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Weekly Love Horoscope For November 22nd – 28th


Hello sweet reader, I’m so excited to see you here again this week! I always feel like we have a standing date every week that we use to gush about the energy on its way in. Just break out a glass of wine and I will too, okay?

The final full week of November is more of a bang than a fizzle. With two major planets switching signs, it’s going to mean tangible shifts for everyone. You’ve got to know what it all means though, huh? Good thing I can offer that to you. 

The Sun and Mercury are moving out of Scorpio and into the adventurous and independent Sagittarius. I personally love Sagittarius season. With all of the optimism on its way in, how could you not? But what does this mean for your love life, and are there romantic transits coming up this week?

This week is EXTREMELY lucky for love for most signs! There is a positive sextile being formed between Mars and Venus, the planet of masculinity and the planet of femininity. When these two get into positive alignment it is a no brainer that romance is ripe for the picking. 

The Sun and Mercury also form a conjunction this week, potentially making communication and connection the center stage. Not only are love opportunities being presented, but communicating romantic interest may be simpler than usual as well. 

Right before the week rounds out, we see a trine between Mars, the planet of sex, and Neptune, the planet of faith. What does this mean for your own sign?

All of this energy approaches you uniquely and in a different way depending on your own sign. Now it’s time for my favorite part… focusing on you! Find your sign and see what should be on your radar this week, darling. 


You’re absolutely primed for romance this week, Aries, since you’ve got a great relationship with Sagittarius, the sign seeing an influx of planets this week. Sagittarius is wild and adventurous, energy that is totally up your alley. You’re a natural renegade, after all. 

Your ruling planet (Mars) is in a beneficial sextile to Venus, creating opportunities for you to reach out and grab with ease. Considering that Mars is in Scorpio in your eighth house, themes relating to this house will be prevalent. Perhaps a hidden love? 

Your ruling planet is also seeing a trine to Neptune in your twelfth house. This is making you a ‘spiritual warrior’ of sorts. You’re motivated to mend your soul during this transit. When paired with the sextile to Venus, you’re feeling calmer and more sympathetic this week overall, adding to your allure. 


Your planetary ruler (Venus) is seeing a positive sextile to Mars all week long, making communicating with guys easier than ever. It’s a good balance of the masculine and feminine, creating that polarizing attraction that is so tantalizing and hard to ignore. Remember, the sextile requires more effort on your part to achieve the blessings. 

The Sun and Mercury forming a conjunction in the eighth house in Sagittarius are bound to make your speech sexier. You’ve got one thing on your mind, and it isn’t innocent. Don’t deny yourself. This is a great period for achieving the sensual pleasure that you deserve and that you crave. 

Mars in Scorpio is forming a positive and easygoing trine to Neptune in your house of friendship and community. This makes you more forgiving of your partner and those close to you. Your compassion is obvious and invigorating to those around you. 



Gemini, your planetary ruler (Mercury) is switching signs this week. Mercury is bringing some Sagittarius energy to the table, and thus is currently enriching your love life. You can put forth your best efforts in love while your ruler is in the house of partnership. Your next partner is broad-minded and philosophical as well as freedom-loving, more than likely. 

Venus and Mars form a strong sextile this week, creating opportunities to share your deepest self with your partner. Peel back the layers of your love to get to the root of the issue. Getting this intense can be scary, but taking the risk is certain to pay off during this positive transit. 

As the Sun conjuncts your planetary ruler, Mercury, you’re feeling empowered in the realm of relationships. Gemini, you’re easily the most blessed sign this week when it comes to relationships, so ensure that you’re taking advantage of this tantalizing energy. 


As the Sun and Mercury enter the sixth house of work, you’re seeing a heavier emphasis on coming down to Earth after a period of relaxation and creativity. This doesn’t have to be a drag, though. With the Sun present, you’re bound to have an exciting and fun time when you are at work. 

The positive sextile formed by Mars and Venus is sure to warm up your love life this week as well. With Mars in Scorpio in your house of romance and Venus in your house of partnership, this is the perfect week to attract the guy who you have had your eye on. You both will be able to see eye to eye on your roles with one another this week especially. 

With the Sun and Mercury forming an exact conjunction this week in the sign of Sagittarius, you’re able to communicate with ease, especially on the work front as well. You are witty and charming, allowing others to see your happy side. 


Leo, your love life heats up this week and you finally feel like you’re getting your groove back. Why? Because the Sun and Mercury are moving out of Scorpio and into Sagittarius, a fellow fire sign. Not only that, but Sagittarius happens to be in your house of love, parties, and creativity. You’re feeling like your old self again, Leo.

As expected, it’s a great time to get out there and act like the Prom Queen that you are. ‘Partying’ is practically your middle name, and the green light to get out there and let it all loose just flicked on. Flirtation comes easily at this time and you will likely have no problem engaging in a casual fling or two. 

You had a lot of emotions come up last week, and this week a healing balm is put on them as Neptune forms a trine to Mars in your house of the inner world, home, and family. You’re seeing the positives of any situations that have felt like they’ve dragged you down. You’re able to see how you came out a lot stronger. 


