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Weekly Love Horoscope For March 14th – 20th

Hey there, lovely readers. It’s me, Anna, back to show you the forecast for the upcoming week of March 14th – 20th, 2022. This week encompasses the rest of what’s known as ‘Pisces Season’ (the time the Sun spends in every sign is often called a season).

Pisces is a sign of changeability and fluidity, which is an aid to signs that can handle a little bit of nebulousness. Pisces is also a sign of fogginess and vagueness. This means that this transit tends to go better if you’re going with the flow and taking life as it is.

The beginning of the week sees the continuation of the Sun conjunction to Neptune within the sign of Pisces. Boundaries between your ego and that of others can be blurred this week, making the causes of those around you powerful enough that you have a strong reaction on behalf of them.

Our will and drive could feel scattered to the wind during this transit. However, your compassion for your loved ones has skyrocketed, which means that the exchange of love that can result is strong.

Both Mercury and the Sun in Pisces are forming a sextile to Pluto in Capricorn, surely adding a bit of spice to your life. A sextile is less noticeable than a square or conjunction but it has an energy that can be activated if you do some initial work to bring the subject of the sextile to fuller attention.

Mercury (planet of intellect and thought process) forming a sextile to Pluto (planet of rebirth and destruction) could mean that if you’re focusing heavily on a subject then Pluto can add a layer of intensity and magnetism. If you’ve got love on the brain, for example, Pluto will further amplify those thoughts.

When the Sun forms a sextile to Pluto, you could be feeling like you’re in your power, if you choose to activate it. To do so, try intentionally getting into the headspace of being powerful and you’ll find that the effects are amplified. Use this personal magnetism to attract the one you’re interested in.

Venus (planet of love) forming a square to Uranus (planet of chaos and the unexpected) could easily pave the way for upsets in your relationship. The best way to deal with this energy is to check out your own sign to learn what areas of life you can expect this energy to manifest in.

If you’re ready to see how all of this energy works in action in your life, find your Sun sign down below.


Aries, as your planetary ruler (Mars) forms a sextile to Pluto, you could find that what you start this week is sustained by an energy that seems to come from nowhere. With these two sexual planets contacting one another, you won’t be compelled towards sex but if it happens, it is sure to blow the roof off the place!

The Sun meeting Neptune in your house of isolation and undoing could definitely have you feeling dazed and confused. I’d advise writing your dreams down at this time and noting who shows up in them. This could be a great metric for deciding who to give your time and energy to.

A square between Venus and Uranus is enough to make anyone a little worried about their love lives. You could be feeling the effects of unexpected turns of events in your finances or resources primarily. I advise you to ensure your car is up to date and to drive carefully since your vehicles count among your resources.


Taurus, you might feel the upheavals associated with a square from Venus to Uranus more than anyone. This is because Venus is your planetary ruler, increasing its impact on you, and Uranus is within your very own sign. Due to Venus’ position in your house of friendships, you’re more likely to see social upheavals.

You might just feel too weird to carry on romances or friendships these days. Uranus transiting your sign is most obvious when activated by Venus for you, so this could have you feeling like there is too much distance between you and your friends and lovers. Thankfully, this feeling tends to die down once this transit wraps up, which won’t be much longer once this week is through.

With sextiles from Mercury and the Sun incoming to Pluto in fellow Earth sign, Capricorn, you could find yourself being more sultry in general and ready for something a bit more risqué. Perhaps you finally want to go for a naughty relationship or simply add some of that old pep back into your partnership.


Gemini, your planetary ruler, Mercury, is seeing a sextile to Pluto this week, creating within you a sense of restlessness and like you might want to stir the pot a little bit. Your mind is focused more on the taboo, but to see any of this manifest will require you to take action in the direction of your desire… are you brave enough?

With Venus forming a square to Uranus, your houses of isolation and expansion. This could mean that you are traveling alone this week unexpectedly. You could feel too open-minded to take any solid action since you are seeing too much of a broad view and not enough details.

