Weekly Love Horoscope For November 21st – 27th

Hello, my darlings, and welcome back to the weekly Love Horoscope for the week of November 21st-27th. We have one major planet entering a new sign, which signals a change of energy for every sign. 

There are some generally positive transits this week, and today we’ll tackle what it all means for you and your romantic experiences to come (or not!).

The mighty Sun (ruler of Leo) is moving into the sign of Sagittarius. The Sun feels comfortable here in a fire sign. Sagittarius embodies the traits of the Sun well when it arrives there.

This shift typically adds a sense of adventure and open-mindedness to our experience. For some signs, these themes comingle with their experience of love or partnership. 

The Sun in a trine to the beneficial Jupiter (ruler of Sagittarius and co-ruler of Pisces) is an enlightening combination. 

The Sun in a trine to Jupiter is indicative of a clear path for blessings to enter our lives. 

The Sun and Jupiter combination is generally positive and brings a sense of spirit, optimism, and high morals to most of us. For some signs, this is also a romantically-charged combination. 

Mercury (ruler of Gemini and Virgo) in conjunction with Venus (ruler of Taurus and Libra) in the sign of Sagittarius dominates the bulk of this week! This is beneficial for every sign. 

Venus tends to soften Mercury’s critical approach of others, leaving us more willing to see the person in front of us instead of their flaws or our projections. This is an excellent transit for couples as it assists in building a bridge of communication. 

Mars (ruler of Aries and co-ruler of Scorpio) is forming a square to Neptune (co-ruler of Pisces) for much of this week, which may deepen some misunderstandings that began last week when this transit first began. 

The Mars/Neptune combination can have you fighting very hard for something you don’t even know if you agree with. Neptune’s influence blurs the lines. 

This transit can open channels to forgiveness and communication, but usually after an airing of grievances. Miscommunication and words said in anger are still potential outcomes. 

Thankfully, the confusing effect of Neptune becomes grounded as Mars moves into a positive trine to Saturn (Ruler of Capricorn and co-ruler of Aquarius). Saturn’s sobering influence puts things into perspective and allows you and others to take responsibility if any hurtful and unnecessary words were exchanged. 

I’m dying to tell you all about the ways that this week can manifest for your Sun or Rising sign. Find your placement down below to learn about the most relevant components of the week for your love life!

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Aries – On The Outside Looking In

Aries, your planetary ruler, Mars, is in a long, harsh square to Neptune. This can mean that there is a feeling of being taken advantage of. Your authenticity is your greatest strength, but this means that when others aren’t who they say they are, there is little that hurts you more. 

Mars forms a trine to Saturn this week after Neptune’s effect has passed. It’s a sobering time when these two planets meet. The trine tells me that the aftermath is bound to be the right and just way to handle the situation. This doesn’t mean that it’s painless, but you’re supported by your knowledge that your side of the street is clean. 

The Sun shifting into Sagittarius this week does offer an underlying sense of hope, even as a couple of tough transits roll through. Lean on faith that you’ll recover and be stronger, for it will assist your movement through any struggle. 

Taurus – Getting More Involved In Your Love

Taurus, the shift of planets into Sagittarius last week and this week indicate to me that romantically speaking, you’re getting blessed in ways that aren’t obvious to you or those around you. Energetic attachments to your partner are being made or strengthened right now. Sagittarius energy is currently affected by Jupiter’s presence in your house of blessings, so just know that these attachments are beneficial. 

Mercury meeting Venus, your ruler, tells me that you’re experiencing situations and encounters that call on you to be flexible. While this is not normally your strong suit as a Taurus, Venus’ presence enables you to keep your mind open to changing for the one that you love. 

Mars in a square to Neptune in your house of romance may have you being over-forgiving or alternatively, angry for reasons that are hard for others to understand. This is especially true in the case of your romantic partner. You could dislike or be offended by someone’s style of flirting. 

