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Weekly Love Horoscope For January 24th – 30th

Hello ladies, and welcome to the Weekly Love Horoscope for January 24th-30th. I’d like to first apologize for last week’s hiccup. Some technical snafus got in the way of uploading the horoscope… but how Mercury Retrograde is that? I almost should have predicted such a thing myself!

Regardless, we’re back in the saddle again and Mercury has made its way back. Mercury began its way backwards on January 14th, and it will continue to do so until February 3rd. Mercury began this transition backwards in modern Aquarius and will be well within traditional Capricorn by the time it ends on February 3rd.

Mercury and Venus being in retrograde in the sign of Capricorn make for some preeeetty awkward conversations if you aren’t careful. You might walk away feeling like you weren’t heard or like the other person didn’t quite get what you were saying.

Needless to say, all signs should watch their online communications and ensure you’re TRIPLE checking the documents you upload or send, especially at work. You’ll hear all about it if you don’t, so just take the extra time and double-check.

With Venus making a trine to Uranus all week long, you have a mixed bag of things that you could expect, which largely depends on the sign. When Venus in retrograde forms a trine to Uranus, it means that you won’t escape social faux pas but you’ll recover with ease and it’s possible your partner or crush doesn’t notice or reads it as charming.

Mercury joins Pluto this week, bringing in a certain level of mental exhaustion. You might be so fixated on a certain problem that it feels like it’s eating you alive. Your communications could be spicier this week, making flirting a little more daring and dangerous. But that’s not a bad thing all the time.

With Saturn, the Sun, and Mercury (for the first half of the week before it retrogrades into Capricorn once more) all in Aquarius, Saturn is feeling strong. Saturn’s influence is especially powerful this week.

By the time this week rounds out, we see no less than FIVE planets in the sign of Capricorn! Holy sea goats! As there is so much strict Capricorn energy, it’s best to play on Capricorn’s terms. That means nose to the grindstone, no-nonsense, and taking great pride in the work that you put out.

Saturn energy is not usually equated with light-hearted romance, but a serious and dedicated partnership. These are the themes that you could choose to think about and put effort into.

Without further ado, let’s hop into the horoscope for January 24th-30th together. Find your sign below to find out more about how all of this energy meets YOUR love potential for this week.


Aries, you like to fight back against the status quo, but I have to advise against it this week. Your romantic life is calling for something that allows for freedom while honoring long-standing traditions in love.

The Sun rules your house of romance and the Sun is placed snugly in Aquarius and thus, your house of friendship. You might find that it’s the perfect time to introduce your partner to your friend group. In addition, there is a chance that you’re crushing on a friend you’ve known!

With your own ruler moving into Capricorn this week, it’s time to get your energy into fulfilling all of the things that you have to do to get your rear in gear. In this sense, you feel okay. Your ruling planet in Capricorn feels strong there, which positively reflects on your vigor and vitality in love.


Taurus, while this week isn’t more romantic for you than other signs, it certainly feels a little easier for you anyways. Capricorn’s energy is concentrated in your house of education, travel, and mind-opening experiences. This house signals that your next partner or romantic interest could be in the field of religion, higher education, teaching in general, or someone who travels for work.

Taurus, you’re seeing incredible chances to improve your general faith in life, something that many other signs just don’t understand during this period which can be more difficult for others. Your faith in love could be restored.

There is a good chance that romance, while potential, is still a bit glitchy. Since your house of romance is ruled by Mercury (currently in retrograde) you could find miscommunications. They may not understand your feelings for them or perhaps you’re not aware that they really like you too.


Gemini, with Mercury (your chart ruler) in the sign of Capricorn and also in retrograde, your mental space is something to behold right now. You likely feel like you need to make solid accomplishments but also feel as if you can’t actually get a foothold to put any work into action.

With your house of secrets and taboos loaded up, you might find information coming to your attention that you weren’t previously aware of. With the presence of Venus here as well, it’s a good bet that this has something to do with your partner.

This transit can make you overly suspicious when there is no grounded reason to be. But then again, sometimes it’s valid. The best thing to do is to air out your thoughts to your partner and believe what they say unless you have strong proof indicating they’re not being honest.


Cancer, Capricorn is receiving extra focus this week which means your partner is receiving more attention from you this week as well. You are firmly focused on the other people around you and those to whom you have contractual obligations.

