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Weekly Love Horoscope For September 19th – 25th

Hello, my loves, and welcome back to the weekly Love Horoscope here at my corner of the internet. This week we cover from September 19th through the 25th. This week, you’ll be glad you checked in on the astrological weather because there are some big changes on the horizon.

The most obvious shift that all signs can expect to detect is the Sun’s movement into the sign of Libra. The biggest player in the Zodiac moving into the sign of agreement, compromise, and partnership is an ideal time of year to expand, grow, and begin partnerships of all kinds, but especially romantic ones. The effect varies from sign to sign, but no matter what, this transit speaks to our experiences with our partner.

Mercury has Retrograded back into Virgo, causing our sense of order and communication to be disrupted. Your thoughts and the style in which you interpret the world may seem unusual at this time. Perhaps you’re reevaluating the people you’ve sacrificed for and how much effort they’re worth.

A lucky trine between Venus and Uranus indicates that your lover will shock you, in one way or another. If you’re single, then you may be overcome by love for someone you NEVER expected. If you’re in a committed relationship, one or both people in the relationship could seek some independence from and restraining characteristics within the partnership. You can potentially learn to value one another as fellow humans while also regarding them as your partner. 

At almost the same time that the Sun enters Libra, Mercury meets up with it as it Retrogrades out of Libra. This combination on the cusp of two intelligent signs indicates an increase in mental stimulation. You could be at risk of picking your relationship apart by wondering how it can be improved upon. Depending on your sign, you’ll want to watch out for this and decide if it’s a symptom of an overactive mind or if this transit triggered a needed realization. 

The planet of love, Venus, also forms a positive trine to Pluto, allowing for an easy overhaul of old romantic ideas. Depending on your sign, you and your loved one can undergo an overhaul of your romantic approach. This is likely a mutual desire that goes over well despite the intensity of emotion and action that can come about during this time. 

So, let’s check out how all of these transits may manifest for you, my dears! Find your Sun or Rising sign down below to get an overview of the most important transits for you as well as how they may manifest in your life this coming week. 


Aries, the Sun moving into the sign of Libra activates your house of partnership. This transit drives home the core themes that Libra represents that you’re meant to learn to integrate into your relationships. It’s time to focus on playing well with others to elevate the relationship between the two of you to something greater than the sum of its parts. 

Venus in Virgo in a trine to Uranus in your house of security and self-worth drive home the point of financial freedom. Venus’ involvement means that your partner can be a key to your occupational bliss. If an opportunity to invest your time or money in a solid venture comes up make sure to take advantage of it. 

Mercury Retrogrades out of Libra and back into Virgo, but not before high-fiving the Sun on its way into Libra. This combination on your 7th house cusp brings astute mental engagement to your partnership and the style in which you work with others. Aries, this is a perfect opportunity to make a bold move to let them know you’re into them! As an Aries, bold is never a problem. 


Taurus, this week your planetary ruler in your house of romance is working overtime for you! Venus forms a trine to Uranus this week, potentially kindling a little something between you and someone you’ve only ever seen as a friend before. So Taurus, is there someone that you’d ruin the friendship with in the best way possible?

Venus is also forming a trine to Pluto in the sign of Capricorn. The planet of evolution in positive relation to Venus in your house of romance signals a leap in your romantic evolution seamlessly. If you’re single, then this week could plant someone special on your path who is meant to redefine your view of love. If you’re in a relationship, expect a deepening of understanding between the two of you.

The Sun enters Libra this week while Mercury reenters your house of romance. Their position on your house of work and your house of romance asks you to reexamine the amount of work you and your partner put into the relationship. Is one of you shouldering more weight than the other? Do serious issues get put on the back burner in favor of having a good time? It’s an ideal time to explore these issues with accuracy and authenticity. 


Gemini, this week your ruler, Mercury, reenters the sign of Virgo which can re-immerse you in emotional issues that were brought up just a couple of short weeks ago. If something between you and your partner wasn’t properly addressed then now is the ideal time to reexamine what details were skimmed over with consciousness towards the feelings of all involved. 

The Sun entering Libra emphasizes your romantic life. The Sun’s warm, radiating energy compels others to see your greatest qualities, especially romantically. By speaking authentically while being proud of what you’ve got to say, your confidence attracts the best kind of attention, from your partner or partner-to-be. 

Venus forming a trine to Pluto and Uranus signals an intense emotional release that ultimately allows you to move on from underlying roadblocks between you and your best self. The foundation of how you experience romance is shifting into one that is freer and profoundly emotional. 


Cancer, Mercury reenters your house of communication while meeting up with the Sun on its way into your house of emotional foundation. This combination at around the same time allows you to change the way you perceive your emotional nature. You and your partner are co-creators of your emotional state this week. Allowing them to heal some of your wounds is you healing your wounds. 

