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Weekly Love Horoscope For June 27th – July 3rd

Hello my dears, welcome back to your weekly love horoscope, this time for the week of June 27th to July 3rd. What can you expect for your own sign during this time? What love opportunities or pitfalls are there to remain open to?

No significant changes to report this week as every planet, except for the Moon (as usual), remains in the sign that last week ended off at. This doesn’t mean that nothing interesting isn’t happening though! As always, there is always something to keep an eye on in astrology.

Venus in Gemini is forming a positive sextile to Jupiter in Aries as the week moves in. This creates generally positive energy between the planet of love and romance and the planet of expansion and joy. This creates ideal conditions for these two planets to work in the favor of many signs. You could find some pretty stellar opportunities for romance this week if you’re looking for them.

Mars in Aries sextile Saturn in Aquarius can create opportunities to take assertive action in favor of discipline and taking difficult action. It’s not easy to approach the subjects that you and your partner avoid, but perhaps this is the right transit to build up the courage to start a hard conversation that you’d like support in.

Mercury in Gemini forms a trine to Saturn in Aquarius this week, which makes it easy to talk about responsibilities and to have discussions about everyone’s role within the relationship. It’s a good time to make your standards of commitment known to your partner. The chances of this ending in conflict are slim and you’re better supported in accepting responsibility and communicating expectations.

A square from the Sun in Cancer to Jupiter in Aries can have your ego feeling larger than life. You might be easily bruised because you’re taking your emotions very seriously. If your ego is overinflated, then almost anything can deflate it. This is one of those times when a slight breeze can threaten your sense of self.

Without dilly-dallying much more let’s jump in and see what this week has in store for your Sun or rising sign. Find yours down below to find out what you can expect your love life to feel like this week!


Aries, this week Jupiter within your own sign is forming a square to the Sun in Cancer, which can easily bring up embedded reactions that are less than healthy. You might find yourself being ignorant of your own feelings in an effort to keep a happy face. Your unsuspecting partner could unintentionally trigger you, which can fester unless you choose gentle action over keeping a happy face.

Jupiter and Venus forming a sextile encourage optimism in your partnership. Venus in your house of communication could encourage you to talk more optimistically to your partner when in a sextile to happy Jupiter. This is a good time to have some fun! Sextiles do require some work on your part to take advantage of though, so keep an eye out for special moments to share some conversation.

Aries, a sextile from Mercury in your house of communication to Saturn in your house of friendship can make you more willing to talk about any desire to be friends with your partner that isn’t being fulfilled. This allows you to make it known that you want some commitment to one another while still maintaining a sly sense of fun.


Taurus, this week your planetary ruler, Venus, is in the sign of Gemini. Forming a sextile to Jupiter in Aries, you can feel a fog lift if you choose to keep your mind open to it. Being open to a brighter way of seeing the world is key to creating and seeing it. You might find being alone to be a good way to help out your mood, so take some time alone before serious engagement with your partner.

Mercury in Gemini forming a trine to Saturn in your house of reputation can create positive communication between you and your partner. It’s an ideal time to talk about how to take your relationship to the next level of commitment, for example. Meeting each other’s families may be especially rewarding due to the grounded and confident energy that parents tend to love so much.

Mercury in Gemini forming a square to Neptune in Pisces could signal some communication issues with you and your core groups of people. One or both of you could struggle to say what you mean, preferring to beat around the bush instead of getting to the point. The confrontation may not be easy, but it could save you a world of headaches if you decide to say what you mean.


Gemini, your planetary ruler is still within your own sign this week, indicating that you’re generally feeling more aligned and it shows. Others can see that you are coming from a more authentic place overall, and people flock to authenticity. Talking more about yourself is a good way to show your true colors to others, but ensure that others get a chance to share too.

The ruler of your house of romance is Venus in your own sign which forms a pleasant sextile to Jupiter, the ruler of your house of partnership! This is a top-notch alignment for incorporating butterflies into your long-term commitments. This can also assist in securing a relationship that brings about lightheartedness and responsibility to one another. It’s up to you to seize this moment though!

Your chart ruler forming a trine to Saturn and a square to Neptune on the same day can indicate stark contrasts in your communication style. This can make it easier to talk about commitment but with little specificity for how you’d like to experience it. It takes a bit of extra work to communicate effectively but the outcome can work out if you choose to lean into being responsible for your own communication style.


Cancer, the Sun in your own sign sheds some light on your personality making it easier to show your best traits to others, something you may normally struggle with. However, Mercury and Venus in the sign of Gemini can create a sense of privacy and vulnerability within you. There is an odd mix of desires between putting it all out there and clamming up, something you might communicate to your partner.

