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Weekly Love Horoscope For July 11th – 17th

Hello, dear readers, and welcome back to your weekly Love Horoscope for July 11th through 17th, 2022. It’s a week full of mixed energies, but nothing to be worried about. You’re here getting the full scoop on the upcoming week, so you’re at a distinct advantage!

The planets remain where they were in last week’s Horoscope, but let’s go over their positions to make sure we’re all on the same page. The Sun is in the sign of Cancer along with Mercury, which puts a focus on ideas surrounding emotions, intuition, family, and security. As the major player, the Sun sets the overall tone for the other planets. This determines your own sense of self within your relationships.

Mercury is also in Cancer, which means that similar themes of home, feelings, and family are present but within the context of what Mercury represents. Since Mercury represents communication and thought processes, this planet serves a major role in any relationship. Mercury in Cancer indicates that we communicate less plainly and more through implication.

Venus in the sign of Gemini puts an emphasis on communication and ideas within our romantic relationships. Gemini is a sign of intelligence and exchanging ideas. When paired with the planet of love, we can continue to expect more chit-chat and talking about almost anything within our partnerships and romances. In addition, it sets the tone to be a bit flightier within them as well.

Mars is the planet of passion, drive, sex, and speed. In the sign of Taurus as it is this week, it’s a bit stunted due to Taurus’ slow speed. Taurus does have goals, so Mars does have a reason for putting in work, however, Taurus’ slow speed can frustrate our plans to move forward with our goals.

As far as planetary aspects go, things are much less stagnant. Venus, the planet of love, forms a trine to Saturn this week. Saturn rarely indicates a lot of ‘fun’ but it’s still necessary for long and healthy relationships. Saturn in a trine to Venus provides ample opportunities for assigning responsibility in one’s relationship and to define roles between two people.

Saturn’s stabilizing influence is a blessing as Venus square Neptune is going on at the same time. This alignment indicates that your perception of yourself and your relationship could be distorted like you’re looking into a funhouse mirror. It’s important to lean into the things you know for a fact rather than into the assumptions that you may make about yourself and others.

The Sun meeting up with Mercury in the sign of Cancer puts added influence on our mental and emotional processes. Your way of thinking is heavily influenced by your emotional nature at this time. This can be great for expressing empathy towards others and more difficult with evaluating situations and conversations neutrally.

At the same time, the Sun and Mercury are forming a trine to Neptune in Pisces. This makes it far easier for most people to choose kindness and understanding over cold hard facts. Granting forgiveness is easier at this time, as is asking for forgiveness. It’s a great time for couples to engage in fruitful heart-to-hearts with one another.

While all of this is true for most signs, these alignments affect you uniquely! Find your own Sun sign or Rising sign down below to learn what you can be prepared for this coming week when it comes to your relationships and romantic pursuits.


Aries, while everyone is experiencing an emphasis on communication this week, this is especially true for you. With Venus in your house of communication forming a trine to Saturn in your house of friendships and gifts, expressing your love authentically is exactly what you need to receive your biggest blessings. Being responsible in relationships has paid off for you.

Your emotions are especially potent this week as the Sun and Mercury are within your house of deep emotions. The way that you were raised is showing itself this week. You may find yourself having more compassion in situations that remind you of how your parents’ relationship was structured. Your thoughts are heavily affected by learned reactions to relationships this week especially.

A square from Venus to Neptune can have your mind running wild with anxiety. Imagining the worst-case scenario in your partnership should be avoided at all costs. Your own emotions and thoughts towards your partner directly affect how they react to you. Your mental assumptions about your loved one could turn into self-fulfilling prophecies.


Taurus, your planetary ruler making aspects to Saturn and Neptune can make you feel like you’re being pulled in more than one direction. You are ready to step up to the plate in your partnership and to take personal responsibility. The kicker is that you might hold yourself a bit too responsible, sabotaging your emotional well-being with guilt regarding your partnership.

The Sun and Mercury in your house of intellect, your local area, and communication steeps your interpretation of the world in emotion. You are more motivated to express yourself, but words don’t always come easily to you. As a result, you could be tempted to either subdue your expression or express via passive aggression. Being aware of your style of communication will help curb this tendency.

A trine from Neptune to the Sun and Mercury brings more empathy to your speech patterns. Talking to other people comes off as gentler and softer than usual, which encourages others to open up to you. Your sweet disposition is enough to warm the heart of your partner and create a loving space for them to communicate.


