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Weekly Love Horoscope For January 10th – 16th

Hello darlings, my name is Anna Kovach, and welcome to the Weekly Love Horoscope for January 10th through the 16th. Last week’s horoscope might as well have come with singing princesses and rainbows, it was so pleasant. I hope you fully took advantage of the good vibes, because this week can prove to be a doozy for several signs…

In looking ahead, I haven’t spotted any major planetary sign changes for this week, but that doesn’t mean that the pot isn’t being stirred. Planetary alignments are on their way in and they have a lot to say.

First off, we get an easy one. The Sun forms a sextile to Neptune, giving us a solid day when you can experience heightened creativity and intuition during this time, depending on other factors. In addition, your whole outlook could be tinged by compassion for your fellow man and woman.

Things get dicey when Mars makes a harsh square to Neptune. This is a configuration that can bring general confusion and mayhem. Mars wants to go, go, go and Neptune and hazy and has no plan. As a result, you can find yourself going very quickly into a misguided direction. Anger with no clear outlet is a possibility too. This can derail romance if you’re not prepared.

We then see Mercury square Uranus, which is a recipe for changing plans. I wouldn’t bank on any dates or meet ups going exactly how you expect this week. Rather, you might be seeing some miscommunications that cause worry and anxiety.

As the Sun meets Pluto in the sky, forming the last major alignment of the week, we see an opportunity for increasing your own power. You could become a bit paranoid and suspicious, questioning the motives of others… but this may be for good reason. This transit can also lead to some incredible sex with power differentials, if that’s your jam.

Okay, this week looks wild, right? That’s why I encourage you to scroll down, find your sign, and see what you specifically should expect. This will help prepare you for any nonsense that arises this week, trying to disturb your peace.

Without further ado, let’s dive in, my dears.


Aries, with the Sun in your house of legacy and career making a sextile to Neptune in your house of isolation, you may be feeling like working from home or calling out. You can use this time to get closer to your special someone, because they may be the only one you feel like being alone with.

As your planetary ruler, Mars, in the sign of Sagittarius, makes a square to Neptune in Pisces, we see a potentially frustrating period for you, Aries. You may feel like making an impromptu trip with no direction. Taking your lover and going on a plane to anywhere might be more your speed this week. However, you’re more likely to feel dazed, confused, and perhaps a little prophetic.

Aries, as you work on your patience, you may find that your mind is spinning in all directions. As Mercury squares Uranus in your houses of finances and friendships, you may be tempted to favor friendships over the material or vice versa, thus causing some kind of upheaval. This could make your speech unexpected, so when talking to someone you’d like to impress, less is more.


Taurus, this week, you are experiencing some pretty major changes, aka, totally not your jam. As a result, you might be feeling a little lost in the sauce.

Mercury forming a square to Uranus in your own sign could certainly make this week worrying for you. You may be thinking you’re just too weird to hook the guy you’re interested in. Embracing your strangeness for yourself is the best way for others to also appreciate what makes you different.

The Sun in Capricorn conjuncting Pluto is better for you overall than other signs. This is because Capricorn forms a positive trine to your own sign, thus influencing you more easily than some other signs. As it turns out, this means that you can look forward to the more positive aspects of this transit, like regaining power and experiencing the intense attraction.

When the Sun in Capricorn forms a sextile to Neptune in your house of friends, you see a sharp uptick in your ability to forecast future events. Trusting your gut on matters of romance is vital at this time because you’re more blessed with an attuned sixth sense.


Gemini, you’re sure to have a doozy of a week as your chart ruler Mercury forms a square to Uranus, an alignment that makes you feel like you must try to integrate your thoughts with unexpected events that seem to oppose that goal. It can be frustrating to speak with others since they and you are a bit more erratic, so keep that in mind when considering your partner’s words or behavior.

As the Sun forms a sextile to Neptune, you’re seeing your house of secrets and taboo lit up with solar power while Neptune in your house of career and legacy seems to shroud you in a haze. You may be able to influence how others see you, even if it’s not the whole truth. If you’d like to come off as kinder, more compassionate, or more spiritual then this is the time to impress your crush.

On top of that, Gemini, you’re being influenced in a pretty murky way by Mars in your house of partnerships, which is forming a harsh square to Neptune. Your relationships could be defined by misunderstanding and misinterpretation, causing you to want to take direct action, but I suggest you wait until this transit is over to take drastic action with your partner.


Cancer, we see the Sun and Pluto popping off together in your house of partnership, which for you could be good or bad depending on whether you choose to focus on the shadow side or light side of this transit.

