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Weekly Love Horoscope For June 6th – 12th

Hello, my loves! I’m grateful to see you back again this week for the Weekly Love Horoscope, this time for June 6th – 12th, 2022. If you were around last week, then you know that it was a period of soul searching over everything else. This week we see a bit less of that, but with a greater emphasis on using our own cunning and ingenuity to affect our romances and social relationships.

Last week, Mercury in Taurus went direct once more, which automatically helps many of us feel surer of ourselves. When our thought patterns are immersed in the past or only on internal matters it can obviously feel difficult to maneuver in the world at large.

With a direct Mercury, we can once again channel our thoughts to more constructive means. Mercury rules communication as well, so a lot of us are now saying what we mean instead of grappling with word salad that doesn’t get the point across to others. Thank goodness we can breathe easy again.

Mercury starts up this week in the sign of Taurus forming a trine to Pluto in Capricorn. This alignment brings with it a certain level of psychological savvy. Pluto has an angle and a desire to get what it wants. A trine between the planet of power and the planet of communication can align events just right to ensure that we claim our power with our words.

Communicating with others gets you closer to your goals this week. You could find yourself seeing and seizing opportunities to wind the conversation with your partner or love interest to one that furthers your desire for closeness and intimacy.

Pluto elicits strong emotions, and so your words are likely to convey your true feelings about the topic at hand unless you know to monitor and adjust your tone. With a trine aspect between these two, you can expect conversational insight that is potent and yet natural. You’re not likely to come off as ‘too intense’ despite a very real interest in what’s at hand.

Venus in the sign of Taurus is happy in this sign that she naturally rules. Venus is aligning with the unpredictable Uranus this week in the sign of stability, bringing to light a rather strange contradiction.

One can rarely predict Uranus, but with the presence of Venus, we know that your love life and finances are likely to be affected by this transit. Uranus will always show where we need to feel more independent or more stimulated. If your relationship has been bland as of late then this transit may be all it takes to shake things up.

Starting a relationship under this transit is not typically recommended. I have seen some couples make it work, but I have seen many take a nosedive as well.

After last week, I’m glad to be able to talk more about some of the more outward expressions rather than our internal romantic processes. This is a week where you can get your hands dirty and add some spice to your love life.

One thing is for sure, most of us will experience a strong desire to rock the boat! But in what realm of life will this manifest for your Sun or Rising sign personally?

I’ve outlined the ways that these placements are likely to affect your Sun and Rising, so find your sign below to best understand how to make these energies work in your favor to progress your love life.


Aries, your house of self-worth and finances contains Mercury and Venus, putting your focus on the tangible over the emotional. You’re a sign who often seeks excitement, making me think that you could take some risks to see if your partner will become involved.

You may wonder to yourself what it would take for them to show some true concern for you. What is it that would spur them to make a move on your behalf? You’re one who finds taking assertive action to be easy, so when someone else is slow to act, you can become impatient. Perhaps you find yourself catalyzing them to make a firm stance towards you one way or the other.

Venus transiting Uranus in this house can lead you to take financial risks. Your partner could find themselves bailing you out for one reason or another, which prompts them to ask if you are going to be able to take care of yourself or if you’ll always lean into the riskier outcome.

A certain level of faith that fun and excitement will come again for you and your partner is key to getting through this transit without being wholly irresponsible. Don’t worry, if one thing is certain, nothing lasts forever. You’ll always find a use for that Aries courage if you wait for the right time. No need to create drama for the sake of entertainment.


Taurus, this week is all about you since your ruler is moving through your sign, and Uranus and Mercury also remain here for now. You could feel rather unpredictable this week, which is unusual for such a solid and steady sign.

Your planetary ruler hitting Uranus this week could make you feel compelled to do something more reckless than normal. Perhaps the trine between Mercury and Pluto is getting to you as well. Intensity seems to be lacking within you, and you’re seeing this right now.

Delving into your deep desires and asking yourself what you may have to shake up to get there is necessary. Is your relationship doing it for you right now or do you secretly recognize where some change could benefit you both?

It’s an ideal week to talk about your ethics and philosophies on life with others. You’re more able to articulate your point of view to your partner and so you both can discover similarities in your moralities. Being open to their point of view while expressing a need for the same will bond the two of you on a level that goes beyond our 3D reality.


Gemini, this week could be stressful for you as circumstances beyond your control influence your partnership. Venus in the sign of Taurus indicates exposed information that wasn’t being properly addressed before.

Forgiveness is a strong theme at this time. You may find yourself reaching deep for empathy for your partner. They may have made you feel as if they just don’t care about how their actions affected you. Their desire for freedom and spontaneity could have driven them to actions you’re struggling to understand.

