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Weekly Love Horoscope For March 21st – 27th

Hello again, my loves, welcome back to your weekly love horoscope for March 21st through the 27th. This week, every sign can expect to feel a shift as the Zodiacal New Year occurs.

This is when the Sun moves into Aries on the 21st of March. Aries is the very first sign of the Zodiac, so when the Sun goes into Aries, it’s a fresh start for everyone in one way or another.

Aries is energetic, confident, and direct, and is prone to mood swings since they react quickly to their environment. It’s energy does not make waiting around an easy task. Your patience could be tested during this transit, for sure.

As the Sun moves into the sign of the ram, expect a new burst of energy somewhere in your life. When so much energy is directed towards your love life, amazing things can happen for you and your partner.

Mercury meets with Jupiter this week and this is a pleasant aspect I encourage you to make the most of. Your mental processes and thoughts are working in harmony with the energy of joy and expansion. This creates a generally good mood and positive attitude. When you’re happy, it will show in your relationships.

Just before the week rounds out, Mercury, the planet of communication, will be entering the sign of Aries along with the Sun. Mercury in Aries is quick-witted but you could find yourself or others jumping to conclusions. Heated arguments can arise and you might find yourself reacting before thinking.

Aries is a sign of sexuality and lust and so this can obviously be extremely beneficial in your partnerships. You might be teetering on the edge of arguing and hopping into bed half the time!

Mars in Aquarius forms a square to Uranus, leading to unexpected flares of tempers potentially. It’s important to watch your driving during this transit, no matter what sign you are in.

Without further ado, let’s dive into what these transits mean for your sign.


Aries, it’s your time to shine, baby! You’re finally catching some love this week as the Sun and Mercury move into your own sign. You are in your element. You’re able to channel your energy and so others are attracted to your authenticity. Being your true self is the most important priority for romance this week.

With the ruler of your house of romance now in your own sign, prepare to embody flirty behavior! Aries, you’re easily able to project your love outwards, so do not hesitate to do so. This genuine love is exactly what will draw a person to you this week if you’re looking.

While you’re confident right now, you may also be feeling rebellious. Mars squaring up with Uranus is potentially baiting you into some unpredictable actions. It’s a better idea to follow your passions, not without considering how it affects others.


Taurus, the Sun moving into Aries could put a damper on your mood. In fact, this transit can make you feel lonely within your relationship. Some form of distance can arise during this transit, this could be by choice or circumstance. Just remember, all transits come to an end and in a month’s time, you’ll be feeling a lot less alone.

By the end of the week, your house of romance also goes dark as Mercury enters Aries. This tells me that you could find it difficult to express your love for others. You might find yourself retreating to be alone rather than expressing to those you love just that.

Uranus in your own sign forms a harsh square to Mars, which could lead to quick tempers this week. You might find yourself acting in a way that surprises yourself and others. This is a period where your normally predictable nature is on hiatus for a few days.


Gemini, as your planetary ruler, Mercury, moves into Aries you could be feeling personally affected along with your home situation. The traits of Aries (speed, confidence, anger, etc.) are a part of the way you move and how you present yourself to the world right now. As a result, you could be feeling pretty sexy!

As Mars and Uranus create a square in your houses of isolation and diversity come together. This indicates that you could be feeling cut off philosophically from those around you. Discussing your beliefs could feel difficult. When you’re tongue-tied you might not feel very ‘you.’ Try to avoid ethical battles that just aren’t worth your time.

Mercury moving into Aries could feel like a relief since Mercury isn’t too happy in Pisces. You are more concerned with your friends and peers by the end of this week. Aries being a flirty sign, you could find yourself becoming attracted to a friend during this period.


Cancer, your planetary ruler, the Moon, will pass all the way through your houses of romance, work, and partnership in the signs of Scorpio, Sagittarius, and Capricorn. This week is the best week of this month for striking up a romantic relationship.

The beginning of the week will be best for casual romances, the middle is best for work relationships, and the end of the week is a good time to take a relationship to the next step.

The ruler of your house of romance, Mars, is facing a square to Uranus this week, which could put you in an awkward situation or two. You may feel like hooking up with someone and they’re not what you expected or perhaps you become sporadic in your casual romantic relationships.

Mercury conjuncting Jupiter in your house of travel and diversity could have you taking a trip of some kind. If not, you might also find yourself in communication with someone who is well learned or who is somehow related to a college atmosphere. In addition, their background could be rather foreign to you although you’re willing to understand.


Leo, you’re about to see an optimistic period now that the Sun is moving into fellow fire sign, Aries. This lands within your ninth house of travel and education. As a result, you’re feeling quite adventurous and spontaneous. This is a wonderful period for meshing with an optimistic person. You’re more likely to see eye to eye during this time.

I suggest taking some time to watch a standup comedy show (on Netflix or otherwise) with your partner this week. This is because Mercury and Jupiter align in your house of taboo. Since Jupiter rules comedy and Mercury is speaking, you might find you and your partner bonding over a lighthearted program that has a bit of an edge to it.

Leo, as Mars in the sign of Aquarius in your house of partnership forms a square to Uranus in your house of reputation and legacy, you could feel like your relationship has taken an alternate course. This is bound to be unexpected and anger between you and your partner could potentially escalate.


Virgo, your planetary ruler Mercury is still within your house of partnership for most of this week, which means you can squeak out some more time where your focus is mostly on your partner’s wellbeing. This was likely a positive transit for you and any ties that you’ve created with your partner will carry past this period.

