Weekly Love Horoscope For September 5th – 11th

Hello, my darlings, and welcome back to the weekly Love Horoscope, this time for the week of September 5th through the 11th.

I’m excited to talk to you this week due to the major shift in planetary energies that affect love and romance specifically.

Venus has been in proud but dramatic Leo for weeks now. The flirtatious fun that Venus in Leo brings loving relationships is super sweet, but I’m ready for Venus to welcome the conscientious and concerned energy of Virgo in Venus, which arrives on September 5th sharp, making this transit the predominant energy of the week. 

This shift from Leo to Virgo can feel a bit sobering to some, like seeing the dance floor after the lights come on. Someone has to clean up all the balloons and confetti. This is the litmus test after lovin’ Leo season is through. After the party is over, Venus in Virgo asks: “I’ll know it was just a summer fling if they stay and pick up the bottles with me.”

Venus in Virgo tends toward the more overlooked parts of romance and love. Such as, how much thought and effort it takes to continue seducing one another well after the honeymoon stage has gone. It’s not easy to tend to the kind of love that comes once in a lifetime. 

Venus in Virgo is the force that keeps successful partnerships doing the necessary ‘housework’ that can pile up in relationships.

Being afraid to communicate with one another will breed misunderstanding and bitterness. Venus in Virgo seeks to sweep out this energy by getting to the root of it and parsing out what’s necessary and what should go away. 

This transit is a vital time for new relationships. Venus in Virgo seeks to improve the partnership, so at this time, one or both partners begin to express things that their partner could improve on for the betterment of the relationship. 

Depending on the security of each person involved, this can display cracks in the façade that some may have put up during Venus in Leo. Insecure partners won’t be able to handle this change. However, partners that agree to get out the grout to plug up the holes (while agreeing to focus on the foundation as well) will have identified a sustainable relationship. 

Other than Venus’ shift into Earthy Virgo, the Sun in Virgo forms a trine to Uranus in Taurus. The Sun represents ego and one’s sense of self, while Uranus is the rebel of the planets, seeking to revolutionize the system through insights gained unexpectedly. 

Romantically, this transit is the perfect time for following your gut instinct. That feeling in your Solar Plexus is NOT lying this week. Uranus brings nearly clairvoyant energy to your gut feelings, giving them a punch of accuracy. More than ever, trust your instincts! Even if it seems way outside your comfort zone initially, you will thank yourself later when your intuition pays off, in your partnership or otherwise. 

On the 9th, Mercury in Libra will begin Retrograding. (check to see how this Mercury Retrograde will affect your sign)

In the sign of Libra, Mercury in Retrograde can be a red flag for misunderstandings between you and your partner. Libra does represent our ability to make peace and compromise. Mercury in Retrograde within Libra can throw a wrench into all attempts to reconcile, it seems.

Mercury in Libra affects how well we’re able to see eye to eye with another. You may find yourself or others worried about one another’s flaws and how they fall short rather than how to overcome communication barriers. 

Mercury in Retrograde in Libra can also bring back some exes from the grave. You might find your phone lighting up with a name you haven’t seen since high school or college. These are lessons meant to assist you in understanding the events of your past. 

So, are you ready to learn how these transits affect you and your sign? Find your Sun or Rising sign below to understand what’s coming up for you in the realm of love and romance this week.

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Darling Aries, this week Venus arriving in Virgo indicates that romance could be on the horizon at work. You may find someone on the job who is interested in taking you out – and I don’t mean for a business meeting!

Mercury in Retrograde in the sign of Libra can lead to some extreme miscommunication with your partner. This applies even more to you than most signs, which means that you must be willing to listen more than you speak. Listen to understand, not to respond. When you do speak, let the words come from the deep well of love you’ve got for your partner instead of walling off. 

The Sun in Virgo forming a trine to Uranus in Taurus brings the issues of security and working for your money into focus. This is a perfect time to invest in the stock market with your partner. Consider transferring some of your savings to some quality stocks to see potentially exponential growth. 


Venus entering the sign of Virgo invites pure romance into your life, Taurus. Virgo rules your house of romance, and this means that you can look forward to the lighter side of love and romance. Even your critiques are well received during this transit. You can also improve your creativity and incorporate inventive new ideas in the bedroom. 

Mercury Retrograding in Libra can have you pretty tense when you’re at work. Any means of communication can go on the fritz, which can leave you pretty crispy by the time you come home to your partner. Remember that letting work drain your mental energy can take away from your involvement with your partner. Practice some detachment on the job. 

