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Weekly Love Horoscope For July 4th – 10th

Hello, my lovely readers, and welcome back to the weekly Love Horoscope for July 4th-10th. I mentioned last week that there would be some big shifts coming this week, and there are some changes on the horizon for all signs! With two planets switching signs on July 6th, this week contains a pivotal energy shift that won’t go unnoticed.

First off, Mercury is switching from its native sign of Gemini to emotional Cancer. Mercury represents communication, brain function, and exchanges of ideas in any medium. It’s a planet that is so close to our daily functions that even people who don’t know Astrology can tell when it’s gone Retrograde. In our partnerships, it’s extremely important. Relationships can’t survive for long without decent communication.

When Mercury moves into the sign of Cancer, I imagine that it would roll its eyes if it had them. Cancer is a sign that Mercury doesn’t naturally jive with too well. Cancer feels intuitive whereas Mercury’s function is to be specific and rational, and it protects itself with silence, whereas Mercury would rather talk circles around any situation.

This combination is not negative though! It simply means that communication shifts from verbal to more non-verbal, for one thing. The words we do speak tend to be more for the benefit of others, so we are often seen as more caring. The main downside is that speaking your own truth could become more difficult.

Mars is moving from its native sign, Aries, into the reliable Earth sign, Taurus. The planet Mars is the planet of passion, sex, initiative, anger, and drive. This is the planet that can make or break a relationship in many ways. While Mars isn’t always fun and games (Mars is hot sex, but also arguments), it’s 100% needed in partnerships! Addressing conflict is important for the long-term health of relationships.

Mars in Taurus is an unlikely pair that isn’t wholly incompatible. Mars is speed and Taurus is slow and steady, so on some levels, this combination doesn’t make a lot of sense. However, Mars is also driven and persistent and paired with Taurus’ ability to stick to goals, a lot can get done under this transit.

Taurus and Mars also both have a strong affinity with physicality. Taurus’ love language is definitely touch, and if Mars had a love language, I imagine that it would also be touch. Mars in Taurus creates perfect conditions for getting in touch with your own sensuality as well as the combined sensuality of you and your partner. This can be a steamy transit for many signs!

Right before these two planets move into their new signs, they form a sextile to one another. With a combination of positive energy just before the big move, you can capitalize on the strengths of Mercury and Mars and set intentions for their function within your relationship for the next few weeks. It takes some energy of your own to get the ball rolling (as is always the case with sextiles) but nevertheless, the energy is still yours for the taking.

The Sun in Cancer sextile Uranus in Taurus brings another opportunity to you if you’re willing to grasp it. If you and your partner have been stuck in a rut in your relationship, this could be the time to shake things up and add a fresh coat of paint to a reliable relationship.

Mercury forming a square to Jupiter this week could make your communication a bit sloppy and blasé. Having conversations with others can be infuriating for all involved due to a lack of specificity and a complete lack of urgency.

With so much happening this week, I know you want to find out how all of this bodes for you and your sign. Find your Rising sign or Sun sign down below to find out more about how all of these changes are bound to manifest in your own life and what approaches are the safest bet.


Aries, Mars moving into Taurus signals a new emphasis on material possessions but also on kindling a sense of self-worth. This could mean reevaluating relationships in your life that don’t respect you for what you bring to the table. Mars urges you to cut ties with those that don’t see your value and to run swiftly into the arms of those who see your worth.

Mercury arriving in Cancer can be very helpful for consciously understanding your emotions. Patterns engrained you picked up from your parents’ relationship can be fully grasped during this time. Mercury’s presence here gives you awareness of that which is holding your current partnership down while providing you with a new perspective to make your approach to partnership more sustainable.

A sextile between Mars and Mercury can assist you in drawing links between what brings you physical and emotional security within your relationships. It’s incredibly freeing to understand what you need to feel safe in relationships. Knowing is the first step to asserting relationship dynamics that can stand the test of time.


Taurus, Mars moving into your own sign brings a newfound sense of passion into your world. The Aries energy that Mars has embodied can serve to deflate you, but now, Mars is working for you instead of against you. This is an ideal time to display your sexuality in such ways that attract individuals who will treat it like the gift it is.

Mercury arriving in Cancer this week pulls double duty for your communication. You are better able to communicate in ways that are emotionally intelligent and nurturing to others. Remember to allow yourself room to speak on your own behalf instead of catering to the sensibilities of others in your thought and speech.

The sextile between Mars and Mercury encourages you to be more authentic about your passion and your anger. If you’ve been repressing hurt feelings in your partnership, then this is a perfect time to communicate in an emotionally intelligent way. Remember to seek a balance between speaking your truth and being passive-aggressive.


