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Weekly Love Horoscope For May 2nd – 8th

Hello everyone, and welcome back to your weekly love horoscope for May 2nd – 8th! The biggest shift this week will affect all signs romantically, as Venus moves from passive and romantic Pisces into fiery and vivacious Aries. This shift should be obviously noticeable as we begin a brand new cycle of Venus from the beginning of the Zodiac once more.

Venus in Aries is defined by life, energy, and initiative in love. Aries is one of the most (if not the most) sexual signs within the Zodiac. You can come off pretty strong during this transit, which can be too much for some signs with a more relaxed love language. However, if you’ve needed the motivation to pursue love for yourself, this is the time to do it.

The Sun is forming a conjunction to Uranus this week, which can have a profound effect, especially if you’ve been looking for ways to create some lasting change in your life. This transit can expose things that are chaining you down and awareness is the first step to change.

Mars is receiving some more action this week than in recent weeks, which is overall good news, especially for my Mars-ruled signs.

This week, we see Mars forming two different positive sextiles to both Uranus and the Sun. These positive aspects allow for opportunities to access the features present in these alignments, but only if you take the initiative.

Mars sextile Uranus allows you to take more successful risks and to make your thoughts about unfair situations known more easily. Mars forming a sextile to the Sun reminds you to be confident and strong and that you are indeed that bitch.

Now that we have a general overview, which of these transits are going to affect you most profoundly? I’ll provide the rundown for your own sign down below and what is going to have the biggest presence in your life. I’m ready if you are!


Your planetary ruler (Mars) in Pisces could put a damper on your outlook these days, Aries. Pisces is located in your house of isolation and as such, you could be feeling alone or like you’re the only soldier on the battlefield. However, the sextiles that Mars is receiving this week are sure to create a sense of hope in the vast emptiness.

Venus moving into your own sign could offer you the breath of fresh air that you’ve been seeking for a long time. After a long time of feeling incapable of love, you might well feel as if you’re suddenly open to receiving it. Your fiery nature is being activated once more as Venus traverses your own sign. After a long period of isolation, you deserve this, Aries!

Mars forming a sextile to the Sun offers positivity and optimism that could go a long way in shedding some light on any situation. This confidence can motivate you to put yourself out there some more. And with Venus in Aries now as well, you will be attracting a lot of romantic attention if you play your cards right.

The sextile from Mars to Uranus this week could help you recognize where you’re being held back the most. This is a transit that allows you to recognize and take action on that which is not serving you. If you’ve been questioning if a relationship is right for you, the answer could become obvious during this transit.


Taurus, as Venus moves into Aries, you’re going to find that you’re far more reclusive than usual. While Aries is a spunky sign, Venus is now within a house of isolation for you, it’s a good time to spend some time soul searching. If something has gone unaddressed during your relationship so far, this is a time when it could come out.

Taurus, Mercury in your second house forms a sextile to your ruler, Venus, this week. This allows you to communicate effectively with others in a way that’s more easily received, and as such, it’s a good idea to take advantage of this period – especially if you’re looking to strike up a conversation with someone who you’re romantically interested in. The influence of Venus here makes it obvious that you’re flirting.

The Sun in your own sign conjunct Uranus could make you feel like breaking free of something. Perhaps you’re feeling trapped by some life circumstance or are realizing that you’ve been holding yourself back. This could lead to ending a relationship that has not been serving you.


Gemini, with your planetary ruler in your own sign, you likely are feeling like you can be an authentic expression of yourself. As a result, you’re more likely to be real about your feelings with others, which can assist greatly in creating new romantic relationships – but this is just the icing on the cake this week!

Since Mercury forms a sextile to Venus in the sign of Aries in your house of communication, you’re more able to express yourself flirtatiously. As an air sign, you typically don’t have issues talking to others, but putting real charm and romance into it isn’t always a guarantee. The sextile between these two planets can assist you in being as smooth as silk to those you’re trying to show interest in.

The Sun conjuncting Uranus in your house of isolation can expose cracks you didn’t even know were there in any current relationships. This can lead you to want to seek freedom away from the relationship or simply get some more space in your relationship in general.


Cancer, your planetary ruler will be in the signs of Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, and Leo this week. The Moon is waxing, which means that you should feel a sense of ‘growing’ this week. Perhaps you’re working up to something that you’ve needed to get done.

