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Weekly Love Horoscope for January 3rd – 9th

Hey gorgeous gals, and welcome to 2022! We made it through two rather questionable years (Astrologically and otherwise…) and we’ve made it here! But in this guide, I just focus on one week at a time.

It’s good to know the long-term plan but it’s the actions you put in over weeks like this one that show what you’re living up to be.

If you’ve been becoming more informed about your life course by reading these Weekly Love Horoscopes, then you know all about the Venus/Pluto conjunction that was going on for the bulk of last month.

While they’re still both in Capricorn, Venus and Pluto have finally gotten some space from each other, which is sure to take the pressure off of most of our love lives.

Venus rolls into this year in retrograde, which indeed means something for each and every one of us. When the planet of romance starts to retrograde, you’re going to find that certain themes pop up that vary based on where Venus is in your own chart.

This week, we’re seeing some STELLAR arrangements for romance! Almost all of the signs this week are experiencing enhanced opportunities for expanding love and romance.

On January 3rd Mercury is officially in Aquarius, a generally favorable spot for Mercury, since Mercury ‘gets’ the energy of Aquarius. This means that every sign is feeling *some* sort of shift, for better or worse, in the mental realm.

A sextile between Neptune and Venus is forming from the 4th-6th of January, adding an element of dreaminess to our love lives.

As if that wasn’t enough, a rare configuration squeaks through on January 8th. This is Sun conjunct Venus, aka Venus Star Point. This is a karmically positive configuration for a majority of signs.

Alright, darling, this is a fun week. I think we’re ready to get into what all of this means for you and YOUR sign. Find your sign down below to find out what this week is bringing you.


My dearest Aries, you’re seeing a more responsible version of romance enter your life this week with Neptune in Pisces forming a sextile to Venus in retrograde in your house of legacy, career, and your public image.

For you, Aries, this means that love requires some kind of surrender. Perhaps you’ve got to decide if you’re going to prioritize time in the spotlight or give yourself the private healing you need. Romance is easier overall despite this because Neptune makes you more compassionate and understanding to those around you.

The Venus Star Point (Sun and Venus in Capricorn, meeting up) is happening in your house of legacy and renown. This could have you gaining notoriety or having a moment when you’re on others’ minds. This is a good day for marriage overall.


Taurus, this week showers you with optimism and hope overall as Venus transits your house of expansion, travel, and understanding. You’re finding that things begin to make more sense in your romantic life and you begin to ‘get’ why certain relationships happened.

With Venus forming a sextile to Neptune in your house of friendship, you could be feeling more joyful than usual around your friends. You and your friends are more prone to see one another as potential romantic partners.

Taurus, with your chart ruler (Venus) meeting the Sun in your house of travel, religion, and mind opening activities, you could find that romance and expansive adventures go hand in hand. Perhaps you fall for someone who is widely traveled, a professor, or someone with a strong religious background.


Gemini, this week, your planetary ruler is moving into your house of travel, religion, and mind expanding activities. This could bring a new shift in every realm of life since Mercury plays such a vital role in your life. You’ll find that this time is a time for understanding over knowing, and this applies to romance among any number of areas.

Gemini, with Venus in your house of secrets, transformation, and sex, you’re finding that random one night stands just aren’t cutting it and you feel the need for a deep connection with another. Venus and Neptune (in your house of career) are allowing you to see something good in someone who you might otherwise dismiss.

Being willing to transform your romance or otherwise reconstruct your life will be the best line of action. Burning it down and starting from the ground up should be informing your decisions. If you have to completely deconstruct your relationship to move on together then that is what has to happen.


Cancer, you’re seeing INCREDIBLE love opportunities this week, wow. I am almost in shock writing this. With Venus in your house of partnership, that alone means good things for your love life.

This week we also see Venus make a sextile to Neptune, in your house of travel and optimism. What a wonderful and dreamy period, especially if you’re a married person. You and your partner could easily experience a dreamy few days this week as your compassion for one another grows. It’s easy to love someone who you want to understand.

Cancer, Venus, and the Sun form the Venus Star Point on January 8th. You’re finding at this time that there are very few times that could be better for partnering officially. Whether you’re making it Facebook official or courthouse official, this is the best period for you, daughter of the Moon.


Leo, your house of work, routine, and health is seeing a lot of action this week. The themes in this house translate to your workplace especially….so I am wondering, is there a romance on the horizon where you are employed? Wherever you perform your work, love is there.

Leo, with Venus forming a sextile to Neptune, you are feeling a lot more generous at work. You might be seeing a coworker with fresh new eyes, guiding you to the conclusion that you might be interested in them. The coworker that you find sudden sympathy for could be your next love interest.

Things get super interesting when your chart ruler, the Sun, and Venus meet in the house of work and routine. First off, you’re feeling more confident at work…you’re practically glowing! Any work endeavor (but especially romantic endeavors) is blessed the most during this time.


Virgo, you are likely the MOST blessed sign when it comes to romance this week. Wow. Your fifth house is seeing some serious action, and I can’t lift my jaw off the floor. Venus is in fellow Earth sign Capricorn, first off. This means that Venus is working to your advantage overall. On top of that, Venus is being activated by some important transits this week!

With Venus in your house of romance, the sextile to Neptune in your house of partnership is absolutely PERFECT for fostering those feelings of “you and me” and “us against the world”. This period has you both feeling totally smitten, under love’s spell!

Virgo, things only get BETTER when the Sun and Venus meet in this sign. What positive energy to bring in. I highly recommend attending a concert, a sporting event, or a club (safely) if you can. This will allow you to be in the perfect environment to take advantage of these incredible blessings.


