Weekly Love Horoscope For September 26th – October 2nd

Hello, my dears, and welcome back to the weekly Love Horoscope, this time for the week of September 26th to October 2nd.

Last week, Venus saw a lot of action it seemed, but I’m here to tell you that it’s NOTHING compared to what she’s got in store for us this week. And the best part? For most signs, Venus’ effect on love and romance is highly positive this week!

Let’s kick off with the Sun in Libra forming an opposition to Jupiter in Aries. This combination in this alignment is fun, bright, and peppy. You’re learning how to reconcile your own drive and ambition with Universal wisdom and alignment with your path. It’s a fantastic alignment for generally getting along with others, including our partner or love interests. 

Mercury is once again moving forward in the sign of Virgo this week, thus, ending Mercury Retrograde. Mercury wastes no time as it meets up with Venus as it’s in the home stretch before reaching Libra. This combination alone allows for a more sympathetic, romantic, and charming interpretation of others and the world at large. It should be obvious how these aspects can help any relationship. 

That’s not all though! At the same time, the planet of thought and the planet of love meet up – they both form a trine to Pluto in Capricorn AND an opposition to Neptune in Pisces. This boils down to fated romantic meetings for some people, while others can give their partnership an entire rebirth into a better, more compassionate understanding for one another. 

Venus has yet another trick up her sleeve as she moves into one of the two signs she naturally rules, Libra. Venus in Libra is at her peak ability to find commonalities between any two parties. It’s the ideal time to reconnect with your partner or to form a new partnership that yields incredible results. This is also a perfect time to seal the deal on an engagement or marriage! 

Mars in a trine to Saturn this week allows us to do some dirty work, but without all the dirt. The trine aspect between the rough and tumble Mars and responsible Saturn ensures that you’re able to do what needs to be done without a lot of fuss, complaint, or messy fallout. This is a good thing because all of the Venus and Jupiter energy could have made us too complacent this week, but this alignment saves us some future grief. 

You may feel like abandoning logic and reason as Mercury opposes Neptune in the signs of Virgo and Pisces. This alignment asks you to become a servant to those around you by being compassionate and helpful. You can assist your partner with any recent stressors by offering practical advice that soothes the soul somehow. Just don’t allow Neptune to make you too scatterbrained. 

Venus has one more rabbit to pull out of her hat as she opposes Jupiter, ending this overall positive week on an optimistic note. You and your partner would do well to take full advantage of this day when it can be made clear to you just how beneficial you are to your partner and vice versa. You both see one another for the people you are, and are loving every bit of it.

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Find your Sun or Rising sign down below.


Aries, the Sun in Libra forming an opposition to Jupiter in your own sign allows you to see your partner in the best light. They’re seeing you for all that you bring to their lives and all that they can learn from you as well. Discourse about how to expand, strengthen, and solidify your relationship with one another should be welcomed since solutions are found with ease. 

Venus is moving into your sister sign, Libra, which can mean extraordinary potential in your partnership. This is an ideal time to elevate a causal relationship to an exclusive romance. You’d do well to get married, engaged, or sign a domestic partnership with your loved one at this time since the results are cohesive and likely to last.  

Venus conjuncts Mercury in Virgo this week which allows you to be extra productive at work while also being witty and charming. A trine to Pluto reveals how you can best manipulate the dynamics of those around you to work in your favor. The opposition presented between Venus, Mercury, and Neptune allows you to see the best in those around you, even while on the clock or when you’re piled with chores and duties at home. 


Taurus, you’re seeing a lot of action this week as your planetary ruler, Venus, is conjuncting Mercury while forming a trine to Pluto and an opposition to Neptune, all while still in your house of romance. Translation? Prepare for some mobility in your love life. It’s easier to take control of your romantic direction right now. Going out, letting loose, and partying a little to meet and greet some interesting folks wouldn’t hurt.

Venus is getting in her groove as she moves into Libra. This is the other sign she rules which means Venus is comfortable, which helps you be more comfortable. You can find camaraderie and companionship no matter the circumstance with Venus here. You may want to keep your eyes peeled while at work, especially if you work in healthcare. Your ideal partner could reveal themselves!

Venus is also forming an opposition to Jupiter in Aries, which can turn out to be a positive thing for you. Getting still and surrendering to any work that has to be done will reward you immensely. You’ll be more joyful and have a quiet sense of pride. Romantically, your sacrifices are being acknowledged and your part in the health of the relationship is being appreciated. 


Gemini, your planetary ruler, is meeting up with Venus in the sign of Virgo this week, guaranteeing that your mood feels boosted. You can recollect positive memories from the past, and with the help of Pluto, you can integrate lessons from the past that you’re remembering more clearly. This allows you to improve your partnership by acting on lessons you’ve already learned. 

Mercury begins moving forward once again (phew!) after this alignment, and it’s a good thing. You continue to ponder over past issues and make peace with the neglected emotions that came up for you during Mercury Retrograde. It may not seem like any tangible difference was made during this time, but for those you let in, you’re showing them the best version of yourself starting now. 