Gemini, this week Venus in your own sign is receiving two aspects which you’ll feel on a personal level. A square from Venus to Neptune could have you stressing about how you look to others and what your overall impact on the world is. Perhaps you wonder if your partner will always put you in a good light or if you’ll be seen as good enough for them.

The trine from Saturn to Venus offers constructive ways to deal with this paranoia. Banking on what you know for a fact is a key to finding faith within your partnership. If your partner has given you no reason to believe that you’re not enough for them, then ease your grip on that assumption. Cementing plans for the future with your partner this week will offer a sense of hope for the both of you.

With your planetary ruler (Mercury) meeting the Sun this week, you want to talk about issues of physical and financial security. Perhaps you decide that you’re more financially stable than you previously thought, or you come to the realization with your partner that you’d rather find joy with what you have after the basics are covered rather than stressing yourself out over a desire for excess.


Cancer, this week can take you under like an ocean wave if you’re not careful with your thoughts. Your partnership can trigger deep-rooted fears within you that may or may not be founded. Paranoia about the actions of your partner could creep up. You may be forced to either let go of your relationship or choose to throw out the old expectations of your partnership in favor of more realistic ones.

You are gifted with a strong sense of right and wrong within your partnership at this time. Don’t lean into unrealistic pipe dreams about your partner but don’t over dramatize their action or inaction either. Simply look at the facts and do what you know is right for yourself at the end of the day, no matter what that looks like or what others expect you to choose.

Cancer, the Sun, and Mercury in your own sign give you a firm sense of self and assist you in communicating more easily and authentically. With a trine to Neptune, these two planets also encourage sympathy and empathy towards yourself. I encourage you to acknowledge the work that you’ve put into your partnership and to have love for yourself first. Then you can love others more effectively.


Leo, this week your thoughts may feel muddled as your planetary ruler meets Mercury in the house of illusion. The impact of your words could be catching up to you at this time, or you could find your meaning being misunderstood or twisted. The trine to Neptune at least allows you to handle these setbacks with empathy. Being especially clear with your words would avoid misunderstandings between you and your partner.

Assuming you and your partner have laid the groundwork of solid communication and genuine love for one another you could start reaping the rewards. This week, you can solidify your partnership by rehashing the good times with them. Ungrounded paranoia regarding the nature of the relationships between your partner and their friends could arise, so lean on what you’ve already built together.

Choosing greater empathy for others should be easy this week. Perhaps you’ve gone through events recently that remind you that everyone is fighting their own battle. Expressing to your partner how much you appreciate their recent support would further strengthen your bond and remind yourself that you’re not alone.


Virgo, this week, your fastidiousness and willingness to help others is paying off in a big way. You’ve been willing to open your heart to others, and as a result, you’re receiving that affection right back. Your ruler, Mercury, and the Sun are paired up in your house of friendship. As they form a trine to Neptune in your house of partnership, you can expect a low-pressure period between you and your partner.

Communicating effectively is your strong suit, Virgo. This will serve you well in your partnership because things can get cloudy this week. Your connection to your loved one could be obscured by the overactive mind of one or both of you. Perhaps work obligations make it harder to feel close. Talking authentically with one another about your perceptions of the situation will ameliorate a lot of self-imposed agony.

The conclusion that you come to together is likely to entail the amount of daily effort the both of you put into the relationship. It’s easy to slack off at some points in a partnership, but when this lasts too long, the effects are noticeable. Being willing to put in work for one another while also acknowledging everything that you notice the other has done will soothe frayed connections.


Libra, this week your ruler, Venus, receives a helpful trine and a tense square, but balancing these energies should be little issue for the sign of scales. You may start questioning if a member of your partnership is putting in more effort than the other. This could be a matter of one or both of you simply not noticing the effort the other put in, which is why it’s helpful to come right out and clarify.

Finding out what is real versus what is only perceived as real in your partnership will help. Setting clear expectations for one another may sound like a drag, but it can provide a lot of comfort. Vagueness in relationships is a breeding ground for paranoia and stormy thoughts. Clearly define what your romantic goals are and then work to meet one another.

You could be feeling a fair amount of societal or professional pressure this week. You could feel that the heat is on, but also be struggling to know which direction to go into. Your strength lies in your faith that everything is working out in your favor. It’s easy to slide into panic at times like this. Take advantage of your support system and your partner to come out on top.


Scorpio, this week you can feel your ability to put out love and understanding heighten as Neptune in your house of romance is activated by two different alignments. Your capacity for empathy is at a peak. It’s important to temper your open heart with some good sense this week, but I also advise that you lean into putting out love with abandon to your partner or not-yet-partner.

