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Weekly Love Horoscope For June 20th – 26th

Hello babes, thank you for joining me once again for this week’s Love Horoscope! This week we see not one but two major planets switching energies, which is big news. This week, every sign will feel a significant shift in the tone of their romantic experience.

Last week emphasized Venus, Saturn, Neptune, and Mercury above other planets, creating a lot of mixed energy but with opportunities for redemption without exception. This week, the energy is positive but far from boring.

Let’s talk about the first and most obvious change of energy. The Sun moves from brainy Gemini to caring Cancer this week, bringing a new Universal emphasis to the more watery aspects of our nature: emotions, sensitivity, and depth are all to be expected as the week rolls in.

Cancer is a nurturing sign who seeks to maintain emotional security. It emphasizes introverted and feminine traits wherever it lands within our charts. Cancer energy can bring out a defensive side within us if we allow threats to our emotional safety to take priority over faith.

Especially important in a Love Horoscope such as this one is the movement of the planet Venus, the body representing the love of all kinds, altruism, and peace. Venus moves from chill Taurus to energetic Gemini this week, creating a shift in romantic themes from seeking stability in our relationships to seeking mental stimulation.

Depending on where Venus transits within your chart, this can put an emphasis on having loving conversations over all else. Correspondences, in general, are ruled by Gemini, so long-distance relationships reliant on email, messenger, or phone calls can absolutely thrive under this transit.

Connection on a mental level is more important than usual. Even if you don’t consider yourself to be a brainy person, any unique thoughts that come to mind can be easily communicated to your partner and they’ll likely be more receptive.

Just before Venus leaves Taurus, however, we see her make a trine to Pluto in the sign of Capricorn. Pluto represents breakdown, analysis, desire, and control. When in a positive relationship to Venus, you may find you and/or your partner making efforts to analyze your own relationship patterns and finding constructive ways to move forward. Romantic interactions have a psychological bend to them now.

As an optimistic cherry-on-top, Mercury is forming a positive sextile to Jupiter in the sign of Aries. This creates opportunities to have an intellectual conversation that is genuinely mind opening with those around you, including your partner or yet-to-be partner. It’s a great transit for energetic exchanges that support action. Any plans you make during this transit are bound to be fun and stimulating.

With the overview out of the way, are you curious to see what’s in store for you this week in the realm of romance? With all of the shifts going on, I’m sure you want to know what it all means for you! Check out your Rising or Sun sign down below to find out how this week’s energy can manifest for you.


Aries, this week Jupiter within your own sign being activated by Mercury in your house of communication gives your connections with others a big boost. Being open to conversations with others and being willing to keep an open mind could help you make connections with those who appreciate you for your mind as well as your physicality.

The Sun moving into your house of home, family, and your deep emotional state will bring you closer to your past than you’ve been in a while. Looking back at the way that you’ve been socialized to give and receive nurturing can make your relationships healthier overall. Partners that you allow close enough to see your inner world can be illuminated to the radiance that you reserve for a select few.

Aries, with Venus entering chatty Gemini to join Mercury, you have an especially strong emphasis on communicating and exchanging information with your partner or love interest. If you’re single and looking, try hopping on some dating apps. And if you’re partnered up, talk to your partner about downloading any of the number of bonding apps for couples!


Taurus, this week Venus rounds out her time within your sign, so enjoy the time from the 20th-23rd by squeezing all of the romance that you can out of it. A trine from Venus to Pluto this week can spark an inner transformation based on new knowledge or spirituality. This new point of view will contribute to your growth as a partner and lover. Be open to intense, but positive change!

As Venus (your chart ruler) moves into Gemini, your house of security, self-esteem, and money and possessions becomes activated. This places an emphasis on tangible expressions of love. Communicating your need for action and real-world affection will assist in making sure that you receive what you need.

Taurus, Jupiter within your twelfth house for a while can allow you to spot a silver lining even amongst the more distasteful parts of your partner. Instead of holding in your feelings about any habits, tendencies, or traits they have, use the positive sextile between Mercury and Jupiter this week to spark a conversation about how to improve with one another.


Gemini, Venus is about to move into your own sign this week, marking the end of a period where love might have felt hopeless, stunted, or out of reach. But before this, Pluto forms a trine to the planet of love. You may feel some release regarding romances gone wrong in the past. It can be hard for you to move on from past partnerships, but this week can assist you in cutting old cords peacefully.

As your ruling planet, Mercury, in your own sign receives a positive sextile from Jupiter, you can expect an opportunity to have some wholesome and fun interactions with your partner. A little joking around will keep your partner engaged in the partnership, and both of you will feel the effects of that. Treating each other like both friends and lovers has never been easier.

With the ruler of your house of romance within your own sign this week, the best thing that you can do to attract love and romance is to be yourself no matter who is around. Go out to a club or bar and release any pretense in favor of acting authentically yourself. Other favored places to garner romantic interest are any sort of party or celebration as well as musical events.