Gemini – Moving Forward In Love

This week might as well be a green light for you, Gemini. There are so many elements that can benefit your partnerships! Sagittarius is your sister sign and is receiving influence from Venus, the Sun, and Mercury (your planetary ruler). 

Mercury aligning with Venus in your house of partnerships this week indicates some truly incredible opportunities to see eye to eye with someone who you love. Mercury aligning with Venus in this house is truly as good of a love transit as it gets for you, Gemini. 

This transit favors long-term partnerships more than new ones, but if this week sheds light on someone and you’re drawn to them romantically and as a person, it could be a long-term partner yet to make it official with you. 

Cancer – Romantic New Beginnings

Cancer, you feel the fluctuations of the Moon more than any other sign, which is why the New Moon this week is especially potent for you and fellow water sign, Scorpio. 

The New Moon in Scorpio lands in your house of romance this week, which is both the beginning and the end of a lunar cycle. As a result, it could feel like a part of your relationship with your loved one has to die to move forward together. 

The New Moon signals success in this area. The feeling of rebirth and a new beginning is potent in this alignment. 

Even so, the Sun leaving Scorpio empties your house of the romance of planetary energy (besides the Moon early in the week). You may have already noticed a shift of emphasis on your daily routines, schedule, and ‘maintenance’ activities. 

Romantically, this is a period that makes you aware of the little daily expressions of love that couples can forget. These gestures are important for you to give and receive.

Leo – Season Of Love

Leo, if you’ve been seeking love or you and your loved one simply need a boost, this is the beginning of your answered prayers. The Sun (your ruler) arriving in your house of romance and creativity tells me that you’re showing your love for others authentically, which is a huge attraction factor.

Mercury meeting up with Venus in your house of romance can lead to some explosive new connections with potentially charming individuals. 

These people ‘get’ the way you show love and want nothing more than for you to be you. So just stepping into your power and your confidence should be enough to yield a noticeable increase in the quality of your love life. 

Virgo – Back To Your Roots

Virgo, the Sun entering Sagittarius brings your house of emotions a sense of awareness. You may become sensitive to how you react to things, and this isn’t bad at all. You’re being given opportunities to better understand how you became the person that you are. 

When you understand your emotional reactions and acknowledge them within your partnership, it only assists the relationship. When you look back onto the source of your emotions and gut reactions, you can ensure that you deal with the problem directly instead of projecting onto your partner. 

This leads to an emotionally healthy and stable partnership. Venus conjuncting your ruler, Mercury, is a strong indicator of incoming emotional happiness. You’re reconnecting to your inner self and are able to show compassion. This allows you to treat your loved one with the same tenderness and forgiveness. 

Libra – Attracted To Intelligence 

Libra, the Sun enters your house of connections, exchanges of information, and communication. The Sun is joining Mercury and your ruler, Venus, in the sign of Sagittarius. This indicates to me that your mental state is receiving a lot of optimistic influence, even if you’re mentally strained from how engaged you’re asked to be in your surroundings. 

Your relationship can benefit from this alignment of Mercury and Venus in your house of communication. Mercury and Venus add intellect paired with good humor and wit. Your best qualities are on display. Romantic partnerships in particular will benefit extraordinarily from the easy communication that may arise in this alignment. 

Mars in a square to Neptune is the only downside to this week, as Mars rules your house of partnerships. In a square with Neptune, you could find there being a difference of expectations within the partnership. 

Scorpio – Love Is Your Anchor

Scorpio, this week there is an emphasis on security and emotional stability as the Sun enters the sign of Sagittarius. Part of a partnership is sharing physical resources and improving one another’s financial or housing situations. There is absolutely nothing wrong with needing a partner who will show up emotionally, physically, and financially. 

That being said, you can expect an established partnership to go through an anchoring phase at this point. You both need to know that you can depend on one another for physical and emotional safety. Safety is found when you join financial forces, in many cases. 