Mercury opposes Neptune in Pisces before the week is out, marking a pivotal time in your career and home life. You may seek faith and spirituality around this time to better break down what you’ve been emotionally processing. You and your partner should also surrender to faith as Neptune can plant seeds of paranoia at times. Having faith that the other is on your side is key to coming out unscathed.


This week kicks off with your ruler, the Moon, in a state that is known as ‘void.’ The Moon is basically taking a nap, and you should too. The 26th is not a good day to make moves on someone or begin something new, even if it is in the sign of partnership. Wait until the 27th when the Moon enters Scorpio, and thus, your house of romance. This is a much better time to take romantic initiative. 

Venus in the sign of Virgo conjuncts Mercury in your house of communication, which exaggerates your sweet and nurturing side as you communicate to people. You may find yourself checking in on your partner more, and this will warm their heart while showing your genuine love and concern for them. 

Mercury opposite Neptune can expand your thoughts until they’re too big to do anything with! Keep your feet on the ground, since any vague plans that are made aren’t likely to go through and can be confusing even if they do. However, take advantage of the heightened sensitivity and compassion this transit offers by having a heart-to-heart with your partner.

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Leo, your ruler, the Sun, opposes Jupiter this week, which makes for some light-hearted frivolity with your loved ones. You can make new connections easily as your sense of charm comes through in your speech and communication as well as through your acceptance of others. Your open-mindedness is glowing through you, and that allows others to let their guard down to properly connect. 

Mars in Gemini forming a trine to Saturn in Aquarius is paying you back for the solid foundation you’ve laid with your partner or loved one. This alignment signals that you’ve been doing your best, and it shows. You and your partner are motivated to be each other’s lovers, friends, and compatriots. 

Venus is moving into Libra this week which tells me that you’ll be extra charming and flirtatious when reaching out to others to communicate. And it will likely be you who is initiating contact since you’re interested in strengthening your social circle. You may desire to educate yourself on matters of love and understanding. It’s a great transit if you and your partner have been in couples therapy since it allows you to speak from love. 


Virgo, things may have seemed topsy-turvy for a while as Mercury has Retrograded back into your own sign, but this week, Mercury moves forward once again. This feels like your head is back on your shoulders. As Mercury moves forward again, you can properly integrate everything you reapproached during Retrograde, including relationship improvement lessons. 

Mercury is meeting up with Venus in your own sign just after Mercury begins forward motion once more. This is a potent meetup for you dear Virgo since it capitalizes on your own energy in a powerful alignment for romance and communication. You are magnetic in your speech, mannerisms, and romantic prospects. This draws others to you because of the charm you’re cashing in on. 

Venus enters Libra this week right after this, which is lucky for your pocketbook. Since Venus is both money and partnerships, it’s safe to say you could be receiving some material gifts from someone special. Your loved one could also get a promotion that benefits both of you. 


Libra, being ruled by Venus, there is a lot in store for you this week. Venus conjoins with Mercury in Virgo this week, which makes you feel like expressing love, but still, you may hold back due to not being understood or interpreted correctly. An opposition to Neptune from these two planets indicates taking the role of victim in some way, though the trine to Pluto in Capricorn allows positive emotional and romantic restructuring. 

Shortly after this, you will catch a huge rebound when Venus enters your own sign. This allows you the chance to freely embody love in a way you weren’t previously able to. You’re living a loving life by loving itself, which draws others to you like flies for reserving judgment. If you’ve recently suffered a breakup, this is an ideal time to reintegrate romance into your experience.

The Sun in your own sign is also forming an opposition to Jupiter in your house of partnership and cooperation. Your openness to compromise is what can propel a romance into a partnership and a partnership into a long-term love affair. Maintaining optimism and planning out the long-term go hand in hand with your relationship right now. 


Scorpio, this week your house of friendship, community, and gifts sees Mercury and Venus meet up. This is a gregarious combination that allows you to maneuver social settings with greater ease. Priming new connections with individuals that you can see growing exponentially would benefit you in the long term. 

Venus moves into the sign of Libra quickly after, which opens the door for more reserved love. You may desire to express love and romance, however, people seem unreceptive to it or misinterpret your intentions. The most beneficial thing to do is align your intentions with higher love on a Universal scale. When you eliminate the ego’s need to be someone’s ‘one and only’ and opt for a more all-encompassing love, you open yourself up to blessed relationships. 

Mercury opposite Neptune does allow an opportunity to observe how to speak and act in such a way that the Universe provides you with the romance you desire. It’s a quiet and low-key romance but that can make it all the more authentic. 


Sagittarius, the week opens up with the Sun in Libra opposing your planetary ruler, Jupiter, in your house of romance. You’re experiencing this entirely pleasant transit even more potently than any other sign. A friend can easily become more than a friend during this transit. See eye to eye by talking about your greatest hopes and aspirations. If they align, then the Universe may hold a fated plan for you both. 

Venus conjunct Mercury in the sign of Virgo in your house of reputation and legacy allows you to show off your mental acuity and your gracious nature at once. Your partnership could become the focus of conversation, so limit the release of information that you’re hoping won’t spread far. 