A trine from Mercury in Gemini to Saturn in Aquarius can signal growth within your relationship with your partner. Trines are generally positive, but the vulnerable positions of these planets within your chart can still make you squirm. Fortunately, the ease of the trine makes this a good time to express desires for a commitment that you may have kept under wraps up until this point, which ultimately benefits your partnership.

An optimistic sextile between Venus in Gemini and Jupiter in Aries can take the edge off of any recent mishaps in romance. Perhaps some new knowledge came to light that shook your relationship, for example. The addition of Jupiter’s expansive energy can lend forgiveness to an otherwise difficult scenario. It does take initiative and desire on your part, but with your open heart, you can use this to your advantage.


Your planetary ruler (The Sun) in Cancer can indicate feelings of being wiped out and perhaps like you just can’t do anything right. Your ego could now be more fragile. This is exacerbated by a square from the Sun to Neptune, making your boundaries seem nonexistent and thus prey to outside circumstances. Taking time alone is a good bet, even if it doesn’t feel very natural to you.

Venus in your house of friendships and blessings is forming a sextile to Jupiter in Aries in your house of optimism and expansion. It’s possible to shake off some of the negativity that seems to have arisen lately if you’re simply open to another way of understanding the world. This is a good time to open up to your lover about how upsetting recent events are but also to be open to the support they give you.

Leo, Mercury in your house of friendship and blessings forming a trine to Saturn in your house of partnerships is an excellent configuration for deepening bonds between you and your partner. If you’re single, this could be your cue that someone in your friend group or who you know through a friend could talk to you more, leading to something long-lasting that feels natural.


Virgo, with your planetary ruler in the house of notoriety, reputation, and your highest potential, this is a time when your actions can pay off in big ways. What you say and who you associate with as well as your everyday activities can make you a topic of conversation. If you’re looking to attract someone else to you, it’s important to act like the kind of person that your dream partner would want to date.

Mercury forming a trine to Saturn in your house of work could indicate that someone at work is impressed with your ability to compose yourself and to communicate effectively. Your hard work is paying off! Considering that Saturn rules your house of romance, this person could be interested in more than just your stellar work ethic, though.

Virgo, Venus in Gemini forming a sextile to Jupiter in Aries gives you an opportunity to smooth over any faux pas you might commit or to be vulnerable about your emotions without losing face. It does take some finesse, but you’ve got that in spades. If there is a relationship that didn’t reach its potential due to an oversight from one of you, this could be a perfect opportunity to relight the flame.


Libra, Venus (your planetary ruler) is in the sign of Gemini, opening you up to a more open-minded approach. You could be leaning into spirituality and self-development, as well as accumulating the lessons that you’ve been taught to put to good use in your life. Healing yourself first is the best way to ensure that your partnership is centered on love, not compensating for wounds.

Mercury in Gemini forming a trine to Saturn in your house of romance can propel a casual relationship or flirtationship into something that fulfills you over the long run. You can take the lessons that you’ve learned from past romances and bring them to the table to see if who you thought was just a fling is actually interested in the new, improved version of you.

Libra, Venus forming a sextile to Jupiter in your house of relationships is yet another sweet alignment for you! This further supports optimism in love, and this is enough to pave your future with your high hopes. The personal growth you’ve gone through is paying off in a big way, so celebrate with someone that you can see yourself with for the foreseeable future.


Scorpio, you are experiencing inner growth but you’re not immune to growing pains. Your planetary ruler in Aries brings about inner transformation at warp speed, and there is a danger of lashing out at those you love. Being conscious in your communication can lessen this effect and keep your partnership and romantic pursuits stable and growing.

Mercury forming a trine to Saturn gives you a better grasp of the effects that your internal space has on your outer world. You’re taking personal responsibility for your emotions and this is exactly what you’re meant to be doing. This approach feels natural and you will likely be able to catch any projecting or toxic thought before it manifests in your relationship.

Scorpio, a sextile from Jupiter in Aries to Venus in Gemini gives you even more tools to overcome suppressed feelings by choosing to see how dealing with them makes you a better partner. Doing work on ourselves is just as important to the health of a partnership as working on your relationship. This week is a good time to embrace the process and to overcome the helplessness that pain can cause.


Sagittarius, this week your house of partnership is still holding Mercury and Venus, which means that your relationship is full of sweetness, effortless dedication, and positive communication. It’s a great time to enjoy the connection that you’ve got with your partner. If you’re single and looking, you can manifest the relationship that fits your ideal love and communication style this week. Work on those affirmations!