The shadow side of this alignment could look like struggling to maintain the upper hand in a relationship or an incoming power differential between you and your partner. On the light end, you might take back the power you’ve given away to your partner, thus making the relationship more fulfilling for the both of you.

The Sun forming a sextile to Neptune makes it easier to see your partner through a lens of light and love. You might feel the pressure in your relationship, but this configuration has the potential to bring the two of you closer together, not drive you farther apart.

Cancer, this alignment takes the pressure off of you and puts it on joint affairs. It may be best to hold off on signing contracts or otherwise joining your energy with another’s permanently or short-term at this time. Focus on keeping your current partnerships calm.


Leo, your chart ruler is seeing some action this week. Translation? YOU are seeing some action this week!

The Sun in your house of work is currently influencing your life the most of all planets. The Sun is joining with Pluto here, creating the potential for work drama. You might feel like the sky is falling when you clock in at this time. Power differentials at work are likely more pronounced.

Despite this, work and routines have a certain sexy allure to them right now. The people you see at work, the gym, grocery shopping, or generally running errands could be entrancing you. Perhaps a certain guy you cross paths with can’t help but notice you now either.

The Sun is also forming a gentle sextile to Neptune in your house of secrets and taboo. You might be able to see the more offensive stuff you see on the job as more interesting or entertaining. Or you could engage in some taboo behavior at work – don’t worry, I won’t tell!


Virgo, with your chart ruler, Mercury, seeing a fair amount of stress through a square with erratic Uranus, you could feel like your hair’s on fire. Hopefully not literally.

Mercury in a square with Uranus makes you feel frazzled. You’re better at maneuvering unexpected events than the other Earth signs, but you still don’t prefer this sort of atmosphere. This is a week that requires a monk-like commitment to inner peace. Finding your inner Zen is what you need.

With the Sun and Pluto in your house of romance, you’re seeing opportunities for sparks to fly. This is a highly sexual week for you and you might not mind having a saucy little hookup or taking things out of the “talking” stage and into the sexual stage.

With the Sun forming a romantic sextile to Neptune, you and your partner might be a little more forgiving of one another and more willing to see the good in one another. If you’re not dating, any prospects that you have will be more sensitive to your kindness and love.


Libra, this week we see your house of family and home being shaken up to the max as the Sun and Pluto align within this house. You might find that your home life is keeping your mind off of love and romance, which is a total drag, especially for a loving Libra. Some events on the home front may need to be addressed before carrying on with life-altering romances again.

Libra, Mars, ruler of your house of partnership, forms a square to Neptune this week in your houses of work and communication. This could have you forced to intervene in more conflicts than you’d prefer as a peace-loving Libra. My best advice is to keep your cool and focus your words more on love and light rather than anything confrontational.

As Mercury in your house of romance forms a square to Uranus, be prepared for the unexpected in romance this week. I wouldn’t count on set date plans going as you want. Be prepared for cancellations and go with the flow if things get off course. Miscommunications that devolve into chaotic conversations are a possibility.


Scorpio, as both of your planetary rulers see some action this week, you’re likely a bit overwhelmed with stimulation. With the Sun in your house of communication forming a conjunction to Pluto, you’re seeing a pressure overcome your words. You may feel that there is something you must say or else. In addition, your perception is on fire, bringing in all stimuli at once it seems.

As Mars in the sign of Sagittarius in your house of resources and money forms a salty square to Neptune in your house of romance, you might find that your passions that lie in the material world seem incompatible with love and romance. Perhaps your pursuit of making money gives you the impression that you’ll never find time for a partner.

Scorpio, Mercury in Aquarius forms a square to Uranus in your house of partnership as well, causing the potential for mismatched desires when it comes to home and family between you and your partner. I don’t advise signing contracts at this time since they may bear totally unexpected results. You may feel your partner is less committed to the partnership than you are right now.


Sagittarius, Mars in your own sign sees a square to Neptune this week, causing you to feel potentially dazed and confused. You want very much to take action but aren’t sure in what direction. You could feel like you’re punching at the air or grasping at straws. It’s best to take the time to focus your efforts before diving into huge endeavors.

With the Sun in your house of resources forming a sextile to Neptune in your house of family, you may find that your home is flourishing due to having enough resources to cover your needs. You feel good about your ability to make the home suitable for you and your partner.

As the Sun and Pluto meet in your house of resources and money, you may experience a shift or joining of finances. The best advice isn’t to gain mastery over your partner’s finances or your own but to fully surrender to the fact that you both must contribute to make the practical aspects of your relationship work.