With Mercury conjuncting with Jupiter this week, expect some pretty high hopes and over-the-top plans. You’ve got the confidence to follow through, and this is enough to get you farther ahead. Your partnership is likely to be a source of joy for you this week especially.

Mars forming a square to Uranus could manifest for you as having a difficult time completing your work due to unforeseen circumstances. At work, things could easily go awry in ways that you didn’t expect. You’re more likely to become frustrated by all of the things that you’ve got to do.


Libra, your planetary ruler is in Aquarius in your house of romance. When you consider the fact that your planetary ruler is Venus, the planet of love, this gets even sweeter. You’re being gifted with the ability to give out love with nothing to hold you back. You’re far more able to project your authentic self in this house.

A conjunction between Mercury and Jupiter in your house of work could find you in a better mood around work. You are able to think on a grand scale and in minute detail. This allows you to excel at the jobs that you do this week. It’s a perfect week to take up a sport or new workout with your partner.

Mercury and the Sun exit your house of labor and instead enter your house of partnership in the sign of Aries. This brings to you a period where a primary focus is now your partnerships. Partnering with others in some sense is usually a priority for you, but now you feel that you’ve cracked a code about your ideal lover.


Scorpio, your planetary co-ruler is Mars, which currently resides in the sign of Aquarius. With Mars in your house of family and home experiencing a square to Uranus in your house of relationships this week, I do not recommend intermingling the affairs of your biological family and your partner this week. Something unexpectedly bad could happen on one end or the other.

The Sun moves into Aries this week, which is housed without your chart area of labor and health. You could find a new focus upon things that relate to health and wellness, and starting an exercise routine is possible. There is the possibility that you’ll get flirtier at work or at the gym, enticing others with your sensuality.

Mercury remains in the sign of Pisces within your house of romance for most of this week, so take advantage while you can! This is a good placement for continuing lighthearted, flirty, and fun correspondences with people. Don’t be afraid to express just what they mean to you, since that’s the main goal of this transit.


Sagittarius, with your planetary ruler, Jupiter, meeting up with Mercury, ruler of your house of relationships, you have a chance at combining your own energies and that of someone you care about intimately. This is in your house of home and family, so this manifests in a deeply emotional way. You are feeling as if your personality is able to align with that of your partner.

Another positive for you, Sagittarius, is Mercury and the Sun moving into your house of romance. When the ruler of your house of partnerships enters the house of romance, you can rest assured that sparks can fly. This happens because of your willingness to put your truest self out there, which I guarantee is the most attractive part of you.

With Mars and Venus still within your house of communication, rest assured that you’re able to flirt like your life depends on it. Your mental processes are colored by rose-colored glasses. Your romantic partner and you might be experiencing more witty banter than usual.


Capricorn, this week you see two planets, the Sun and Mercury, move into the house of family and home within the sign of Aries. This could bring up feelings from childhood related to anger or similar outburst of fast energy. Talking about the past with your partner and reminiscing about times you’ve had together are good activities for this time.

At the beginning of the week, we see Mercury align with Jupiter in the sign of Pisces right before Mercury makes its exit into Aries. This alignment is one that provides strong optimism but beware of overpromising to your partner. Ensure that you can chew everything that you bite off.

Mars forms a square to Uranus in your house of romance, which could have you feeling like all the balls are in the air and you don’t know where they’ll land. You could find yourself having just put your heart and soul on the line while you wait to see how your special one takes it.


Aquarius, this week we see Venus still within your sign which indicates that you’re embodying the traits of passion and lust as well as love and romance. This means that you’re showing up giving all of your energy and drive as well as your taste for romance to every situation you find yourself in.

The Sun and Mercury entering Aries means that your sector of communication and thought processes are lit up. You can more easily come up with the words to say on the spot, which can prove useful in matters of flirtation. You are compelled to be honest about your passions at this point, but ensure your words aren’t too off-putting or blunt!

The Sun being the ruler of your house of partnership, you can expect an ability to communicate effectively with your partner. You may begin to develop a knack at finishing one another’s sentences as well as predicting their next thoughts.


Pisces, your own sign will be two planets lighter this week, starting immediately with the Sun. This week, your house of money and resources becomes activated when the Sun makes its move into this house. This could be a time when you make a big purchase with your partner or decide to join bank accounts.

Your planetary co-ruler, Jupiter, will meet up with Mercury in your own sign right before Mercury moves off to join the Sun in Aries. Expect optimism and a period where your partnership is flourishing. The ruler of your house of partners is in fact Mercury, so when your ruler and Virgo’s ruler get together, magic happens.

With Venus in your house of isolation still, you may find yourself not wanting to take advantage of these transits since you might be happier on your own right now. No pressure! Just think about letting someone into your life to let you know you’re not alone.

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Wrapping Up

This week was a fairly mixed bag, but I have faith in all of the readers that they’ll nail the transits this week just like every other. I’m so blessed to have some of the most legit badass followers! You all light up my life.

If any of these transits are making you scratch your head or you’d like more detail on how they’ll manifest, you are not alone. I want to make it known to all my readers that I’m ready to have a conversation!

>> You can reach me right here. The turnaround time on my responses can vary, so get there fast to get your question addressed!

Wishing you all the luck in the Universe,

Anna Kovach

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