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Weekly Love Horoscope For May 9th – 15th

Hello darlings, and welcome to your Weekly Love Horoscope for May 9th through the 15th. There aren’t a lot of aspects to speak of this week, but the ones that we do have pack a punch for romance. It’s a fiery week as all three planets’ ruling fire signs are involved. This could inject some spark into your relationship if you have one or initiate the flame of love for a new relationship.

First, the Sun in Taurus and Mars in Pisces are forming a sextile to one another, which provides the kindling needed for you to ignite a flame. Since sextiles require some effort on your part, you will have to ‘start your own fire,’ but once you do, it’s bound to be a roaring blaze.

This is a period that can add warmth to your romantic relationships. The Sun’s charm and enthusiasm mixed with the drive and action of Mars is an ideal time to bring heat into any relationship that has been running a bit cold as of late.

With Venus in the fire sign, Aries, this meaning is intensified. An active perusal of the object of your desire will be rewarded.

The biggest shift we’re seeing is also into the sign of Aries, and this will affect every one of us. Jupiter (the ruler of fire sign Sagittarius and water sign Pisces) is moving into Aries, a fire sign.

Jupiter is the planet of blessings and good luck, traditionally. It grants grace and forgiveness wherever it goes, which makes it a great planet for relationships. Jupiter indicates growth, so wherever it sits, you can expect more of those themes.

When it’s in Aries, Jupiter expands Arian traits like passion, bodily intuition, strength, assertiveness, and self-love. This injects energy into the spot where it shows up within your chart. Jupiter in this sign could easily enable you to get in touch with your sexuality – either alone or with your partner or friend with benefits.

The Sun is forming a square to Saturn this week, which could signal some feelings of repression or of being subdued. You may find that you and your partner (or would-be partner) are having disagreements or are unaligned on the issues of responsibility, roles, and allegiance to your relationship.

The Sun is also forming a sextile to Neptune on this same day, which means that you could be dissuaded from pushing the issue of the disagreements too much, which could be for the best. If you choose to take a road of passivity in this situation, you might find it working out more effectively.

I’m sure you’re wondering how all of this is bound to manifest for you, so look up your Sun sign or Rising sign below to find out how these planetary movements and arrangements affect your love energies this week.


Aries, this week is a great one for you, maybe more than any other sign. You’re about to find your own sign loaded with positive energy from both of the most beneficial planets, Venus and Jupiter. This week they’ll both be within your sign, which amplifies and brightens your Aries traits.

Your good mood and forgiving attitude are what are bound to assist you in improving your prospects for love or romance this week. Just being yourself seems to be enough to draw the ones you want in like flies to honey.

With the Sun forming a sextile to your planetary ruler, Mars, you are likely feeling like you’re firing on all cylinders. Like a cup of coffee has been poured into your psyche. Choosing to take initiative romantically and sexually is of the top importance right now. Make your interest known instead of waiting for it to come to you, and you’re in business.

The Sun forming a square to Saturn later this week can affect your social groups more than most things. Perhaps a friend is giving you the cold shoulder? But you’re assisted in shrugging off any defeats in this area through your optimism from the presence of Jupiter.


Taurus, with the Sun in your own sign at this time, you’re feeling the effects of its alignments more than many. As the Sun forms a sextile to Mars, meeting your partner’s friends or them meeting your own are two possibilities likely to go off without a hitch. Hanging out with one another’s favorite people and showing your acceptance of them is a great bonding activity.

Venus in Aries could make you feel a little alone, even if you have people all around you. You could be having doubts about your relationship at this time, but try not to do anything hasty. If you’ve been considering ending things for a while then it’s a good time to make it happen, but if you’re finding yourself having sudden doubts, I recommend sitting with them before acting.

With Jupiter entering Aries, alone time could feel more important than ever. You might find yourself being physically distant from someone else around this time, which can be a bummer. Thankfully, Jupiter helps maintain faith in the long-term outcomes.


Gemini, Jupiter and Venus are urging you to get involved in group activities, one of your favorite things. The Sun’s position could be making you feel like being alone a while longer, but if you’re feeling up to it, meeting up with groups of friends could actually help you realize latent feelings for friends or your friends could help you make connections to someone who is good for you romantically.

The Sun in Taurus forming a sextile to Mars in Pisces could assist you in showing others just how passionate you are about what you’re into. If you’ve been directionless in life recently, this is a period where you can realign with your desires for yourself with more ease. Just remember, sextiles don’t just give things to you, you have to look for them.

