Weekly Love Horoscope For November 28th – December 4th

Hey, my loves, welcome back to the weekly Horoscope, this time for November 28th – December 4th. While no planets are changing signs this week, we do see one planet heading in the right direction for the first time in months.

Jupiter moving forward once more is your cue to open up your arms to receive. In the sign of Pisces, Jupiter in forward motion is ‘happy’ once more. 

As such, you can expect any stunted blessings or manifestations to speed up. If there was a relationship that didn’t seem to work a few months ago, it might have a chance to take off now. 

Mars continues a trine to Saturn for the entire week, which makes it easier and more natural to choose to take personal responsibility. We all know how important that is in any partnership. 

Mercury forms a sextile to Saturn, which allows for free-flowing communication about some tough or generally un-fun topics between you and your loved one. It’s important to say what you mean to them without beating around the bush at this time. 

Mercury (can you believe all the action this planet is getting?) is in a square to Neptune, which can muddy up our communication with one another. Forming a new partnership would be ill advised right now. 

Instead, use this time to meditate and get in touch with the real world around you at the moment. This will take the emphasis off the circus that Neptune and Mercury are creating in your mind, potentially. 

This combination can create mental fog. Talking to your partner in a grounded way can be difficult (and vice versa). Speaking as clearly and truthfully as possible is recommended. 

Venus and Mercury oppose Mars this week, which puts feminine and masculine energy at odds with one another. 

This can create a positive focus in your partnership since a solid couple’s dedication to improving with one another is a priority and are able to meet in the middle. 

A less secure couple can trip into a power struggle. Stay mature and put your love first.

Oppositions force an interaction from you; in this case, it could be involving your loved one or partner. It could be feeling so passionate about them that you feel you must express it and let them know and act on it with them. It can also look like a buildup of frustration with them that also demands to be addressed. 

Venus in a sextile to Saturn could be the remedy for any explosive engagements between you and another this week. This alignment assists you in eliminating unhelpful relationships that don’t support your growth. 

Venus in a square to Neptune can create a victim narrative within partnerships and relationships. Monetarily it can mean a loss of funds for some reason. The best way to prepare for this alignment is to keep your eyes peeled for any potential pitfalls, but without becoming paranoid. Striking a balance is required here.

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Aries – Cutting Out the Unnecessary 

Aries, Sagittarius energy speaks heavily to you since it’s a fellow fire sign. The planets in this sign are forming a trine to your own, which means you’re already open to understanding the lessons Sagittarius brings you. Sagittarius is far from a shallow sign. In fact, you’re encouraged by this sign to amend your understanding of what’s important in life. 

Venus in a square to Neptune may make you acutely aware of what is keeping you stuck. It could well be your relationship. You are aware that some people aren’t meant to go on your path with you. And this alignment could signal to release them. Solid, productive partnerships have nothing to worry about though. 

Venus sextile Saturn can also indicate putting new boundaries on a relationship. Sextiles are positive, especially in relation to Venus. Be aware though, that what is positive for you and ultimately a blessing may come disguised as a hard conversation or a conversation about limits and boundaries. 

Taurus – Focusing On Your Relationship’s ‘Shadow’

Taurus, there is a term called ‘shadow’ that signifies that lesser acknowledged side of anything, including one’s partnership. This week, you may find yourself moving into Sagittarius’ energy by bringing awareness to what’s unhealthy about your relationship. 

Venus’ opposition to Mars emphasizes the practical differences between you and your partner. It tells me that you’re becoming aware of what you will and won’t suppress. Sometimes we just have to acknowledge the elephant in the room, even if it would be easier to have a business-as-usual approach. 

Mercury also opposes Mars, which has effects on your Mercury-ruled fifth house of romance. When Mars (the traditional ruler of your house of partnership) in Retrograde opposes Mercury here, you could experience difficulty reconciling your romantic interest in someone with their potential to be a sustainable support to you. 

Some hard realizations could arise, but don’t beat yourself up. Live and learn.

Gemini – Confidently Pursuing Your One and Only

Gemini, this week you might realize that settling down with someone doesn’t mean that you must stop being who you are. You love the freedom of being able to move, so sometimes the thought of long-term commitments freaks you out. This week though, you’re gaining new insights as your ruler (Mercury) in Sagittarius forms several alignments that stimulate change in your belief system around partnerships. 