With Venus entering Aries, you could be feeling like you’re in the spotlight and all eyes are on you. This is likely going to manifest positively, but with the sextile that Mercury is forming to Venus this week, you could be the talk or the town (or it could feel that way anyways). Take advantage of this energy by assuming your next partner has eyes on you (because he might).

The Sun conjuncting Uranus in Taurus can make you crave friendships over romantic relationships right now. In fact, romance might not be a huge blip on your radar at this time. But if there is romance to be found, a friend or friend of a friend may be someone to pay attention to.


Leo, your planetary ruler, the Sun, is in your house of recognition and legacy, and this should please you greatly, being naturally drawn to the spotlight yourself. With Uranus touching the Sun, you could indeed feel like being rebellious in such a way that others can see. Maybe you begin dating someone with the notoriety that others never saw coming!

Mars forming a sextile to Uranus this week can also add a layer of sexuality to this placement. You could be a subject of conversation for your sexuality for who you’re having sex with. You could be seen as sexy and avant-garde in your love style at this time. Take advantage of this and let others know if the rumors are true.

Leo, Venus entering Aries provides you with a desire for freedom in love. You might go on a trip with your partner or begin planning one together. If you’re single, this is a time when love could come with someone who has a different cultural background than your own. Alternatively, this person could be a person of faith or a learned person. Association with a University or school, in general, could be present.


Virgo, your planetary ruler in Gemini makes you a topic of conversation, but you’re also intelligent enough to spin the narrative in a big way. You can use your words to create the right impression of yourself to others. Ensuring you don’t come off as too analytical or cold during the process is the key.

Venus entering Aries could put an emphasis on secrets and the more darkly delectable side of your personality. This can indicate that there is some kind of secret within your relationship or that you are looking to begin some sort of hidden romantic activity. Self-evaluating your own romantic needs and retiring old romantic patterns could be themes at this time as well.

Virgo, your planetary ruler forming a sextile to Venus this week from the house of recognition could put things you’d rather keep hidden (especially romantically) on the minds of others. Dot your i’s and cross your t’s to make sure that your squeaky-clean reputation isn’t tarnished.


Libra, your planetary ruler is making a move into Aries, which benefits you and your partnership or potential partnership greatly. This is a time when partnerships and collaborative projects work excellently together. You may have to compromise more than even you are used to, but success and long-term romance rarely have better chances to work out for you.

With Mercury in Gemini forming a sextile to Venus, having conversations that need to happen with your partner can work out in your favor. Being kind, nonjudgmental, and proactive will likely create incredible growth within your relationship. Partnering up long-term will work best with someone who is full of energy and who can teach you to love yourself first.

The Sun conjuncting Uranus in the house of secrets and taboo can lead you to want to break free of constraints. You may consider being with someone who keeps you feeling very much alive because of the risk involved. Retiring old habits that restrict your individuality is a possibility that you should take advantage of this week.


Scorpio, your planetary ruler, is seeing some action after a long time this week. Mars is in Pisces, in your house of romance, which means that you’re feeling the love and your sexuality is likely through the roof. You might find yourself looking for a good time, in and out of the bedroom. You are more likely to take risks and put yourself out there. Dating a cop or security guard or something similar is a potential.

With Venus entering Aries, and thus your house of labor, you could be enjoying work a lot more than usual. In fact, perhaps you work with someone who is making your heart flutter? If so, you have strong possibilities to make a move if you’re feeling bold (which I bet you are!). You could focus a bit too much on socializing due to this, so ensure your work performance doesn’t slack.

Mars receives sextiles from Uranus and the Sun this week, amping up your confidence and need to be free. This could be a period of casual dating if you’re not partnered up; if you are with someone, inject some passion into the relationship by switching up your activities or going on vacation (or a short weekend getaway) together.


Sagittarius, your planetary ruler remains in Pisces in your house of family and home which is beneficial for you. You may find yourself wanting to move house at some point, but with the current positive dignity of Jupiter, this should go smoothly if you choose to do so. This is a good time to introduce a potential partner to the family due to a higher chance of charity and non-judgment amongst all parties.

With Venus entering Aries, you’re about to feel on top of the world romantically. Dating and flirting suddenly become a theme within your life and you might find that your mannerisms are much more attractive to others. Your charm is through the roof, so flex this coveted transit and use this positive time to steer your romantic relationships in the right direction.

With Mercury in your house of partnership forming a sextile to Venus in your house of romance, there has rarely been a better time to talk to and joke around with your long-term partner. In your partnership, being critical of one another is a possibility when Mercury is in Gemini, but this week the pressure is off. Have some fun with them and lighten up the mood.


