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Weekly Love Horoscope for January 17th – 23rd

Hello, dearest reader and welcome to the Weekly Love Horoscope for the week of January 17th-23rd 2022. Last week might have given you whiplash, and there are even more shakeups this week.

So, what is it that you can expect? The Sun is a major player this week and the only planetary body switching signs this week.

The Sun is moving from rigorous Capricorn to utopian Aquarius. This can feel like mom and dad have left the house and your kooky but fun aunt has come over to babysit. It invites you to be yourself authentically as well as to question the status quo.

The Sun and Pluto join in the sky on day one of this week, creating a general focus on power acquisition and having the upper hand, as well as experiencing a transformation (by choice or force).

The Sun and Mercury are also about to link up, just a few days after the Sun and Pluto meet up. Sun conjunct Mercury promises incredible mental power. New ideas are more likely to illuminate your mind. You’re sure to find that your mind is moving at a billion miles an hour.

Last but not least, this week kicks off a configuration that will last for the rest of the month, as Venus in Capricorn forms a trine to Uranus in Taurus. This is sure to ramp up your love life since Uranus with Venus is known to add some unexpected plot twists to the story of your love.

Thankfully, you’re seeing it form a trine, which means that Venus’ and Uranus’ energies are in harmony.

This week will result in changes for EVERY sign, so pay attention to your Sun sign below in order to get the scoop on the type of energy coming your way very soon.


Aries, with so much going down in the sign of Capricorn this week, you might be feeling like you’re trying to fit square pegs into round holes. This is because of the tense square that forms between the signs of Capricorn and Aries.

The Sun is seeing multiple configurations, and this bodes extremely well for you. The Sun rules your house of romance, flirting, dating, and creativity. As a result, you’ll find that you’re considering ways to better magnetize others. In addition, you’re mentally preoccupied with the role love plays in your life.

Aries, as the Sun shifts out of Capricorn and into Aquarius just before Venus forms a positive trine to Uranus, you’re seeking a gentle love without limitations. You may seek a less confined romance that aligns with modern ideals of romance rather than traditional ones.


Taurus, with so much action going on in the sign of Capricorn, you’re feeling lucky. Capricorn occupies your ninth house of philosophy, adventure, and optimism. The world seems like a bigger, more exciting place than usual. You’re normally relatively subdued, Taurus, but you could find yourself longing for a romance that shakes your perceptions of love.

The Sun conjuncting with Pluto in your ninth house might have you seeking unknown sexual adventures. Be honest with your partner about any new desires so you can honor them.

As the Sun moves into Aquarius, you’re seeing a new awareness come to your legacy and how the world remembers you and sees you now.

Your planetary ruler, Venus, forming a trine to Uranus in your own sign is a huge blessing to you. If it has seemed like unexpected events aren’t translating very well into your love life, this is a period where all of that can change for the better. You might find that a little change in your romantic life improves it!


Gemini, your house of secrets, taboo, and sex is popping off with Capricorn placements this week. The Sun conjuncting Pluto here is sure to give you a voracious sexual appetite. Merging your own possessions with those of another is possible as well.

When the Sun transits into Aquarius, it forms a positive trine to your own sign. This week, expect an uplifted attitude, a desire to expand your mind, and a willingness to explore. Your mental state is a little bit sunnier overall when the Sun moves into intellectual Aquarius.

Gemini, Venus in Capricorn forming a trine to Uranus in your house of isolation could bring you company in an area of your life where you thought that you were totally alone. A romantic partner, in particular, could honor those parts of you that you didn’t think were nice enough for public consumption.


Cancer, you have a uniquely blessed week this week as Capricorn, the sign on your house of partnerships and marriage is loaded with energy. The Sun meeting Pluto in this house is sure to get your blood pumping in bed with your partner. The two of you may also decide that an overhaul of some part of your relationship is required.

As the Sun meets Mercury, if you’re not married your mind is consumed with thoughts of marriage and partnerships. You might find a part of yourself feeling inadequate for your partner. It’s important to share any insecurities with them in a loving way.

