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Weekly Love Horoscope For March 7th – 13th

Hey there darlings, and welcome back to the Weekly Love Horoscope! This one is for the 7th-13th of March, and we’re seeing some changes come about this week when it comes to love and romance, but I’ve got faith that all of the signs reading this are going to find their way through these changes just fine, and maybe even benefit from them.

Let’s address the biggest change. The two stars of the show this week are still Mars and Venus. It feels like they’ve been aligned for FOREVER now, doesn’t it? It’s okay because it’s an overall positive alignment (though it sure can make tempers flare with your partner).

With Mars and Venus entering the sign of Aquarius, every sign is going to feel a shift in both the way they approach love and where their source of motivation comes from. I’d start asking yourself, how can I innovate and overturn the way that I tackle love and passion? What old practices need to be retired?

As if that wasn’t enough, Mercury is entering Pisces this week as well, putting an added concentration on the sign of the fish! Since this sign switch is typically interpreted as a big shift in energy, all signs are likely to see the effects of this transit play out in their charts.

Just before the week rounds out, we see the Sun meet Neptune in the sign of Pisces as well. Overall, this week is generally positive, but how do these energies manifest for your own sign? I’m here to explain and demystify this week’s energy just for you.


Aries, as this week rolls in, we see Mars and Venus enter your house of friendship, blessings, and gifts. This should make you happy since this house is overwhelmingly beneficial to you. Even if no especially notable event goes down, you’re bound to find yourself generally appreciating life, and your partner, a little more.

With Mars in this house as well while firing up and strengthening Venus, you could find yourself pursuing social scenes and being generally more into hanging out in groups.

That being said, Mercury moves into your house of isolation and undoing this week as well. This can give you a greater propensity towards being quiet and keeping to yourself. Mercury rules your house of communication as well as the house of labor and habits, so you could find yourself slacking off in these areas beginning this week.

The week rounds out with the Sun meeting Neptune in this house, potentially adding to the theme of being alone. Your thoughts could feel clouded and difficult to pin down.


Taurus, as your ruling planet sits within the sign of Aquarius in your house of career and legacy, this means that you are newly focused upon your legacy and how you look to the world around you. You might be wondering if your partner is going to be someone you always want around in your life.

Mars is the ruler of your house of partnerships, meaning that Mars and Venus meeting in a sign that is on what’s known as an angle amplifies the importance of this transit for partnerships.

You can look forward to a time when your partnership puts you in a positive light if you know how to finesse the energy. Be brutal when choosing a partner! You deserve everything, so don’t be with someone who gives you nothing.

The Sun and Neptune uniting in your house of friendship are sure to make you a bit dreamy about the world at large. You’re more likely to freely give love and understanding, but you could also be a bit naïve in your perceptions.


Gemini, your planetary ruler is moving into Pisces, creating a new approach to this period of life. You’re a bit dreamier, more compassionate, and your thought processes are way looser these days. You could find yourself struggling to understand hard concepts because your head is in the clouds.

Mars and Venus are aligning within your house of travel, expansion, and higher education, which gives you a new emphasis upon being open-minded. Broad thinking is the keyword for you this week, Gemini. Being willing to let go of the annoying little details in favor of zooming out onto the big picture.

Gemini, since Venus rules your fifth house of romance, this is an especially important period for creativity and expressing love. Being willing to accept romantic partners that aren’t from a similar background to your own will help you find love with the individual that’s meant just for you, Gemini.


Cancer, you’re seeing your house of travel, higher education, and expansion of the mind has the Sun, Neptune, Jupiter, and Mercury in it. This heightens the importance of this house for you right now. Someone who is intelligent and well-learned could be on your radar. Being alright with a guy from a different background from your own will assist you in making the most of this transit.

With Saturn (ruler of the house of partnership) in Aquarius in your house of secrets and taboo, it could have you feeling crushed by what’s left unsaid in your relationship. You might have a strong sense that something is lurking beneath the surface, but you may also be trapped by what feels comfortable and what weight your words would carry.

With the Sun meeting Neptune this week, you could have a blurry picture of what to focus on. It could feel like you’re wandering in the dark but you aren’t upset about it. Just ensure that you don’t walk into situations and people who don’t mean you well.


Leo, with your planetary ruler in the sign of Pisces in your house of secrets and taboo, you might be curious about what’s under the surface of your partner this week. If you haven’t seen the deeper and potentially darker side of them, that could change by the end of this transit. Luckily, it also enhances your appetite for soulful and conscious love-making.

The ruler of your house of romance is in the sign of Pisces as well, making your love life feel rather dramatic if we’re honest. Don’t worry though, Jupiter is a generally beneficial planet.

