Weekly Love Horoscope For September 12th – 18th 

Hello, lovely readers. Welcome back to my weekly Love Horoscope, this time for the week of September 12th-18th 2022. It’s an unpredictable week with a few curve balls thrown in, but you can go in confidently with the knowledge that Astrology can provide. 

Last week saw Venus switch into Virgo, which changed romance circumstances for every sign. This week, we see no planets switching signs, but that doesn’t mean that there’s no action to take note of. 

We’re still experiencing the energy of the Sun trine Uranus as this week arrives. Unexpected and electric events will take place during this time. Opportunities arise out of nowhere, it seems! Keep your eyes open for synergistic events in your path. 

Saturn forming a square to Uranus this week can make it difficult to implement the changes that you desire. In addition, changes you don’t want can impose themselves on you. In a romantic sense, making progress towards better relations can feel stunted or sluggish, while dynamic changes are difficult to come to terms with arriving instead. 

The Sun forming an opposition to Neptune this week can make you overly idealistic. We can become too forgiving of others even when they warrant some questions being asked. You may find yourself to be more of a pushover than usual. Alternatively, your ego can feel threatened for vague reasons that you can’t even explain to others or rationalize to yourself. 

Venus in a square to Mars this week puts our capacity for love in an awkward relationship to our desire to speak out, stand up, and communicate our frustrations. Miscommunication between partners and loved ones runs rampant, especially since Mercury (currently in Retrograde) rules the signs that both planets are in. Practicing a bit more restraint can save you from having to eat your words. 

On a positive note, the Sun in a trine to Pluto is an ideal time to get rid of old patterns that aren’t serving you anymore. The benefit of this release will be immediately evident to you! You’ll feel lighter and more connected to yourself after you let go of what’s weighing you down. This can be regarding unhelpful patterns within your partnership, or even letting go of a partner who isn’t serving your best interests. 

Finally, we see an opposition between Mercury and Jupiter. This alignment happened a few weeks ago, but as Mercury Retrogrades at same time Jupiter Retrogrades, it’s coming in for a second pass. This alignment creates circumstances that bring past events to mind. You might replay happy memories with your partner and relive times that formed the couple you are today. 

So much is going on this week that it’s difficult to keep track of! Don’t worry – I’m outlining the most pertinent alignments for your own Sun or Rising sign down below. Find your sign to understand which transits need your attention and preparation.

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Aries, the Sun in Virgo opposite Neptune in Pisces can trigger a fear response for reasons you’re not even sure of. You may find that the work it’s taking to upkeep your relationship is a lot to handle. As a result, you may begin to reassure yourself that everything is fine even if it’s not. 

Saturn in a square to Uranus emphasizes the desire to buck relational responsibilities. Saturn’s influence can feel confining while Uranus can have you seeking something that feels more comfortable. I don’t recommend taking action on these feelings of being trapped this week. Next week, it could feel like a very different story. 

Your planetary ruler in a tense square to Venus this week indicates a desire to speak out about how laborious the relationship is. While you’re entitled to express yourself, this alignment can make it difficult to put love at the center of your intentions rather than self-serving motives. Use this new awareness to speak intentionally while prioritizing the partnership.

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Taurus, your planetary ruler is lovely Venus, which squares up to Mars in Gemini this week. Venus in your house of romance will feel a bit afflicted by Mars in Gemini which can halt some of the good vibes that Venus usually brings to the house of romance. You can find yourself in arguments with your boyfriend which leads to misunderstandings. Taking a deep breath before speaking will go a long way. 

Saturn in a square to Uranus in your own sign this week halts any ability for you to make some proactive changes. Random events can throw you off if you didn’t plan appropriately. Any inability to be understanding of those that you find to be odd will be tested this week. You may feel subdued by a partnership that feels stagnant this week, especially if this realization has been dawning on you for a while. 

The Sun in Virgo opposite Neptune in Pisces is a huge saving grace for you this week. Your loved one may test your limits, but the Sun opposite Neptune is a perfect alignment for kindling understanding and forgiveness. You can clearly see a need to see your partner as a person instead of just your partner. This allows you to detach ego from their actions, and give them the freedom they need.

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Gemini, Mars in your own sign forming a square to Venus in Virgo creates some tension between you and your partner. Your partner is bringing up old feelings of insecurity this week. Perhaps they’re asking you to settle down when you’re not yet prepared to or their critiques of your home or emotional patterns are getting a reaction from you. 