Cancer, as the Sun moves into Aquarius while Venus in your house of partnership forms a trine to Uranus in your house of friendship and blessings, this is a good time to get married if you desire a free and trusting partnership over one with many restrictions and rules.


Leo, the Sun is your planetary ruler, and as it turns out the Sun is the main player this week. The Sun is in your house of labor and work right now, bringing awareness and focus to your routines, health, and workplace.

The Sun conjuncting Pluto signals an intense transformation on the workfront. Sometimes this transit equates to release sexual energy. If hooking up with a coworker was ever on your agenda, this is a perfect time to go for it.

With the Sun moving into Aquarius this week, this is the beginning of something spectacular on the relationship front. This is a perfect time to make relationships official and to create lasting partnerships. Signing contracts, in general, is a preferred activity at this time.


Virgo, your amazing wit becomes sharpened this week as the Sun conjuncts your planetary ruler in your house of creativity and romance. The light in your head feels like it’s been flicked on and you’re more aware and involved than ever in the dating and romance scene. If you’re already in a partnership, try going out to clubs and concerts or sporting events at this time.

On top of this, Venus forms a trine to Uranus in fellow Earth sign, Taurus, in your ninth house of expansion and education. A grand trine (aka: Super Luck!) is being formed between your sign and these two points, making a wide path for a new and exciting love that you never saw coming to waltz in.

Virgo, you’re a sensible sign but letting go and meeting every opportunity with a little too much optimism will work in your favor. Having faith that you’re being provided with the best set of circumstances possible is the key to taking advantage of this blessed time.


Libra, your focus is close to home this week as the Sun, Mercury, Venus, and Pluto all linger in your house of family and residence. Dealing with past relationships and making peace with romances of yesteryear is the main focus.

The Sun meets Mercury, the ruler of your house of faith and optimism, adds a boost of wonder to your days. You are more likely to meet others with open arms regardless of their background and their pasts. Your normally discriminating mind has softened up significantly.

The Sun enters Aquarius this week turns out to be a big blessing for you, as it will then be in your house of romance, dating, and creativity. Libra, you might feel like you’re finally getting your groove back with this transit. The Sun in the fifth house draws romance closer to you and illuminates areas where you’re more likely to find romance.


Scorpio, this week your house of communication and your mental awareness is full to the brim, meaning that your mind is likely reeling with thoughts. This is especially true as the Sun meets Mercury in this house. You are more goal oriented, to the point of mental exhaustion. Taking a break from time to time is important.

As the Sun is conjunting with Pluto (your planetary co-ruler), you could feel like you’re on a mild high. Your mind is buzzing and seeking the truth everywhere. This configuration allows you to communicate more seductively and your inherent magnetism is apparent.

As Venus in Capricorn forms a trine to Uranus in Taurus in your house of partnerships, your ability to accept what is strange to you in a partner determines how successful this transit is for you. Being open to new ideas and types of people could open you up to new romantic opportunities.


Sagittarius, with your second house of resources loaded with planets, the more monetary and sensual side of romance is activated. Hey, any relationship that you hope will end in a long life together will likely include joining finances and paying bills. Use this time to find someone who aligns with your values and whose taste is similar to your own.

With the Sun conjuncting Pluto and Mercury this week (two financial planets) you’re seeing a new focus on money. You could find that new ways of bringing in resources are brought to light. You understand your financial status and how to improve your finances better than ever.

As the Sun moves out of Capricorn and into Aquarius, you’ll notice a shift to more cerebral pursuits. You’re more likely to


Capricorn, there is so much activity going on in your sign, it’s best to buckle your seatbelt and try to stay grounded as the twists and turns erupt in your love life this week. Quirky people who bring unexpected news and unconventional ideas into your life may be a source of admiration and attraction. Venus retrograde in your sign may lead you to continue to re-evaluate relationships from the past.