On the bright side, Mars and Venus are well within your house of partnership, making your special someone an even more prominent person in your life. You’re finding a way to be your authentic selves while still being a unit, and that’s a beautiful thing.


Virgo, this week might just feel like you’re walking through a haze, which your analytical mind struggles with. The good thing is that your house of partnership is gaining a lot of planets fast, which adds emphasis to the quality of the relationship between you and your soulmate.

The Sun conjuncting Neptune in this house of dedicated relationships indicates a strong urge for romance within your partnership. Sometimes the old feelings wear off and that’s normal, but this month you might be looking to get those old feelings back.

Within your partnership, you might feel as if you’re more under the influence of love’s spell than you’d normally allow yourself to be. Give in to the impulse to let it all go and be romantic.


Libra, Venus, and Mars in the sign of Aquarius in your fifth house of expression, you’re one of the signs most likely to take advantage of Mars and Venus’ meeting. This house is about the expression of yourself, but also the expression of love. It’s likely that there is someone in your life that you’ll want to pour all of that love onto!

Since Venus rules you and Mars rules your seventh house of partnerships, this is a rare period where you could meet someone who sweeps you off your feet as well as provides you with long-term emotional security.

As the Sun, Neptune, Jupiter, and Mercury join one another in the sign of Pisces, you could be feeling way more lax about your health and your daily habits. If you’re feeling a little lost in the sauce, I suggest grounding yourself during this dreamy transit.


Scorpio, with Mars and Venus meeting in your house of home and family, you could be welcoming your romantic interest into your home. You’re motivated to style your home and make it fit for you and that special person. This is a good time to introduce your partner to your family, but it’s a good idea to not approach sensitive topics since Mars can add too much heat sometimes and tempers flare.

Your house of love is lit up with positive vibes this week! This area of your chart is housing the Sun, Neptune, Jupiter, and Mercury before the week is out. As a result, your core energy and ego are currently most affected by matters of expression. Getting your voice heard and expressing your joy are the themes of this week.

Don’t hold back your joy and certainly share it with someone you love. A pure expression of love with no hang-ups and no catches is exactly what everyone is looking for. By channeling the natural source of love within you, you’re able to attract exactly the type of person that honors your authentic self.


Sagittarius, you are likely going to enjoy this week very much since the Sun is meeting Neptune in your house of family and home. This is your cue to just relax and smile as you feel the good vibes in your home. You might want to create a space just for you that you can retreat to within the house. Sagittarians are notorious readers, so maybe set up a book nook?

As Mercury enters the house of home and family, this activates your house of partnerships which houses the sign of Gemini. Your partnerships could center more around staying home or at least staying local with your partner. Inviting your partner over more often or perhaps talking about moving in together are both good calls during this time.

Your planetary ruler, Jupiter in the house of family and home also potentially indicates a switch-up in your housing situation. Perhaps you or your partner travels to live with the other or meet each other’s families.


Capricorn, you’re seeing a new concentration of planets within your second and third houses. The second house of resources and money houses the planets Mars and Venus, while the third house of communication and mental processes holds Jupiter, Neptune, the Sun, and Mercury.

When Mars and Venus are within your house of resources and money, you can expect a concentration on the real and the solid. Let’s just say, unless your partner is showing up for you in the flesh, you want nothing to do with it.

Capricorn, with an emphasis on communication and mental processes, you have a lot on your mind. You may feel cloudy and like you’re not totally ‘with it.’ This is due to the Sun and Neptune conjoining along with mentality-oriented Mercury being within this house. You’re feeling fuzzier than usual, so you may be using more vague but more romantic language overall.


Aquarius, you’re seeing yourself fully embodied again as all planets have exited your house of isolation, at long last. Now, Mars and Venus are housed within your chart, meaning that you’ve got incredible sex appeal right now. This is a period of investing in your body in whatever way that works for you. You are likely embodying the spirit of love and passion.

With the Sun and Neptune meeting in your house of resources and money, this is a time to be on the lookout for someone who is associated with money. Either they have a lot of it or work with it in some way. They also could be a salesperson of some variety.

Aquarius, it’s my advice that you do only what makes you feel really good right now. This is a period to invest in yourself. And if that’s pursuing romance then that is what you must do. This is YOUR time to shine, Aquarius.


Pisces, your sign is currently housing a league of beneficial planets. You’re the lucky holder of Jupiter, Neptune, the Sun, and Mercury. As such, you’re embodying the qualities of luck, compassion, will, and communication. You’re incredibly blessed to be learning about how you can perfect the qualities of all of these planets.

