Weekly Love Horoscope For November 7th – 13th 

Hello, my lovely readers. Welcome back to the weekly Love Horoscope for the 7th-13th of November. We’re in the thick of Scorpio season right now, but I’m sure you’ve noticed that. Our emotional motivations are harder to gauge for others, but the mystery is also intoxicating.

This week rolls in with a conjunction between the Sun and Mercury, both in the sign of Scorpio. This heightens our general awareness and involvement in our surroundings. Communicating (or realizing) truths that have been suppressed can be a theme here. 

Shortly after, the Sun and Mercury form an opposition to Uranus in the sign of Taurus, which can have you seeking new stimulation. The desire to feel ‘alive’ is potent. With Scorpio and Taurus being such sensual signs, you may desire deep emotional stimulation through sex. If you don’t get the buzzy energy out of your system, it can come out in unwise ways. 

Mercury quickly forms a square to Saturn, which spells headaches for some folks, literally and figuratively. Thankfully this tough transit only lasts for a day, but during that time you may have to contend with mental strain and difficulties communicating with your loved ones. You may even feel like there is nothing ‘right’ that you can say, so you choose to not talk. 

Venus forms a trine with Neptune right after this, adding needed relaxation to the mix. You can be hard-pressed to find a more calming transit than this one. And after some of the energy from earlier in the week, I know you’ll be looking forward to a low-key night with your hubby.

Mercury follows Venus in a trine to Neptune directly after this, once again easing some of the mental strain from a few days earlier. If harsh words were exchanged earlier this week or if you or another felt blindsided by sporadic behavior then this is an ideal time to make peace. Neptune enhances our ability to feel compassion, sympathy, and forgiveness for our loved ones. 

And lastly, Venus rounds out this week with a sexy sextile to Pluto. This spicy combination typically features some tension that could work out in your favor. Sextiles require you to take the initiative and put your energy out rather than wait for it to come. 

On that note, let’s see what this week has in store for us! Find your Sun or Rising sign below to find out just what you need to keep your eyes peeled for this week.

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Aries – Emotional Healing

Aries, your eighth house being full of planets in Scorpio brings up ways that the physical world connects you to others. The things that people have given to you or which represent a relationship to you play an important role. It’s also a period when tangible and emotional connections to others are a theme. This is an excellent time to combine resources and move in with your partner or vice versa.

Venus in a trine to Neptune this week may offer healing energy if you’ve been struggling with energetic ties to past relationships or situations. You may find that allowing the ties to fade and dissipate is easier than before. This allows you to participate in your current or next relationship with an open heart.

A sextile to Pluto right after this allows you to go deeper with your emotional involvement with others. There is always a risk when opening up to others, but there is the reward of deep intimacy with another person. Trust your instincts and if it feels right then allow yourself to fully open your heart to trust the person that you’re with.

Taurus – Needing Some Space

This week may feel especially potent for you, Taurus. This week signals a period where themes of freedom versus belonging are concerned. Uranus in your own sign could have you fighting for your independence to the point that it becomes hurtful. Either that or you feel forced into independence from no choice of your own. 

The emotions that pour forth this week can feel devastating. A loss of a partnership, friendship, or business relationship can bring you to a rock bottom moment in your life. The good news is that you are more able than ever to start fresh and new. 

Venus’ aspects towards the end of the week can bring you back to yourself a bit. A trine to Neptune allows you to find self-love at a time when it feels like no one else will. Venus’ sextile to Pluto can complicate things if your feet aren’t back on the ground yet. It’s important to lead with your self-respect this week instead of seeking temporary solutions to numb the pain. 

Gemini – Can’t Stand Still

Gemini, this week you can expect the attention to be on you, especially at work or for health reasons, but in any area of life as well. Mercury, your planetary ruler, is receiving plenty of attention from the other planets this week, so let’s go through what some possibilities are. 

