Weekly Love Horoscope For October 10th – 16th

My lovely readers, welcome back to the weekly Love Horoscope, this time for October 10th through the 16th. We may be in the middle of Spooky Season, but who says the transits must abide by that? Only one creepy square aspect could derail the fun and games, but the good vibes will likely overcome all of that. 

Mercury moves back into Libra, indicating a period where fairness and equality are emphasized. Mercury in the sign of the scales can be a bit infuriating because Mercury’s exacting nature can have us attempting to achieve PERFECT balance. That’s plain unrealistic for the long term!

Despite that, this transit can benefit couples who balance masculine and feminine qualities within their partnership and within themselves. Everyone in touch with their desires within the partnership as well as their feelings on it will find this transit to be a breeze. 

Mars square Neptune all week long is lingering energy of misplaced rage for many signs. This can wreak havoc on relationships if we’re not leaning into our critical thinking skills. Going based on gut feelings and intuition can steer you wrong this week. Mars’ helpful influence in this realm is sullied by Neptune’s muddying effect. 

The Sun in a trine to Saturn signals a shift in one’s own perspective and awareness in the direction of security and stability. Saturn and the Sun in positive alignment bring out our sense of what we must get serious about pursuing for our own good. This can be anything, but it includes aligning with the partner that has staying power. 

Now, Venus in a trine to Saturn is DEFINITELY an indicator of a long-lasting relationship. Under this transit, long-established partnerships are exalted and newer ones may become crystallized together if they’re meant to be. 

Mercury opposite Jupiter this week ushers in an optimistic approach to the lingering anxiety and suspicion that Mars in a square to Neptune can represent. Mercury in opposition to Jupiter assists in mitigating any needless judgment, but only if you’re willing to see the other party eye to eye.

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Aries – So Many Ideas, So Little Energy

Aries, Mercury moves back into Libra this week, adjusting your view of the world to account for others, particularly someone as close as your partner. You can seem of one mind with your loved one this week, perhaps even finishing one another’s sentences. 

Mars in a square to Neptune all week long impacts the sign of Aries especially since your planetary ruler is Mars. This alignment can throw you off your game somewhat, clouding your interpretation of the world and your sense of self. You may feel like your initiative and drive are being kept just out of reach, despite a flight of ideas that you wish to act on. 

Venus in a trine to Saturn is a huge boon to your long-term relationships (or to your relationship you’re looking to make long term). You and your partner can come from a place of love and understanding this week, even as things between the two of you get more serious. 

Taurus – A Sign To Move On

Taurus, with so many planets now in Libra, you’re experiencing a focus on health, wellness, and daily life maintenance (which includes going to work). You might be feeling like a cog in the machine rather than a human being. It’s important to invest time in your relationships and those who interact with you for reasons beyond what it takes to stay alive. 

The Sun forming a trine to Saturn puts weight on the importance of commitment and dedication. In air signs, these two planets can fuel new ideas and exchanges with others that lay a foundation that you can build on for years to come. The trine to Saturn from the Sun also indicates that your charm and zest for life are exactly what allow you to make room for responsibility in your life. 

Venus in a trine to Saturn further drives home how important it is to lean into what you know is solid right now. Your past relationships may have anchored you to a past situation or person, but this is your green light to stop serving people who aren’t here for the long haul. Turn your focus towards the people or person who you know have staying power.

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Gemini – Lovingly Inclined

Gemini, Mars in your own sign forming an inopportune square to Neptune in Pisces can distort your more public aspects. Others may project negativity or bad assumptions onto you… and you may be tempted to fight back, but I advise a quiet grace since you can unwittingly add more fuel to the fire. Worry about what those closest to you think of you and discard the rest. 

Your planetary ruler, Mercury, moves into Libra this week which happens to occupy your house of romance. Mercury signals the areas that are now romantically associated, in this case, mental space and the way you interpret the world. You are viewing and processing life as if you’re in the honeymoon phase of a relationship, eagerly catching butterflies in your stomach. 

Venus in a trine to Saturn this week forms a grand trine with your own sign, making space for miracles! You can receive the best types of blessings if you are willing to see them. Romantically, your eyes are opened to the people who can best appreciate how you express yourself to the world, as well as who can stay in your life for a long time and a good time. 

Cancer – Emotional Maturity 

Cancer, Mercury moving back into the sign of Libra means that you’re hypersensitive to how others communicate with you, and it shows in your responses. This is a fulfilling experience. Being that emotionally in tune with your senses means you experience delight more acutely as well. When your partner does something sweet, it’s going to feel like the cutest thing ever. 

