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Weekly Love Horoscope For June 13th – 19th

Hello lovelies, and welcome back to this week’s love horoscope here on my corner of the internet. Last week, romance was relatively subdued since Venus hasn’t made any big aspects for a couple of weeks. But this week, all of that is about to change since our lady of love, Venus, is back in the game.

Let’s first acknowledge Mercury’s sign change from Taurus to Gemini for the second time this year. Mercury enters Gemini on June 14th and is officially moving into one of the two signs that it’s happiest in.

While Mercury is a bit analytical to be called a love planet, it does rule communication. I’m sure that you can see how this major player in the sky is certainly important for any relationship, no matter the nature.

With Mercury back into Gemini, joining the Sun in the sign of the twins, we see an uptick in social connections and a heightened emphasis on mental faculties. This week many signs will find that testing the romantic waters on social media or dating apps will yield some interesting correspondences (especially next week, but we’ll cross that bridge when we get to it).

Venus is rounding out her time in the sign of the Bull, Taurus. This is an ideal placement for Venus’ sensual side. It’s a period where luxury and comfort are top priorities. Venus’ strength in this sign turns our attention to altruism and pleasure, especially of the romantic nature. This is a classic sign for Venus in which she thrives.

A square from Venus in Taurus to Saturn in Aquarius can put a damper on things since Saturn’s weighty authority can suck the fun out of the normally gregarious Venus. This can bring up questions of commitment within the relationship. Sometimes this alignment signals frustration in romance or a period where romance struggles to get off the ground.

Here to take the edge off of that sharp alignment is Venus sextile Neptune. This presents an opportunity to understand your partner’s motives with compassion instead of judgment. This does require you to look for ways to find empathy for your partner. Sextiles present positive opportunities, but not for free. So, keep an open mind instead of a contemptuous one to see healing opportunities.

This week could take what has been a recently uneventful love life and add some bumps, but not without adding opportunities. To find out how you can best utilize and play off of the energies presented this week, find your Sun or Rising sign down below.


Dear Aries, the ruler of your house of romance is the Sun which forms a positive trine to the planet of commitment, Saturn. Could this be the week to take your relationship to a new level? Feelings of authority are abundant since Venus is also forming a salty square to Saturn this week, adding some mixed energy to the idea of relationship longevity.

You and your partner or would-be-partner may not quite see eye to eye on the goals of a partnership with one another. Misunderstandings or lack of cohesiveness can create some underlying tension regarding a potential partnership. It’s hard because there could be a lot of flirty exchange but not so much follow-through behind it all.

With both the Sun and Venus aspecting Neptune this week, you can choose to see one another through a lens of compassion and to remove the heavyweight one or both of you are placing down on the partnership. With Mercury reentering Gemini, I encourage you to talk openly with your partner or love interest about your intentions but assure them that you’re open to their side as well.


Taurus, your planetary ruler, Venus, is within your own sign this week which gives you an added romantic boost. You might be seeing the world as a brighter and kinder place these days. When others know that you’re giving them the benefit of the doubt, it becomes much easier to attract their best intentions right back to you. It’s your willingness to be kind and understanding that attracts love to you.

Your house of partnership is within the sign of Aries which lies in a house of isolation, which, just like it sounds, isn’t overly conducive to goals of commitment to one another. Instead of focusing on a commitment right now, try making some casual connections that could yield some romantic results in a few months.

Mercury in Gemini rules your house of romance right now, and this indicates to me that you’d benefit more than most signs from reaching out at social ventures, schools, and places like a bar or music venues. Conversations that you get into in these spots could easily become scandalously delicious before last call.


Gemini, this week you’re feeling more like yourself since Mercury is going the right way again and is back in your own sign. With the Sun in your sign as well, you’re probably feeling like you’re finally back in your body after a long hiatus! This gives you an opportunity for some self-care that may have been lacking recently.

Venus within your house of isolation is the ruler of your house of romance, which can make it hard to build up casual romantic connections. On top of that, Venus’ square to Saturn this week can downright suck the joy out of your relationships. If your relationship was not very strong to begin with, then this could be the final blow. If you two are totally solid then I wouldn’t stress too much.