The Sun forming a square to Saturn could make the end of this week feel relatively hopeless. If you’re in a relationship, I highly recommend asking your partner to remind you that you’re not alone. If you’re single, keep in mind that this energy is going to change within the month. You’ll find yourself more easily accepting of love before the month is out.


Cancer, Aries energy can leave you rolling your eyes sometimes, but that’s not to say it’s not a necessity in your life. You can struggle to say what you mean, so Jupiter and Venus in Aries can be just the cure for that. While it may make you squirm, talking about your desires is exactly how you get what you want, especially in relationships.

You’re pretty private as a person, but you can find yourself being ‘on display’ somehow. You could feel like arm candy for your partner, and whether that’s good or bad depends on your feelings about it. Your relationship could be a subject of conversation, so putting out the right image is essential if you’d like some control over the narrative.

The Sun forming a sextile to Mars benefits you greatly since it can help you feel optimistic overall. Your passion and vigor can be renewed. You could be interested in someone from a background different from your own at this time or perhaps they’re a person of faith. Either way, you might just have the hots for them.


The Sun is making three aspects this week, Leo, and since that’s your planetary ruler, you could feel like a whirlwind in a human body. First off, this is a great time for you because all eyes are on you, which is typically just where Leo likes them. And with a sextile to Mars, you can be seen for your sexiness and drive. Being a hero is important to you now more than ever.

If you’re single, putting yourself out there is a great idea right now. Others see you in a generally good light. Your next partner could easily be someone who has a background that you’re unfamiliar with, which probably feels pretty refreshing.

The Sun forming a square to Aquarius could throw a wrench into your relationship if you’re in a committed one. Your partner might want more dedication out of you or vice versa. Love isn’t all fun and games as this transit will surely remind you. Sometimes it takes compromise and hard work along with healthy doses of responsibility.

This can be softened by a sextile from the Sun to Neptune. Neptune is intuitive and psychic, so you could well have an understanding of where your partner is coming from, so any conflict is somewhat mitigated. Finding a peaceful route is a priority, so it does assist in any conflicts or disagreements between you and a partner.


Virgo, the new focus between you and your partner is integration into the relationship. Jupiter entering Aries assists in merging your backgrounds together into one. As a result, you’re getting a lot deeper with one another. You could find yourselves talking about family heritage, parenting, and combining your ideas of how a partnership should be run. It’s a positive transit for doing emotional work together.

The Sun in fellow Earth sign, Taurus, is going to be largely beneficial for you since it’s within a house of philosophy and higher understanding. When it forms a sextile to Mars in your house of partnership, you’re able to come together about your ideas on sex while feeling a generally bright warmth in your connection with one another.

The Sun forming a sextile to Neptune indicates an advanced ability to feel why your partner does what they do. This empathetic understanding creates more possibilities for connection. Walls between you and others can dissipate once the other knows that you’re not looking to attack them but to understand them.


Libra, Venus is in Aries with Jupiter joining it this week, which means that entering a partnership has rarely been more geared toward success for you in the last 12 years. I’m begging you to take advantage of this period! Before May is out, this energy will be all over. How about a May wedding? Even if you don’t do the ceremony this month, it’s an ideal time to go down and sign the papers to make it official.

The Sun in Taurus forming a sextile to Mars in Pisces could enable you to handle some of the stress or conflicts that arise during daily life. The comings and goings of everyday life are easier to take charge of. Being proactive about your health is supported greatly at this time, and so I highly recommend starting a workout regimen. Do it with your partner for extra time together.

If you’re single and want to go out on dates, do it early in the week rather than later. When the Sun squares up with Saturn, you may find yourself somewhat restricted in who you can see and where you can go. Get your social agenda done earlier in the week, lest something pops up later to put a snag in your plans.


Scorpio, your planetary ruler, Mars, is still within your house of romance and it’s receiving a sextile from the Sun on your cusp of partnership. Taking a flirtationship to a relationship is something you should consider. Remember, it won’t just ‘happen’ when there is a sextile, and so it’s vital to make the suggestion to get more serious, lest the opportunity slip by.

Jupiter entering Aries indicates that getting fit and healthy is something that you could be interested in around now. Being more energized to strengthen your body in some way is a possibility. Flirting with your gym crush is another strong possibility!

The Sun forming a square to Saturn could indicate some kind of struggle to reconcile your ideas of what’s needed within a relationship. Your own background is influencing your understanding of what’s expected to keep a relationship afloat, so compromising your beliefs can feel difficult.