You may have felt highly stimulated this week as the Sun meets Mercury in your sixth house. The urge to do work and be of service to a higher goal or vision is potent. You may desire community service or volunteer work. 

The addition of Uranus in opposition this week can create feelings of being trapped in service. While you’re inspired to work, you can also become exasperated and quickly disillusioned. The presence of Venus can have you avoiding extra effort in your relationships because of feeling overwhelmed by the perceived lack of movement that it allows.

Cancer – Romantically lnclined

Cancer, this week, all the planets in Scorpio are sitting within your house of romance, which makes your week sexier than usual as the planets here get activated. The Sun and Mercury aligning in this house allows you to channel your physical and mental energy to creative and romantic pursuits. 

An opposition to Uranus for the Sun and Mercury can have you wondering if you should stay friends with someone or if you should allow yourself to give into deeper feelings. Being a friend allows you to be hands-off to a degree, but romantic pursuits can be layered with deeper experiences in some cases. It’s important to pay attention to your gut over feelings of panic or anxiety in this situation. 

Venus in a sextile to Pluto in your house of partnership makes the end of this week extra special if you’re in a partnership with someone or seeking to be. It’s easy to take too much space from your partner over time, to the point where you don’t feel close anymore. This alignment is an opportunity to reignite the strong feelings of crazy love that you once had.

Leo – Merging Together

Leo, Scorpio within your house of emotional roots, memory, home, and family kicks up emotional debris and changes at home when planets in Scorpio are activated. This can work to change the composition of your household as well. You could choose to move in with someone else, perhaps taking a relationship to the next level.

In opposition to Uranus, the Sun and Mercury in your house of family and home could indicate leaving home either for a trip, or because you’re hanging out somewhere else more. If your loved one lives with you, ensure that you’re spending enough time nurturing your connection as housemates and found family. 

This week’s main emphasis is understanding your own definition of ‘home’ and what you’re willing to surrender to understand your partner. Scorpio indicates shedding the old in favor of new stimulation. It’s highly beneficial to give up old parts of your emotional baggage that you no longer need to identify with. This allows your current and future relationships to start fresh.

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Virgo – Engaging Emotionally 

Virgo, Scorpio lies in your house of communication, connections to others, learning, and exchange of ideas. The Sun, Venus, and Mercury here indicate that you’re extremely mentally stimulated, especially as the Sun and Mercury meet and simultaneously oppose Uranus in Taurus. 

This transit means that your mind is running a million miles an hour. Sure, for a Virgo that might sound like most days, but this week it’s heightened as Uranus makes you crave stimulation. You can find yourself drawing away from others emotionally due to fixating on your thoughts. Be aware that you still may be expected to emotionally ‘show up’ despite your state of mind. 

Mercury and Venus trine Neptune offset some of the more mental energy as Neptune in your seventh house of partnership encourages you to open your heart and mind to your loved one. This transit can be miraculous for assisting in relationships that have suffered a blow in the past. The healing energy offered in this transit can bring compassion and understanding to each other. 

Libra – Increasing Self-Worth and Net Worth

Libra, the focus this week is on feelings of security and self-worth as well as what you value about others. The amount of inner work that you can get done this week is staggering, especially in regard to personal growth and self-worth.

Your planetary ruler, Venus, allows you to create wealth if you’re savvy. Venus also ruling romance tells me that entering a money-making side hustle with your partner could grow your partnership and your net worth! This is a highly advantageous time for taking a leap in business as the opposition to Uranus endures. 

Venus in a trine to Neptune also indicates opportunities to forgive yourself for times in your life when you’ve undervalued yourself. Consider past partnerships that you know you should have left earlier and find sympathy for the person that you were then and the person you’ve grown into. 

Scorpio – Fanning the Flames of Love

Scorpio, the focus remains on you this week as several aspects are made to planets within your own sign. Mercury and the Sun meeting in your house of self, the body, and identity indicate that your health is improving and you’re feeling ‘engaged’ in your body and in the moment, more than usual. 