Mercury in Retrograde opposes Jupiter in Aries this week. This transit affects your love life especially. Your ability to show love is immense at this time, but it may be a little too all-encompassing. The temptation to bite off more than you can chew by overpromising or testing the limits of your relationship is a possibility. 

The Sun in a trine to Pluto allows you to address some of the feelings that triggered you earlier in the week. It’s easy to find peace by letting go of old ways of being with this alignment. Shedding the emotional baggage that we all subconsciously bring into our relationships is enough to give your love life an instant glow-up. 

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Cancer, your friends don’t seem to trust your partner currently. They are looking to see you break free from any restraints that you are imposing on yourself by staying put or from those which they perceive your partner to be putting on you. To say this period can be tense is an understatement! I always recommend going with what you know to be true in your gut over the opinions of anyone else. 

Venus in a square to Mars this week can have you struggling to lovingly express your deepest rage and frustration. You want to speak kindly and be helpful to others, but you may fear that your thoughts are too dangerous to be let loose. If your partner is open to it, ask them if they’ll hear you out non-judgmentally while you go on a rant to let off some steam. 

Cancer, Mercury in Libra opposing Jupiter is a key transit for recreating your reputation. You can be seen for your far-reaching ideas and emotional intelligence this week. This is also a great time to move house, perhaps with your partner? If you don’t actually move, then it’s still a good time to bring up the idea of taking things to the next level due to your fair-minded optimism that this transit capitalizes on. 

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Leo, the Sun (your planetary ruler) is seeing multiple alignments this week. The Sun is forming a trine to Pluto which allows you to revamp your priorities in a practical sense. What are you spending your money on? Where is your time going? Are you investing in the people and things that are going to pay off long-term? The trine aspect makes it easy to readjust your approach and to let people you love know they’re valued. 

The Sun is also forming an opposition to Neptune, which can have you being duped by someone close to you if you’re not careful. Neptune represents forgiveness and universal love, but these themes can breed gullibility. Keep your eyes open and don’t get fooled, Leo. 

Venus in Virgo forming a square to Mars in Gemini puts emphasis on any discrepancies between the people and loved ones you hang out with and how you value yourself as a person. Do those around you treat you with respect? If not, this transit makes it hard to ignore. Allow yourself some time to reassess those that you spend the most time with. 

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Virgo, Venus within your own sign forms a square to Mars in Gemini which brings a level of awareness to your thoughts and who you communicate with. Others seem to want to key into the who, what and when of your life right now, which can have you feeling like you’re under a microscope. Allowing charming Venus to gently color your more assertive conversations will ensure it goes over well. 

The Sun in your own sign forms a trine to Pluto in your house of romance. This placement is what I usually see in the charts of one who is about to meet their soulmate. This is someone that your soul was meant to travel in this life with. This is a week to keep your eyes wide open for ‘the one.’

The Sun opposite Neptune drives home the importance of being open to a fated meeting this week. This alignment indicates that you will be extra sensitive to your partner or a potential partner. You can intuitively feel a push that helps you overlook qualities that would normally turn you off. 

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Mars in a square to your planetary ruler puts you in situations where you’re called to be more assertive than you might be comfortable with. Your natural inclination is to be accommodating to others but this week may call for you to bite back a little or else remain a victim of misunderstanding and mistreatment. Don’t be afraid to remind your loved one that you have needs. 

The Sun in a trine to Pluto sheds light on patterns that have run under the surface for years. You have the opportunity to clean up your approach to partnerships. You’re experiencing emotions from the past, shedding to reveal a healthier approach to relationships and a more evolved way of breaking down your emotional patterns. 

The Sun in opposition to Neptune can have you going into victim mode this week. Any little thing can bruise your ego. Your extra sensitivity may go unnoticed by your partner unless you communicate it effectively to them. 

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Scorpio, this week your planetary co-ruler, Mars, forms a square to Venus in the sign of Virgo. Drama can erupt within your social groups, which can cause discord between you and your partner if you run in similar circles. Additionally, something hidden from the view of the other can become exposed this week, making you and your partner struggle to trust one another. 