Cancer, the Sun entering your own sign sheds a light onto your personality and allows you to act more authentically. It can be hard for some Cancers to open up and show their true colors, but this week marks the beginning of a month where you can be unafraid to be yourself. Your ability to showcase your best qualities this week allows others to see you for how you’d like to be seen.

The ruler of your house of romance in the sign of Aries can make any romantic interests you have rather public. With all of the talkative Gemini energy floating around, this can be a good thing if you want your crush to find out about your feelings without straight up admitting them to their face, a preferred method for many Cancers.

As Venus enters your house of isolation, you may find yourself withdrawing from your partner. It’s hard to be open with them when you feel hyper-sensitive to energies. It’s only fair to let your partner know where your head is at so that they can know how to approach you during periods like these. If you’re single, it may not be the best time to put out feelers. Focus on inner work at this time.


Leo, the Sun entering the sign of Cancer can easily make you feel drained and sullen. Something you love could start to come undone at this time. If so, it’s important to lean on your partner’s support. They are often the one thing that keeps you grounded. They’re strong and reliable, so take advantage of their constant presence in your life.

With Venus arriving in your house of blessings to join Mercury, it’s a good time to be celebrated. Despite the feeling of malaise that you may be experiencing, your friends will love you regardless. If a friend has been interested in becoming more, they may make themselves known as your need for comfort grows. Open up your mind and ask them questions. It will open up conversations that ultimately bond you.

Leo, Mercury forming a sextile to Jupiter in fellow fire sign, Aries, can assist in keeping you focused on the bigger picture. Even if every conversation you had this week were to strike out, your faith in good times still ahead is sure to propel you forward, as long as you’re willing to reach for that internal optimism.


Virgo, Venus entering your house of notoriety and reputation puts your love life on display for all the world to see. An obvious way that this can manifest is to make your relationship ‘official’ on social media. Perhaps you bring your partner around to meet your core group of people, making you both the center of everyone’s attention.

Your wit and intelligence can turn heads this week as Pluto in your house of romance forms a trine to Venus in your house of notoriety. You could find yourself embracing your natural allure that’s been obvious to others for quite a while. When you decide to own it, you suddenly have others willing to acknowledge what’s been there all along.

Virgo, your natural wit comingles with wisdom this week as Jupiter forms a sextile to Mercury. You might find insights into relationships that are stuck in your mind. If you are looking for ways to benefit from what you now know, you can apply this sagacity to your current or upcoming partnerships to build up from what once broke you down.


Libra, before Venus leaves Taurus this week, a trine from Pluto helps you process recent romantic events or any absence of love you may have been experiencing as of late. You’re able to create something new from where aspects of your relationship may have broken down lately. Pluto offers some building material to make an even better start as Venus enters Gemini.

As Venus enters Gemini, you can look forward to a new sense of optimism in your relationship. You’ve excavated all of the problem areas in the last month or so (hopefully) and now you can sit confidently with your love in the knowledge that you can get through anything together. It’s a great time to travel or indulge your spiritual sides together.

As Mercury in Gemini forms a sextile to Jupiter in your house of partnership, this hopeful attitude spreads into your communication patterns. With your partner, you are far more able to talk about big concepts, future plans, and the joyful times ahead of you. Bask in the glow of these good vibes, Libra. You deserve it after all you’ve been through together.


Scorpio, this week signals the beginning of a period where you and your partner or love interest will be tested. And like any test, success depends on the work you’ve put into it prior to this time. If you’re ‘studied’ by building strong bonds together and communicating effectively then you’ll do just fine as Venus rolls into Gemini.

Just before Venus enters Gemini, you’ll receive a boost that you should take to heart in the form of a trine from Pluto to Venus. Pluto being your planetary co-ruler means that you’re more able to take advantage of this transformative energy than other signs. When you allow yourself to be positively transformed, you’ll be more able to handle the upcoming shifts with grace.

With the Sun entering Cancer, it’s certainly not all a challenge! This signals a period where you’re feeling optimistic overall. The Sun rules your house of notoriety and reputation, so your good attitude and general faith in your own abilities tends to project you onto a helpful path that is ultimately beneficial. With the Sun in a water sign, follow your intuition to inform you on where to go in your partnership.


Sagittarius, this week continues a cycle of joy for you as Mars and your ruler, Jupiter, are in your house of romance, children, parties, and creativity. Giving lots of love has hardly ever been easier in the past 12 years for you, so I encourage you to love all of those around you with abandon. When you give your love away freely, others can’t help but want to return the favor.

As Venus moves into Gemini, you continue to receive relationship blessings. Venus in Gemini represents a period where you can create the strong foundations of a partnership together. If you desire a long-term partnership, consider using this period to propose, discuss marriage, or get married. Otherwise, strengthen bonds that will last until you both decide you want to make it official!

Sagittarius, talking to your partner about things that matter has rarely been easier. As your planetary ruler, Jupiter, forms a positive sextile to Mercury in your house of partnership, it’s a great time to play off of the more lighthearted aspects of relationships. Reignite the butterflies in your stomach even if you’ve been together for a long time during this period.