The Sun forming a trine to Uranus in your own sign is an IDEAL time to shoot your shot. In addition, I would not plan it out or attempt to prepare… Uranus in trine to the Sun guarantees the best results when you go off the cuff and speak from your chest. 


Gemini, Venus entering Virgo brings you a firm appreciation for your home. Perhaps you’re a typical Gemini who flits from one thing to the next, but this month channels all of that energy into improving your home, which can improve your well-being. Venus’s presence here can indicate moving in with your partner or putting a down payment on a new home together!

With Mercury in Retrograde, you’re always a little off your game. This time though, your ruling planet is Retrograding in your house of romance, fun, sex, and creativity. You can overindulge in any of these things. You may consider reaching out to an ex that was a great time but ask yourself, were they a good partner too?

The Sun in a trine to Uranus may trigger insights into your own emotional nature. Understanding your childhood and how it has created your present self may lead to enlightening inner breakthroughs. 


Cancer, this week, Venus enters Virgo which further adds to the positive influence of the Sun in your house of communication. Virgo here allows you to immerse in the beauty of the moment and the energy that winds in between every human. Consider these energy cords this week, Cancer. They may be indicating which attachments are meant to last. 

Mercury in Retrograde in Libra can be especially hard for you, Cancer, since it affects the home life that you hold so dear. If your partner is a part of your household, then you may find yourselves squabbling or not seeing each other like you normally would. Mercury in Retrograde this week offers a strong recollection of your past relationships. 

The Sun in a trine to Uranus is the best transit for creating new connections with others. It’s a good idea to consider asking a friend who knows you well to set you up on a blind date. You may be surprised by this person who took you totally off guard in the best way. 


Leo, this week Venus moves into your second house of resources. Venus in this position indicates showing love through material possessions. You may find that some impromptu gift-giving would really light a spark in your partnership once more. It’s a likely time to begin making purchases together. For example, the two of you may get a car, a home, or a dog together. 

Mercury in Libra in Retrograde offers a messy and muddled mind to you, Leo. This can really dull down your natural enticing charm by making it hard to get your point across. Speak three times more clearly and concisely than normal to minimize misunderstandings. Ensure that you fully cover your bases when talking to your partner on emotional issues. 

The Sun in a trine to Uranus is a time I notice Soulmates walk into some people’s lives. Considering these planets rule ‘you’ as a Leo, and your house of partnership, I’d wager you could be one of the lucky ones! Keep your eyes open for someone your soul instantly recognizes.


Virgo, you’re quite the popular one this week as Venus moves into your own sign. You are finally being heard when you express love and appreciation! This week is a breath of fresh air, so stop and smell the roses. You are beginning to attract and exude love this week. You are more likely to be viewed as a potential love interest by others. 

Mercury in Libra in your house of resources and finances can cause an upset in what belongs to you and your partner. You may also find that you have conflict and misunderstanding regarding what is yours vs theirs. It’s important to get perspective and remain open to all financial options at this time. 

The Sun in your own sign in a trine to Uranus in Taurus offers a sense of excitation. Something GREAT is coming but you’re not sure what. Your optimism could pay off as this powerful transit can grant excellent manifestation abilities. 

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Libra, Venus moves into the sign of Virgo this week which can trigger a feeling of loneliness in love for you. This transit will certainly test relationships that are weak or insecure. If either you or your partner was not really committed then this transit will likely expose it. Despite that, stronger relationships will stride through with little issue as long as both parties surrender to the good of the relationship. 

Mercury in your own sign in Retrograde adds a sense of mental unrest. You could be a bit more anxious than usual, especially about your partner’s doings. You could find yourself harboring suspicions at this time that manifest in a weaker partnership. Ensure that you really mean what you say, because it’s difficult to undo words said inauthentically to your partner this week. 

The Sun in Virgo in a trine to Uranus in Taurus creates an instant transformation that you weren’t at all expecting. Uranus’ influence indicates that a truth that was being hidden from you is revealed to you. This can give you the self-assuredness to end a toxic relationship or double down on the one you’re in that you know is meant for you. 


Scorpio, Venus in the sign of Virgo is a period where you’re being recognized for what you’ve done, and it’s a sweet experience. You’re being reminded of your intellect and perceptiveness by others. Venus’s presence in Virgo can indicate that a friend is no longer just a friend in your eyes. Alternatively, you and your partner can recommit to one another as friends, not just lovers. 