But there’s no need to get stuck in reverse, Capricorn. It’s important for you to now be open to learning the lessons from these past relationships and to remain open to new and exciting adventures. Experiment with your appearance this week. Go for a bold and unique hairstyle and revamp your wardrobe. Both the Sun’s movement into Aquarius and Venus’s eventual trine to Uranus in Taurus can bring out your funky artistic side. Don’t be afraid to make a splash, others will definitely notice you, so be confident about making dramatic changes to your appearance.

Pluto is also digging up deep and buried secrets and you may have to face an old fear or insecurity that you thought you could just brush under the rug. When it comes to love and relationships, try to embrace all that comes your way now. A harsh truth or difficult conversation may actually be your key to success. You can become more empowered in a relationship if you don’t shy away from taking care of business.

This can also include shared finances. If you’ve been overextending your budget or splurging on a love interest it’s time to pay the piper. But this can also be an important time to face the music and accept responsibility for going to extremes and the impact this has had on your relationship. Try to get grounded in the present so you can work with a love interest or serious partner to make solid long-term plans, including financial plans.


So much drama is being kicked up in your twelfth house, Aquarius, and for you, this week is all about release and letting go. Don’t cling to your expectations of a love interest or past love. Someone you’ve been hoping will return may disappoint, but this is an important lesson, and blessing, in disguise.

This week, show your bold and beautiful self just as you are. Those who don’t get you will fall by the wayside but those who do understand you will be drawn to you like moths to a flame. This is an important time for spiritual lessons and you may feel like your intuition is intensified now. Pay attention not your instincts and dreams.

Don’t let fantasies stand in the way of you being able to see a relationship as it truly is. Someone close to you may show just how wounded they are. You can show love and support to help them heal, but there is also a limit to what you bear as responsibility in the relationship. Try to work out boundaries that help you show your compassion without being enabling. Be careful when it comes to partying this week, it may be hard for you to put limits on your desires for pleasure and excess and if you’re not careful, you may end up complicating a love relationship or losing control of yourself and saying or doing things you don’t really mean.


This is a big week for you when it comes to friendships. You may be on a quest for love as well but try to nurture your connections with friends first. A love may evolve from a friendship or you may form tight bonds with friends who become like family to you.

This can also be a great week to reconcile an ongoing conflict with someone close to your heart. A loved one may have an important message that leaves you feeling troubled or insecure, but it is essential that you listen and try to hear their point of view even if you do not agree.

Healing can happen now if you face your own fears and work to release wounds from the past. Expectations that weren’t fulfilled can distract you from the happiness you deserve. Pay attention to the support you do have as friends come out of the woodwork now.

With Venus still being retrograde, this is an important time for you to reconsider your stance when it comes to a few of your important relationships or past relationship patterns. There is much you can learn and you may go through dramatic growth in your perspective now. It’s ok to let go of someone from the past, you’re not betraying them, simply allowing both of you to move on and find healing.

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With so much going on in the sky now it’s essential to keep a few things in mind no matter what your specific Sun sign is…

Have fun with romance and attraction this week, but be careful not to look for a set-in-stone commitment just yet. Venus is still retrograde and coming into a trine with unpredictable Uranus. Enjoy the process and stay in the moment, you’ll have plenty of time to build a foundation for the future in the coming weeks.

Be mindful of your urges when it comes to impulsively speaking your truth or acting on instinct. You’re likely to have quite a few lucky breaks this week, but it’s good to know when to call it a day and restrain yourself before going too far to extremes. Enjoy and make the most of this intense, exciting, and highly creative energy that is unleashed this week.

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Until next week!

Wishing you love and light,

Anna Kovach

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  1. Woooow Anna. I’m so happy now after that bad headache and sorethroat. This full moon is like a breeze on my cheeks. Thank you universe. I missed him very much and now he come back to me. Thanks. I wish you a wonderful full moon, Anna. You are always a thoughtful inspiration.

    1. Hi Paris!

      Oh my gosh. I surely hope you’re better by now. Keep up with the love horoscopes. You never know what may be coming up! We’re approaching yet another full moon tomorrow Friday March 18. Stay tuned and I wish you all the very best!

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