You could realize that in order to maintain a sense of peace in your relationship, you may have to reconstruct your normal ways of communicating. Paranoia breeds where there is no communication, so for the sake of your relationship, it’s important to lay it all out for your partner in plain English. While it’s no picnic to alter our approach, your phoenix-like capabilities allow you to embrace the change.

Communicating with optimism to your partner creates a sense of well-being between the two of you this week. Leaning into your sensitivity and intuition in conversation with your loved one won’t steer you wrong. Open yourself up to the signals that your higher self is sending you. Doing this opens you both up to higher levels of being, creating a stronger outlook for your partnership.


Sagittarius, this week Venus is within your house of partnership, so the transits she receives will be strongly felt in your relationship. As Venus forms a trine to Saturn in Aquarius, you can take full advantage of mature communication. Brainstorming your approach to your relationship together can make a real-world difference. Communicating also staves off any overthinking regarding your relationship.

While this week isn’t all about the fun side of your partnership, the work you do this week can have lasting effects on both of you. While sacrifice and hard work aren’t your favorites as a fun-loving Sagittarius, investing in your partnership through dedicated work shows your partner (and yourself) that you’re here for the long haul.

Sagittarius, your empathy for your partner could feel stretched this week. You might find yourself at your own emotional threshold. It’s hard to pour from an empty cup. To be able to hold more space for your partner’s emotions, focus on allowing your own emotions space first. Only then can you show up as the ideal partner.


Capricorn, this week signals a period of responsibility within your relationship. Focusing on security and finding romance in the daily grind of love are themes that could crop up. Putting in unseen work just because you love your partner and want to see them happy will pay off. Conversations about financial security and things that you own together are likely to be productive.

As the Sun and Mercury meet in your house of partnership, the focus of your attention and mental space is your relationship. Communicating with your partner is a higher priority and as such, you’re more likely to create a stronger bond. A trine from the Sun and Mercury to Neptune in Pisces drives home a sense of empathy for one another that allows your words to flow from a place of love and understanding.

What could throw you off a bit is uneasiness regarding where the two of you stand. As an Earth sign, you like to know that both feet are firmly planted on the ground, in your relationships and otherwise. Communicating clearly can be a struggle, so it can help to rehearse your words before you say them or opt for a letter to express yourself. This allows you to ask for clarity while making your needs clear.


Aquarius, this week Saturn within your own sign is receiving a trine from the planet of love, Venus. In your house of romance, this spells great luck for you and your partner. It can feel like your relationship just received a breath of fresh air. You can maintain your individuality while also keeping your partner close, which is the dream of many Aquarius’.

There’s an emphasis on putting in effort under the radar for your partnership. Ask yourself how much work you’re willing to do to ensure your relationship lasts for the long haul. Answering honestly will inform you of just how hard you ought to work. Giving more and expecting less is easier with a trine to Neptune from the Sun and Mercury this week. It’s a perfect time to humble yourself for the one you love.

While being willing to over-give is important, it’s obviously the hope that your partner is also over-giving to you to ensure your happiness as well. Both parties have to be willing to put their partnership first. If you’re giving without receiving acknowledgment, then this is the perfect week to approach this with your partner since your hearts are more open to one another’s efforts.


Pisces, Neptune within your own sign is receiving a couple of key aspects this week from other planets. The planet of love, Venus, is forming a square to Neptune, which for you brings up what you learned about relationships from those that you observed in the past. You can feel bad about your approach to partnerships without acknowledging that you’ve done the best with what tools you’ve been given.

A trine from Venus to Saturn indicates that you have a desire to fix old patterns that are no longer serving you in your partnership. Being honest with yourself about your part in the problem while being nonjudgmental towards yourself will empower you to make real changes.

Your house of romance holds a meeting between the Sun and Mercury this week, which brings loving communication to your relationship. This is further assisted by a trine to Neptune in your own sign, proving to yourself that though you’re flawed, you are also a spectacularly loving person who always tries their best.

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Wrapping Up

This week isn’t perfect for every sign, but I have to admit that I’m ready for the understanding that most of us will be prompted to give to ourselves and one another. What about yourself do you owe your own sympathy to? What in your partnership do you owe sympathy to? Let me know your answer in the comments below.

Next week there are a few planetary shifts you’re going to want to keep up on since they’re guaranteed to have an effect on all signs. If you’re reading this, make sure to check back in this time next week to know how to prepare for the week in advance for yourself and your relationship.

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