Mercury in opposition to Mars in your own sign can be detrimental to some signs, but Mars is the ruler of your house of blessings, which changes the tone of this alignment for you. While you’re still experiencing a need to exert your will in your relationship, you’re now blessed with a route to express yourself. This brings more authenticity to your relationship and potentially some added desire.

Mercury forms a sextile to Saturn this week which brings a sober but potentially profound realization about your partnership. This could be realizing that this really is the last person you’ll ever date, and letting that sink in. It’s awe-inspiring to realize that your current partner is THE one. Take it in.

Cancer – Karmic Romantic Patterns 

Cancer, Mars in your house of Karma, and isolation feature in a few alignments this week, which emphasizes the theme of ‘what goes around comes around.’ You can be experiencing Karmic backlash through some scenario being pushed to the point of crisis, potentially your partnerships considering Venus’ opposition to Mars this week. 

Mars is in a trine to Saturn all week, the planet representing Karma. Saturn rules your house of partnerships. A trine in this case could mean that your partner is willing to prune their approach to the relationship with you. 

Some of the shadows in your relationship may be exposed this week. Becoming aware of patterns that have limited your relationship allows you to release what isn’t working and work with what is left over (even if the patterns are comfortable).

Leo – Finding Romantic Bliss

Leo, the Sun, Mercury, and Venus in Sagittarius are all in your house of romance and partnership, as well as creativity. You were reminded of just how capable you are last week as planets entered here, and this week you’re thriving in this energy like a plant under the Sun. 

Saturn (ruler of your house of partnership) is impeccably placed in a sextile to Venus in your house of romance. This provides you with opportunities to bring stability and longevity to your romantic expression with your partner. If you put in the work this week and really ‘turn it on’ for your partner and they do as well, then you can expect this lighthearted romantic energy to carry on indefinitely. 

Leo, Mars is in your house of blessings, which opposes Venus this week. This brings incredible mental engagement with one another. You are bubbling with positive energy for one another. You deeply appreciate all the work the other put in for your partnership, and likely vice versa. Enjoy this time and really cherish the experience, Leo. 

Virgo – Emotional Understanding

Virgo, the activity of planets in Sagittarius brings awareness to the roots of your emotions. Sometimes, our emotions are brought to our attention for reasons we don’t understand. The transit of Mercury, the Sun, and Venus in this sign brings about situations that stimulate emotions regarding the themes of the planets. 

Venus here tells me that your relationship and your understanding of love are bringing forth emotional changes within you. Perhaps Mars in opposition to Venus this week is forcing an old insecurity to the surface. It’s important to sit with the feelings until the root exposes itself. Understanding where the feeling came from gives you mastery over yourself.

Jupiter in your house of partnership has gone forward once more. A relationship that you thought was over may be back on your radar. Perhaps you both have matured and learned enough by now to make it work. Even if you shouldn’t be together, you can at least better understand the ‘why’ behind those old feelings. 

Libra – Getting Some Perspective 

The hoard of planets in the sign of Sagittarius in your house of communication, connections, community, and thought can have you finding meaning in more everyday casual interactions. Your planetary ruler, Venus, is here right now as well, adding extra emphasis to these themes while entangling them with romantic energy. 

Mars in your ninth house in opposition to Venus in your third house may have you reconciling with how much you love someone and the distance they are from you. This can be physical distance or distance in terms of where you both came from and your backgrounds. Perhaps you don’t understand this person but can’t shake the feeling that you’re meant to pursue one another. 

Mars rules your house of partnership, so in relation to Venus, it’s even more important. Venus also forms a sextile to Saturn, the ruler of your house of romance. This indicates that you’re seeking companionship but also may be at odds with your need for space. 

Scorpio – Finding Security 

Scorpio, in your partnership your focus is now on the themes surrounding getting your needs met and the needs of others. You may find yourself pushing the limits of what is ‘fair’ to ask of others right now. Your heart is open, which is hard for you to do. Perhaps because of this, it feels like your partner should have no issue being just as open. 

When you’ve done a lot of inner work to be more honest with yourself, it can be hard when others aren’t on your level. You’re secure enough with your partner to get a little freaky and fun. If they don’t reciprocate, you could get defensive about how open you were. 

The thing is, there is no need to defend your authenticity. Mars in opposition to Venus may make you extra ‘you,’ and you should never apologize for that. However, this can bring awareness to your loved one about who they’re with. And this can be a boon or a hurt to your partnership, depending on your relationship’s security. 