As Venus enters your house of isolation and undoing, you may start to lean away from romance by choice or circumstance. This isn’t to say you’re breaking up with your partner necessarily, but you could experience some form of distance, metaphorical or physical, within your relationship.

Pisces, with the ruler of your house of relationships entering your sign, you are looking very attractive to your partner if you have one, and potential partners if you don’t. The theme of this period is putting yourself first though, so don’t tolerate any behavior that doesn’t honor you.

Wrapping Up

This week saw further emphasis on the sign of Pisces as Mercury entered the sign of the fish and Aquarius also saw an influx of Mars and Venus energies. These changes are sure to be felt by all signs this week, so keep an eye open for the potential changes around you so that you know how to respond.

If you’re unsure of what action to take next, I encourage you to reach out to me. I do get a lot of requests, but I attempt to accommodate ALL of them.

I’ve actually formed a page where you can book a spot to talk to me. I look forward to clarifying and expanding on your understanding of the energies to come!

I’ll see you next week, babes.

Wishing you all the luck in the Universe,

Anna Kovach

12 thoughts on “Weekly Love Horoscope For March 7th – 13th

  1. I am a Taurus woman and my partner he is also Taurus just about all our planets are the same almost same degrees in space and all but our emotions are way different. When we are good we are unstoppable but when we are bad we are devastating. We are definitely feeling some mass tension with this venus and mars in aquarius.I really want us to beable to with stand this but i feel we have already hurt one another to much to heal i really want to have hope, but no matter what i do to change and be a better version of myself its just not good enough.. I am seriously in love with him and i know he lives me we have been trying for 4yrs to heal ourselves but our subconscious traumas maybe to much for us to handle one another. 😔♉❤️♉#tauruslivesmatter

    1. Hi Andria!

      Well that’s one thing about the Male Taurus that is different from the Female Taurus. You have hormonal differences that change things. Male Taurus is a bit harder to get through to because of his lack of empathy. What needs to happen is you two need to work on yourselves individually and THEN try to work it out together. Nothing will change between you two if you both aren’t willing to do the work on your own. I think once you two have done this, you can then work toward a compromise in your love that will help you last! Check out my “Taurus Man Secrets” series. You might find it very useful. I wish you nothing but the very best!

  2. Hi Anna,
    I answered your survey about how I’m feeling about Allan and my chances of a relationship these days. But didn’t hear back from you. If you need me to take the survey again, I will.

  3. I so hope all this is true for me I’ve tried to stand tall and be strong but the hurt jyst gets overwhelming

    1. Hi Debra!

      Hurt isn’t easy to get past but it’s not impossible. You can do this! I believe in your sweetheart. It’s not a bad thing to treat yourself with love, respect, and healing. I wish you all the very best!

  4. Hi, Anna! I just want to Thank you for doing this. I’ve been subscribed to you for a while now and I want to tell you my progress. I have had a crush on an Aries guy since last spring. I have been trying to make him my lover, We have been chatting and all but it wasn’t working. Then, at one party (3 weeks ago) I told his friend that I liked him (the Same Aries guy) and he told me that the guy likes me back…. I was shocked. And the same evening I told him I liked him. Since then we are a couple and We love each other very much. Thank you for believing in me❤️

    1. Hi Doroteja!

      You are so very welcome. Any help I can give, I do try. I’m so glad that you were upfront with him and told him how you feel. It’s wonderful that you two are together and have so much love. Thank you for trusting in my guidance. I wish you all the love you can handle with your Aries guy!

  5. Thank You! Aquarius enjoy her life this week, as much is possible! Nothing big or amazing, just do what i want to do 🙂

    1. Hi Jati!

      That’s great. Everyone should enjoy the life they have as nothing is every guaranteed right?! I hope my horoscopes help to shed light on what is ahead. Please stay tuned! I wish you all the very best. Sometimes calm and quiet is a good thing. Look at your life as a blessing.

  6. I need to put a truth spell on my boyfriend his name is Davy Wofford Segars so I can find out if he is lieing to me about cheating on me my name is Kathy Wade

    Thank you

    1. Hi Kathy!

      The thing about spells is that they tend to come back on the person who cast them or they backfire. Please be careful seeking this sort of help. You know inside yourself whether or not he’s lying to you. You just have to pay attention to your gut and actually take the advice it’s giving you. Sit still and calm then ask yourself if he’s lying. If you feel very tense then your gut is telling you he is indeed lying. If you feel calm like everything is alright then it means he isn’t. Trust that pull in your gut sweetheart. I wish you all the best!

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