Virgo, you’re seeing an influx of two planets into Sagittarius, and thus your fourth house of family and home as well as your inner life. Your planetary ruler, Mercury, has moved on with the Sun into this private house. You are likely feeling more like a homebody. Perhaps make any dates on the horizon movie nights in. 

Mars remains in your house of communication, making you a bit of a savage in the way you talk. You may not mean to be, but you’re being brutally honest. Despite potential bluntness, you also dare to make a move and start flirting up a storm with the one that you’re really into. 

Mars does see a trine from Neptune, softening the harsh edges of your words. While still direct, your words are more likely to take the feelings of others into account this week. 


Libra, you’re becoming bolder as the Sun and Mercury move into Sagittarius this week, and thus your house of communication. You are more willing to communicate with openness and freedom this week since Sagittarius is fearless and adventurous. Beware exaggeration though! 

Venus is still within your house of family and home along with Pluto. This could indicate that a new romance isn’t the easiest to come by, since you seem too private for others to get through at this time. However, established partnerships can benefit greatly from this transit. This could even be a time when you and a partner could move in together. 

Mars, the ruler of your house of partnership, is in your house of possessions and finance. This indicates to me that if you’re single and looking, your next partner could work in finance or just generally have money. 


Scorpio, two planets leave your own sign this week, leaving your planetary ruler, Mars, to stay in Scorpio. This still benefits you since it allows you to be more authentically yourself. Mars in your house of self gives you automatic command of a room, as well as makes you incredibly sexy to those around you. 

With Venus, ruler of your house of partnership, in the house of communication, we get a clue into who you could look for in your next potential partner if you’re single. Someone who works with words for a living or who has heavy Gemini or Virgo placements could be on your radar at this time. 

Scorpio, your greatest asset is your ability to communicate right now. You’re able to soften your edges the more that you speak. Others may even enjoy hearing your voice more than usual this week and beyond. Your intelligence is also alluring to those around you. 


Sagittarius, you’re finally beginning to feel more yourself as the Sun and Mercury enter your own sign, creating a whole new world of possibilities. Since your house of partnership is ruled by Mercury, your partner or potential partner is looking at you with heart eyes! Be on the lookout for someone who feels like your other half. 

With Venus in your house of resources and possessions, you’re relating love with your money. Perhaps you and your partner are preoccupied with finances or your next partner works in finance. A wealthy partner could also manifest himself around this time. 

Sagittarius, with the planet of sex (Mars) in your house of isolation, you may be feeling more romantic than sexual these days. You’re building your ideal romance in your head. Sex is far from everything in a relationship, and it’s okay to focus more on the type of person that they are first and foremost.  


Venus remains in your own sign, Capricorn, making you the Belle of the ball everywhere you go. You’re exuding charm, wit, and grace wherever you go. Your naturally positive attitude these days is even more helpful at drawing others to you. 

Since your fifth house of romance is ruled by Venus, this brings even more romantic attention to you. Flirting and having fun is the name of your game right now. You should consider going out to celebrations and meeting others at this time since this is where you’ll be able to flex your love potential the most. 


Aquarius, with the Sun (ruler of your house of partnership) and Mercury (ruler of your house of romance) in your house of friendship, I have to ask if you’re developing a crush on someone within your friend group? If so, you’re able to take positive action to let them know that you’re interested in them as more than a friend, if that’s genuinely how you feel. 

Venus in your house of isolation could be making you more cynical of love than usual. You might want to hide your more compassionate side from others for fear of being taken advantage of. Being gentle with yourself and giving yourself time to open up is the key to getting through this period. 

Mars receives a trine from Pisces in your second house, creating a period where you feel less on edge. You’re able to relax with those that mean the most to you while noticing the most positive parts of yourself and those around you.


Pisces, you’re seeing a trine to your own sign from Mars this week, creating a motivating force for you. You’re also feeling more physically keyed up, and potentially more sexual than usual. You’re able to take action on the needs of your body with ease, so intimacy is fun and rewarding during this period. 

With the Sun and Mercury transiting your house of career and legacy, your reputation is intertwined with your partner, now or future. Your next partner may be noticing you at this time. Others take note of your words and actions right now, and their perception of you will be colored by it. Ensure that you’re putting your best foot forward.

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Wrapping Up

Only Mars remains in Scorpio now, but when will the planet of masculinity make his next big transit? A major love alignment begins next week, but which planets are involved and how will it affect you? I’ve laid it all out in next week’s love horoscope! Can’t wait to see you, as usual. 

Some of these transits are going to feel different for individuals than I have explained here. While generally accurate, these horoscopes don’t reflect the entire depth of information found within your birth chart and your partner’s. 

I noticed this and saw a perfect opportunity to bond more with my readers. As a result, I created the VIP Consultation service for my readers who desire one on one consultations with me. It’s a way for me to get to know you and for you to gain personalized insight into your relationship. 

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Wishing you all the luck in the Universe, 

Anna Kovach


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