A trine to the Sun to Jupiter and a conjunction from Mercury to Venus (your planetary ruler) indicates to me that it’s time to begin depending on one another. Not to say to become dependent on one another, but simply secure in the knowledge that the other has your back in all departments. 

Sagittarius – Feeling Like Yourself Again

As the Sun enters your house of self, body, health, appearance, and personality, you can expect a shift back into your body after a while of feeling separated from it. Reuniting with yourself means that you can show up for others more effectively, and this becomes obvious to those around you.

The Sun entering Sagittarius first forms a trine to Jupiter (your ruler). This brings about a higher sense of faith in yourself, which loosens you up enough to relax around others. Just being with your loved ones right now will strengthen your relationships. 

Because Venus is meeting the ruler of your house of partnership, you can expect a heavy emphasis on your closest relationships. You and your loved one may find yourselves meeting eye to eye more easily since you’re more open to understanding their point of view now than you have been for a while. 

Capricorn – Potential Heartache 

Capricorn, with the Sun entering your house of isolation, self-undoing, and endings, it can easily be the end of a cycle. The ruler of your house of partnership is the Moon, which is New this week, once again signifying an ending and an eventual new beginning. In about one month you can expect to notice a significant shift of energy in your favor. 

The New Moon applies specifically to your partnerships. A potential end may be arriving this week if it hasn’t already last week. It’s possible that this signals the end of a relationship, or potentially just a point of low energy within the partnership. 

The Sun in a trine to Jupiter does allow you to gain a lesson from any upcoming scenarios that are meant to balance out Karmic scales. It’s helpful to remember that some events aren’t good or bad, but simply just are. Adopting this thought process will assist in mitigating any excess discomfort. 

Aquarius – Being Appreciated 

Aquarius, it’s important to feel appreciated by those around you, especially your partner. This week, look forward to being seen for what you bring to the table. A culmination of work that you’ve been putting in is paying off for you, Aquarius.

Your partner could be recognizing just how important you are to them. Your efforts in the relationship have not gone unseen after all. 

This week starts a period where you and your partner are rekindling your love for one another as lovers and as people. You simply remember the reasons that you like being around each other, which is always appreciated in a partnership. 

Your house of romance is being heavily influenced by Mercury and Venus in the sign of Sagittarius together. A passionate romance with epic communication and longevity feels more possible than ever. 

Pisces – See and Be Seen

Pisces, your roadmap is clear to you this week. Sagittarius in your tenth house of reputation, legacy, and life direction may inspire you to make connections that expose you to new types of people. The presence of Venus in Sagittarius this week tells me that your partnership may be a topic of discussion. 

If you’re unwilling to be a topic of discussion, then I’d keep your activities private. Social media can be a great way to reach out to new people, but it also keeps you exposed in some ways. Use these tools wisely this week since Sagittarius season usually means that people are paying attention to you. 

Pisces, the Sun in a trine to your co-ruler, Jupiter, slips in just before moving into Sagittarius. Use this energy to bolster your self-confidence and inner peace. Establishing inner security before the transits to come will prove to be beneficial in navigating them.

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Wrapping Up

Darlings, this week can have some varying effects on different signs. Sometimes even when love transits roll through, it’s still just not everyone’s time to connect. 

The beauty of astrology lies in the cycles that it outlines. Everything will always come around, and the fact that romance planets and placements exist means that eventually they’ll be aligned in your favor, or maybe they are right now!

I get a lot of questions regarding these transits, and I love answering as many as I can. 

I get questions about relationships, personal Birth Charts, and forecasts for longer periods of time. Romance questions are, of course, a popular topic. 

The thing is, I sometimes miss the comments and emails can be so unreliable. 

So, I have set up a space for you to reach out to me. Book your Consultation with me here. 

Thank you so much for being here this week, loves!

Wishing you all the love in the Universe, 

Anna Kovach

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