Venus in Virgo forms a trine to Pluto in your partnership house, allowing you to be present with your partner’s take on the world. You can discard the chatter in your head that may judge what others share with you. Your loved one will sense this and share with you their take on the world openly. 

Venus in a trine to Uranus in Taurus brings a strong sense of community and wholeness to you at this time. You’re experiencing unexpected meetings with people who see the best parts of you. You and your partner can relax in the faith that you are both on board with the relationship. This sense of openness between you fosters camaraderie that deepens your bond. 


Leo, the Sun (your planetary ruler) enters Libra this week, showing off your sense of fairness and kind consideration for others. You’re well equipped to find the one topic that works for any moment and to strengthen your verbal and mental connection to your partner. If you’re single, this movement allows you to find the right words to interest anyone that you want to know better. 

Mercury moving backward into Virgo while meeting the Sun on the way through impacts your capacity for security and how it ties in with your ability to communicate. How well do you admit when you have needs, Leo? I know you’re a boss, but even bosses need to delegate. 

Venus in a trine to Pluto indicates that you and your partner should broach the topic of combining finances or resources with them. This can look like carpooling together or opening a joint bank account. It’s a good time to seek out mutually beneficial job opportunities. Perhaps that means seeking a job closer to where your partner lives or even going into business with one another.

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Virgo, this week you’re seeing your planetary ruler move back into your sign from the sign of Libra. Mercury reentering your sign in retrograde motion will act in a different way than it did just a few short weeks ago. You may stop looking before you leap, leading to a misunderstanding or two as a result of inadequate planning. You may remember old patterns of thinking and realize how far you’ve come as well. 

Venus in a trine to Pluto puts your more sensual side on display. This alignment allows you to come off as endlessly sexy and alluring. You can easily charm and seduce those who stimulate your mind and body. It’s time to get what you want and be recognized for your sometimes unappreciated sultriness. 

The Sun entering Libra brings new emphasis to your sense of self-worth. You may not feel seen for how inherently worthy you are all the time, but you can expect a change this week. Your partner especially will gain a new sense of your worth as a human and how lucky they are to be involved with you. 


The Sun enters your sign this week, Libra. This ushers in a newfound sense of hope along with the understanding that things will be alright. You’re drawing more eyes than usual this week because of the Sun’s energy pouring from you. It’s an ideal week to reacquaint yourself with those you know. Last month you may have felt far from others, so rejoin the party, Libra.

Your planetary ruler is forming a trine to both Uranus and Pluto this week. Luckily for you, a trine signals an optimistic and easy experience with both of these planets’ energies when combined with the planet of love. Venus in a trine to Uranus is an ideal time to lean into your sense of self as much as you do your partner’s needs and desires. This alignment signals a healthy amount of independence without sacrificing intimacy. 

Libra, Venus in a trine to Pluto brings out your deepest feelings regarding love, romance, and partnership, which allows you to discard all that isn’t functioning for you anymore. It’s just not useful to hold onto any old junk, so take this time to toss the ashes into the wind.


Scorpio, this week your planetary co-ruler, Pluto, is forming a trine to Venus in the sign of Virgo. This optimistic alignment is making way for absolutely endearing connections. You could meet someone you at first perceive to be a friend, but eventually, realize it is much more. You’re likely to meet someone with a soul connection to you at this time. 

The Sun entering Libra can have you seeking solitude or being someone obligated to be alone. The Sun in Libra creates a partnership that is tucked away from the rest of existence, existing only with one another. This can be deep and romantic, but simultaneously can be a red flag if the partnership only works under these conditions. 

Venus in a trine to Uranus this week activates your house of partnership. Your partner may take the liberty of incorporating you further into his social life. Alternatively, you might find yourself itching to introduce him to your friends. Either way, it’s a sign of pride to show your partner off to your larger circle of friends, no matter who is doing it. 


Sagittarius, this week you’re seeing the Sun move into Libra which activates your house of friendship and social connections. The Sun here indicates a desire for a partner who has all of the qualities of a great friend too. You may desire some space to follow your soul’s desires, but without sacrificing intimacy.

Sagittarius, Venus forming a trine to Uranus this week makes it easy to put in all the necessary work for your partnership. You can expect to receive insights on how to best tap into the real-world resources around you to optimize your partnership. You may receive opportunities that allow you to choose work that caters to the needs of your partnership. 

Mercury in Retrograde impacts your house of partnerships, bringing to the surface all of the ways in which you and your partner can improve the way you communicate. Having intellectual connection and honesty within your partnership is imperative to your well-being in a relationship. While the next few weeks may not be easy to get through, you’re sure to benefit as a couple from the growth that can occur. 