With all of this energy in your house of partnership, you’re sure to see changes in your dynamic. With Venus in retrograde along with Mercury in this house, miscommunications with your loved one are likely. Being willing to slow down and ask questions when talking to one another will assist in clearing up misunderstandings.

Cancer, this is a great time to work out the kinks in the relationship you’re in right now. I recommend using this time to strengthen your partnership. It’s not a preferable time to start a new one until at least Venus is moving direct once more, which she will on the very last day of this week.


Leo, your planetary ruler, the Sun, moves into your sister sign, Aquarius. This means that your house of partnership is lighting up once more. Your new focus is primarily on the other people in your life. You’re able to shed light upon the relationships that you may not have been highlighting enough.

With Mercury in retrograde in this house at the beginning of this week, expect miscommunications to occur between you and your partner. It’s a good idea to slow down and make sure that the two of you are on the same page completely. You’ll thank me later.

Leo, your house of work and routine is totally capped out, especially as Mercury Retrogrades back into the sign of Capricorn. Romance can be difficult when you’re so focused on daily minutiae. The best way to bond with your partner right now is to actively involve them in your routine.


Virgo, with your chart ruler, Mercury, retrograding into your house of romance this week, you could find some shakeups in your love life. Mercury in this house has less dire effects than in other houses, but you could certainly find it hard to talk to or see your crush due to some reason or another.

With Venus also retrograding in your house of romance, expect to see a large number of past lovers resurface in your mind, and maybe even manifest back into your reality.

As far as pursuing things with past loves, you certainly can if you want to. I don’t believe that relationships that begin or rekindle during Mercury Retrograde are inherently cursed. It’s just important that you’re doing this for the current version of who you are and not to satisfy the longings of the you of the past.


With your ruling planet in your house of family and home and still in retrograde, love and romance could be threatening what you need in order to feel safe in the world. Libra, romance, and your family life should be able to safely intersect in your life. What is the holdup?

With your planetary ruler, Venus, also in a trine to Uranus in Taurus, you could be experiencing some relationship shakeups that could include prior lovers. Venus in retrograde touching Uranus could certainly ask you to look backward for love instead of forwards. It is ultimately your choice what happens.

Libra, the Sun is entering Aquarius and thus your house of romance and dating. This brings attention to following where the butterflies in your stomach lead you! The person that you’re crushing on could well be there to enrich you and the life around you.


Scorpio, with Uranus in your house of partnership making a trine to Venus in retrograde in your house of communication, you can see that talking to your partner may feel natural right now. I just ask that you speak with some caution as Venus in retrograde along with Mercury in retrograde could color your words differently than you meant to.

With your planetary ruler entering Capricorn, you are generally feeling more powerful. Mars in Capricorn strengthens your inherent spark in life. With Mars operating at peak capacity, your words could be flavored with a little too much spice. Lean off if others are indicating that you’re a bit too crass or insensitive.

The ruler of your house of partnership (Venus) is in retrograde, telling me that this week could see you and your partner having some disagreements or miscommunications. Hitting up your exes during this transit is a possibility.


Sagittarius, you are less affected by romance overall than most at this time, mostly because the focus for you is on more grounded and mental pursuits at this time. However, your romantic fifth house ruler is transitioning through Capricorn, making your expression of romance strong and forceful, but with a mind for practical considerations.

Mercury is the ruler of your house of partnership, and being in retrograde and in your house of finances, this tells me that somehow your partnerships are becoming more intertwined with your finances. First off, romantically or not, I don’t advise signing contracts. You and your partner could argue about money if you don’t quickly diffuse the situation.

The Sun is also moving into Aquarius in your house of communication which means that you’re more focused on how you create social bonds with those around you. Your mind is sharper than usual and learning all about your partner is easier.


Capricorn, you’re the star of this show yet again this week. You’re being seen as a magnet of energy of all kinds. You bring the elements of sensitivity, passion, awareness, love, and power to the table this week, and so it’s safe to say a lot is going on for you right now.

With your sign being so loaded, it means you’re feeling the effects of both retrogrades, Mercury and Venus, especially strongly this week. I don’t advise beginning a new relationship between now and January 29th, preferably February 4th.

Capricorn, with your chart ruler being so prominent right now, Saturn in your house of resources needs to be considered. You are demanding that your partner show you their credentials, preferably with references. You want to know that they’re your permanent dream guy and not just playing games.