Venus enters the sign of Libra in your house of friendship this week, which creates epic opportunities for expanding your influence and reach through selfless ventures that benefit the higher good. Romantically, your partner is enamored with your sense of justice for all. Try bonding over humanitarian ideals and social justice-type topics this week to foster warm, loving growth. 


Capricorn, this week Mars in Gemini forms a beneficial trine to Saturn in Aquarius, motivating you to bring your goals into reality. The motivating force of Mars in positive alignment with Saturn compels you to bring your desires into reality through your own action. This means that with enough initiative and drive, you can bring your romantic fantasies to life. 

Venus forms a conjunction to Mercury in the sign of Virgo which blesses you with a sense of endless love. Your thoughts and words reflect love in a moral and physical sense. You’re seeking to be a good person just because it’s right and your sense of zest for life overflows into your relationships. With the trine being formed to Pluto in your own sign, you’re able to completely embody these traits, not just feel them. 

Venus enters Libra this week as well, which indicates that you’re being perceived positively on the whole. The Sun already in this sign assists in amplifying your public persona. Venus joining in this house guarantees that all eyes are on you, Capricorn. Use your reputation and points of power to garner the loving affection and attention that you deserve.


Aquarius, this week Mars is forming a trine to Saturn within your own sign of Aquarius, which tells me that you can garner sexual affection as well as a long-term commitment at this time. The same person that makes you hot under the collar is also suitable for a long-lasting partnership, Aquarius. It’s a rare intersection, so take full advantage. 

Venus enters Libra this week which means that the planet of love is joining energies with the house of travel and spirituality. Your soul’s ascension is intertwined with your sense of romance and partnership. This allows you to plan out a relationship long-term, for one thing. You also could fall for someone who is from a different background than you’re experienced with.

Venus conjunct Mercury in the sign of Virgo brings out your hidden sexiness that only some people typically get to see. In a trine to Pluto this week, you could find yourself in some steamy situations that have your hair standing on end. In an opposition to Neptune, you’re easily transported and somewhat dazed and confused by the intensity of emotion and attraction. 


Pisces, the ruler of your house of partnership (Mercury) is finally moving forward once more, allowing you to also move forward within your partnership. Things may have felt like they were on pause between you and your loved one, but now Mercury’s forward motion can propel new events and bonding experiences between you and your partner once more. 

Mercury is conjunct Venus while also trining Pluto while opposing Neptune in your own sign. This allows incredible connection between you and your partner while also triggering the best kind of transformative experience between the two of you. Romance is at an all-time high with the presence of Neptune’s compassion which endears you to one another.

Venus enters Libra this week as well, which shifts you from the fairy tale feelings described previously into deeper ways of connecting. Libra for you represents sharing things with another person. This means sharing your deepest self, body, and soul with your partner. However, this can also mean a merging of finances or sharing objects, like your transportation.

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Wrapping Up

Rarely do I have as much fun writing a Love Horoscope as I did this week! Everyone came out on top romantically. I can’t stress the importance of using this week to your advantage because so many positive love transits at once only come around so often. 

Maybe you’re struggling to place what I’ve said into your own experience with your loved one. This happens all the time, just because I don’t have access to your individual Birth Chart or your partner’s. 

Many people don’t know that your Birth Chart in combination with your partner’s can reveal key love patterns with startling accuracy.

I get a lot of requests from readers to help decode this interaction between their chart and their partner’s since Astrology is like a whole other language! 

I’m glad to help you out with understanding how your specific scenario and your partnership can grow in such a beneficial week as this. 

You’re in good hands, so don’t hesitate to let me know here how I can best help you understand yourself, your partner, and your relationship. 

Wishing you all the luck in the Universe!

Your friend and Relationship Astrologer,

Anna Kovach

2 thoughts on “Weekly Love Horoscope For September 26th – October 2nd

  1. Hi Anna! U are quickly becoming my new best friend! I am interested in a cancer man and am having a bit of a frustrating time and, as if that isn’t a challenge enough, we are doing this online. I have purchased one of your products regarding dealing with a cancer man and I receive your newsletter, as well as look for a thing from you in my email account. We’ve had a pretty amazing run, but he has ghosted me three times already. The first time I broke up with him because I didn’t know what else to do. We found our way back to each other. The second time I gave him his space and he came back. Now the third time itz been 9 days and I’ve heard nothing. When we first met he told me of his habit of going silent, but not knowing what it was about, I didn’t turn and run. I don’t want to run this time either, but I don’t know what else to do, he won’t respond to me.

    Anything you can offer will help. He’s a good man, but….

    Thank you in advance.

    1. Dear Cynthia,

      If there are ever moments that you doubt him, when he’s cold, or going through a tough phase, rest assured that even if he’s under pressure, he very seldom is thinking of leaving you, of course he will have his moods and is usually a lot for a woman to deal with.

      Do not confront him or force him to open up — just be there for him and let him know you’re there to support him.

      I hope all goes well for you both.

      Sending love,

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