The ruler of your house of partnership is fairing a lot better. Your partner feels like your friend now more than ever. You two may find yourself unable to keep your hands off of each other, so definitely don’t be shy! Show your partner what a hottie you think they are while showing off all of that pampering you’ve been giving yourself lately.


Cancer, this week the ruler of your house of romance is in your house of public recognition and notoriety. This means that if you’re being romantic with another, other people are definitely taking notice. You could find yourself being tempted to make it official on social media. Being too publicly flirty can fall back on you though, so consider giving away just enough.

The ruler of your house of partnerships (Saturn) is forming a tense square to Venus which feels like someone spread a wet blanket over your relationship. You may be expecting more from your partner than they’re willing to give at this time which is a big bummer. All isn’t lost though, since Neptune’s naturally forgiving effect is also in play.

Neptune’s sextile to Venus in your house of friendship means that seeing your partner as a person rather than just your partner is a good way to reconcile any mismatched expectations at this time. Your understanding of them as an individual rather than just as a marriage partner will have the both of you reminded that you can get through anything together.


Leo, your chart ruler is in the sign of Gemini in your house of friendship right now which generally means that you’re receiving support from all directions. Your partner is no exception with the traditional ruler of your house of marriage, Saturn, forming an easygoing trine to the Sun. This emphasizes the support that your partner gives you which reminds you of just how big of a gift they are to you.

Venus’ square to Saturn this week can remind you that while your partner is your rock, being in a marriage is not always a blast. When your security is threatened or some event rubs salt into old emotional wounds, it can be hard to stay chipper and understanding. Seeking ways to find compassion for your partner will ensure that you find them.

Romantically speaking, you’re also having some plum luck. The ruler of your house of romance, parties, and creativity is Jupiter in the expansive and adventurous house of travel and spirituality. If you’re taking a Summer vacay then make sure to take advantage of the simply spectacular opportunities for love that could make themselves known.


Virgo, I’d bet that you felt a positive shift once your ruler, Mercury, went back into Gemini. The world could seem to make a bit more sense now which allows you to function with others with more ease. Everything feels a little nicer when you’ve got your head on straight, after all.

Any romantic pursuits could feel like they’re practically being acted out in front of a live studio audience with all of the commentaries from others. Considering the fact that you might be crushing on someone from work, this is typically no bueno. I’d advise keeping any romantic interests on the low for a while, so skip out on dishing to your gabby work bestie.

If one or both of you in your romantic partnership have differing expectations, it’s a good idea to interject a little distraction right now. Taking a trip together or leaning on faith or spirituality will keep the importance of your partnership in perspective while encouraging you both to see the best in one another.


Libra, this week continues to be a rather mixed bag for you. Venus is in a sign that she’s strong in (Taurus) but is in a house that can push romantic affairs to the brink. You may be feeling as if your partnership is requiring just too much of you right now, especially as Venus makes a square to Saturn in your house of romance.

Secrets between partners don’t bode well, and this week could be a time when anything that one of you has been hiding from the other is exposed. If you’d like to continue a positive relationship with yourself and your romantic partner, you’ll have to choose the path of temporary discomfort to transform yourself into someone who can thrive despite the changes in the dynamic you and your partner have come to experience.

The house of partnership in your chart is loaded with good energy. Jupiter in Aries paired with Mars in its own sign of Aries creates a strong foundation to go off of within your partnership. Paired with the ultimately forgiving and compassionate aspects to Neptune this week, I have faith that you and your partner will continue to thrive even past potential hiccups.


Scorpio, this week the cards have been dealt in your favor when it comes to romance and partnership. You’re seeing a silver lining where others may be seeing stormy skies. Your forgiving attitude towards your romantic partners keeps you feeling far less frustrated by expectations that either of you has for one another.

Venus in your house of partnership is seeing some strain from Saturn in the sign of Aquarius in your house of notoriety and reputation. If you or your partner has been putting too much focus on how you’d like to be remembered rather than how either of you are perceived right now then this will be made apparent.