Gemini, you’re bound to feel a little bit out of it as the Sun meets Neptune in the sign of Pisces with Mercury in the same sign. This brings forward ideas that are hard to put into words, which could really stress someone as talkative as yourself out. This could however urge you to take a more emotionally-based route to your relationships.


Cancer, your planetary ruler activates Leo, Virgo, and Libra this week as the Moon hits all three signs. At the same time, the Moon is in Leo, Leo’s ruler (the Sun) is meeting up with Neptune. This could have you feeling like you’re in a daze but you also might not be too upset about it, since this comes within a house that treasures the broad and indefinable.

The Sun and Mercury facing sextiles to Pluto in your house of partnerships are certainly bound to spice up your romantic exploits this week. Your partnership could feel a little dirtier (in a good way) lately. The two of you could try things together that you’ve never approached before.

Venus in Aquarius in your house of secrets and taboo forms a square to Uranus in Taurus in your house of friendships and blessings. This could add a bit of stress to your social group or romantic relationships because the weight of things left unsaid can feel a little heavy right now.


Leo, you’re seeing a foggy time as this week rolls in since your planetary ruler, the Sun, is meeting up with Neptune. When the Sun pairs up with a vague and misty planet like Neptune, you could find your will scattered all around. You might barely find the energy to exist, much less channel it into something productive.

With the Sun also making a sextile to Pluto in Capricorn, your house of labor and habits is energized. If you chose to, you could easily channel this energy into your work. Just ensure that the positive effect on your work life doesn’t make your partnership suffer.

Mercury is also forming a sextile to Pluto, creating a moment where your finances and friendships could be able to take off more than usual. Using personal magnetism, you could attract those that are able to show you the darker, but more interesting side of life, whatever that means for you.


Virgo, with Pluto making a sextile to your ruling planet, Mercury, I advise taking advantage of the sexy energy this can inject into your life. If you’re ready to abandon the things that make you feel comfortable, then you’re ready for this smoky energy that could change your perception of love and romance.

You could find yourself resurrecting an old relationship around this time as well. With Uranus in your house of travel and expansion, while Venus is within your house of labor, you could find yourself restlessly searching for something to break up the monotony. Ensuring that your decisions are smart and not just based on your mind that won’t stay calm is key.

With the ruler of your house of relationships flourishing in the sign of Pisces and your planetary ruler within this house as well, you’re more primed than any other sign for luck in relationships right now. Pouring your soul into your partner just isn’t that difficult for you right now. Show them the appreciation that they deserve.


Libra, you’re in a positive spot right now as Venus and Mars move through your house of romance and expression. Allowing your love to spring forward is the best way to attract love from others as well. This is a good time to begin new relationships as well as unapologetically just loving others for the sake of loving them.

With Venus, your planetary ruler, forming a square to Uranus in the sign of secrets and taboos, you can expect some output of energy that typically manifests in a clunky and difficult way. There is the possibility of stress if you and your partner aren’t a strong unit before the beginning of this transit.

Libra, with the Sun meeting Neptune in your house of labor, you’re more likely to be understanding at work and more likely to be compassionate. However, your thoughts could be scattered as your work life could feel like a lot to handle when you’re drained of the energy to complete your tasks effectively.


Scorpio, your planetary co-ruler in Capricorn, Pluto, keeps the drama going this week. With Pluto forming a sextile to Mercury and the Sun in your house of romance, you’re going to see a time when your core energy is aligning positively with romance and love. This means that all of that inner drive can be directed to a lighthearted and fun place.

With your house of family housing Mars and Venus, you might be feeling more at home than usual. Mars is your other planetary ruler and within this house, you’re growing passion for the people within your home and defending your heritage. You’re going to want a partner who aligns with the background that you’re familiar with when in this spot.

Scorpio, Venus in this position offers a period where being home is a blast. You’re far more likely to enjoy your time just relaxing at home. When going out on dates, try staying in! You might want to cook a meal with your partner or have a little Netflix and chill time.


Sagittarius, your planetary ruler is happy as a clam in the sign of Pisces, within your house of home and family. This lends a focus on where you belong. Since expansive and adventurous Jupiter is involved, you could find yourself wanting to move away from where you are, in true Sagittarius style.