The Sun in a trine to Pluto (your other planetary co-ruler) brings out your social side. You can reapproach your ability to make friends and maneuver around gossip with ease. Your ability to cut to the core of a person to understand them deeply really shines this week. 

The Sun in opposition to Neptune in Pisces brings a sense of peace and understanding to your partnership. You and your partner can empathize with each other, which makes any potential tension from the Mars/Venus square more tolerable and easier to get past. You have endless sympathy and understanding for your romantic partner this week which leads to open-hearted conversations. 

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Sagittarius, this week Mercury forms an opposition to your ruler, Jupiter. This brings mental stimulation and bright conversation to your romantic endeavors. It’s a perfect time for seeing one another as both lovers and friends. Do things together that remind you of how fun life can be! You’ll benefit from going to gatherings with friends as well as concerts, museums, or sporting events. 

Mars squaring up to Venus in Virgo can signal a life-changing event that affects your partnership. You may find that conflicts arise between you and your partner that can make or break you as a couple, depending on how solid of a foundation you both have built up to this point. 

The Sun in a trine to Pluto offers a connection between your capacity for self-worth and your overall life direction. You can remake and reimagine your life path to better reflect what you value about yourself and what makes you more money. This is an ideal transit for shedding light on your ideal future for yourself.

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Saturn forms a square to Uranus this week, which brings changes that may upheave your sense of security within your relationship. You can find yourself feeling like the rug has been pulled from under you due to events that you couldn’t have foreseen. 

Mars in a square to Venus in Virgo is a combination that can cause tension within your partnership due to unequal amounts of effort being put in. The inequality is unavoidable this week as it’s made obvious to one or both of you. Approaching this inequity from a place of love instead of fear ensures that it goes over as productively as possible. 

Capricorn, the Sun in opposition to Neptune brings kindness and understanding even as hard conversations are required. Your way of communicating considers both the big picture and the human emotions involved. It’s an ideal time for conversations that would benefit from incorporating compassion.

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Aquarius, this week you can expect some tension as both of your planetary rulers, Saturn and Uranus, form a square to one another. You can realize, at this time, where the root of emotional problems lies, but not the easy way. A sudden trigger that makes you feel incapacitated can have you feeling inaccessible to others. You may need to take some time to process what has so suddenly come to your attention. 

Mars in a square to Venus this week brings a sense of fear to your romantic endeavors. You may be operating in protection mode rather than opening your heart to new connections or deepening old ones. Discussing some of the boundaries you need with your partner right now can assist in keeping you comfortable while helping your partner understand you. 

The Sun in opposition to Neptune this week can have you letting material needs fall to the wayside. You may operate on faith when you would benefit more from knowing where your time, energy, and money is going. Allow your partner to take on some of the work this week as you participate in some self-care. 

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Pisces, this week the Sun forms an opposition to Neptune within your own sign, which blinds you to the flaws of your partner. They seem godlike to you this week! If you’re in an established relationship with loads of trust for your partner then just roll with the feeling. If you’re newer to this relationship and still figuring things out, then try to keep at least one foot in reality while you gauge their intentions. 

Mars in a square to Venus this week can make you resist being emotionally vulnerable with your partner. While you’re trusting them, you may not feel safe enough to open up about what really hurts you yet. Assuring your partner that this is something you recognize is important and that you’re working on it can go a long way. 

The Sun in a trine to Pluto allows you to connect to your partner optimistically and as a friend while also being their lover. This is an ideal time to work on letting go of that which has hurt you in the past so that you can be emotionally available to the ones that love you right now, Pisces. 

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Wrapping Up

This week had so much mixed energy and I can only imagine how you’re feeling! Astrology can seem contradictory at times, but then again, life is also incredibly contradictory. The truth isn’t always easy to understand, but being open to allowing opposing energies to both exist at the same time is like having a superpower this week. 

Maybe you’re struggling to make sense of different events or want to know even more specifics about the upcoming energy and what it means in the context of your life. 

You’re not alone!

My friends, every week readers like you ask me for further clarification on the horoscopes as they apply to their chart specifically. 

I’m always thrilled to provide clarity! I want to know your burning questions, so ask away right here – share in the comments how these horoscopes help you grow in love and your precious relationships, and what are your most frequent doubts and concerns?

Thank you for spending another week with little ‘ole me.

Wishing you all the love in the Universe.

Your friend and Relationship Astrologer, 

Anna Kovach


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