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Weekly Love Horoscope For May 23rd – 29th

Hello dear readers, and welcome back to our Weekly Love Horoscope. While it’s great to know the upcoming Astrological weather at any time, it will be especially useful this week because of the multiple planetary sign shifts that are guaranteed to have an effect on every sign!

The Sun just moved into Gemini last week, and Mercury will be joining the Sun in the sign of Bull during its continuing Retrograde this week. This urges us to reflect and reassess our relationship with our possessions and how possessive we are with those around us.

Mars (the planet of passion and sex) enters the sign that it feels most comfortable in, Aries. Wherever Mars rules in your chart, you can expect to see heightened drive (sexual and otherwise). This alignment is made even more powerful this week because for a few days, the planet of masculinity is paired with the planet of femininity, Venus.

Mid-week represents a time when you can align your actions and your romantic desires to be proactive in your pursuits of love. While Mars and Venus are both in the sign of Aries, you can streamline your romantic intentions and make assertive moves that you might not normally feel comfortable making.

Take advantage of that energy quickly though since Venus is moving out of Aries and into Taurus just before the week is out. Venus is happy in Taurus since this is one of the two signs that she rules. Venus in this position emphasizes beauty and steady affection towards others. Venus in this position puts focus on physical and tangible expressions of love.

Venus is forming a sextile to Saturn this week which brings up questions of longevity in relationships. Flirtationships can become partnerships during this transit or your steady relationship could start to feel like marriage material. This transit could bring up whether or not both partners are equally committed to the stability of the relationship.

Venus forms a square to Pluto this week which is a pretty difficult relationship transit to sugarcoat. If your partnership is solid and authentic, then you likely have nothing to worry about (though your relationship dynamics can still be transformed). If you and your partner have not felt totally cohesive lately then this is a transit that can further highlight cracks in the façade.

Mars forms a conjunction to Jupiter this week in the sign of Aries, an overall positive alignment that adds optimism where before it may have been hard to find. Spur of the moment adventures are possible. Staying indoors might seem like too much of a drag, so consider going outside to explore with your partner. This alignment adds generally positive feelings within many partnerships.

Mercury forming a trine to Pluto is a transit that creates a sharp mentality and a probing mind. We can all feel like psychologists when this transit comes around, looking deeply into the motivations of others.

Due to the easy alignment of these planets, you could find that you make intelligent word choices when communicating. Flirting is especially sexual and spicy right now.

Phew… there is a lot to cover here! I’ve outlined the major points that each sign needs to know the most down below. Locate your Rising or Sun sign below in order to get the scoop on how this week’s energy is likely to manifest for you and how you can use it to your advantage in love.


Aries, you’re probably feeling like a rockstar this week since your ruler, Mars, is moving into your sign to join the two benefics, Venus and Jupiter. All of this positive energy in your own sign makes you look and feel like a million dollars. Just being yourself attracts all of the positive attention you could want.

You could feel as though a fog you didn’t even realize was there is lifting which allows you to see all of the blessings around you more clearly. Romantically speaking, you are more open to giving and accepting love at this time. When you’re an open conduit for love, others just can’t help but give it to you.

Venus moving into Taurus puts a heavy emphasis on sensual love. Gift giving may be on your mind at this time. Perhaps you feel like making something for your partner from scratch. Flex that underrated Aries creativity to win over the heart of your love interest this week.

Your partner could be experiencing a financial change this week, likely in a positive direction. Consider treating yourselves to a deeply sensual massage or splurging on a fun new toy of some variety together.

With Mars meeting Jupiter in your own sign, your mood is likely to be at an all-time high. You can freely interact with others in a way that is authentic which makes it easy for you to show love. When the walls are down and you can be yourself, you are most loveable.


Taurus, some super exciting news is on its way to you this week! Your chart ruler (Venus) has been in the sign of Aries for a while, which feels like a drag for you personally. Venus is rolling into your own solid and steady sign this week, bringing with her a newfound sense of love. It may have been difficult to accept or give love as openly lately, but now it’s about to get a lot easier.

