Weekly Love Horoscope for November 27th – December 3rd

Hello Sweethearts, and welcome to the reading for the week beginning the 27th of November. Happy Thanksgiving to all of you in the USA and Canada.

Venus in Libra square Pluto in Capricorn this week means love and luxury go hand in hand and so if you are in a relationship, spoil each other and make your love life something that serves as a beacon of enjoyment. A week for a lovely meal out somewhere memorable, with a burst of music that takes you back to a time when life was sweet. Use this Thanksgiving Week as time to start making romantic memories again and shun the routine.

With Mercury sextile Saturn, you can be very methodical and diligent about paperwork and this is an excellent time to deal with letters, and correspondence and fill in important forms. Get all the bureaucracy you need to deal with, professionally or personally, behind you now.

With Mars and Sun freshly in Sagittarius this is a very excitable, buoyant week, and in some cases, this creates a rumpus in love as you are very headstrong. We all have to strive to be measured in our approach to new situations as often we are all guns blazing and can be a little intimidating.

Intensity makes for a sexually explosive atmosphere, you need satisfaction. You can move mountains as you have such energy, so think big.

So, with hearts full of thanks and a willingness to embrace cosmic wisdom, let us embark on this Thanksgiving horoscope reading, ready to uncover the celestial insights that will shape our journey in the days to come.

Check your Sun, Rising, and Moon signs for more accuracy.

Aries – Love is a refreshing thunderstorm not a rainbow

With Venus in your 7th house square Pluto, in committed relationships, you can dig in your heels and while you may appear obstinate or even difficult as you are having a little internal gear shift where you suddenly acknowledge things about which you are not that happy and decide to act on addressing these issues.

With the Full Moon, you feel a great call to action and yet you sense that what you are setting up for, will require commitment and will test your character.

The powers that be in your life will resist what you intend – you should bear in mind that the very people you may respect or defer to could be the same people that now want to stand in your way and you now need to review your relationship with them.

If you are looking for love you may find it in some rather peculiar places and that is because your values and your deeper needs are undergoing transformation – you are maturing emotionally and you will seek experiences in love that arouse and stimulate different parts of your personality or will help you develop the neglected part of your own psychological make up.

Love and relationships tend to be more challenging in general precisely because you want to get more out of your love life, you need to go deeper and to get a little uncomfortable, which is why you will push your partner buttons and seek obscure and rather unlikely relationships with other both for romance, sex, friendship or just a very modern fling.

Romantically it is all about trust and commitment. Get the small things right, remember what your partner has asked, even if you have to tattoo it on your hand. Never think anything is too small to count in love, as it is just those little details that can be the difference between a frosty night at opposite ends of the couch and a sensual, romantic meal and great sex.

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Taurus – Knowing me knowing you

Venus in Libra square Pluto indicates that quality in sexual relationships rather than quantity is the key; you need a full range of expression in your life, and frustration in the sexual department can seep into other areas of life, undermining communication and cooperation.

With the Sun entering Sagittarius some new relationships can reach second base quite quickly as you are eager to test the sexual compatibility. Usually, it is better to develop trust first; however, somehow sex is the key to many other relationship issues for Taurus, and so when that goes right, the rest flows.

The Full Moon indicates issues of loyalty and the perception of loyalty can cause tension in relationships. Often what you feel is morally superior, and the ‘right’ thing to do, may (to your surprise) be very different to how your partner feels about things. You will have to accept that sometimes there is no right or wrong, just different ways of seeing things that may be more emotional and rational. Respect each other’s views without ramming yours down their throat or going overboard in explaining how you feel as they may never understand.

You are eager to meet new people, but you are very critical and that makes you reject out of hand what could be a good opportunity to get to know someone, so give those quirky options more consideration.

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Gemini – Level up in love

The Full Moon this week identifies that boundaries are very important in love and all relationships, you have to have your red lines. You need to develop a sense of personal integrity and that means, knowing in your gut what feels right and what doesn’t and being really stubborn about not giving in to what does not feel right or fit with your value system. Stick to your guns this week, make up your mind and then set about your journey.