Sagittarius – Seeing Eye to Eye

Sagittarius, this week your thoughts are on your own engagement in the world, but not exclusively. You’re probably still riding the high of having so much positive planetary influence in your own sign, but Mars in your sister sign, Gemini, is asking you to integrate others into the conversation. 

You’re balancing a focus on yourself and your partner or a desire for partnership. As Mars forms an opposition to Venus in your own sign, you may benefit from directly pursuing the person of interest. You can be filled with passion while also coming off as charming. 

Mars in a trine to Saturn can be an excellent alignment for securing your relationship. By working through some points of contention under this generally smooth alignment, you can secure a long future of understanding and love between you and your partner. 

Capricorn – Romance vs. Isolation

Capricorn, you have worked hard in the past to build yourself and your life situation up. As Sagittarius energy rolls through your twelfth house, you may feel the foundation of what you’ve built shaking, or at least feeling that way. Perhaps you thought that all of your work would have awarded you more love from others at this point. 

As Mars in your house of work and difficulty opposes Venus in your house of loneliness, you may find yourself feeling suddenly alone. Perhaps one or both of you are tempted to ‘tap out’ of the partnership due to the effort not appearing to be worth the potential payoff. 

As a Capricorn, sometimes transits like this ‘feel’ a little easier than other signs. This is often because you keep your side of the street clean, and tend to not want to be around those who don’t do the same. The twelfth house emphasis can assist you in letting go of those who aren’t making the cut while assimilating all of the lessons that others could miss. 

Aquarius – Celebrating the Good Life

Aquarius, as several planets in Aquarius make their way across your eleventh house of peers, friends, celebration, and blessings, you’re being seen for what you’ve provided to those around you and to the world at large. All of your best traits are on display, and it’s hard to go wrong during this transit. 

An opposition between Mars and Venus in the houses of romance and blessings sounds as good as it is. It’s a time when those who embody the feminine and those who embody the masculine can be themselves and appreciate one another for their differences. Unsurprisingly, this is a highly romantic transit. 

The Sun in the house of friendship continues to place themes of partnership amongst your friend group. As an Aquarius, sometimes your partners start out as friends. This is a time when you may discover that a dear friend was actually a lover in disguise all along. 

Pisces – Overexposed 

After a period of heavy good fortune as planets moved through Scorpio in your house of philosophy, travel, and expansion, perhaps you’ve landed on the radar of those who haven’t had it so lucky recently. Jealousy towards you could be brewing, so it’s important to ensure that your partner is part of your support system. 

Mars in your house of emotional roots is opposing Venus here, so perhaps your loved one is sheltering your vulnerable side from the psychic blows of those who don’t have your best interests at heart. Your house of open enemies is being activated by Mars as well, indicating to me that you’ll want all the support you can get. 

Just act authentically and put your best foot forward. Align with those who know your whole story rather than those who only see the highlight reel, dearest Pisces.

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Wrapping Up

My darlings, this week could turn out to be dramatic for some signs. Oppositions aren’t always black and white, and so they’re experienced differently by signs depending on their position. 

Despite this, I’m hopeful about the love opportunities that have come through for many signs this week! 

Keep your head up even as some of the more dramatic transits come through. But also, enjoy the potential to balance out the masculine and feminine in the context of love and in life in general. 

I always get lots of questions after a weekly Love Horoscope. While I can offer clarity on romance to any sign, sometimes it seems to breed more questions about your love situation!

That’s why I’ve created this page to direct all of my curious readers to. Here, I can make sure that I get you the most detailed and accurate response.

Don’t hesitate to reach out – this might be just the kind of answers you’ve been searching for! 

Wishing you all the luck in the Universe,

Anna Kovach

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  1. Anna Dear, I am thinking of just stopping things with this Libra man Marshal. He is still on the dating site, that is where we text, but it is so slow and random. Though he said he wanted to marry me recently!! Then when I reminded him he would not tolerate my chaos and mess since I have been grieving for 4+ years, he said I was not ready for him. We have not even met due to the fact we live far from each other. He never calls me to talk, says life just gets in the way, and I am sure he loves to flirt on this dating site. I left a line from a song for him,” share my life, take me as I am, I’ll never change all my colors for you”, then I asked him if he knew the song. I told him I have to leave this dating site, we started talking on September 19, but it just seems too long for me. He is an enigma in many ways to me. But I know we do have a spiritual connection. Just wanted your input if possible.

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