Weekly Love Horoscope For October 3rd – 9th

Hello, my loves, welcome to the weekly Love Horoscope for the first full week of October, the 3rd to the 9th. The Astrological weather has been rather dreamy lately with all of the Neptunian and Pluto aspects, and this week that trend continues. 

When inner planets (closest to the Sun) make aspects with outer planets (furthest from the Sun) it sometimes acts like fate intervening in our daily, mundane lives. These periods signal powerful spiritual insights and moments of clarity. You can be pointed in the right direction and towards the right person if you’re paying attention.

Mercury in Virgo is in opposition to Neptune as this week rolls in. Mercury is a planet of thought and precision, especially in the sign of Virgo, which it naturally rules. Neptune is also at its purest expression in the sign of Pisces. 

In opposition, these two totally opposite energies must be reconciled, which gets exhausting. Silly mistakes can lead to feeling critiqued and exposed. You may be feeling symptoms like brain fog while struggling to find the right words to say. 

Romantically, this transit can cause your understanding of your partner to be skewed in some way. In an attempt to see eye to eye, you may overlook some glaring red flags. 

Mercury then forms a trine to Pluto in the sign of Capricorn, which elevates your sense of opportunity. You can take advantage of the extra-persuasive energy that this planetary combo creates. Your ability to manipulate energy to your own favor is scarcely stronger than it will be now!

In the Earth signs, this alignment brings savvy insight into matters that put you one step ahead of the game. You can produce tangible results when you lean into your personal power and mental acuity. Make smart arrangements with your love interest during this time to mentally engage them and keep their eyes on you. 

Mars in the chatty air sign Gemini forms a square to Neptune in empathic Pisces by the end of the week. This causes mental tension in some form. This alignment between Mars and Neptune can drain energy while seeing conflict where it may not really be. Alternatively, we ourselves can be a source of conflict when it was never needed. 

This transit should be a signal to avoid going out and partying or meeting someone for a first date. Instead, this is a better time to nurture your spiritual and sexual connection with a long-term partner or with yourself. 

I’m anxious to let you know all about how this week’s alignments could manifest for your own sign… I think it could be a juicy and dramatic week!

Find your Sun sign or Rising sign down below to find out how this week’s energy looks for you overall.

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Aries – Put Yourself First

Aries, Mercury in Virgo opposite Neptune in Pisces can dull your body’s defenses, making you feel a bit sluggish and run-down this week. Take some time to care for your physical and spiritual self. Your boundaries are lower right now, dear. Your normally airtight instincts are dispersed, causing you to lash out defensively unless you’re properly refilling your cup as your energy wanes and rises again. 

Mercury also forms a trine to Pluto in Capricorn, which adds to your regenerative properties. You’ll probably feel more mentally engaged at this time, making it a much better time to meet up with someone new or to bring up serious conversations within an established partnership. A mental connection with your partner is easier to achieve since your most interesting aspects are obvious.

Your planetary ruler, Mars, forms a square to Neptune before the week is out, which can bring your mental energy to a low. Talking to others can be a struggle since you can be interpreted as more aggressive or overwhelming than you are meant to be. 

Be gentle with yourself and willing to practice apologizing and self-forgiveness if your words sting when you didn’t intend them to.

Taurus – Rare Romantic Opportunities

Taurus darling, Mercury in Virgo, located in your house of romance and good fortune, opposes Neptune in your house of good spirit and friendship. While you may be seeing your partner through rose-colored glasses, who’s complaining? It’s fun to be in love, after all. You may be dealing with romantic feelings for a friend or someone connected to your extended social group. 

Mercury in a trine to Pluto in Capricorn is also in a trine to your own sign, forming what is known as a ‘Grand Trine.’ In my experience, this brings a powerful manifestation period. You’re empowered to create the life you want by naturally influencing the energies around you. 

Considering the involvement of Mercury in the house of romance, I’d advise envisioning your dream relationship to bring it into the third dimension. Your optimism and connection to spirit are instrumental in calling in your dream relationship. 

Gemini – Dazed and Confused

Gemini, this week your sign and your planetary ruler are heavily influenced by the planet Neptune, which can throw you off your game. Mercury opposes Neptune, which for you indicates some emotional confusion or mixed messages. You may misremember things, or be accused of misremembering things when you know you didn’t. Don’t allow anyone to manipulate how you experienced something.

Mercury in a trine to Pluto in Capricorn is a signal to take back your power through transformation. Pluto and Mercury in water houses indicate deep emotional purification of some variety. A heart-to-heart with a partner can go a long way in clearing out bad feelings like a hard rain cleans the air. 

Mars in your own sign forms a square to Neptune this week, likely draining your physical energy and making your immune system vulnerable to outside influence. I’d recommend taking some time with just you and your partner rather than going out and about. Holing up together can be just as much fun as hanging out with a posse.

