got a whole stellium popping off right in your house of self. This week could be particularly challenging for you just for that reason. 

Mercury and Mars are conjoining in your sign and this isn’t necessarily good or bad, but you’ll certainly be speaking your truth no matter the cost. You’re certainly talkative, but you may speak without regard for consequence. Tread lightly with your partner or potential lovers. 

As Saturn makes a square to Mars (your planetary co-ruler) and Mercury, you’re feeling like you’re under pressure. Thoughts you’ve been suppressing about your partner may now come out in rage. Try to find a more diplomatic way to say what you mean, but definitely say what’s on your mind before you reach your limit. 

The Sun in your sign makes a trine to Neptune as the week rounds out, feeling like a band-aid on a cut. You might even be able to relax again after a tension-filled week. This is the perfect transit for reminding your partner why you fell in love to begin with.

Weekly Advice for Scorpio: Express Yourself Gently

It’s better to say what’s on your mind before you pass the point of no return. 


Sagittarius, be open to assistance from others this week. There is the potential for loneliness as harsh transits touch your house of isolation. Of all the signs, I know you can handle this best. This is due to your natural, innate optimism. 

As Mercury and Mars conjoin in your house of isolation, the time alone is beginning to get frustrating. This isn’t to say that you have to be alone, though. With Mercury on Mars, you can shoot out the riskier texts that you normally would have less courage for. Find the person who is giving you the energy you need. 

A square to Mercury and Mars from Saturn could be ushering in a feeling of hopelessness or that nothing you say is right. This isn’t true, but it sure feels like it. All you can do is speak your truth. What others do with it is on them. 

A romantic opportunity rolls in at the end of this week as Neptune and the Sun form a trine. You’re able to connect better with those around you during this time due to your willingness to believe the best about them. Apply this energy to the one you’re interested in and watch him fall deeper for you. 

Weekly Advice for Sagittarius: Stay Hopeful

Take the good with the bad this week, Sagittarius. Your time is quickly approaching. 


Capricorn, this week is forcing you to get creative with your phrasing, especially with your friends. You could have been feeling some tension build up among your peers, and this week it could come to a head. If your crush happens to be among your friend group, then you should be extra cautious. 

As Mars and Mercury conjoin within your house of friends, your words could be a bit too forceful for some of your friends’ tastes. Consider speaking more gently and with more thought. This is going to ensure that the words you mean are honest and necessary. 

Saturn forming a square to Mercury and Mars only doubles the pressure. You are used to feeling like the stakes are high (mostly due to your own enviable standards for yourself), which could help your cause in this case. Your words are especially impactful to your crush at this time. Take some deep breaths before sending that risky text or saying what’s really on your mind. 

Weekly Advice for Capricorn: Make Your Words Sweet

In a time when you might feel like doing the opposite, choose to be the one saying the kindest words in the room. 


Aquarius, you’re seeing someone in your life flex their authority over you this week. Being an Aquarius, I know there is a solid chance for pushback to this, but hear me out. 

Mars and Mercury are conjoining, meaning that you’re far more likely to speak your mind. You’re speaking more expressively and with more energy than normal. However, this can put some people off when they misinterpret your passion for fanaticism. 

If you play your cards right, you certainly can trump the negatives and play up the sexy flirtation this transit can bring instead. 

A square from your planetary co-ruler, Saturn, to Mars and Mercury is putting even more emphasis on the feeling of being subdued. However, this force isn’t easily moved. 

Weekly Advice for Aquarius: Pick Your Battles 

You are rebellious, but sometimes it’s best to step back and see how it plays out before overturning the whole system. 


Pisces, to start this week off, we see Mars and Mercury conjoin in the sign of Scorpio, a fellow water sign. Some signs would struggle with this transit but you will be less negatively affected due to your water nature. Still, it’s best to ensure your naturally open-hearted demeanor is more dominant than any passive-aggressive tendencies. 

As Saturn squares up with Mars and Mercury, romance might feel as if it’s at a standstill. This transit is famous for how cold it can feel. Luckily, you have incredible optimism on your side. Once again, the effects of this transit affect your sign just a little bit less. 

This week rounds out with a true blessing for you. The Sun and Neptune (your planetary ruler) in your own sign are forming a trine to one another. This arrangement is likely to feel like a cold drink after a long day outside. You’re totally calm and refreshed at the end of this week. 

Weekly Advice for Pisces: Being You Is Your Greatest Strength

While many other signs are catching heat this week, you have been largely spared. This is due to your ability to keep the faith. 

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Wrapping Up

After a heavy week, I know that you’ll be looking forward to the next time we meet. Things are changing for the better, so don’t lose hope. I’m here to give it to you straight (and also to be your cosmic BFF). 

If love is on your mind and the few paragraphs that I wrote for your sign didn’t seem to cover the energy you’re experiencing, know that it happens sometimes. I can only write so much in my horoscopes.

However, there is usually a lot more to share that could affect your relationships. That’s why I created VIP Consultations. Hitting me up at that link will allow me to give you and your situation and relationship the attention it deserves. I’ll be excited to tell you more!

>> Book your Consultation here! I’ve got some spots left, so don’t hesitate to check it out. 

See you next week!

Your friend and Relationship Astrologer,

Anna Kovach


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  1. Hi Anna
    Concerned for my man & I (he’s a Libra)
    You did consultation on 16 September for me. Is it that November & December it will be difficult Anna?
    Kim Muscroft – McDonnel

  2. Again comments for Gemini are spot on work is a drag – we are allowed back in the office this week however those that are there are overworked with no relief in sight two more having operations this week one home from an operation and recovering and one still in hospital so 4 down – need a holiday but can’t take one.

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