Libra, you’re seeing Mercury make a pivotal and sexy shift into the house of romance, hookups, and dating. Score! Libra, you’re seeing opportunities to flirt up a storm and you should totally jump on everyone that you see.

Libra, with your chart ruler in Capricorn in your house of family and home, your focus is focused on more private matters. Your partner should be able to accommodate your protective, motherly side. In fact, you might indeed be asked to be a caretaker for your partner in some way during this time.

When Venus and the Sun meet in your house of family and home, it’s a perfect time to bring your partner to meet the family or to move in with one another. Time anything pleasant, romantic, and homey to take place around this time for maximum success.


Scorpio, this week your house of communication is filled to the brim with love. Those around you may indeed find your words more comforting and sweet than usual. Your mind could be consumed with thoughts of love, camaraderie, and art.

As Venus and Neptune make a sextile with one another, you’re welcoming in even more compassion and empathy as well as a potential lover. Since Neptune is in your house of romance, you’re seeing amazing opportunities to invite in romance. Try going on a movie date.

Scorpio, as the Venus Star Point in Capricorn comes together in your house of communication, you’re seeing a concentration of mental energy in your relationships. Reaching out to those that pop into your head this week that you may have lost touch with is likely to bear fruit.


Sagittarius, you’re seeing a concentration of energy within your house of resources, including the planet of love, Venus. With Venus in this house, you’re seeing opportunities to receive money from others, so your romance could be someone who is able and willing to pay for some of your things or at least to take the bill at the restaurant.

Venus forming a positive sextile to Neptune in the house of family and home means that this is a wonderful time to introduce your partner to the family. You have compassion for the way that your partner was raised at this time, especially since you both might open up with each other during this transit.

Sagittarius, with Venus and the Sun meeting to form the magical Venus Star Point, you can expect an uptick of tangible displays of affection either from you to others or from others to you. Your romance could make a turn that makes it more grounded in reality instead of silly, unreachable ideals.


Capricorn…WOW. What an amazing week for you. Let’s start with the fact that Venus is in your own sign, making you basically love incarnate. As you’re making your way through life, you’re greeting it with an attitude of love, allowing you to see love where you otherwise may not have.

Capricorn, as Venus makes a sextile to Neptune in your house of communication, we can see an uptick in social connection. Who is to say that those connections can’t become romantic. I highly recommend jumping onto a dating website at this time if you’re looking for a higher chance of Mr. Right seeing your pretty face.

As Venus and the Sun meet in the sky, this forms what is called a Venus Star Point. In your first house, you are truly glowing this week. You could have dramatic shifts in your overall life understanding and interpretation that allow you to see warmth and romance in more detail.


Aquarius, with Venus in your house of isolation, you might not be feeling overly motivated to go out and flirt. Although, you might also be trying to get love and affection but are just finding it hard. This is a natural cycle so that you can attune with your intuition more strongly without the impact of others. Lean into yourself to become the person that potential partners see as relationship material.

With Venus forming a sextile to Neptune, you’re seeing a spike in compassion and concern for your fellow man. The best way to attract love is actually not to try at this time. Just being kind and considerate will allow you to be seen by the right guy at the right time.

Surrendering to love or lack thereof is necessary this week. Being ‘okay’ with your circumstances, whatever they may be, may seem impossible, but let me assure you, the second you release attachment to the outcome, that outcome is more likely to turn in your favor.


Pisces, with Venus in your house of friendship, it makes me wonder if there is a friend that is making you a little hot under the collar. If not, that’s okay. Your friends are still going to bring you tons of joy at this time, and the memories that are made will stick with you forever.

As Venus forms a lucky sextile to Neptune in your sign, this is a wonderful opportunity to radiate love and romance in general. You’re going to indeed find that your sympathetic and sweet nature is enough to charm the pants off a gargoyle.

Pisces, when Venus and the Sun meet to form a Venus Star Point, you’re finding that the Universe just sort of feels *right*. Incorporating yourself into groups and community events and potentially volunteering could bring you into the arms of love.

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Wrapping Up

This week is totally saturated in that earth Capricorn energy! There is no sign that should be afraid of this week’s events. In fact, this is almost as good of a week to kick off the year as Astrology can produce! Manifest some love and romance to fully take advantage of this energy.

Some of these transits are going to feel different for individuals than I have explained here. While generally accurate, these horoscopes don’t reflect the entire depth of information found within your own birth chart and your partner’s.

I noticed this and saw a perfect opportunity to bond more with my readers. As a result, I created the VIP Consultation service for my readers who desire one on one consultations with me. It’s a way for me to get to know you and for you to gain personalized insight into your relationship.

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Wishing You All the Luck in the Universe,

Anna Kovach

4 thoughts on “Weekly Love Horoscope for January 3rd – 9th

  1. My 2022 goal, “release attachment to the outcome”, as stated for my sign. I definitely seen this come true in other aspects of my life. Now it’s time to try it for love. I’ll keep you all posted

    1. Hi Sheryl!

      Lovely! That’s a beautiful goal. I think you’ll be doing so much better after you do exactly that. You should try some of the YouTube guided meditations OR the healing music ones with affirmations. They are amazing! I have no doubt you will reach your goals and in a blissful way. I wish you all the luck of the universe!

  2. I been waiting for this because I knew it was going to happen I’m a Cancer & this was the perfect horoscope for me thank you

    1. Hi Theresa!

      Thank you for writing in and confirming that it has helped you. That’s amazing and I am so very happy to hear it. If you need more help with Cancer man, you might consider my guides on Cancer Man Secrets. There might be some things that could be useful for you. I wish you all the best!

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