Mercury sextile Saturn and Mars entering Sagittarius indicates that new love relationships are fun and quite expansive, they tend to be far less intense and complicated than marriage, but these new relationships maybe more about friendship than deep commitment, so enjoy the ride, no strings attached.

Marriage is about push and pull and there are many emotional machinations going on, do not get drawn into games and take note of your partner shifting goal posts.

You are highly observant and savvy this week and tend to be more aware of games and the psychological issues at play in any situation.

You can suss out people and you intuitively understand their motivations. You are good at using the desires of others to your advantage and you can be patient where others are not. This is a powerful time in negotiations and you can win, even against a formidable opponent, as they may overplay their hand and then you can pounce.

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Cancer – Exploring and expanding the boundaries of your relationship

Cancer are very open this week– this means that in relationships you are eager to share your deeper feelings and fears and that opens the gateway to some substantial sharing and progresses. With Venus square Pluto in Capricorn, things get psychologically intimate quite quickly and in new love affairs you may find that similar family backgrounds or similar experience (good and bad) with parents draw you to a person and cement a bond.

This is a time of positive experiences with others, not just in terms of having fun superficially but in terms of meaningful interaction and reaches the deeper parts of you. Much of what is good in love happens not so much in terms of external experience, but in terms of the affect a new person in your life has on you internally – they may just spark something or reawaken an energy you had not felt for some time.

With the Full Moon, you feel a great call to action and yet you sense that your aims may cause relationship disruption. Maybe you and your partner both need to express yourself more and follow interests away from the relationships which can in turn feedback positive energy into the union?

The problem with Cancer and your recent love matches and relationships is that they become too close, too intense and often mutually controlling (I am not just blaming you here); often you shut yourselves off to positive new experiences and interactions with others – the Full Moon can help you both discover a world away from each other and that need not serve to split you part, but rather to make both of you more rounded and complete and your life, in general, less skewed.

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Leo – Love should never be a dead letter

The Full Moon encourages you to react in a way that is rather volatile and you are very confusing, even if your partner has known you for ages, as often they not aware there is a problem and your reactions come as a shock. However, if your current relationship is fresh and new and still has that dynamic aspect where you are exploring an experimenting, this radical side of you will come to the fore less ferociously.

It is in stagnant and routine relationships that have lost their allure and become both predictable and also emotionally restrictive that you will start to kick up your heels. As Sun and Mars enter Sagittarius Leo is a lot like Gemini, n that you keep changing your mind and you only keep promises when it suits you or where it’s actually authentic.

Do you know what? You tend to make your priorities other people’s priorities; you often respect others in a way in which you want to be respected and yet not in the way they wish to be respected.

You may well say that respect is respect, but that is not the case as respect is very individual and we all have our versions: one tends to only respect their version of what ‘respect’ is.

So with Mercury approaching a sextile with Saturn, it’s time for clarity in new and established relationships as you define vague ideas like respect and make each other’s needs and boundaries clear.

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Virgo – Turn it around and turn it into love

With the Full Moon straddling Gemini and Sagittarius, there is much more to Virgo than meets the eye and it is possible that some part of your love life is hidden and so if you meet someone for the first time, you may not be telling them the full story.

Now, I do not mean to imply you are being dishonest, yet you do have this tendency to get yourself involved tangled and complicated romantic matters by not being fully upfront and you need to be aware of that.

You are also prone to self-sabotage in love – much of your restlessness can be a cover for fear and it can lead you to bin something which is really great just because you had a sudden loss of confidence. You are not always comfortable with your feelings in love and you can run and hide or stop answering the phone for periods for no reason which you can logically explain.

With Mercury sextile Saturn, you can carry about a fear of rejection or not being good enough which in turn leads to some odd behavior in love where you can become very distant. Deep insecurities are felt by you this week and yet as you are more aware of them there is the chance that you can work on that and turn it all around.

Self-love and self-care are extremely important for Virgo who tend to seek everything they need externally instead of looking from within for acceptance; it is this seeking for external approval and confirmation that leads to these very intense and controlling relationships which you seem to become embroiled in.