Cancer – Adjust Your Perspective

Cancer, your ruler, the Moon, in Capricorn gives you a unique opportunity to see and understand your partner. This is the best time of the month to propose getting more serious with someone special as well. You and your loved one can fluctuate comfortably by allowing energy to flow naturally between you as opposed to actively directing it. 

Mercury opposing Neptune this week challenges your sense of perception. For whatever reason, you can blow up little details to mean far more than they do, or gloss over meaningful events instead of being present. It’s important to not overanalyze what your loved one says, but don’t under analyze either.

Mars in Gemini square Neptune challenges a sense of idealism that you hold regarding your loved ones. You are being made aware of some hidden anger towards those around you, but you care too much to burden others with your feelings. It’s an ideal time to practice being assertive and loving with your partner at the same time. You’ve got to meet your own needs. 

Leo – Fill Your Own Cup First

Leo, Mercury’s opposition to Neptune in your house of integration and rebirth can force you to invest some mental, emotional, and physical resources in yourself. Perhaps you’ve neglected your own needs for too long in favor of your partner’s needs. Filling your own cup first is going to enable you to give more to others without burning out in between. 

Mercury forming a trine to Pluto has you happily putting in effort for others, which ultimately brings benefit and gain back to you. You see ways to work smarter, not harder. You can also negotiate more convenient work hours in order to spend more time with your partner. Your capacity to convince others of things is through the roof, so don’t avoid conversations and negotiations. 

Mars in Gemini forms a square to Neptune in your house of transformation and psychology. Perhaps you have convinced yourself that if you put in enough work, you can avoid looking at parts of you that you’re not proud of. Instead, try channeling energy inward to approach and excavate insecurities.

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Virgo – Distorted Romantic Reality

Mercury is your planetary ruler and it sits within your own sign at this time. As Neptune forms an opposition to Mercury, you’re feeling the energy dissipate clearly. Your mental state and general interpretation of your partnership are impacted by distorting factors. You could be perceiving your partner in an idealized way. Give yourself reality checks to ensure you’re not fooling yourself.

Mercury in a trine to Pluto in fellow Earth sign, Capricorn, opens romantic opportunities for you. Remain open to meeting someone who becomes your new romantic standard. Pluto is explosive energy, so I trust that you’ll recognize it when it manifests around you. Undeniable mental chemistry is a hallmark of relationships fostered under this transit. 

Mars in Gemini forming a square to Neptune in your house of partnership forms a tense relationship. Your partner can be frustrating as they struggle to see a part of you that you’re proud of. Because of this, you may attempt to shroud your latent hurt by distancing yourself from qualities that you feel bad about. I’m here to tell you to never change your core self for anyone! Always be you. 

Libra – Reengage With Them

Libra darling, Mercury opposes Neptune in your house of health and habits. This can corrupt daily functioning as you remain too hazy or ‘out of it’ to properly address the more mundane parts of your partnership and daily life in general. When you’re disengaged then the world (and the people in it) can pass you by. Take the extra effort to zone in when a loved one is sharing something with you. 

Mercury in a trine to Pluto triggers a helpful emotional/mental release. Perhaps something that you were carrying and that was weighing heavily on you will be let go of after a spark of realization hits. This allows you to move forward toward those that want you now, rather than carrying the baggage of those who hurt you before. 

Mars in Gemini in a square to Neptune in Pisces can further drain your motivation to engage in mundane, but important, tasks. You may know the importance of getting it done but can distract yourself with more ‘fun’ ideas. With a lot of self-compassion, channel your energies to things that must get done as well as to relationships that require maintenance. 

Scorpio – Guard Your Energy

Scorpio, Mercury opposes Neptune in your house of romance, bringing a sentimental and forgiving attitude to your love life. You can find yourself releasing suppressed anger through productive conversation. Emotional maturity between both parties ensures that the exchange goes peacefully, but an inclination towards selfishness and judgment can create silent rifts. 

Mercury in a trine to Pluto (your planetary co-ruler) allows you to connect to your loved ones and casual acquaintances in opportunistic but largely harmless ways. You know how to take advantage of a situation and whom to talk to and about what. Use this power for good, especially if you’re seeking a spicy new connection. 

Mars in Gemini in a square to Neptune in your house of romance can dull down your dream romance if you allow it to. Your insecurities are taking up too much of your energy which distorts the genuine feelings you’re attempting to convey. Remain present and in touch with your most authentic self to express yourself in the most loving way.

Sagittarius – Embrace Vulnerability

Mercury in opposition to Neptune in Pisces is a sensitive transit that activates your house of emotion as well as your house of life aspiration. You can allow yourself to be deluded by a desire to construct how you’re perceived by others. But why? Could it be that being present as yourself feels like too much emotional exposure? This week, consider those in your life who hold space for all sides of you. 