Capricorn, the Sun entering Cancer brings new energy into your desire for partnership if you are single, and injects life into partnerships that have been around for a while. The Sun in Cancer allows you to wholeheartedly give to your partner without the expectation of receiving. When you give so freely, it makes others trip over themselves to return the favor.

Venus leaves your house of romance this week, but not before forming a positive trine to Pluto in your own sign. This week, think about how you can integrate the lessons of creating love into your life for good. The next month will be a period where you and your partner or love interest are asked to prove your dedication to one another, so remember what brought you together in the beginning.

A sextile from Jupiter in Aries to Mercury in your house of labor brings a new perspective to lessons you were taught regarding your health and work when you were younger. You’re a traditional soul, Capricorn, so you may have been tempted to follow what you were taught without much question. This week opens a door to realizing where you can improve your life by branching out of what you were taught.


Aquarius, the ruler of your house or partnership moves into Cancer, which can bring a sense of obligation to your partnership that may not have been there previously. This isn’t a bad thing! This is simply when you can prove to yourself that you can give without needing recognition, which is what a lot of partnerships need to thrive.

While a newfound sense of dedication creeps in, this isn’t to say that the fun and lightheartedness are gone. On the contrary, you’re incredibly blessed with a sense of giving in your romantic relationships. Your ability to freely give love comes in a more verbal way this week. Telling the one you want exactly how interested you are in them, either directly or in more coy and subtle ways, is the key.

Aquarius, a sextile from Jupiter in your house of communication to Mercury in your house of romance further drives home how important it is to establish a mental connection to gain romantic interest! Having a good conversation about the bigger picture of life will let them know that you’ve got beauty and brains.


Pisces, before Venus moves out of Taurus, a trine from Pluto in your house of friendship could create more outgoing and inclusive communication patterns for you. If you’ve felt awkward or like talking to people is difficult for you, then this is a prime time to integrate more charming and outgoing ways of communicating and flirting!

Your house of emotions, home, and family holds Venus and Mercury before the week is out. You may have strong memories arise involving the ways that you were talked to and the messages you received as a child. If any of these factors are an influence on your style of love, you can rest assured that you’ll be made aware. This gives you a chance to break old patterns to progress your relationship.

The Sun moving into Cancer allows you to show authentic love to those around you. Your creativity is through the roof, and I don’t just mean in an artistic sense. Creating relationships, romance, and joyful connections are all possible. Speaking from your heart with no fear of backlash will ultimately allow others to let their guard down too. This allows you to really ‘see’ your love interest.

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Wrapping Up

This horoscope was a total joy for me to write. I love knowing that my readers are in for a transformative time that has the potential to manifest in the best possible way. Keeping your heart open so that your words can reflect your emotions is key for this week.

Losing some of your defenses can be difficult if you’ve been taught that having them up is a necessity. But this week reminds us that true connection comes from the heart, and speaking words that reflect our emotional truth allows our relationships to flourish from a point of understanding and genuine compassion for one another.

Sometimes my readers seek more specificity and detail than these horoscopes provide. A lot of people don’t realize that while horoscopes provide an accurate overview of the energies available to us, there is so much more than a knowledgeable astrologer can tell you.

With just a bit of information, I have been blessed to see deep insights in the charts of my readers that they never thought possible.

It’s my calling to provide as many people as I can with this knowledge. I want to give all of my readers an opportunity to learn about the energies of themselves, their relationships, and their futures.

You deserve the peace of mind that comes from truly understanding the underlying dynamics in your relationships and within yourself.

I have time available for you right now, but my schedule tends to fill up fast.

>> To make sure that I can see your personal chart and discuss any curiosities and concerns, sign up for your time slot now.

I can’t wait to see you next week, darlings.

Wishing you all the love in the Universe,

Anna Kovach

5 thoughts on “Weekly Love Horoscope For June 20th – 26th

  1. Anna, I follow you always and have gotten some of your special Virgo products as my special person is Virgo. We are great and your advise is wonderful and on point. Now he is just retiring from the military this week and we will finally be living together for the very first time beginning Thursday. I hope everything you have taught me fills the prescription as he is absolutely the love of my life. This is the second time around for both of us. We are both in retirement age and in the position to travel and love and enjoy each other and life. Please bless us with all your powers as you have many. Thank you for everything you have brought to our table. Your the best Anna!!

    1. Hi Lisa!

      You are such a blessing sweetheart! I absolutely adore the fact that you’re using my tips to help you with your Virgo. They’re tough sometimes and a little guidance can definitely help you make the right choices. Clients just like you are inspiration for me to keep doing what I’m doing. Blessings to you!

  2. Good morning Anna, thank you and very true, what you have said, My Partner and i are both so in Love with each other, And are still waiting to be together with, our boys, We both care so much about each others wellbeing , and have a true Happiness and Joy going on , between the two of us, and can’t wait to be able to enjoy our life together. Thank you so much . Have a Great day.

  3. Dear Anna,
    Thank you for the insight into the relationship that I am trying to build with my Gemini man. He’s the typical Gemini man and I am the typical Cancer woman. Our relationship has been going on since 2017 ( on and off). It always seemed like we were drawn to each other for some reason.

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