Aquarius, this week draws you out of your shell that you may have been in for a while. Perhaps you feel like you’re catching flak for every little thing you do. Your partner can be a source of support this week as the Sun (ruler of your house of partnership) moves into your own sign.

This means that you are focusing on other people more than usual. You’re always a charitable sign, but usually towards the world at large and not so much just your partner. That could be shifting as the Aquarius season begins. You are far more giving and understanding to your partners since caring for them feels like caring for yourself.

With a mess of planets in Capricorn, you’d be justified if you still feel like holing up in bed and taking some more alone time. Or perhaps you’re dying to have some company. Either way, the Sun moving into your own sign is the beginning of a gradual shift for you, when you step into your power and become the best, most attractive version of yourself.


Pisces, with your house of friendship loaded to the brim, you could well be ready to go out and socialize. Despite the fact that Capricorn is usually a sign of restriction, in the eleventh house of blessings, it can manifest in positive ways. You are being gifted all of the energy that’s in this house.

Don’t get me wrong, you’ll still feel the effects of Venus and Mercury in Retrograde. You and your friends might be having a mental block with each other. This is only enhanced by the fact that one of you may have feelings for the other.

Pisces, with the ruler of your fifth house of romance (the Moon) whizzing by all of the planets in Capricorn before the week rolls out, you’ll likely find that the end of the week is defined by romantic interests coming out of the woodwork, possibly from past relationships.

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Wrapping Up

This week is a wild one, you guys. It’s already an awful lot of Capricorn energy which already dampens the energies. Then, we see significant retrograde planets to boot! I hope that you found the information for your own sign listed above helpful.

As Venus and Mercury remain in retrograde, it’s a pretty tough call to predict how you and your partner will personally feel the effects of this. Sun signs aren’t the only points in the chart, after all.

Since I always look for excuses to interact with readers like you, I created a consultation service to clear up anything you’re wondering about Astrologically.

>> Check it out here while there are still some slots left. I am happy to answer all of your burning questions!

Wishing you all the luck in the Universe,

Anna Kovach

6 thoughts on “Weekly Love Horoscope For January 24th – 30th

  1. I just read this weeks horoscope and I cannot believe how accurate it has been in my relationship! I am a Gemini and he is a Leo. We got in a huge argument this weekend and it’s exactly how the horoscope says! For me, I found out some previous information about my boyfriend that I was unaware of and it has made me suspicious and untrusting. He is feeling like things he has said are being miscommunicated or misunderstood. He’s also so focused on his housework and responsibilities. I cannot believe how accurate this was this week.

    1. Hi Maryann!

      Wonderful! I’m so glad that the scope was dead on for you. That makes me feel amazing! Clients like you are why I write these. It sounds like you two need better communication. You need to find a way to express yourselves via listening and speaking in a soft tone without defensive or offensive words. You’ll be surprised how well things go. I wish you all the very best and stay tuned with the horoscopes!

  2. That’s right dear Anna, this week I’m going to do a favor for him in the form of daily work (as you said for aquarius) after our last talk yesterday. Exactly I feel like doing favor to him is doing favor to myself because I don’t want to see him upset. As always you interprete weekly horoscope as my real experience. But I guess that read these weekly horoscope with rising is more accurate than the Sun sign. Am I right?

    1. Hi Paris!

      It sounds like you know what you’re going to do and it’s a great goal. There is definitely more going on right now with Venus and Mars being in Aquarius at the same time. Please stay tuned in with the love horoscopes so you don’t miss out! Rising isn’t more important but it’s rather part of the equation as is the Moon sign.

  3. Yes I was definitely feeling the Mercury retrograde last week – everything was going wrong! Even ended up with an argument of sorts with my love, which hurt badly, but luckily he came back to me on Saturday and we messaged and sorted it out thank goodness! He is a Capricorn and I’m Aquarius so not hugely compatible I guess but we have a real soul connection. Loving reading all your emails – I find astrology a fascinating subject.

    1. Hi Jane!

      Mercury retrograde is not always a fun thing but it can definitely teach us things if we truly stay tuned in and focused. It can help teach you the right way to talk to your lover instead of the wrong way. You know, you can find out how compatible you are or aren’t. I can do a consultation for you to find out. I’ll leave it up to you! Wishing you all the best.

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