With the Sun meeting Neptune in your house of home, you might find that you’re a little hazy on your interpretation of home and family right now. You could have the illusion of happiness with some real problems lurking around underneath. Addressing what comes up in your trademark positive manner will make this an easier transit.

With Venus forming a harsh square to Uranus, the illusion of home could be shattered by a random event. It’s important to stay flexible during this time since this transit can seriously put an unexpected cramp in your romantic style. Your home could suffer a lightning strike or you could discover some issue within your home.


Capricorn, you’re no longer housing any planets but Pluto, so you’re seeing your second house of resources and finances light up with Venus and Mars. While this can signal love, this transit also signals an influx of money or something similar. Romance can come in the form of a wealthy person or someone who works in finance or retail.

With your house of communication and local community loaded up, you can certainly say that your mind is active. Although, you could find yourself caught in a fog at times as the Sun conjuncts Neptune in this house. Your understanding of others is likely to be more romantic right now, which others appreciate. Everyone loves being given the benefit of the doubt.

With Pluto in your sign forming sextiles to the Sun and Mercury, you can expect the temperature to turn all the way up. If you so choose, you can inject drama and fun into your love life as the planet of the taboo makes an appearance. Any relationship that crops up now could have an air of mystery and naughtiness.


Aquarius, your sign is now housing the energetic Mars and the sweet Venus. With these two planets in your own sign now, you’re embodying these qualities, or at least learning how to embody them. You’re meant to get your hands dirty in love and be totally present and authentic in your relationships – something that can present a challenge to some Aquarian ladies.

With your co-ruler, Uranus, forming a square to Venus in your own sign, it’s easy to see that you’re going to feel some shake-ups this week, perhaps more than other signs. Romance could feel like it’s on shaky ground due to something unforeseen. You may be tempted to rebel from love.

My advice is to always stay true to your highest self. What would the ideal version of yourself do in these situations?

With Pluto in your house of isolation forming sextiles to Mercury and the Sun in your house of finances, I can certainly see how you could be feeling the pressure. You could feel like the work that you’ve done is taking a dramatic turn. There is a chance that something could fall apart, but only to bring in something more beneficial within your finances.


Pisces, you’re a blessed sign right now with beneficial alignments hitting your sign left and right. As a matter of fact, you are likely in a jolly mood as the Sun hits your co-ruler, Neptune. This empowers your core energy and makes you naturally attuned to the energies hidden around you. Trusting your instincts is the key right now.

Pisces, you may struggle with more factual and grounded sciences, but your superpower is just having an innate sense of knowing. You just feel the answers all around you. As Mercury moves into your sign, this is enhanced. Your gut will not lie to you right now.

With the Sun and Mercury in your sign forming a sextile to Pluto in Capricorn, expect there to be some more dramatic, yet ultimately beneficial, changes. You could feel more outgoing and you could break into social groups or new romances with ease. Just being yourself is sure to draw out people who show a fascination for you, romantically or otherwise.

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Wrapping Up

With a week like this, we all could use a nap. The Sun meeting Neptune is an energy drain, but the world needs people to dive into these periods of solitude so people can connect back with the divine within them. Savor the moments you have to yourself so that you can better appreciate the times that you have to spend with your loved ones.

I know this week was a doozy for some signs, so I wanted to offer some follow-up assistance.

I recognize that sometimes online horoscopes feel impersonal. While they portray major themes of your life, your true self can only be revealed through a one-on-one look at your birth chart.

Looking at how the transits we’ve covered affect YOU, you’ll find meaningful information that you can apply to your life.

>> Chat with me here. I’m looking forward to talking to you. There is literally nothing that brings me more joy than chatting with readers like you.

I will see you next week, same time, same place!

Wishing you all the luck in the Universe,

Anna Kovach

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  1. Had a good giggle while reading this.
    I’m a scorpio and since yesterday me and my kids are infected with Covid. So yes, spending a cozy time at home with Netflix will be my favourite this week ^^

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