Gemini, your planetary ruler (Mercury) moving into Cancer signals a time of greater empathy in your mannerisms, but you’re also directing your mental resources towards what it takes to gain physical security and self-esteem. You might find yourself looking to support your partner financially in some way. Gift-giving is an ideal way to show your love at this time.

Mars arriving in Taurus can feel like the wind has been knocked out of you. Your sexual drive may not be as fulfilled this week and your lust for life can feel nearly non-existent. It can be difficult to say what you’re angry about. It may feel too futile to try. But this week can give you a chance to communicate properly with your partner as the week progresses.

The sextile formed between Mercury and Mars this week can assist you in letting your partner know what’s on your mind. Whether this is anxiety surrounding finances or feeling drained overall, this is a good time to lean into your partner’s support.


Cancer, Mercury entering your own sign breathes new energy into your communication style. You’re rarely a direct communicator, but this week kicks off a couple of weeks where it’s easier to talk to others and make connections. After a period of potential loneliness, let your loved ones know that you’re back on the radar with the support of Mercury this week.

As Mars enters Taurus, you can expect some more drive when it comes to the communities that you’re involved in. The ways that you’ve worked hard and been a good person are being rewarded by the Universe right now. Your energy will be renewed. You and your partner might find yourselves reconnecting as both lovers and friends at this time, bringing an easy-going feeling to the partnership.

The sextile between Mars and Mercury brings with it a sense of connectedness. You’re not feeling so isolated anymore or like you’re in this by yourself. You can communicate authentically at this time with greater ease. This alignment can assist you in allowing others to know your power without coming off as overbearing, something you occasionally fear will happen if you speak up. It’s safe to be you!


Leo, Mercury entering Cancer may deepen a sense of isolation that has been growing in the last week or so. You could feel that it’s not worth it to try to communicate because you’ll just be misunderstood. For your own pride, it’s still worth putting your thoughts out there. All you can do is remain open and honest with your partner to give them a chance to understand your feelings better.

Mars moving into Taurus can indicate some form of conflict with older family members. If you’re yet to introduce your partner to your whole family then waiting a month or so longer would be best. You could feel like it’s a battle to get to the top right now, but you can remain optimistic about the process by listening to words of support from your loved one.

The sextile between Mercury and Mars can bring a sense of isolation and hopelessness about your life path in general. Perhaps you worry that your lofty goals will never actually be reached. Remember that if you put the weight of your dreams all on your own shoulders then you only have your own strength to rely on. If you share the weight with your partner, then when you falter, they can pull a little extra until your faith is restored.


Virgo, Mercury (your planetary ruler) entering your house of community and friendship gives you new energy and hope for your future. There is a sense of ‘all being right.’ If you’re single, a friend who admires you may increase communication with you. Trust your instincts to know if they’re into you and go from there.

Mars entering fellow Earth sign, Taurus, points to fiery optimism. You might find yourself becoming more spiritual, perhaps hitting the yoga mat or meditating more regularly. This alignment with the Universe is an ideal way to bolster your inner strength for the future. Manifesting your ideal partner is a well-supported activity at this time.

Virgo, the sextile between Mercury and Mars this week can serve to kick off a highly beneficial period for you. You and your partner may find yourself in a time of plenty where everyone seems to get along and the two of you are at peace with yourselves, which leads to greater peace with each other. Enjoy these happy times.


Libra, Mercury entering Cancer puts a new emphasis on your goals, aspirations, and ultimate life potential. You can use that keen Libra mind to your advantage by strategically nurturing the relationships that can support your life path overall. Your partner can find it harder to talk to you with your energy focused outward, so ensure that you nurture your relationship with your lover and your future self.

Mars rules your house of partnership, and as it moves into Taurus, you might find out new information relevant to your partnership. Perhaps aspects of yourself that you’d rather keep private are now in your partner’s awareness. Either way, this period works best with an open mind and a willingness to discard that which isn’t working for yourself to support your relationship.

A sextile between Mercury and Mars indicates that you are more conscious of that which needs to be burnt down in order to elevate your highest potential. If your partnership is a top priority for you, then you may be forced to release parts of yourself that aren’t serving the relationship. If you’re unwilling to do so then further compromise or other action will eventually have to be taken.


Scorpio, with Mercury entering your house of optimism and spirituality, it’s a perfect time to turn your mind to the signals that the Universe sends you. Your connectedness to higher energies will empower you to be your best self. When you loosen the grip on your ego and embrace that which is really for your highest good, your relationships blossom because it’s no longer all about your comfort zone.

Mars entering Taurus brings focus to your partnership. As your planetary ruler, Mars in this house brings awareness to the ways that you and your partner are different. This can bring intense sexual passion as you complement one another, but it can instigate conflict as well.