Uranus in opposition to these planets in your own sign has implications for your partnership. Perhaps you or your partner are feeling a bit subdued within your partnership at this time. One or both of you desire the thrill and rush of being in love once more. You may stoke the fire between each other again, or risk energies coming out in frustration with one another. 

Mercury and Venus in a trine to Neptune in Pisces enhances the romantic features of your partnership, which can assist in reigniting your spark with one another. Don’t shy away from ultra-cheesy displays of love. Go ahead and lay it on thick, Scorpio! 

Sagittarius – Finding Solace With Your Loved One

This week may feel confusing and jarring, Sagittarius. The Sun and Mercury meeting with one another in your house of isolation brings you energy and thoughts that are profound but which can quickly dissipate and be of no use. It can be difficult to channel and communicate your thoughts, which can lead to built-up frustration. 

The opposition to Uranus, these planets can create a sense of being unable to escape the ‘hamster wheel’ of life. You may feel powerless to speak up and lack the confidence to do so anyway. But as dismal as this sounds, you’re actually being given a huge saving grace this week. 

The trine between Neptune and Venus and Mercury allows you to find a certain amount of peace and company within your partner. Neptune speaks for the two of you when words fail to express your true thoughts. It’s okay to rely on your partner this week. You’re an independent sign, but allow them to show you the love you deserve. 

Capricorn – Being Recognized

Capricorn, this week you could be feeling particularly blessed with your relationships. You spend so much time putting in your best effort (or berating yourself when you fall short) and this week you’re being karmically rewarded for your admirable dedication and partnership. 

As the Sun and Mercury combine in your house of blessings, you are being recognized by your peers in some way, or at least desire to be recognized by your peers. As Uranus forms an opposition to these planets, you may be struck with a form of creative inspiration. Sharing this with others assists them in recognizing you for your talent. 

Your partner is likely to be in awe of you as well as Venus forms a trine to Neptune in Pisces. Your partner is interested in what you have to say and is also curious about your point of view. This is an excellent time to open up emotionally through your communication and mental intimacy. 

Aquarius – Looking Back To Move Forward

Aquarius, Scorpio represents the direction that your life is meant to head in during this lifetime. This is why during Scorpio season you may find yourself aligned with life-altering events. The important thing to remember during this time is that what happens is meant to propel you forward, even if it ‘feels’ like a setback. 

An opposition from your co-ruler, Uranus, to Mercury and the Sun this week may remind you of a somewhat disruptive childhood that some Aquarians had. You may find that motivating yourself by being a person (and being with a person) who your younger self would approve of. 

Remembering your roots is how you are able to project yourself forward this month, Aquarius. This may serve as your motivation in romance as well. Mercury and Venus in a trine to Neptune may stimulate sensual desires that serve to spiritually connect with your partner. 

Pisces – Having Faith

Pisces, this week you may find that you’re seeking freedom. It’s normal for you to seek isolation (for you, alone does not always mean lonely) but freedom and isolation aren’t the same. You seek to have agency to move where you want and believe what you want. Your ideologies regarding romance are more important to you than usual. 

As Uranus forms an opposition to Mercury and the Sun, you may find yourself attached to the details when the really juicy parts of life are in the big picture right now. Your relationship approach should involve asking yourself “Who do I feel most authentic around?” 

Being open-minded this week is essential. Allow a trine from your planetary co-ruler (Neptune) to open you up to trust the larger picture. Things are meant to work out for you, but they can only fall into place when you release your mental grip on the scenario.

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Wrapping Up

What an exciting week! I don’t think anyone is set to be bored with action from stimulating planets like Uranus, Mercury, and the Sun. Venus’ alignments serve to remind us to connect with others even as ideas and desires flow through us. 

I’m excited to cover next week with you, and I know you’re going to want to check in for it!

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I’m so excited to see you again next week, as usual. 

Wishing you all the love in the Universe, 

Anna Kovach

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