Luckily, your planetary ruler in forward motion once more forming a trine to Pluto can aid you in discovering the source of discontent together. You’re asking the right questions and are likely seeking to understand them more. It’s important to not allow a desire for control to cloud your mind or else you’re likely to send your partner running for the hills.

If something hasn’t been working in your relationship as of late and you’ve tried a lot of things to aid the issue to no success, then this transit could be your signal to raise the white flag. You can only try so hard for so long, dearest Gemini. Listen to your gut and your heart to learn if calling it quits is the best answer.


Cancer, the Taurus emphasis this week indicates a focus on your friends as well as your biggest dreams and hopes for yourself and those you love. If you’ve been seeking love then this could be a great period to shake a friend into their senses to realize that who they need is standing right in front of them.

Venus conjuncting Uranus in Taurus is a strong indicator of falling for a friend for you, Cancer. Being willing to acknowledge any latent emotions and take a risk will be the most fulfilling move.

I know that you’re often rather reserved, dearest Cancer. But this week is asking you to communicate your desires and to make your feelings known. Romantically, you can take advantage of Venus’ position by engaging in some strategic conversation.

Asking the right questions to your friend or future partner could lead them to the same conclusion that you’ve come to: that you might be just right for one another.


Leo, Venus, Uranus, and Mercury all within Taurus indicate something extra special for you. You might be the only sign that I’d advise pursuing long-lasting love with another this week. This is because Uranus rules long-term partnership for you, and so when Venus conjuncts it, you’re more likely to secure a relationship that leaves room for compromise and growth.

A trine between Mercury in your house of notoriety and Pluto in your house of work, labor, and health could put more emphasis on provocative conversations at work. Perhaps you and a coworker start imagining a tryst together? Things can get really spicy really fast. I’d just advise that you watch how much you speak on it because word can travel fast with Mercury in your house of reputation.

You could be craving to explore your sexuality more. Intertwining sexuality and spiritualism can provide satisfaction on an astronomical level. Reading up on the kama sutra or tantric sex could be unexpected doors to exploring deep emotional aspects of yourself and your partner.


You’re pretty blessed this week as the major players are in Earth signs, which forms a positive relationship with your own sign. While some signs can struggle at this time, you’re likely cool and collected. The emphasis on Taurus this week adds a sense of adventure and a desire to transcend the immediate environment around you to see higher heights.

With Venus here conjuncting rebellious Uranus, an unusual romantic interest can cross your path. Forget what you have always thought you wanted in a relationship because your love interest could have you disregarding all of your rules and boundaries regarding romance.

With a trine from your planetary ruler, Mercury, and Pluto, which is in your house of romance and expression of love. This adds a layer of gritty intensity to your expression of love. Talking about your sexual interests and opening up on a deep level to one another about your romantic expectations will yield positive, optimistic, and revealing insights.


Libra, this week your planetary ruler, Venus, meets up with the planet of rebellion, Uranus. This is within your house of secrets, mysteries, and transformation. This can be a rather intense transit that could lead to you or another hiding their romantic ‘rebellion.’ It could come to light that someone has been unfaithful. Alternatively, issues that have been lingering under the surface may finally be recognized.

With a trine from Mercury in Taurus to Pluto in Capricorn, issues of how your relationship meshes with your families could come up. It’s possible that some drama will erupt. The good thing is that this transit offers an opportunity to dissect and transform any lingering resentment that either of you harbors about one another’s past, emotional state, or family.

Being willing to embrace big changes is key to this week for you, Libra. You’re meant to feel your feelings to their fullest extent and then release them completely. Allowing just a little resentment towards your partner to stick around could manifest in dark feelings between the two of you. Being willing to discuss what is on your mind and any relationship insecurities are key.


Scorpio, what a week you’re in for. The sign of Taurus plays an important role for you because it is your sister sign. This indicates that Taurus energy is what you should learn to understand and compromise within this lifetime. Your partner is meant to bring this energy to life so that you’re forced to integrate Taurus energy.

With so much happening in this sign, you could find a mix of emotions. First, you want very much to honor and please your partner. Showing love to them is easier than normal. Simultaneously, you could find yourself feeling a need to break out and go solo in some sense. A partner who is too clingy right now could raise your hackles.

With a positive trine between Mercury in your house of partnership and Pluto in your house of communication, you’re able to open up a channel of discussion more easily. Pluto is your co-ruler, so speaking from your heart with authenticity is easier. While Pluto energy rarely brings comfort, it can bring soul connection during transits such as these.


Sagittarius, this week you might be feeling like breaking out of the daily minutiae that can drive you crazy. You’ve always been independent but this week you might take some action on your desire for freedom. With Venus meeting Uranus in the sign of Taurus, you could be feeling frustrated with the little daily upkeep of your relationship.