Scorpio, as the sextile between Mercury and Mars arrives, you can use this opportunity to release superficial fears in favor of elevating your love for yourself and your partner. As conflicts arise, leaning into ego release empowers your ability to maintain connectedness with your lover. Inner voices that want you to lean into self-preservation have no power over transcendent love.


Sagittarius, Mercury moving into Cancer may call for your communication style to be revamped in favor of preserving your partnership. You’re well known for your honesty, and that’s a great thing. However, brutal honesty sometimes feels like an attack on your partner. Incorporating more consciousness into the tone and delivery of your truth will assist in elevating your partnership.

Mars moving into Taurus brings focus to your work life. If you’re single and someone at work has been catching your attention, you may be tempted to make a move. While of course, it’s important to be respectful in your work environment. Who is to say that meeting for drinks after your shift would be such a bad thing?

Sagittarius, the sextile between Mercury and Mars this week brings opportunities to reconcile your approach to communication and your approach to work. You can realize that there is more meaning within your daily interactions with your partner than you realize. Daily work in your relationship ultimately ends up meaning more than the big events.


Capricorn, Mercury entering Cancer puts new mental emphasis on your partnership. If you and your partner have been out of touch with each other, then this transit can be a remedy for that. It’s a good time to work on mental patterns and practice communication styles that are for the good of the relationship. Nurturing one another with your words and private thoughts will show positive results.

Mars entering Taurus is another relationship blessing. This allows for more passion in your lovemaking style. Teasing as a form of flirtation is a great approach. We all know how important some strong banter is in seducing and being seduced! Take a few bold risks to put yourself on the radar of those around you who you’re interested in pursuing something romantic with.

With a sextile between Mercury and Mars, you can incorporate some of those butterflies from the beginning of your relationship into a partnership of any age. Being open to dating your partner all over again will inject some new spice and intrigue into your relationship.


Aquarius, Mercury entering Cancer signals a shift in your thought process from romance and flirting to more practical approaches within your partnership. Having fun in your partnerships is important, but it’s the daily work that we do on our communication and thought patterns regarding our romances that will yield long-term benefits.

Mars entering Taurus could bring up some patterns in your partnership that were taught to you through what you observed in your parents’ partnership. You may attempt to force these learned behaviors away. Sometimes the increased focus on what you don’t want only grows its presence. It’s more useful to work through these patterns by being gentle with yourself and calming any anger you have at yourself for repeating what you couldn’t help but observe and internalize.

A sextile between Mercury and Mars brings opportunities to be okay with doing unnoticed inner work for your partner. They can’t always help you with what lingers under your surface, but you can find peace with the effort you make through this sextile. Independently improving yourself for the betterment of your partnership will create a better experience for all involved in the long run.


Pisces, Mercury entering Cancer is a sweet surprise for you, as Cancer lies in your house of romance and expression of love. Your ability to communicate in a nurturing and kind way to those you love is what will put you in the minds of others long after you leave each other’s company. Your words are laced with the intention of love and it shows.

Mars entering Taurus brings with it an ability to communicate more directly for you. You are passionate in your speech, which attracts the attention of those you’re talking to. You can be more instigative than usual, which others can interpret negatively. Communicating with your emotional and logical mind will assist you in striking a balance that works for everyone.

The sextile between Mercury and Mars brings you an awareness of your speech that is unrivaled. You can passionately and gently communicate your thoughts, and others appreciate this about you. This allows you to foster a genuine, loving connection between yourself and anyone you’re seeking to build a potential romance with.

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Wrapping Up

This week’s planetary shifts bring changes for every sign. I know you’ll feel exactly what I’m talking about at some point during this week. Any opportunity to positively marry the shifts in themes outlined for you and your Sun or Rising sign will work out in your favor.

With two important planets in such tight harmony this week, you are being granted good opportunities to modulate important themes. The key is being assertive in your ability to seize the moments of growth and being aware of the shifts to look for. After having read your weekly outline for love and romance, you’re in a far better position than most to take full advantage of the upcoming changes.

Without fail, my incredible readers reach out to me to satisfy their curiosity to clarify upcoming events for them. Of course, I get to as many queries as I can, but there are often just too many to keep up with while providing readings and new articles for you each day.

I’m not one to make excuses though. I always want to go above and beyond for those who have changed my life so profoundly (aka you, dear reader).

To make it easier to prioritize and sort out the questions I get about compatibility, Horoscopes, special dates, and personal Birth Charts, I ask that you make your way here to submit your questions and clarifications.

It’s a pleasure to interact with my loyal readers who seek to learn more about how Astrology affects them and their partnerships. Empowering you with knowledge and advice is such a pleasure for me, so I hope you allow me the honor of doing just that.

As always, can’t wait to see you here next week.

Wishing you all the love in the Universe,

Anna Kovach

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