Mars in Gemini in a square to Neptune this week which can indicate underlying general discomfort or perhaps anger or irritation. You may not recognize the source due to Neptune’s diluting properties. I’ve seen this transit trigger undirected outbursts of emotion and/or general discomfort due to issues not yet put into words. This transit may assist one or both of you in confronting underlying issues. 

Venus in a trine to Saturn this week allows you to cultivate a mature emotional understanding between you and your loved one. If your relationship had not yet defined itself, then this transit could be begging you and your partner to recognize each other as life partners and essentially family. This is a transit that can work well for marriage.

Leo – Open Your Heart

Leo, this week Mercury moves into Libra, which is an air sign that you totally vibe with as a fire sign lady. You can speak way more freely this week, and your way of communicating is just downright attractive due to Libra’s Venusian influence! Use the upcoming weeks to connect mentally and conversationally with your partner, or, reach out to a potential partner.

Your ruler, the bright and shiny Sun, is in an easy trine with Saturn this week. The Sun and Saturn existing in a positive relationship signals a time when the partner you are with is potentially ‘crystallized’ into your life, meaning, the relationship gains some staying power due to Saturn’s more positive manifestation within the trine aspect. 

Venus also forms a trine to Saturn this week! For you, both Venus and Saturn are love and relationship planets due to Saturn ruling over your house of partnership. These two planets in a positive alignment signal a period when your hard work is paying off. You’re allowing yourself to receive love after a long time of not accepting it. Open yourself up and take in all the blessings you deserve. 

Virgo – Dare To Go Deeper In Love

Your planetary ruler, Mercury, is officially back in Libra this week which moves your headspace to more practical matters. For you, Virgo, money and partnership are integrally intertwined. Marital satisfaction comes with mental, emotional, and financial security. Evaluate how well your partner meets your security needs and have a discussion if you feel compelled. 

Your ruler opposite Jupiter this week asks you to explore deeper parts of yourself. You’re so careful and articulate, Virgo, but where does all that rage go? With Mercury in the sign of partnership and Jupiter in your house of merging, it’s an ideal time to expose your most raw inner realms to your partner. This requires faith, but faith will always be rewarded with deeper understanding. 

Mars is in a square to Neptune in your house of partnership all week long. This can dilute the anger that you so desperately need to express. You can convince yourself that it isn’t a big deal, but not talking about your hidden frustration with your partner will only rot your love and commitment silently in the background. 

Libra – Mentally Stimulating Romance

Libra, this week you’re reminded of how intelligent you are. Who’s reminding you? Probably everybody! Mercury arriving in your own sign sets you up to be recognized for your head full of brains. But what’s even better is that Mercury ruling your house of spirituality means that you’re attracting individuals of your same quick-witted but thoughtful disposition. 

What insecurities are keeping you from opening up completely to your partner? Mars in a square to Neptune wants you to answer that question this week. As a Libra, Mars represents your partner. Neptune’s presence in a tense aspect to Mars can irritate previously undisturbed insecurities surrounding love.

Your planetary ruler in a trine aspect to Saturn this week signals an ideal time to lighten the mood between you and your loved one after a week of mental and emotional exertion together. Have some fun together! Get naked! Act like fools! You kids deserve it.

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Scorpio – A Phoenix Rising

Mercury arrives in Libra this week, which I’ve seen indicates a period of introversion for Scorpio placements. Your thoughts are very much your private thoughts, and you value that right now. But this can come off as cold to your partner who longs to hear what you have to say. 

Your planetary co-ruler (Mars) is in a square to Neptune all week long. This can spell disruption in the flow of appreciation between you and your partner. Your creative and joyful energy together can be drained or even squashed out by external pressures. Trust that the fun will come back, but this is a time that demands your energy in other places. 

Venus in Libra in a trine to Saturn can make sense of some of the loneliness that may be lingering around this time. I’ve noticed that Libra transits tend to really take a toll on Scorpios. Soon the Sun moves into your own sign and you’ll be on the road to empowerment. This transit gives you a sneak peek at what the payoff will be for some of this emotional work. 

Sagittarius – Love Overcomes All

Mercury’s movement into Libra activates your house of friends and good fortune, dear Sagittarius. Your flames are optimistically fanned by the Libra energy in this uplifting house. You can expect that your partner will feel a lot like a friend during this period! 