A relationship should allow you to feel unburdened when it’s at its best. Many people don’t understand that as you do. Taurus energy can emphasize to you how sluggish and monotonous a relationship can feel sometimes, especially when Uranus is involved. It comes down to compromise and being willing to seek the balance between blind dedication and free love.

Mercury forming a trine to Pluto can assist in a positive transformation for your relationship. Engage in some deep conversations about the nature of reality with your partner. This especially applies to the way that higher concepts like love, rebuilding oneself, and emotional purging relate to the physical reality around you both. It’s a perfect time to do some spring cleaning to clear out emotional debris.


Capricorn, this week tends to be an optimistic one for you as your house of romance is full of steady Taurus energy. This allows you to put out love and appreciation with greater ease than normal. This week you could get a craving for romantic freedom. This means that you may feel like loosening up the reins of your expectations for others which ultimately makes you feel freer.

Venus in Taurus with Uranus can also have you feeling like you want some space from the dating scene. If you’re not partnered with someone then it’s important to give yourself some more focus on more liberating aspects of love that have fewer expectations and responsibilities. This can include showing your friends you love them with more vigor and truth.

With Mercury in Taurus forming a trine to Pluto within your own sign, it’s a perfect time to communicate and express your outlook on the world to your partner and vice versa. The conversations arising from this week should shed some light on ways that you can transform your perception of the world at large in favor of an entirely new approach inspired by your capacity to communicate love.


Aquarius, your house of family, home, and emotional outlook is receiving major influences this week by aspects to the planets within it. What it takes for you to feel secure and safe is going to involve playing into your own nature as much as possible.

Since your planetary co-ruler, Uranus, is meeting with the planet of love, Venus, in this house, the way that you give love to yourself will change profoundly. While this doesn’t seem to have a lot to do with romance, the fact is that we attract the level of love we give to ourselves. Because even if others want to give us love, it won’t mean a whole lot unless we feel like we have a right to that love.

With Mercury forming a trine to Pluto in your house of the unseen and inaccessible, underlying patterns within you that you’ve never seen are brought to your conscious awareness. This is a wildly beneficial aspect for you because you can do a lot of deep inner work with way less heartache with a positive trine.

The Sun in Gemini means a focus on romance. In fact, radiating love to others is easier than ever when you’re finding inner peace. When we’re too hung up by psychological forces that we can’t even see are tripping us up then the well of love within us is hard for others to get to. When you’re aware of the roadblocks, you can guide your lover around them to understand your heart.


Pisces, this week your mind is finally coming out of that fog that Mercury Retrograde cast over it. You can once again think more clearly, which assists with your communication with others. If there have been miscommunications between you and your partner then this is the week when they fade away and the two of you are more likely to take up a normal conversation with less tension and ambiguity.

Venus conjuncting Uranus in the house of intellect, communication, and habits has powerful effects on your daily functioning. You are likely speaking and understanding from a place of giving others the benefit of the doubt, which automatically makes you someone that others desire to be around. Your thoughts create your reality, so when you assume others are good, that’s the side of them you get.

This only complements the positive transformation coming your way from the trine between Mercury and Pluto. While Pluto’s energy is rarely gentle, the trine to Mercury provides clarity on your partnership. You are able to recreate your friendship with your partner by utilizing your renewed sense of mental acuity to understand them as a whole person, not just who they are in relation to you.

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Wrapping Up

This week is going to get unpredictable, but unpredictable does not mean bad. For those of us who get tense grappling with the unknown, it can feel stressful. However, allowing others and yourself freedom from judgment and assumptions will assist in a natural state of positive energy flow between yourself and others.

Partnerships that are solid and secure don’t have a thing to worry about. After all, transits like these happen every year! There would be no 50th anniversaries if every time Venus and Uranus touched it meant doom. Leaning into faith and letting go of control requires grace, but the trine between Mercury and Pluto can assist you in fostering your capacity for releasing control.

I always get questions from those who struggle to see the higher meaning and the likely manifestation of events like these.

They ask things like, who is affected? What should I change? Should I change? How can I be equipped to deal with this unknown energy?

Working with readers on these questions allows me to show how astrology can provide peace and understanding even in precarious times.

I can help you out with your journey to understanding as I have for a lot of other folks in the past. It’s just a matter of understanding what all of this energy means for you specifically.

Not everyone of the same sign experiences these things in exactly the same way due to the potentially competing factors in every individual birth chart. To help readers understand how they fit into the divine plan every week, I hold space for readers to determine how to approach the changes and how to arm themselves with knowledge.

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I hope that you make the best of this week, darlings.

Your friend and Relationship Astrologer,

Anna Kovach

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