Mercury in a trine to Pluto is an ideal time for manifesting the type of people that bring you a sense of security and who aren’t afraid to put you on display. No matter how cool you may try to play it sometimes, Sagittarius, you often desire to be someone’s pride and joy. Picture yourself in this energy and let it be so.

Mars in your house of partnership forms a square to Neptune in the house of emotions and memory. Despite being focused, engaged, and passionate about your partnership recently, you can find yourself drained of your motivation to go above and beyond in connecting. Your partner can feel confused and hurt unless you’re upfront and vulnerable about the emotions that you’re working through. 

Capricorn – Think Big Picture

Capricorn, Mercury opposing Neptune in your houses of thought and spirituality can skew your perception on several levels. You can struggle to appropriately express your views as Neptune waters down your speech somewhat. You can become overwhelmed because you’re focusing too much on the details when what is needed is a broad overview of your relationships. 

Mercury in a trine to Pluto in your own sign allows you to connect with your higher self, giving you perspective on the relationships and concepts that consume your mind. Find clarity this week as long as you choose to remain engaged in things that are larger than yourself. 

Mars in a square to Neptune slows productivity at work, which can be a hard thing for you to accept. A lack of energy or engagement may cause you to gloss over important details. It’s easy to snap on loved ones if you don’t keep perspective. Practice leaving work at the door as soon as you come home to avoid tainting your love-filled relationships. 

Aquarius – Exhume Your Wounds

Aquarius, this week Mercury opposes Neptune in your houses of transformation and self-esteem. You can sometimes distort your self-worth and not see yourself as the compassionate and giving person that you are. People don’t tell you this, but recognizing your positive traits is the best way to make sure that everyone notices your strengths. 

Mercury forming a trine to Pluto in two of your houses of emotion ask you to process some event or realization that you’ve been hoping to forget. It’s not healthy to bury old hurts. Not to mention what subconsciously hoarding your past romantic traumas takes away from your current relationship. 

Mars in a square to Neptune can have you compulsively giving to your partner without truly considering if you even have enough to share. This applies to your emotional and physical resources. Get present with yourself and honestly admit if you have that much energy to go around. 

Pisces – Obsessed With Your Lover

Pisces, Mercury in your house of partnerships opposes your planetary co-ruler, Neptune, within your own sign. This brings a path to understanding the thoughts of your partner. You may not initially understand where they’re coming from, but by keeping your focus on seeing eye to eye, you will find a bridge of connection between each other. 

Mercury forming a trine to Pluto places a mental fixation on your partnership that’s hard to ignore. You can take advantage of your excellent communication with your partner by approaching any subject fearlessly. You can rest assured the conversations will be met with an open mind. 

Mars in Gemini forms a square to Neptune within your own sign, bringing attention to harbored anger. Empathize with the past version of yourself who still is deeply hurt. But be respectful of your present self who needs to move on to get the most out of new partnerships.

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Wrapping Up

Who knew that three simple transits could haul up soooo much emotional shrapnel? This week is full of drama, but most of it we won’t even see. Rather, oceans inside of us are swirling in a way that betrays our external selves. 

How will you take advantage of the sly trine from Mercury to Pluto? How do you hope to use its energy within your relationship? Start the conversation in the comments below by sharing your thoughts. 

Wanting some more clarity on what this week’s transits mean for your personal relationship? I can totally help you out! 

I’ve set up a spot right here where readers can book their consultation to get a personalized understanding of their own charts or their partnership chart. I can provide more information about your relationship than you think! 

Don’t hesitate to hit me up, nothing makes me happier than helping out a reader. 

Wishing you all the love in the Universe, 

Anna Kovach


13 thoughts on “Weekly Love Horoscope For October 3rd – 9th

  1. I’m taurus and already got feeling for a friend and they are in my extended social circle.
    Just don’t feel anything is going anywhere at present. Be nice but feel more discontent with each day.

    1. Hi Louise,

      Taurus woman is much more sensitive emotionally than she will reveal to others. She’s fragile but she’s able to put on a very strong exterior so that no one suspects a thing. Perhaps your friend is not aware of the situation. Moon signs and ascendant signs are important to understand our emotional impulses and how we should base our approach when sharing our feelings with those we love. Find out his Moon sign. Perhaps your friend has feelings for you but doesn’t know how to express them.

      I hope all goes well for you both!

  2. Hi Anna,

    My name is Tanisha Callender I stuck and lost. I’m in love with my ex Michael but he don’t feel the same nomore because I hurt his feelings. I apologized a thousand times and he can’t forgive me and move on. I don’t know what to do ?

