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Weekly Love Horoscope For March 28th – April 3rd

Hello lovely people, and welcome back to this week’s Love Horoscope. I think that we’re at the point where I can level with you all, so here’s the situation. This week is a bit of a doozy. But that’s EXACTLY why you come here – to get informed so you know what pitfalls to avoid.

While we all love to hear the warm and cozy stuff, sometimes love is hard work, and that’s a theme of this week. Maturity and responsibility are also a part of romance, even though it’s admittedly a lot more fun to focus on the warm fuzzies.

As this week rolls in, we see Mercury switching signs to enter Aries, the fire sign representing passion and initiative. What new mental projects could you take up? What is just challenging enough to get your blood pumping? Who will you feel brave enough to speak candidly to?

Venus in the sign of Aquarius is meeting with Saturn, planet of limitations and responsibility. As you might imagine, the energy of love and the energy of restriction doesn’t typically mean fun times. However, it does not mean that the sky is falling either.

This is a transit that could push you to finally ask your partner to step up to the plate and start giving their share in the relationship.

Saturn is about authority. With Venus, this can mean a couple of things, depending on how you deal with authority. You can choose to bow to the authority of your partner by not expressing how the relationship needs improvement. The other option is taking authority over your feelings by trusting your partner’s ability to handle your sentiments.

This transit can assist some signs in becoming the best version of yourself for your partner. This actually can strengthen your resolve to stay close in your relationship and to work harder on behalf of your love.

As April arrives, we see the Sun in Aries meeting up with Mercury in the sign of Aries, meaning that your words are reflective of your ego and sense of self. The words you say now, you should say with your chest! This is a good time to have enlightening conversations with your partner.

Let’s jump in and see how this week’s mature energy translates and manifests for your sign.


Saturn and Venus align within your house of friendship, community, and general blessings. This softens the impact of a typically harsh transit for romance. However, if you’re crushing on a friend or someone in a group you’re in, then this transit could force you to take responsibility for these feelings.

Mercury entering your own sign allows you to think quickly and precisely. You could feel sharper than usual in your communication and thoughts. As it turns out, you may also be more interested in sexting and talking about sexual subjects. Just keep in mind that your words could shoot to kill during this transit.

Mercury aligning with the Sun in your own sign allows you to embody inspired intelligence. You are naturally magnetic and your words and ideas are likely to be received positively. Considering the Sun rules your house of romance, you could certainly use this time to express your love for another.


Taurus, you’re feeling the pressure this week. Your planetary ruler, Venus, is meeting up with Saturn, which tends to demand a lot of you. You’re probably wondering why the world is tumbling around you. The best way to deal with this transit is to face any romantic issues responsibly and head-on. Escapism is never rewarded by Saturn.

Mercury entering Aries can have a subduing effect on you. You could feel as if your thought processes and communication style are the cause of little downfalls. Hiding your anger will result in it coming out at the wrong person, so make sure to communicate calmly and effectively with your partner.

Taurus, the Sun, and Mercury meeting in Aries allows for a period of reflection. Perhaps you’re wondering about all the times that you could have made a proactive move but didn’t. Study your mistakes and bounce back stronger, Taurus.


Gemini, you’re seeing some action this week as your planetary ruler, Mercury, makes some moves. As Mercury goes into Aries, you’re seeing a lot more opportunities to meet up with and talk to your friends. This is also a great time to add some spiciness to your communication style. You’ll be surprised by how people perceive your sexiness at this time.

Mercury meeting with the Sun in this house also tells me that your ego and sense of self is tied up with your friendships and close community. You communicate extremely effectively and your way with words could be what attracts someone to you. If you have the gift of gab, you better flaunt it.

Saturn aligning with Venus in Aquarius within your house of travel and broad-mindedness indicates that any relationship that you’re in or what to be in needs to give you the freedom needed to stretch out. Asking for some space and asserting boundaries are good ideas.


Cancer, the ruler of your house of partnership (Saturn) meeting with the planet of love means that you’re one of the few signs that experience generally positive things during this transit. Love can often feel far away for you, but now it’s up close and personal. Discussing limitations with fruitful results is possible.

Mercury arrives in your house of career and legacy, meaning that you’re thinking about your lasting impression upon the world. This could feel like a period where more gets out about you than you like or where you make a mistake that jeopardizes your image, to partners or otherwise.

Mercury meeting the Sun in this same house could mean a speedy moment where all eyes are on you. You could be feeling frustrated and others take notice. However, you can speak and think eloquently, which could allow others to listen to your side.


Leo, Aries is seeing a lot of action this week. With Aries being a fellow fire sign representing sex and attraction, it wouldn’t surprise me if your fire is being lit by someone with a different background than your own. You might just find yourself lusting over someone who is intelligent and learned.

The Sun (your planetary ruler) is meeting with Mercury within this house of higher education and travel. Mercury here could indicate traveling to see a partner or just being in closer contact with them than usual. Since this is hot Aries we’re talking about, you might just get yourself into some steamy conversations.

Saturn being the ruler of your house of partnership meeting with the planet of love within this house is a powerfully positive alignment for you and your partner. You both are taking responsibility for your roles in the relationship and it’s bearing positive results that keep you both close.


Virgo, this week your planetary ruler is seeing some major action! Mercury is moving into your house of secrets and taboo, which definitely will spice up your life in one way or another. Secrets become a theme now, so you may have reason to hide your relationship or aspects about it from others.