Mars, the ruler of your house of partnership, is now entering Aries this week which means that you and your partner could be seeing a rocky time if there are issues that haven’t been addressed between the two of you. It could take a bit of painful purging of hard emotions to get it all ironed out.

As Pluto forms a square to Venus this week, some controlling behavior can show its ugly head. Manipulation between the two of you is a risk if one or both of you isn’t mature enough to recognize it for what it is. Be willing to let toxic behaviors go so that you and your love interest can rebuild on the foundation that you’ve laid prior.

Mercury in your own sign is forming a trine to Pluto in fellow Earth sign, Capricorn. This indicates that you are more mentally penetrating towards your partner. You can more quickly get to the root of any issue between the two of you. You naturally take advantage of opportunities to see to the heart of the issue.


Gemini, due to Mercury being in Retrograde, you could be feeling pretty sluggish this week, especially as Mercury reenters slow-moving Taurus. You could find yourself longing for past experiences and feeling a bit more lonely than usual. With Venus arriving in Taurus this week as well, it’s possible that romance is feeling a bit unattainable at the moment.

Mercury forming a trine to Pluto this week forces you to reevaluate who you’re sharing your energy with. You may realize that you’ve been hanging out with a psychic vampire. If your partner is draining you of energy then it may be time to construct some deeper boundaries or pull the plug on the relationship altogether.

Venus forming a square to Pluto this week could cause drama and breakdown within the social groups that you and a partner share together. Perhaps your relationship together has made your or his friends feel as if you’re not available to them as an individual anymore. A merging of soul and mind is wonderful in a relationship but not at the expense of your individuality.

Mars meeting Jupiter this week signals an open-minded approach when it comes to sexuality. Try doing some research into things you haven’t tried that might turn you on. Bringing it up to your partner should be easy considering the sexy trine between Mercury and Pluto.


Cancer, your chart ruler, the Moon, will be transiting Pisces, Aries, Taurus, and Gemini this week which hits most of the planets in action this week. As a result, this week is bound to be one filled with activity. This is a good week to begin a new project that will last you for the rest of the month.

With Venus in Taurus as of this week, you are receiving some of the good karma that you’ve put out into the world. Romance and material security are the main ways you could be blessed, and I don’t think you’ll be complaining about that! If you’ve been giving a bit more than you’ve been receiving in your partnership as of late, you could see that begin to change.

Cancer, as Mars enters Aries this week, you could find that your drive and initiative is finally paying off. Any relationship that you’ve been craving some passion in could be heating up. You are also beginning to be seen by others in a more sexual way. The ways you’ve asserted yourself are now what you’re beginning to be known for.

A square from Venus to Pluto this week could trigger a major shakeup in your partnership. Rather than expressing yourselves directly, you may find each other turning to subtly manipulative tactics in order to gain an upper hand. Jealousy can rear its ugly head if you’re not careful. Try to address issues head-on rather than resorting to underhanded tactics.


Leo, your chart ruler, the Sun, is now in the sign of Gemini in your house of notoriety. This is an indicator of a period where you’re on display, which is usually something that Leos like you don’t shy away from. You could begin to be seen a lot more than you even suspect. This only intensifies as Venus and Mercury enter Taurus this week, making your romantic nature a part of your reputation.

A square from Pluto to Venus this week could stir up some drama within you and your partner. The fact that all eyes are on you (especially these days) can trigger jealous thoughts within your partner. Drama on a public scale could ensue. If either of you are inclined to post your dissatisfaction on social media then this could be the stage you perform on.

Leo, a trine from Mars to your own sign beginning this week allows you to use the red planet’s passion to back up your intentions at this time. If you’ve been interested in someone but have only been pining from afar, now marks a time when you’re more willing to take initiative and pursue who you love.