Sagittarius, with your planetary ruler moving into your house of romance alongside Venus, buckle up buttercup because it’s about to get steamy. Sexy encounters could have you feeling over the Moon for someone these days. This could even be someone you’d feel comfortable bringing home to your parents.

The Sun making a sextile to Mars could find you focusing on how your home and physical space feels to you. You and your partner could be making home repairs or upgrades together. Choosing to take advantage of this energy could ensure that you get a lot of work done while being brought closer by a shared space reflective of the two of you.

The Sun in Taurus forming a square to Saturn could make daily communications a struggle. Communicating could feel like a minefield right now. Being the ‘tell-it-like-it-is’ sign that you are, you may want to practice some restraint this week, lest a boss figure or your partner come down on you for words that weren’t properly thought through.


Capricorn, with your planetary ruler forming a square to the Sun, your romantic opportunities (and opportunities for fun in general) could feel stunted. The need to make money and provide for yourself is usually not a dreaded concept for you, but this week it can keep you away from the person you’d like to be around.

Jupiter entering Aries puts emphasis on your home, past, and family. With Venus copresent in this same spot, your home really is where your heart is. You and your partner may decide to join households, or just as easily, you could find yourselves meeting each other’s families. Creating a home that reflects both of you is more possible now than ever.

The Sun forming a sextile to Mars and Neptune this week indicates that you can communicate assertively without hurting many feelings. You’re definitely a boss figure, but you’re certainly not coming off as bossy with these transits. Being willing to be in communication with those that would benefit from this approach is the key to making it work.


Aquarius, the Sun forming a square to Saturn in your own sign could make you feel like any attempts that you make to receive respect and authority from your partner are being stunted somehow. Remember, attempting to pry respect out of the hands of the ones you love won’t work. Stay still and open and you’ll realize that it flows to you naturally.

The Sun forming a sextile to Mars makes you more likely to make a real-world effort to fulfill your dreams of family. Being on the same page as your partner about the physical and monetary requirements needed to sustain the household that feels like ‘home’ to you is a theme at this time.

The Sun in your house of family and home means that bringing a partner to meet the family is a great idea. And if you’re not with someone right now, making sure that they align with the values instilled within you when you were being raised is important to establish the kind of long-term relationship you desire.


Pisces, Jupiter is entering Aries to join Venus this week, and this means that romance should be tangible to you. Relying on words and promises just won’t cut it. You need to feel wooed in a more traditional way. Getting flowers, going to nice places together, and receiving an effort that makes a difference in the real world are paramount to keeping your relationships thriving.

The Sun forming a sextile to Mars in your own sign enlivens you and could make you feel more proactive. This can be a hard state for you to get into, so I highly recommend making your desires and intentions known while the energy is ripe. This allows you to express what you might gloss over at other times without offending anyone.

The Sun forming a sextile to your planetary co-ruler, Neptune, in your own sign energizes your sense of empathy for others. You’re more aligned with kindness than most signs as it is, but now you’re more willing to be seen for all of the good that you do. Neptune adds a touch of romance to your aura as well, so the Sun aspecting it can make you appear to glow with goodness to those around you.

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Wrapping Up

A week of passion is ahead for all of us as a positive emphasis on the sign of Aries puts us all at the starting line. With your engine firing up, you’re likely more willing to indulge in the chase and channel that Aries spark.

Being willing to take initiative is imperative. There are good, positive energies out there for you to grab, but they’re not waiting around for you. You are required to reach out and grab what’s yours before it’s given to you. Don’t slack off now, people!

This week could bring up some questions about family and isolation for a few signs (you know who you are). With the pressure force that Aries brings, you might be feeling like a tea kettle that needs to spout off lest you explode.

A lot of us don’t have someone who is into Astrology like us to understand why we’re feeling how we are right now, adding to that feeling of isolation.

Well, I simply won’t have my readers feeling that way. Not when I’ve got time to talk, no sir. I encourage anyone feeling strained by these planetary energies to reach out to me here. <<

There, we can talk in-depth about how these energies and more manifest in your life. We can even talk about you and your partner if that is a subject you desire guidance on.

I’m looking forward to talking to you, as I always do.

Wishing you all the luck in the Universe,

Anna Kovach

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    1. Hi Kim!

      You’re so very welcome. Keep an eye on the horoscopes and the tarotscopes as they should give you a great deal of information sweetheart. Blessings to you!

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