    1. Hi Tanisha,

      When in a relationship, personal space is a sacred thing.
      Don’t try to see him or talk to him for a while.You apologized so many times so you will need to give him his own space and let him think everything through.
      Give him enough time to process what’s going on. This time for him will allow you to have your thoughts on the situation too and you can find out what the best plan of action is for your relationship.
      When time elapses if he really cares for you, he will return to talk. I hope this makes sense sweetheart.

  3. I’m in love with a Gemini who won’t commit and have different relationships with different women I want out of this toxic situation he always popping up calling and texting I don’t understand I’m so confused

    1. Hi Shanika,

      Please note that Gemini men are dual in nature, so I wouldn’t expect anything less from them.
      Sometimes they are carefree and playful, other times are a bit pragmatic and restrained.
      In this case, he needs to decide whether he wants to commit or keep looking.
      You can expect him to change his mind a lot and I know, this could become really exhausting for you.
      One day he could be infatuated by you, the next this feeling starts to fade away so you’ll never know where you stand with him. A Gemini man is independent and wants a woman who values her personal space.
      He wants time apart and wants you to have friends separate from each other.
      Pay attention to these red flags.
      You may tell him what you’ve noticed and you’d like to know how he feels and where he sees things going.
      I hope all goes well for you.

  4. This is very much resonating Anna. Thank you very much! I do my own transits & progressions and its FANTASTIC having ur input. I’m very well aware of u as ur reputation precedes you and I cant believe I’m in contact with you! Lol!!
    I’m on a yoyo with an alcoholic pisces. Moved out 6 months ago. Last night he claims he doesn’t want to live the life he’s created & wants sobriety. Hes showed me how cruel he can be. I don’t know what to do and this weeks transits reflect my indisition with the Mercury /Neptune activity
    ….and him being pisces & alcoholic
    Fingers crossed I proceed appropriately!

    1. Dear Tanya,

      Thank you for sharing. His Neptune is influential in his chart, because he can easily develop bad habits. People with this aspect are not familiar with limits and where this may take them.
      Wherever there is a vice involved, you should stay away because he could drag you down to his whirlpool.
      Rare are the cases of those who quit their bad habits, but this is only because they wanted to help themselves.
      If he is not showing any effort in supporting himself in getting rid of his drinking problem, then this can only cause trouble for you.
      Do not confront him or force him to stop. He needs to decide. Be there for him and let him know you’re there to support him.

      I hope all goes best for you both.

      1. Pisces is always wierd. Each time I saw a person with Sun in 12 house or moon in Pisces, they have addiction and they lie. But I always thought that the one that attract me is whome chart has kind of relation to Pisces. Maybe that is because of my Pisces Lilith. I adore the hidden sensitivity of Pisces.

        1. Hi Paris,

          Pisces man is highly sensitive, sometimes seems emotionally detached as if he is living in his own world, not letting anyone in. Sun in Pisces is making him dreamy, out of touch with reality while other planets bring creativity, compassion and kindness, but also inconsistency. Pisces sign is not a strong sign for Mars, but the need for love is great.

          1. Thank you so much my sister. You share me so much useful information ? My love has Mars and Moon in Pisces. Tarot said that he is lying about his feeling and will come back to you, especially with his Neptune square Venus in his birthchart. But I don’t know if he lies or has feeling yet. May Univers show me the right time. I can feel he totaly has emotional personality and lovable. Thank you so much for your useful blog Anna ? I have unstable Gemini Moon with hard to pin down Aquarius Sun, but I follow your blog consistently and enjoy your great knowledge. I appreciate if u can accept Bitcoin for paying. Wish you the bests in pursuing your blog and goals.

  5. Hello Anna, I look so forward to you emails each morning.
    I am in love with a Leo! I have never dated a Leo before and he is totally different from the Aires man I was in a long relationship with.
    We have been dating for 9 months and he shows me so much affection and attention when we are together. He has a big and loving heart and cares I know deeply for me.
    We were each others college crushes without even knowing until this year. I have not met his family nor has he met my family. A few of my friends knows about him and his brother knows about me, we both are just be cautious and he said he is following my lead.
    In order to reconcile our differences, I tell him of my feelings, because he can be direct at times. He immediately apologies and he is doing better. From the beginning he told me he probably will be apologizing to me for things because of his nature.
    I am his first long term relationship in over 15 years so we are learning how to date one another after me being in a long term relationship for over 30 years.
    Sometimes he can be distant when his work is involved and other times he can eat me up. At first this was totally confusing to me until I join your emailing club and learning about a Leo man.
    We compliment each other so well. I love him but afraid to tell him first because I have been rejected most of my life. I feel it mutual but he is being extra cautious, knowing that I am the one.
    Is there anything you can add for the success of our relationship?

  6. Phew!! Dear Anna, how cuople of weeks it was. It teaches me to not stick to end result and also to not having feeling guilt about my decision. The most important one is that not convincing myself to something less than what I want; never ever. Thanks it is passed away now..

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