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Weekly Love Horoscope For May 30th – June 5th

Hello my lovelies, welcome back to our weekly rendezvous into the undercurrents of energy affecting all of us during this week of May 30th through June 5th. If you’re new here, welcome! I’m Anna Kovach, just a woman with a passion for Astrology and using it to assist couples and individuals in furthering their soul’s mission in the most harmonious ways.

This week rolls in on the last day of Mars’ and Jupiter’s meeting in the sign of Aries. They remain in the same sign for a while, but not as strongly. Take full advantage of this highly beneficial energy for your romantic life by taking risks and putting it all out on the line. Aries energy reminds us that we only really succeed when we bet on ourselves. So go all-in on this one, guys!

Mercury has retrograded from Gemini into Taurus by May 30th and Mercury will continue its topsy-turvy motion until June 3rd when it goes direct again. This means that this week might begin the transition back to ‘normal’ ways of communicating, with your partner or others in general. If you or your partner has heavy Mercury influence, then the positive shift will be more obvious.

Just before Mercury reorients itself, Saturn swoops in, forming a dramatic square to the planet of communication and thought. This configuration can create pessimism and judgment if we’re not careful.

The way to deal with Saturn energy is to deal with it. Skirting around the issue won’t help. Taking responsibility for any defeatist attitudes that arise between you and your partner is the way to come out on top this week. Ensuring that you express your emotions instead of bottling them up is key to conquering over potential resentment that this can cause later.

This alignment lasts until June 4th – but never fear. A helpful presence in the form of empathetic Neptune will arrive to create opportunities to bridge the emotional gap that a harsh configuration like Mercury square to Saturn can be.

Mercury in sextile to Neptune allows you a way through conflict on the wings of love. But sextiles require a bit of initiation on your part to take advantage of their benefits. This means that even while a storm of darkness seems to be brewing within you surrounding your thoughts and communication with others, you must be looking for love and optimism.

This requires a level of emotional and mental maturity. If you’re evolved and willing to keep evolving towards the ideal of understanding and joy between you and your partner then this will be no problem. Closing yourself off to emotional and mental solutions to the tension between you and your partner will ensure that you remain blind to the ways that you can identify with them.

With all of that said, I’ve got a far more personalized interpretation of these events for your Sun or Rising sign laid out down below. This will allow you to gain deeper insight into the ways that the energy of this week can be navigated for optimum love, forgiveness, and harmony.

Find your Sun or Rising sign down below to learn all about how you can expect to experience the upcoming energies this week!


Aries, this week starts with a bang for you as your planetary ruler, Mars, lingers upon the planet of expansion and optimism, Jupiter, within your own sign. You are one happy Ram! These are two masculine energies moving as one, creating a drive and hunger for self-actualization. Since you might be feeling highly sexual during this time, see if your partner wants a taste of the Aries life in the bedroom!

As Mercury is now in your house of self-worth and finances, you may have found that money seems to slip freely out of your hands these days. You also could find yourself falling into old thought patterns that weren’t so good for your self-esteem. Saturn forming a square here can make you project these thoughts onto others as a defense mechanism.

Leaning into the calming energy of Neptune in Pisces as Mercury connects with it towards the end of the week will show you how to look inward to process the wounds that threaten to harm your partnership or friendships. A heartfelt apology or two may be in order once you recognize any errors in your dealings with others.


Taurus, this week you can be inspired to look within yourself for answers as Mars finishes off a meeting with Jupiter in Aries in your house of spirituality and isolation. You have an opportunity to greet any unresolved issues that arise between you and your partner with a sense of optimism and growth. Whatever arises to the surface between you both at this time can be resolved with enough faith.

Mercury in Retrograde within your own sign could have you expressing yourself in a difficult-to-understand way. Others might not get your point completely, especially once Saturn forms a square to Mercury. If you’re dating or looking to, I’d hold off on meeting up with anyone until after June 3rd at least.

A sextile between Mercury and Neptune in your house of friendship allows you to find a sense of peace even when you feel like you’re hard to understand. Seeking ways to forgive yourself for social faux-pas will allow you to find them. If you act a little off, but with confidence, other people will hardly notice. Accepting yourself even when the façade cracks will open a door to romance with others.


Gemini, I imagine that as this week arrives, you’re feeling run-ragged. As Mercury keeps rolling backward for the final week, it has entered your house of isolation. A Gemini who feels alone is a sorry sight, but you don’t have to resign yourself to being a Universal punching bag.