Capricorn, this week you can expect some soul-stimulating romance as Venus forms a trine to Pluto within your own sign. Pluto in a positive relation to Venus guarantees a deep connection that manifests in a more lighthearted way than other alignments. You can look forward to optimistic growth as you teach your partner how to love you the way you need. 

Venus forming a trine to Uranus this week adds extra spice to your romantic life. Uranus’ influence on Venus indicates that you may loosen up your ideals for love and romance. You may seek more personal freedom within your relationships, or perhaps you and your partner need some space just with each other, leaving the expectations of society behind you. 

The Sun entering Libra is a potentially life-changing time, as you are meant to align with your overall life trajectory. You may find the partner who is manifesting in your life is the one you’re meant to stay with to fulfill your highest purpose. The Sun in Libra emphasizes partnerships and cooperation over all else. Pay attention to the ones that you find yourself happily compromising for. 


Aquarius, this week the Sun enters Libra which lights up your more optimistic and spiritual side. It’s hard to be stressed when you’re feeling on top of the world. Your partnership, in particular, is benefiting from your Zen attitude these days. Your ability to take in the good and let go of the bad is exactly what sustainable relationships are built on. 

Venus forming a trine to your co-ruler, Uranus, can prove to be highly beneficial for your love life as well. You often keep your emotions hidden from others, but this week you can open up to show your more private side. Letting others know what we need to feel comfortable can feel scary, but this week you can ease into a more open attitude. 

As Mercury Retrogrades, it’s directly impacting your love life and romantic potential. If you’re single then it’s very possible that an ex could reach out to you at this time, which isn’t always a bad thing. If part of you knows that there was unrealized potential there that was cut short then consider this the Universe’s way of giving you a round two. 


Pisces, this week the Sun moving into Libra represents a period where you may release the bad relationship habits that have kept you from being your best within a partnership. It’s about stepping into your power as the Sun enters Libra, but for you, power and partnership go hand in hand. Stop selling your relationship potential short and see yourself as the amazing partner that you are. 

Venus forming a trine to Uranus is a potent conversational stimulator. Your mind has been teeming with ideas and this week you feel comfortable sharing these thoughts with your partner. You may have some abstract ideas that you’ve been hesitant to share, but this week the energy ensures that even your edgier thoughts and suggestions are well received by your partner. 

Pisces, Mercury in Retrograde impacts your partnership especially. It reenters your house of relating to others, which can complicate the synergy between the two of you. It’s an ideal time to reminisce if you’re a long-established couple. If you’re single then this can signal a past partner either coming to mind a lot more or reaching out to contact you.

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Wrapping Up

This week has some seriously amazing vibes for your love life. The two trines to Venus can represent the appearance of someone who is meant to positively change your life and who has partnership potential. 

Mercury in Retrograde can throw a wrench into your plans if you’re not prepared, but now that you know what to expect and what to look for, you can avoid the landmines before they explode. 

Also, if you have a lot of placements in Gemini, Virgo, Taurus or Libra, you will feel these effects even more.

Do you know what your dominant element? Discover more about your birth chart’s dominant element here.

Wishing you all the luck in the Universe, 

Anna Kovach


4 thoughts on “Weekly Love Horoscope For September 19th – 25th

    1. Hi Rani,

      A Taurus man has strong instincts to protect—and that sometimes translates to jealousy.
      You can be grateful that he cares so much and that he doesn’t want anyone to take you away from him. While you may find it hard to handle his constant questions or feel like he is accusing you when he wants to know where you are, he is really just inherently mistrustful of other men.
      A Taurus values family, and his instinct is to protect them. As an earth sign, he is one of the most loyal men in the Zodiac, and he intrinsically wants to make sure his loved ones are safe, which can be quite endearing.

  1. I’m a Scorpio dating a Libra (we also have a 1 1/2 year old together) he’s been going back and forth for 4 years with me… Heavily trying to get me to move in for some time at the beginning but I also have 2 girls from my ex I was with so I can’t just move in… Anyway we just got back from vacation in Hawaii and in the last few days he has gone back from I hate you and who you are to you and all the kids need to move out here and live a better life with me to calling me dependent all over watching a movie at my apartment with my sister (even though I do and take care of pretty much everything myself because my kids depend on me) and not speaking to me at all

    1. Hi Elizabeth,

      I am sorry to hear that. He doesn’t sound like a typical Libra. Not all depends just on his Sun sign.
      Rising sign, Moon sign and of course, planetary positions play important roles as well.
      The two of you can balance each other out, but he needs to work through that in order to create balance.

      I hope all goes well for you.

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