There is a hint that you can find passion and excitement via a relationship with a colleague and this new relationship could well last for a long while and yet it may never actually result in a formal relationship.

You can find that a strong sexual and intellectual relationship with a workmate or fellow professional offers both excitement and fills a gap and you may enjoy glasses of wine, the odd weekend away and a few sneaky cuddles at work and yet this may not end up at the altar.

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Libra – Simply the best, better than all the rest

With Venus in Libra square Pluto, you feed off compliments this week, you want to know what part of your body your partner finds sexy, which clothes you wear that he really loves, you want to hear about your sexy voice or your ASMR.

Everyone wants to feel good physically and sexual confidence comes with that and so to boost your ego a little you want to be told that you are the only one and are “Simply the Best.” But it works both ways – if you are more complimentary you may encourage that in your partner. You can look back of photos together with your partner and you may say, “look how hot we looked here,” or “that was such a good time we had,” this is all vital to love and affection this week.

You may say something like, “Send me a selfie now, you sexy thing,” or you may tell him about your current sexual fantasies. You need not to lay it on with a trowel, but be creative and generous with compliments and let your partner know that they are still a turn on – we all need to hear it.

Security is a very important concern in love and you will begin to withdraw in love relationships where you feel undervalued or insecure. Libra look beneath the surface in love, you crave depth and passion and when it is not there, you can begin to question things even if it all looks fine on the surface.

With the Full Moon short trips and city breaks for work and pleasure are favored. You enjoy taking drives and visiting new places, especially with friends. You are very social and yet you seek a light touch from your interactions, as you are not after heavy commitment.

Romance and love in committed relationships is not rollercoaster or even that thrilling, but there is a calm and sensitive rapport that is both comfortable and reassuring.

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Scorpio – You can do magic, you can do anything that you desire

With Mars entering Sagittarius, the best sex is safe sex and I am not talking about condoms here; Scorpio will save their great passion those who make you feel most needed, secure and safe and so your level of lust in love right now has a direct bearing on how well your partner is doing in terms of making you feel loved and also emotionally and financially safe.

Success right now is in developing more confidence to come out of your shell, while leaving yourself exposed in some way – you cannot get success in love if you keep protecting some part of yourself – you have to learn to take punches from all directions and on your weaker points, and that is the way to become strong and achieve intimacy beyond your dreams.

Anything that upsets you now can be the result of issues you have not dealt with. You have this need to bring your personality to the table and put emotional input into whatever you do; this can inspire others, but can also make you a little vulnerable and so criticism can sting, but it will be worth it as you gain more than you lose.

A new relationship that gives you butterflies may start and you may feel the intuitive sense that this relationship can fulfil you on a deep level. You may be on the precipice of a new venture, wondering if you should press the GO button; you should have faith and follow your heart and your intuition which will lead you to success.

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Sagittarius – Strong Enough and Totally Sexy

With Sun and Mars now in Sagittarius, ongoing relationships may be stronger than you know and many of the issues are connected to changes that the universe is encouraging you to make to create more value and a deeper level of emotional understanding and honesty between you.

Your relationship is improving, it may be different and at times may even seem more complicated and yet it is evolving and there is more to the progress than meets the eye.

Sagittarius is becoming more confident from now, but with the Full Moon it’s a time when you can make peace with the past, no, you are not running away from it, you are able to forgive your role and the role of others in your past and make peace with it.

At times you are doubtful about what you are thinking and feeling and some aspects of your love life and relationship fill you with trepidation, and yet you can get over these hurdles and you will do that by focusing on making the relationship the best it can be by applying energy to it.

Learning to manage your insecurities and working on that inner strength and wisdom, is an asset as your relationship moves forward.

Good sex and emotional satisfaction are linked to your imagination and so fire up the imagination and start looking for inspiring new ways to initiate love and conduct foreplay. Role play and intimate sexting can enhance libido.