Despite this, Neptune in your house of romance offsets any frustration by keeping your hearts open to one another. You both can find some understanding for the other when you remember what it was that brought you both together in the first place. The forgiving and sweet understanding you had for one another will prevail if you choose to let it.


Sagittarius, you could well be feeling like a love machine with Jupiter in Aries in your house of romance. Mars in this same house indicates that you’ve got a growing sexual appetite that can hardly be satiated. Your energy and drive in the sack are enticing to those around you right now. Not to mention that random hookups can turn into something much sweeter and more gratifying right now.

Your house of partnership is housing the Sun and Mercury this week, which puts a strong emphasis on communication and ego in your partnership. If you or your partner have been feeling like you don’t understand each other during the latest Mercury Retrograde, this is a period to understand what went wrong through effective communication.

Sagittarius, Venus in your house of labor and health can make your romantic prospects feel like a chore to a certain extent despite all of the positive energies also floating around you. Expressing your emotional frustration while connecting on a deep level to your partner can take some of the pressure off so that this transit isn’t a drag.


Capricorn, you’ve probably been feeling in love with love as Venus transits Taurus, and thus your house of romance. It’s been a period where you’re over the Moon for romance, to the point where you might fall for a random stranger!

Despite all of the butterflies that have nested in your tummy, this week can put a damper on your relationship to romance. Practical concerns can easily overshadow the fun and fancy-free attitude that has prevailed recently. This can be needed in order to keep food on the table and a roof over your head. However, it’s important to keep the flow of love wide open so that your partner knows you’re still there.

As the Sun and Gemini transit through your house of labor, you could be feeling as if communicating your needs in clear terms is not only a drag but also difficult. Relationships aren’t just bouquets of roses and cuddling, though. Sometimes you have to do the hard work of asserting yourself by communicating. Practicing understanding for yourself, in this case, will allow you to get the most out of your partnership.


Aquarius, Saturn in your own sign both blesses you and stumps you and your relationship to love and partnership this week. You could find that you are both a problem and a solution, which can be confusing to differentiate within yourself. Being willing to observe yourself non-judgmentally can make it easier to see the truth of your role in the situation.

A square from Saturn to Venus in Taurus within your house of home and your emotional center can have you replicating unhealthy emotional patterns you witnessed in childhood within your own relationship. Holding yourself accountable while finding compassion for yourself will allow you to break generational wounds while creating a healthier relationship.

A trine from Saturn in your own sign to the Sun in the house of relationships makes keeping a lighthearted feeling within your relationships a priority without sacrificing longevity and commitment. It’s a highly beneficial alignment that reminds you to focus on inner work but not to take yourself too seriously in the process. Instead, be willing to find gratitude for your partner and yourself.


Pisces, you’re naturally able to find compassion more easily than most, but this week emphasizes the focus on this strength of yours. Venus in Taurus lands within your house of communication which puts emphasis on talking and thinking about that which brings joy and romance into your life.

You can tend towards shyness, Pisces, but if you’re seeking a new romantic connection, it will do you good to take some initiative in going to others and letting them know that you’re interested in them. Flirting online can be a virtue or a vice at this time, depending on your relationship status.

You could find that your tendency towards melancholy and isolation can keep you feeling far away from others. You could blame yourself, or, you can practice radical self-forgiveness. Choosing to shrug your shoulders and have an understanding for yourself will make you empowered in your approach instead of sucking out any motivation for improvement.

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Wrapping Up

With a new emphasis on romance for all signs this week, it’s refreshing to be reminded that it’s never far out of reach for anyone. If there is one thing we know from Astrology, it is that nothing goes away without eventually coming back around.

When Saturn comes into play things can feel hopeless, but there is usually a way to see the bright side. This week, lean into understanding Neptunian energy when the weight of commitment and seriousness becomes too much to handle. Finding compassion for your partner will make it more likely that you receive the same back.

If your relationship has been rocky as of late and you worry about how it will fare when Saturn throws it through the wringer, you should know that you’re not alone.

Every week I get countless messages asking for advice when some people worry about what they’ve read in their love horoscope.

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I’ll see you next week, my darlings.

Wishing you all the love in the Universe,

Anna Kovach

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