Virgo, you could feel off-kilter this week since your planetary ruler is in Retrograde in your house of notoriety as this week kicks off. Before reentering Taurus once more, Mercury is making a trine to Pluto in fellow Earth sign, Capricorn. This allows you to get some insight into the psyche of your partner, creating a tighter bond if you use the information you gain with compassion.

A concentration in Aries signals a sharp uptick in latent sexual energy rising to the surface. You’re craving something beyond the run-of-the-mill sex that most of us settle for in long relationships. For you, sex needs to be passionate and sexy while also comingling souls for a deeper connection well after the deed is done.

Mars conjunct Jupiter can have you craving way too much stimulation at this time. You could find yourself pushing your relationship to the point of crisis just to feel something again. If your relationship has been a bit slow as of late, then this risk is heightened. It’s recommended that you channel this energy into sexual passion instead of rocking the boat.

Venus forming a sextile to Saturn can remind you that a relationship is not just butterflies and sexy trysts. It’s also a lot of work and conscious understanding. Every day you must be willing to put your partnership first. You can still have fun with each other, of course. This week reminds you that you must strike a balance between the two.


Libra, as Venus enters Taurus this week, you’re likely to feel simultaneously more ‘you’ while also being made a bit uncomfortable with yourself. You might be afraid of having to kill some parts of yourself to make room for new ones. But if it’s broken, then it might need to be fixed. Letting go of old parts of you is how you welcome new love energy from others.

The ruler of your house of partnership is now stronger than ever in the sign of Aries. This helps put a stronger focus on your relationship and empowers you to do the work needed to connect more deeply with your partner. Being motivated by the planet Mars will inspire you to keep the romance and the sexual passion alive, no matter how long you’ve been together.

Libra, Venus forming a sextile to Saturn this week gives you an opportunity to course correct a relationship that you’re in or to take a relationship to a more serious level. Saturn in your house of romance indicates that it’s possible to take a lighthearted relationship to greater heights. Being willing to discuss commitment with one another is going to help you take full advantage of all benefits.


Scorpio, with your planetary ruler, Mars, moving into Aries, you could feel a lot more powerful than usual. Mars in your house of work and labor isn’t as bad as other planets in this house feel. You could find yourself more willing to take the action necessary to keep your body and your relationships healthy every day, despite the fact that it’s not always fun to do.

With your house of partnership gaining more energy as Venus and Mercury are within this sign this week. This opens up your heart, mind, and ego to your partner. You’ll be more inclined to speak openly and authentically with your loved one, creating a stronger bond in the process.

Your planetary co-ruler, Pluto, forms a trine to Mercury in your house of partnership, meaning that it’s easy to ask your partner all the right questions. You can find out more about them and their perspectives this week. Even if you’ve been together for a long time, you may be surprised at the meaningful and penetrating conversations that the two of you have.


Sagittarius, your planetary ruler remains in your house of romance in the sign of Aries. Mars meeting up with Jupiter in this house allows you to take on a sexual aura that is ultra-attractive to those around you. Your output of love and positivity is higher than ever. People can’t help but want to give that positive energy back to you.

With the ruler of your house of partnership in Retrograde, you could find that any progress you and your partner have made could seem to be going in reverse. This is not the case. As we make progress with another, it’s important to realize that the path is not linear. You and your loved one should take some time to appreciate where you both have come from and if issues need readdressing.

Venus entering Taurus could remind you that relationships are not all fun and games. It takes intentional effort every day to keep a relationship going. You’re willing to put the legwork in to maintain a positive connection with your partner at this time, which creates a new sense of security within your relationship.


Capricorn, your planetary ruler in Aquarius is seeing a sextile from Venus in your house of family and home. This reminds you that relationships need emotional and tangible support. If you or your partner have not been taking the time to leave notes, buy each other presents, clean up the house for each other, etc., then this is a period that will teach you to honor each other in such ways.