Your partner is going to be your biggest source of guidance as Mars and Jupiter are present in your house of hope. Jupiter rules your house of partnership, so lean on your relationship to remind you to stay involved in the social circle that I know you love and rely on.

A sextile from Neptune to Mercury can allow you to find some mental peace after a long time of feeling like that might be out of reach. If you’ve felt pessimistic about the overall direction of your life then this is a reminder to be willing to see what has gone right or at least what you can make peace with. Being willing to be forthcoming with others about the nature of private relationships will heal you more than you think.


Cancer, a meeting between Mars and Jupiter in your house of legacy and achievement can give you a needed push to prioritize your future. Ask yourself, what would future me wish that I had done today? This alignment encourages you to welcome romance and to have more fun than you’ve been having lately. Getting out once in a while can open doors to relationships that secure your positive future.

Mercury in Retrograde within your house of friendship and hope can create a sense that communication with those in your friend group is more difficult than usual. In fact, circumstances with your partner or search for one can contribute to this. If your partner has indicated any jealousy of you and people you know or work with then this should be addressed according to the circumstances.

I would personally hold off on confrontation until after the 3rd since Mercury will be in forward motion once more and Saturn will have loosened his grip on Mercury as well. This allows you and your partner to take advantage of the sextile between Mercury and Neptune that can act as a healing balm on any feelings that may have been bruised.


Leo, this week your ruler (the Sun) is in Gemini, which is governed by a Retrograde Mercury in your house of recognition, achievement, and legacy. You could feel like your internal spark is being threatened by old ideas that others had of you being brought back up again. Your partner may not be feeling too helpful in this case due to Saturn’s harsh influence.

Your reputation means the world to you and when you don’t know how to secure it, you can feel like a ghost of your normal self. It feels like the way others view you can make or break you. It’s important to detach from ego in this case, and remember that others may think of you far less than you think. For this week at least, that approach can assist you in relaxing rather than stressing.

A sextile from Neptune to Mercury encourages you to purge some old approaches to your place in the world. While this can cause some discomfort, the lightness you’ll feel after can assist you in seeing eye to eye with your partner without ego forming a separation between the two of you.


Virgo, your ruler Mercury is still barreling backward in your house of travel, ethics, education, and spirituality this week. If you’re in school then you can expect a certain amount of chaos to continue, especially as Saturn forms a square to Mercury here. You also could be feeling your core beliefs and morals being challenged this week.

An inherent incompatibility between who you are and what you believe can crop up this week. The good news is that by June 3rd, Mercury will be in forward motion once more, allowing you to course-correct rather quickly.

Virgo, your romantic relationship can assist you in making sense of the week that just went down. If you feel ashamed of a screwup or oversight that you feel that you should have seen coming, your partner can remind you that you’re not obligated to always be a perfect person. Being open to really listening to their words will strengthen your bond and put things back into perspective.


Libra, your planetary ruler is in Taurus along with Mercury in Retrograde, and this combination can trigger some old wounds to resurface. You may be getting closer with your partner and as a result, you’re being made aware of that which you’d rather not let them see. Even you, sweet Libra, have parts you’d rather not show others all the time.

Your partner could quickly remind you that the parts that you’re unwilling to show him are exactly what they want to acknowledge and love about you. It’s hard to let others in, especially when it could mean discarding parts of you that seem so immoveable. Libra, your desire for harmony keeps those around you happy, but your job is not to be palatable to others!

As Mercury resumes forward motion, you might feel some relief from any demons you’ve had to readdress. Neptune opens up a door to share your insecurities with your partner, but it’s your job to walk through it into the realm of vulnerability. If you’ve got a fear of showing your less accommodating side to others, this is a period when doing so will prompt reactions of love and acceptance from others.


Scorpio, this week your partnership could feel confusing and like it’s under siege from miscommunications. Despite this, you feel a bright and potent sense of love for your partner, and I imagine that you’re seeking ways to flip any awkward moments into ones you’ll laugh about in the future.

A square from Saturn to Mercury could expose weak communication between you and your partner. Saturn’s influence here could bring up negative relationship patterns that you’ve witnessed your parents navigate. It’s hard to find the strength to heal others when salt was just rubbed in our own wound… but that is exactly what you’re being asked to do this week for your partner.

Breaking generational relationship patterns is a tough job, but I think you’ll find it totally worth it. A sense of healing arises as Neptune forms a sextile to Mercury, allowing you to express to your partner what you’ve witnessed and tell them all of the ways you plan to avoid the same pitfalls that your parents may or may not have also avoided.