Capricorn, you might find that you’re experiencing an inner shift. With the Sun and Pluto joining within your sign, you are currently the embodiment of a transformation. You could experience a glow-up of some kind, using seduction to get what you need. You know that people who look good are more liked, for better or worse. Use your attractiveness to your advantage now.

Capricorn, as the Sun in your sign forms a sextile to Neptune in your house of communication, you might find that you’re speaking more kindly than usual. Your psychic perception is enhancing, giving you some clues as to what’s going on in your partner’s mind. Use your power wisely.

Mars in your house of isolation making a square to Neptune in your house of communication and cognition could make you want to communicate your unspoken needs to others, but you don’t know how. Finding words for what you want to express is difficult at this time, causing mental frustration.


Aquarius, with Mercury in your own sign forming a square to your chart ruler, Uranus, you are generally feeling like a mess and like the unexpected lurks around every corner. Lucky for you, you’re more used to the presence of change and innovation more than most other signs. You will get by but not without some stress, I am afraid.

Aquarius, as the Sun in your house of isolation forms a sextile to Pisces in your house of finances, you could find that your unspoken desires and motivations and your physical space and objects around you are intertwined. You may come across objects that light up your memories in such a way that you approach old issues with newfound understanding.

Romance, once again, is not typical of the transits you’re experiencing. All signs can expect a transit such as this about once a year though. After you, other signs will also hit this ‘dry spell.’ The best advice is to double down on the relationships you already have, allowing them to see your deep appreciation for them.


Pisces, you’re seeing a romantic sextile from the Sun in your house of friendship to Neptune in your own sign. This brings a generally empowering but gentle energy into you this week, making others feel heard, seen, and felt. Men are likely to see you as a sweet person that would make their lives sweeter at this time.

When Neptune forms a square to Mars in your house of notoriety, you’re seeing generally incompatible energies attempt to join within you. You try to reconcile things about yourself and your own personality with how you’re perceived by others. You could be putting energy into making yourself more palatable for others, which I never recommend unless it’s absolutely called for.

Lastly, we see the Sun meet up with Pluto in your house of friendships, creating opportunities for sharp intensity in the realm of friendships and groups. You could find yourself being magnetically drawn to zealously passionate groups. You could meet someone who is singularly just as magnetic while you’re there.

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Wrapping Up

As we bring this week to a close, I want to remind all of you that you have gotten through transits a lot worse than this one, and we’ll get through even harder ones eventually. We’re tough stuff! We are made of the very stars that tell our fates, meaning we embody them and can deal with anything they throw at us.

I also felt it was important to remind you, that weeks like this can throw a relationship way off track, and potentially end them if you’re not careful. If you feel this, I want you to get a hold of me.

I offer consultations for my readers, and this week is one where I genuinely hope to be busier than I know what to do with because I can sense that some will need my help. So don’t hesitate to book a meeting so that you’ve got some much-needed Astrological support.

Book a VIP Consultation here <<

Wishing you all the luck in the Universe,

Anna Kovach

8 thoughts on “Weekly Love Horoscope For January 10th – 16th

    1. Hi Kim!

      I wonder how things went for you after you read the weekly horoscope. I sure hope you’re still following the current ones because they are definitely getting even more interesting. I think you’ll enjoy them! I wish you all the luck of the stars sweetheart !

    1. Hi Donna!

      I am so sorry to hear that your relationship isn’t doing very well. You should probably find his sign and look up the guides on my site. I have plenty to offer you to help your situation. I also can possibly do a consultation for you but I’ll leave that up to you! I wish you all the best!

  1. All of a sudden he starts getting an attitude and either doesn’t talk to me or starts a fight. I am seriously thinking about ending this relationship.

    1. Hi Lisa!

      I am sorry he gets an attitude and doesn’t talk much. He sounds like an Earth sign. Hmm… I understand if you want to end it but what if you could salvage it… would you? I can help you! I’d love to do a consultation on you and see where things could possibly get better so it could still work between you. I’ll leave it up to you and I wish you nothing but the best!

  2. Dear Anna, I am a sun in Aquarius rising sign Leo, this week is definitely not my romance week! thanks for your always wonderfull advice!

    1. Hi Elsa!

      I’m sorry that wasn’t a good week for you. I hope you’re keeping up with all the newer horoscopes though. Things always change. Venus and Mars in Aquarius is quite phenomenal! I wish you all the luck of the universe!

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