Mercury Retrograde in Libra’s effects focuses internally for you. You may develop a fundamental misunderstanding of just who caused any hardships you’re currently experiencing. You may choose to deflect onto your partner with this transit. I advise that you take an honest look at yourself in the mirror and only then bring up issues with your partner since this transit can delude one’s sense of self. 

The Sun in Virgo trine Uranus in Taurus brings understanding and elevation to your partnership. The progress that you’ve made in your relationship is likely to be recognizable to your partner. Your inner growth and maturity can abruptly hit them! And all of a sudden, they’re realizing all that you’ve done to become better for them. It’s nice to be appreciated. 


Sagittarius, Venus moving into Virgo makes you more popular this week. You are being seen by many others as a total catch. This either sparks interest in anyone who has allowed themselves to overlook you before, or it also launches your current relationship into the awareness of others. You may decide to make a relationship official on social media or bring your partner to meet the family. 

Mercury in Retrograde in the sign of Libra causes some upsets within your friend group. Alternatively, you and an old friend can reconnect in conversation or in person. If your partner doesn’t know these friends, incorporate them in the process of getting to know one another. This avoids unexpressed isolation or jealousy from you or your partner.

The Sun in a trine to Uranus in Taurus may bless you with a new job if you’ve been seeking one. It would be a big surprise though! Perhaps an offer doesn’t come from any of the resumes you’ve submitted, but someone surprising offers you something. You and your partner may find yourself celebrating an unexpected win on this front. 


Capricorn, Venus moving into Virgo opens your mind to new ways of understanding. If you’re single then you may attract someone who is college educated or highly spiritual. You may also find yourself taking a trip where you meet someone who is meant to be in your life. It’s an optimistic and energizing time for you, Capricorn. 

Mercury in Retrograde in the sign of Libra can have your image being misinterpreted. You may be talked about in a false way, discouraging others from getting to know you. Your partnership can also be a talking point for those around you. In this case, it’s important to just lie low for a while. The truth will always come out, so don’t rush to defend yourself. 

The Sun in a trine to Uranus in fellow Earth signs reinforces the interpretation of Venus entering Virgo outlined above. This transit adds an element of surprise to the mix due to Uranus’ influence. No need to go looking for romance this week, since it’s finding you in the unlikeliest of places.


Aquarius, Venus entering Virgo channels your partnership’s energy into combining resources and combining your spaces. This can mean physically combining your things (as in moving in together). It can also imply an intertwining of circumstances that connect the two of you. You are connected by your love and also by the overlap of your souls. 

Mercury in Retrograde in the sign of Libra can keep you thinking on a grand scale with no regard for detail. This can be frustrating to your partner when you don’t see the merit in complaints about ‘small’ things. You don’t have to understand them in order to be open to their concerns. 

The Sun in a trine to your planetary co-ruler packs a super positive punch for you, Aquarius. You and your partner may find spontaneous connection with one another to an extent you weren’t prepared for (but also totally not complaining about). 


Pisces, this week Venus enters your house of partnership, and this is good news for you and anyone you’re involved with. A strong and steady partnership can be created with Venus here. You both would do well to look critically at your partnership together and agree to put aside your egos to honestly address what needs improvement. This is a recipe for unlimited growth together. 

Mercury in Retrograde in Libra can have you spilling the beans on yourself or someone else. Alternatively, you could find out the truth of a situation that you believed was dead and buried. Misunderstandings arise due to what you and another have been hesitant to share. 

The Sun in a trine to Uranus creates an easy mental connection with your partner. Remain open to spontaneous conversations that assist in your ability to really ‘see’ one another. You can connect with one another over your higher ideals as well as in the discussion of that which you both desire to overturn and revolutionize. 

Wrapping Up

My loves, I hope this Horoscope took greater mercy on you than last week’s for many signs! Venus’ transition into Virgo will be obviously felt by those paying attention.  If you want to explore more about Venus in Virgo, continue your reading here.

Take the time to clean your side of the street in your relationship. Stay engaged and helpful. And be willing to do what it takes for your partnership even if no one sees your efforts yet. 

Trusting your instincts in love and romance will serve you well this week. Still, don’t allow Mercury’s backward motion to trip you up. Ensure you keep your priorities in line and are speaking authentically with little pretense. This will lessen any Mercurial mayhem to come. Also, you can check how this Mercury Rx in Libra will affect your sign in the article I published recently.

Wishing you all the love in the Universe,

Anna Kovach

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