Capricorn, with Venus entering Aries, your home life is likely about to become sweeter. You might find yourself dolling up your space, which obviously means you’ve got to show people! Having a night in with your partner or romantic interest is a good idea. Introducing a partner to your family is also a good call at this time.

With your fifth house of romance house Uranus and the Sun, you could be in a position to make a scene. This is a little out of character for you, but hey, we’ve all got it in us. It is likely to be a fun experience so let loose! This is what could attract romantic interest to you. I recommend focusing on beginning casual relationships over partnerships at this time.

Uranus and the Sun forming sextiles to Mars in Pisces could sharpen your wit and make your general outlook more positive. As a result, this week is a good time to hang out with others since you’ll be giving your best self to them which makes them want to return the favor. Plus, communication is so easy right now and helps with anyone you’d like to drop some hints on.


Aquarius, your planetary co-ruler, Uranus, is conjuncting with the Sun this week in your house of family and home. Have you been thinking about moving somewhere new? If so, this week could be the week that convinces you it’s time. I don’t recommend moving anyone in or moving in with anyone though during this transit, since it may not last.

With your house of romance activated by Mercury in Gemini, this is a time to let your real feelings be known. Putting love out there is sometimes a struggle for you, Aquarius, but this week you’re likely feeling just about expressing it. Learning important lessons about communicating with more compassion and love is possible.

The Sun and Uranus forming sextiles to Mars in your second house could mean new connections, especially with someone who sells something for a living (especially large objects like houses or cars). Indulging in good food, massages, and good music with your partner can help you both bond.


Pisces, your sign is filled with energy as Jupiter, Neptune, and Mars are all in Pisces. Mars receiving sextile from the Sun and Uranus could make you feel more confident and bolder. Making a big change in favor of your individuality and personality traits can allow you to feel more yourself, which is a key factor in attracting others to you.

Venus entering Aries emphasizes tangible displays of love. Relying simply on words can’t fill the void of actually showing up for one another. However, a sextile from Venus to Mercury is sure to create better communication while you’re making real-world efforts for one another.

Mercury in Gemini could mean that others hear your words and are taking them to heart. Ensure that you’re communicating and posting online with caution since your words can have effects that last. You can also be known for your wit and humor at this time, so having funny and compassionate conversations will ensure this transit goes your way.

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Wrapping Up

What incredible opportunities await you all this week! Venus’ shift in Aries affects everyone and I think that it can work out positively for any sign who is willing to get in touch with self-love and romantic love. After all, Aries is all about making sure YOU are the winner.

It’s a great week to strut your confidence and channel your energy into a romance with the influence of Mars. I highly recommend that all signs consider if their relationships are really serving them this week, and if they aren’t, think about moving on. If they are, then double down and give these relationships extra love and appreciation.

I sometimes hear from readers that while these horoscopes are helpful for their romantic lives, they crave more detail and more specificity for them. This is totally understandable, and I have figured out a way to make sure you get all of the information that you need to take advantage of transits and to know what pitfalls to avoid.

I’ve created a spot here where you and I can talk personally about your own concerns and how to best create the relationship that you have been waiting for.

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I love talking to my readers and getting to know them as people, so by helping yourself by booking with me, you’re helping me out too. Not to mention, you’re assisting my small business, and that means the world to me.

Wishing you all the luck in the Universe!

Your friend and Relationship Astrologer,

Anna Kovach

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    1. Hi Cynthia!

      You’re very welcome sweetheart. I know you are ready for the change. Bless your sweet soul. I wish you nothing but all the very best because you deserve it. Be sure to stay tuned to find out more!

  1. Anna in the reading yo did for me regarding Brian 2 year ago when we met he gave me 2 beautiful rose bushes one was not doing well he was to fix but then he left for his new love. Recently the red rose bush which was a,ways healthily was ok but I was t caring for it as I used to I decided to pull it out I got a huge thorn on my left had right on the part by my thumb and for finger it’s in a heart shape at dinner the next night out with my family both my son and his wife thought I had gotten the outline of the heart as a tattoo. fading now what could that mean.

    1. Hi Jeanne!

      I would think it’s a reminder to you that you shouldn’t give up on love. Love yourself, take care of yourself, and remain open for the right person to swoop in and give you everything you could have ever hoped for. This is fantastic! I wish you all the best.

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