Mercury also meets the Sun, ruler of your house of undoing. This can be a positive thing or a negative thing. If you’re willing to learn lessons from what you’ve ignored for a long time, then I advise that you integrate the conclusions that you come to in order to get the most out of this transit.

As Saturn meets Venus in Aquarius within your house of labor and health, you may find that romance is being sucked dry from the minutiae of daily activity. You could be too caught up in your work life or lack thereof to focus on your partner. Ensure that they’re being given enough affection.


Libra, your planetary ruler is under some stress this week as Venus meets up with harsh Saturn. You may be asked to step up and take responsibility for something. It could feel like a record scratch that ruins all the fun right now. Sometimes we have to take care of the mature parts of love which can feel a bit overwhelming right now.

However, Mercury entering Aries bodes well for you overall, since Aries rules your house of partnership. This means that a new mental emphasis is being placed on your partner which easily translates to a more loving relationship. Communication with your partner is going to become more necessary.

As Mercury aligns with the Sun in this house, you could actually realize that a friend is the sort of partner that you want in your life. You might feel the need to get honest about your feelings for this friend or someone that you run in the same circles with.


Scorpio, this week the ruler of your house of partnership is feeling a bit pressured as Saturn presses down on Venus in the sign of Aquarius. Your home life and partnership are both feeling a bit constricted. It could be that due to the locations that you both are in you cannot find a chance to see one another, creating a sense of isolation.

Mercury entering Aries puts an emphasis on secrets and those which others don’t want to speak about. Being a fearless Scorpio, you’re not afraid to wander into the dark. Just beware of what you might find there. You’re thinking about that which you don’t know, but I wouldn’t count on being in the dark for too long.

With the Sun meeting Mercury, secret thoughts are about to be illuminated in your partnership and otherwise. Someone might tell you something and say just a little too much, letting you in on the charade. This is a house of regeneration as well, indicating that old relationships could come back into play.


Sagittarius, this week has its romantic struggles for you, but you’re also in a better boat than a lot of signs. As Venus meets with Saturn in your house of communication and thought processes, you can find that the way you interact is becoming a bit more rigid than you’d like. You could find that you are too mentally detached from your partner.

The planet that rules your house of partnership is Mercury, which currently lies within your house of romance as it moves into Aries. This is great news since your thoughts are now reflecting what you need to be happy in love. The key to success is a full expression of your love, verbally or in writing.

Sagittarius, given the Sun’s meeting with Mercury in this same house of romance, you can expect your love life to be illuminated. This is the top subject on your mind. The key is to be confident and don’t doubt that your expressions of love are wanted by others!


Capricorn, this week you see your planetary ruler meeting with Venus, the planet of love. With such a fortunate alignment for you, you are more open to love than you may think right now. You are looking for a responsible and grounded person in your life, so don’t compromise on that.

Your house of family is slowly loading up as Mercury moves into Aries. This leaves you feeling more communicative with your family, bringing a desire to talk to them more by circumstance or otherwise. In addition, this is a great time to inform any potential lover about your values and background.

With Mercury meeting the Sun in this house, your house of taboo and secrets is activated. It’s possible that a family member’s secret is coming out or there could just be some family drama. Best to steer clear of that with your partner.


Aquarius, you’re seeing a unique alignment that mostly benefits you as a couple of very important planets connect in your sign. With Venus and Saturn aligning here, expect to have some firm talks with yourself about your approach to love. Perhaps you find that you’ve narrowed your scope too much or you actually must narrow it some more in order to find the love that’s on your mind.

Mercury moving into Aries in your house of communication signals a laser-sharp intellect that focuses on the details. Having conversations of any kind with your partner is beneficial right now since you know just how to respond and how to handle any emotions that come your way.

The Sun meeting Mercury in this house is a big deal for you because the Sun rules your house of relationships. The house of relationships being activated in such a way could indicate that your mind is heavy with thoughts of commitment.


Pisces, Saturn meeting up with Venus in your house of isolation could absolutely make you feel unlovable. This is an unfortunate possibility for some signs. The most important thing to remember this week is that everything passes in due time. You could find yourself reaching a breaking point within your partnership.

With your second house of resources loading up, you may have your feet on the ground for once. Mercury in this house indicates that you’re looking for a partner that has extra resources. You know that you struggle with real life, so getting a grounded and rational partner could be an option.

The Sun aligning with Mercury here could also prompt you to work smarter, not harder. You could be gifted with some sort of recognition at work. Your ideas are being heard. If you’re interested in anyone at work, this is the time to dazzle with your quick wit.

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Wrapping Up

Yikes, guys. This week stressed me out! This is a period where some of us are being asked to put on our big kid pants and grow up. It’s not an easy time, but we’re all sure to come out on the other side even stronger. And let’s face it, you guys have a leg up already because you know what’s coming.

I am expecting a rush of people asking me some questions about this week, but don’t hesitate to talk to me anyway. I address every concern of my readers that put their query right here. 

I get that these horoscopes are only about half the story. That’s why I offer time to explain the unabridged version to you.

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See you next week, darlings.

Wishing you all the luck in the Universe,

Anna Kovach

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  1. I am a Scorpio lady and I have an Aries man with a big birthday coming up this week. I want to do something special for him, but I am finding it difficult to arrange time with him because of his work and other family commitments. Given this is a challenging week for every zodiac sign, how should I go about trying to work this out?

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