A time to enjoy life and forget the gym and calorie counting. A good time to mingle and be carefree amongst friends and strangers. A greater self-awareness and self-honesty helps you make decisions which can improve your emotional wellbeing, even if these decisions will upset some close to you.

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Capricorn – Sweet and Salty in Love

Mercury is moving towards a sextile with Saturn and we have a Full Moon, meaning you and a new partner may experience some tensions regarding discovering things about each other that could be potential flashpoints, or even deal breakers – but you may soon find the differences are not as great as they first seemed, and common ground can be found.

With Venus square Pluto in Capricorn, negotiations can be protracted and unhelpful right now and delays should actually be welcomed as you will have a chance to reassess what you want and if you should change tack.

If you give in to any psychological or emotional pressure, you will not forgive yourself for a long time, and that regret can fester and turn into negative thoughts. That is why you have to know your own mind and use events to your advantage: right now flexibility should not be confused with excessive compromise and being adaptable should reinforce your position not weaken it.

Consistency and dependability matter to you in love. Venus brings emotional understanding in new love and your partner really gets you at a deep level. Your partner appreciates your past and how it has shaped you and they may be instrumental in helping you make peace with the past and move on.

In marriage, there is a great desire to please each other and for mutual acceptance, but that could lead to excessive people pleasing and conflict avoidance, meaning vital issues never get addressed.

You are feeling rather sentimental and traditional right now and engaging in seasonal pursuits that remind you of the past or make a link between now and the past can give you a great sense of wellbeing.

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Aquarius – The Eternal Flame of Hope

Your attention may be captured by a confident and outgoing person who disobeys the rules and flies by the seat of his pants as Sun and Mars in Sagittarius indicates inspiring new love, and platonic relationships.

With Pluto activated by Venus, hope springs eternal, there is light at the end of the tunnel and you are ready to put some of the disappointments in your love life behind you with a more positive mind sets going forward.

You should not just plug on with the same old solutions that never seem to get you anywhere – it is time for some from some blue sky thinking in love, be bolder about the steps you take to improve sex and communication.

There are many decisions and options, and multiple courses of action can be very successful and the only problem is delaying in deciding which path to take. Make your decision and get cracking to take advantage of this positive time.

In committed relationships, being flirty with your partner and complimenting them is vital in love.

Do thoughtful things to surprise them, be affectionate and make time for some indulgent foreplay i.e. buy some exotic food or colorful lingerie. Since you are so creative with words right now, use sexy texts to entice and excite your partner. This week is all about putting energy into romance and brining a sense of fun back into life and relationships.

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Pisces – Sex, money and Rock’n’Roll

The activation of Venus in your 8th house by Pluto, increases a desire to get to the bottom of intimacy issues and you will eagerly broach sexual subjects. This is a good time to read about sex with or without your partner and get more proactive about fixing or resurrecting your sex life.

Desire is not enough, you need information and armed with that you can become more aware of why you are where you are sexually.

Issues about control, often exercised via money disputes, can be marring love. Time to strip away the things you seem to be fighting about and be honest that these ‘things’ which are ostensibly the thorny issues are actually masking fear of rejection and insecurity. You cannot skim the surface now, you have to look deeper and know what the psychological drivers are.

With the Full Moon, this is a time when pride comes before a fall and so, in all matters where you feel ambitious or impatient for results, just hold yourself in check.

With Mars entering your 10th house, being self-reliant and going with the decisions you make without looking back and without self-criticism is vital – hold your breath, close your eyes and jump.

Romance that is fun and flippant is less fulfilling and you may take a break from the social and dating whirlpool to enjoy your own company and even travel a little.

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With Sun and Mars now in Sagittarius, this is an excellent week for positive thinking and making future plans. You have vision and foresight and are able to glimpse opportunities, ambitious but attainable ones.

The energies are more fiery to match the late autumn colors and they are encouraging us all to be more authentic and expressive as well as generous to others and to ourselves and so pamper, pamper, pamper,

Key themes to capitalize on this week.

  • Wisdom
  • Truth
  • Generosity
  • Warmth
  • Kindness
  • Spontaneity
  • Pleasure

See you again next week.

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