Mars is in a square to Neptune this week, which could spell suppressed emotions between you and your partner. Alternatively, anger can spill out in general over less consequential things. This is just a smoke and mirror show to distract everyone, including yourself, from what you’re really upset about. 

Mercury opposing Jupiter this week is a synergistic and effective combination for spicing up your partnership. Even a long-term partnership can feel like something new and shiny during this transit. Your heart beats for your loved one, and Jupiter’s good humor can overcome some of the inner frustration that Mars’ position can indicate for you. 

Capricorn – Queen of the Mountain

Mercury’s movement into Libra this week activates your house of reputation, along with Venus and the Sun. There is hardly a better time for creating your ideal image through your presence, appearance, and intelligence. You’re being SEEN by others right now, Capricorn. If you’re looking for love, I advise that you put yourself out there, because your Goddess side is about to expose herself shamelessly!

The Sun in a trine to your planetary ruler, Saturn, brings positive attention to your sense of security. You’re actually okay with how you’re coming off and the general ‘feel’ for where your life is headed. You are consciously aware of your capacity for discipline and staying power. Your partner appreciates your reliability and you’re prouder than ever to be the only one by their side.

Venus in a trine to Saturn is the icing on the cake for you, lucky Capricorn. Venus in a trine to Saturn ensures that the relationships that you make now are long-lasting. These iron-clad bonds add to your personal sense of safety within your core group. You can let your guard down and let out the breath you didn’t know you were holding, dear.

Aquarius – Overwhelmed By Your Love

Mercury moving into the sign of Libra once more merges capacity for thought and collaboration with the concept of partnership and spirituality. Critical thought is centered around your one-on-one relationship. Your approach is informed by the powerful Sun and gentle Venus, making your capacity for forgiveness for your loved one potent. 

Aquarius, you’re lucky to be you this week, as the Universe is favoring your planetary ruler, Saturn. You can reap the benefits of a trine from the Sun to the ringed planet as your concept of connection to something larger than yourself is brought down to Earth. 

Knowing this, the Saturn trine to the planet of love, Venus, can have you feeling dwarfed by the size of your love for your partner and your partnership in general. Remember, a relationship is both people. The success of your partnership is half due to your participation! Give yourself some credit for this amazing connection you’ve fostered. 

Pisces – Isolated But Optimistic

Pisces, Mercury’s arrival into the sign of Libra shifts your mental state into survival mode as you see the pieces around you begin to crumble. What’s crumbling was always only a façade, but we sometimes mourn what we only thought was real. Is there a relationship that is not as secure as it seems?

Mars in a square to Neptune within your own sign this week brings out emotional frustration in your body. It’s hard to relax this week. You feel compromised in general, as if you’ve been exposed. Leaning into your partner’s support can be complex at this time. I advise that you take some time and get a fresh perspective. 

Mercury in opposition to your planetary co-ruler, Jupiter, can be counted on to lift your spirits. You can grasp a sense of security within the wreckage of what you thought would last a lot longer than it actually did. Ultimately, your incredible faith saves you from unneeded suffering that relationship rifts can trigger.

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Wrapping Up

I’m loving all of this exquisite energy that’s getting served up this week! Even the Mars square to Neptune doesn’t seem so bad when you consider all the trines and beneficial alignments and movements going on. 

Romantically, this week will test less established couples, but by the end, the ones who did not last can gain an understanding of what they need in a relationship to make it last. The ones who make it through intact will find themselves propelled into a long-term partnership, courtesy of the optimistic Saturn trine to Venus. 

I can already see some of the questions and requests that some of my readers are cooking up in response to this romantic week. 

What some people don’t know is that the incredible guidance found within Horoscopes like these is only half the story, if that. 

The real power of Astrology lies within your Birth Chart! When I have access to this powerful map of your soul, I can assist you in understanding what transits like these mean for YOU. Not just your sign, but you personally!

I’m excited to introduce some of you to the wonders of seeing your nature spelled out in black and white before you. Not to mention, you can accurately pinpoint important romantic events so that you can keep your eyes peeled and stay ready to take advantage of just the right moments to put you in the right place and at the right time. 

Go ahead and reach out to me here for assistance in interpreting your Birth Chart. There I can bring you one step closer to knowing the most important romance transits and what they mean for you. 

Can’t wait to catch you here again next week! 

Wishing you all the love in the Universe,

Anna Kovach

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