You and your partner could see a week full of activity as the Moon transits your houses of home, romance, work, and partnership. This is a good week to focus on the internal work required to create a lasting partnership. Getting real with one another about your feelings can spur a few days of passionate romance between the two of you.

Venus entering Taurus this week is a great sign for you since Taurus rules your house of romance and expression of love. You will find opportunities to express your romantic side popping up all around you. Take advantage of these moments to let others know your true, positive feelings towards them. Expressing your affection physically is going to leave you both feeling closer than ever.


Aquarius, a sextile between Saturn in your own sign and Venus in Aries this week allows you and your partner to communicate more effectively if you choose to take advantage of the energy. Sending a little text a few times a day can go a long way in making your partner feel loved and appreciated. Staying in good communication will assist in building a positive foundation between the two of you.

Your house of family is gaining Venus and Mercury this week, and this combination of planets could signal a good time to create a space to share with someone else. Of course, the decision to move in together is one that takes time to come to. This week sets you up for positive conversations regarding your future with one another.

Mars meeting Jupiter in your house of communication adds a layer of optimistic charm to your communication style. You could meet someone who warms up to you because of the way you talk and process the world around you. Don’t shy away from talking to people that you’re interested in, love.


Pisces, with the ruler of your house of partnership in Retrograde, your partnership could feel like it’s going two steps backward. Like Sagittarius, this week you should remember that learning from past mistakes you’ve encountered with one another is essential to making progress as a couple. Appreciate where you’ve come from in order to move forward into future bliss.

Your planetary co-ruler in Aries could have you feeling more grounded than usual. There is an emphasis within you on expanding on the tangible expressions of yourself. Non-sexual touch is important this week. Hugging, tender kissing, and holding hands can bond you and a partner more deeply than sex can at this time.

Your house of communication is filling up this week. The ruler of your house of partnership retrograding into this house could spur conversations with your loved one about your past. Expressing to them your way of interpreting the world can help them understand you better. Getting on one another’s mental plane is supported this week.

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Wrapping Up

All of the changes this week add up to a pretty eventful week. The planet of love moving into Taurus adds a grounded approach to love. You could begin valuing the simple things within your partnership. I encourage you to take after Taurus and focus on the beauty within your partner.

There are opportunities for communication breakdown this week, so my advice is to think of this week as a period of reflection on the past rather than your new future reality with your partner. Recognizing where the two of you have come from is essential to creating the future together that you desire.

Being willing to retire parts of yourself that no longer make sense to hold on to will attract the type of person that you desire if you’re single. If you’re partnered then making room for new versions of your partner that you may not have seen before will be most helpful in creating a lasting bond together.

Since there is so very much happening this week, I wanted to extend an offer to talk to any reader who wants more clarity on the subjects discussed here.

Mercury Retrograde can be scary enough, but paired with a salty square between Venus and Pluto and several planetary sign changes could have your head spinning.

To gain some insight on how you can better approach the energies ahead, get at me right here and we’ll set up a time to talk about your relationships or personal growth this week.

Wishing you all the luck in the Universe.

Your friend and Relationship Astrologer,

Anna Kovach

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  1. I’m a little confused and want to make sure this is for the correct week—it says a few times in different places that the sun moved into Taurus last week, but I thought it just moved into Gemini!? Does this change things for each horoscope?

    I absolutely love reading these weekly and find so much value in them!

    (Please don’t feel like you need to approve this comment to be posted, I just wanted to to be aware of it and make any necessary changes 🙂 )


    1. Hi K!

      I wish I had seen this sooner. I am sorry things were a bit confusing sweetheart. As of now, the Sun is in Gemini right now. The Sun moves quicker than the other planets for sure. Oh and yes, the Sun was in Gemini last week. Sometimes I write so much Astrology that my eyes get tired and I type the wrong thing which I am sure is what happened. My apologies to you. Taurus is more regimented and Gemini is more open. I wish you all the very best!

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