Venus forms a sextile to Jupiter in your house of romance, and what a breath of fresh air that feels like! If you’re partnered, this allows you both to relive the hopefulness and lightness from the honeymoon phase, reminding you of why your partner is the one for you. If you’re in the middle of a more casual relationship, it’s the ideal time to align with your partner on ideas of where to take the relationship next!

Sagittarius, another aspect that spells ‘happily ever after’ for you is a trine from Mercury in your house of partnership to Saturn in your house of communication. No other sign is better supported to have such a productive meeting of the minds in their relationship this week. You’re able to come to an understanding on what your expectations for commitment are in a way that allows you to keep your heads.


Capricorn, your planetary ruler in your house of resources have you feeling more concerned with setting up a foundation of tangible things and people who show up for you in life. You don’t tolerate empty promises well on a  regular day, but especially these days! Your planetary ruler in retrograde could have you feeling insecure in general, but that can start to be remedied this week.

Mercury in Gemini forming a trine to Saturn in Aquarius (your chart ruler) offers a way to feel more secure overall. If you struggle with a feeling of precariousness in your partnership or relationships, you can empower yourself with a productive conversation and real mental connection with one another this week. You’re able to be more authentic while also prioritizing an exchange of ideas between the two of you, lending to an overall feeling of security.

Capricorn, a sextile between Venus in your house of work and Jupiter in your house of family indicates that some normally triggering or monotonous tasks can be overcome this week. If you’d like to approach issues within your partnership that echo toxic patterns you witnessed in childhood, this is an ideal time to do so with the faith that you are protected from that which has hurt you in the past.


Aquarius, your partnership could be feeling like a responsibility over a happy-go-lucky time, but this week you’re being given some chances to express any discontent with more ease. It’s true that in a relationship, all of our efforts can’t be sung. There is a lot of work that goes unnoticed. However, expressing your desire to be appreciated is fundamental to ensuring an equal exchange of energy.

As your chart ruler (Saturn) forms a trine to Mercury, you can find that it’s easier to communicate your love to your partner. You can be rather detached at times, but this week you can express love with greater ease. Telling your partner how much you love them by displaying your commitment to the relationship is an ideal approach.

Aquarius, a sextile from Venus in your house of romance to Jupiter in your house of communication brings a smile to your face whenever you hear your partner’s voice. The two of you could start flirting up a storm and finding new topics to relate to each other on. It’s an ideal alignment for bringing more fun into your partnership.


Pisces, Jupiter (your traditional planetary ruler) in the sign of Aries brings a sense of optimism when it comes to your physical and financial security. You have faith that you’re being provided for. Your partner could be a source of this faith! If you’re single, focus your efforts on an individual who prioritizes your sense of physical safety and what you need your surroundings to be like in order to stay in a good spot.

Jupiter forming a sextile to Venus in your house of family and home emphasizes your need for a partner who is willing to be the kind of person you could see yourself living with. Ask if this is someone whose habits at home are compatible with your own needs. Is his taste going to mesh well with yours? This week is an ideal time to collaborate on matters of aesthetics and comfort with your main squeeze.

The Sun in Cancer emphasizes romance for you, but a square from the Sun to Jupiter could threaten your ego. Perhaps you commit yourself to over-giving love to others at the detriment of your own need to receive love? It’s okay to be your partner’s biggest cheerleader, but make sure you’re your own cheerleader first and foremost.

Wrapping Up

This week displays some opportunities to connect on issues of commitment with you and your partner or someone who you’d like to call your partner. Taking advantage of that handy Mercury-Saturn trine will ensure that your concerns about dedication within the relationship are heard.

Next week, several planets are switching signs, which directly affects all of my readers! Is your planetary ruler moving into a favorable spot? How about the main relationship planets in your chart?

Come back here, same time same place, next week to find out how you can expect to be impacted by the shifting tides.

If you read this week’s overview and find yourself longing for more specificity, I feel you! My readers are a curious bunch, and I love that. So curious in fact, that I sometimes run out of time and energy to address every query about the week ahead that comes my way.

As it turns out, I simply can’t get to every commenter that makes their way to my horoscopes. At least, not with the level of detail that each and every comment deserves.

I do have a special page where I accept serious inquiries about upcoming energies, relationships, and your own birth chart. I’ve been able to stretch my legs a bit more there and address everyone who puts themselves on my radar.

I have time available for you right now, but my schedule tends to book up fast. To make sure that I can see your personal chart and discuss any curiosities and concerns, sign up for your time slot now.

I can’t wait to see you next week, darlings.

Wishing You All the Love in the Universe,

Anna Kovach

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