Sagittarius, this week begins with positively sexy energy for you as Mars meets up with your planetary ruler in your house of romance and expressions of love. You could be feeling like a sexy siren or a Don Juan with your confidence rocketing through the roof. Play on this energy by openly telling others what they mean to you. Genuine expressions of love are, after all, super hot.

The ruler of your house of partnership is Mercury in Retrograde, so any close partnership could feel hard to interpret these days. It could feel like a chore and a half to understand the current relationship dynamics between the two of you. As a straightforward Sag, doing work to decode what your partner is saying can be a struggle for you.

Your saving grace could be found in looking back on the relationships of those who influenced you growing up. Perhaps you saw someone who prioritized love enough to do hard work to understand their partner. Channeling this energy will make your partner feel accepted and seen by you. Even if you don’t get all the details of their message, attempting to understand will go a long way with them.


Capricorn, this week your planetary ruler in your house of self-worth is forming a square to Mercury in Retrograde in your house of romance could have you feeling defensive instead of loving. You could feel that your sense of self is competing with how you express your love to others, which is a tense spot to be in.

It’s difficult to reach for love when you’ve been given so many good reasons to build walls around yourself. Any past experiences where your expression of love was denied or rejected could be heavy on the forefront of your mind this week. It’s hard to open up to your partner and prioritize love when you may have been hurt in the past for doing just that.

Thankfully, Neptune can calm your mind and heal the flow of love from within you to others, but only if you’re willing to see the solutions that it offers. Neptune requires you to dissolve the walls you built. Being willing to play with the idea that showing others love could go much differently this time around will allow you to transcend any boundaries between you and free expression of love.


Aquarius, Mercury in Retrograde is triggering deep parts of your psyche during this time, reminding you of things that have long since ended. You could be feeling like your past is very, very present. I don’t think that ignoring these signals from your emotional past is the answer, especially since Saturn in your own sign is forcing you to do something about it.

Communication patterns from your past, as well as old flames, may be on your mind. You could be remembering any times when you actually tried to get close to others and reach out only to be ignored or discarded. You may seem super cool and edgy to those around you, but you’re being made aware of the people who drove you to detachment instead of welcoming your love as they should have.

A previous lover could be on your mind, either due to similar circumstances in your life now or because they’ve reached back out to you or vice versa.

I rarely discourage readdressing old flames during Mercury Retrograde because Retrogrades wouldn’t happen if we weren’t meant to readdress the past sometimes. Use that Aquarian intuition to decide if you’ll be able to forgive and forget any history between the two of you that wasn’t so pleasant in order to give it another shot.


Pisces, this week Mercury in Retrograde could be making you feel like your brain is in a vortex. Communication with you can be rather vague as it is, but this week even you might be unsure of what you’re trying to say. As Saturn in your house of isolation forms a tense square to Mercury in Retrograde, you might be feeling like it’s just easier to not say anything at all.

Your partner might not be feeling overly helpful to you as past wounds arise in you, causing you to retreat from intimacy or even trying to explain yourself. However, not all is lost. Once Mercury goes direct on the 3rd, you’ll find that communication between the two of you is lighter and less confusing.

A sextile from Neptune to Mercury softens the harsh square from Saturn and reminds you that your deepest essence does not lie in how you communicate, but in what you embody. How gracefully you speak matters less than the authenticity of the intention behind the words. As a creature of energetic vibrations, I know a Pisces like you understands what I mean.

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Wrapping Up

This week could cause some old wounds to resurface in a few signs, but I’m actually excited to see how you are able to address these wounds. I’m optimistic because, as a former psychology practitioner, I always encourage my readers to face any unresolved relationship issues head-on in order to encourage a future full of romantic and personal growth.

I’m a total sucker for these deep topics, but some of my readers rightfully feel hesitant about the heavy energies like the ones present this week.

While I love to see growth, I know as well as anyone that a relationship going through periods of transformation is anything but comforting in many cases.

>> I’m happy to offer my assistance in interpreting the placements beyond your Sun and Rising signs to synthesize an even more precise outcome for this week.

When an Astrologer has all of the information to properly delve into your chart, I think you’d be shocked at what we can help you address.

I’ve made myself available for readers like you to assist in interpreting your chart, this week’s energies, and how your chart interacts with the chart of your partner.

When you are empowered with the right information, suddenly the world and your relationship seem less mysterious and far more understandable.

Book consultation right here. <<

Sending love and light to you on your journey.

Your friend and Relationship Astrologer,

Anna Kovach

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