Weekly Love Horoscope For November 14th – 20th 

My dearest readers, I am so glad you’re here to get the scoop on the weekly Love Horoscope for November 14th-20th. You’ll be glad you came too because this week is going to be a roller coaster of emotions and transitioning energies!

Sagittarius is seeing its seasonal influx of planets as Venus and Mercury move into the archer sign. Venus is usually the main focus within partnerships and love styles, and Venus in Sagittarius is a significant jump in energy from Scorpio. Where Scorpio’s love approach can be understated and cerebral, Venus in Sagittarius indicates a brighter and more lighthearted approach. 

Sagittarius is a mutable sign that signifies the spirit of adventure, optimism, morality, and authenticity. Sagittarius can’t be anyone but itself, and so with Venus here, you may find yourself being more authentic in your approach but perhaps at the cost of couth and social sensibility. 

Mercury in Sagittarius may feel out of place because Mercury loves little details and Sagittarius is a ‘big picture’ sign. Mercury continues to look for details but is inexact when it happens. This means that your communication style can be more general and vague, but also highly philosophical as you’re more compelled to examine if what you’re saying is your real truth. 

Let’s take a fast look at the transits this week since there are so many of them! 

The Sun (Leo’s ruler) will experience a trine to dreamy Neptune, bringing a sense of peace for some signs. Compassion and romanticism are heightened, so it’s a great transit for falling in love with your partner all over again. 

The Sun will also form a sextile to Pluto, which can gift you opportunities to gain influence, seductiveness, and power. Keep your eyes peeled! Also, use this energy to try something new in the bedroom!

Lastly, the Sun is forming a trine to Jupiter, which is advantageous for any sign. This alignment brings forward life-changing opportunities and allows some signs of a distinct leg up! Blessings are rolling in under this transit. 

Mercury (ruler of Gemini and Virgo) is experiencing similarly positive transits, the first of which is a sextile to Pluto. This transit allows Mercury in Scorpio to take full advantage of the incisive qualities of the sign. Use this period to gain valuable information, and hold it close to the chest to use to your advantage. 

Mercury then forms a trine to Jupiter, which should serve to open our minds to new ideas. A feeling of motivation and focus on the ‘big picture’ is amplified. Mercury trining Jupiter can relieve some worries that you may have regarding communication with others and allows you to portray your best, most intelligent self. 

Mercury also forms a conjunction to Venus, heavily amplifying concern for others as well as our own personal aesthetic, style, and portrayal to those we’re interested in romantically. Romantic attraction is stimulated through the mind. 

The most obvious blessing among many optimistic transits is the trine between Venus (ruler of Libra and Taurus) and Jupiter (ruler of Sagittarius, co-ruler of Pisces). These two famously beneficial planets in the luckiest alignment are enough to put anyone in a good mood. This is one transit that pretty much can’t have a negative interpretation unless you hate joy!

Lastly, we see Mars (ruler of Aries and co-ruler of Scorpio) in a square to Neptune (co-ruler of Pisces), which can cause some miscommunications (due to Mars’ position in Gemini). This can obscure the real source of our frustrations, and so our anger can seep out all over the place instead of being allocated to the correct source. This transit goes more smoothly when you consistently ask yourself if your frustration is justified. 

Without further ado, let’s see how all of this activity can manifest in your life! Find your Sun or Rising sign below to get a sneak peek at the upcoming romantic energies of the week.

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Aries – Desire for a Higher Love

Aries, you could experience a touch more discord than other signs on this generally positive week, but nothing that the brave Aries can’t handle. The general vibe is going in the right direction for you though, since Mercury and Venus are entering a fellow fire sign, Sagittarius.

This influx into Sagittarius turns your thoughts and expression of love towards those who speak eloquently, have wisdom, and are spontaneous lovers. You could find yourself being even bolder than usual in your pursuit of the one that you’ve got your eye on. 

Aries, Mars in a square to Neptune may throw you off as your passions are flamed by the power of your imagination and romanticism, but with no proper direction to go in. You may find yourself loving the idea of someone instead of who they really are. Your frustration can be obvious to anyone around you, not just the one it’s meant for, so stay aware of your demeanor. 

Taurus – Total Charmer 

Taurus, this week is especially fruitful for you, since your planetary ruler is in two different ultra-positive alignments this week. Venus conjuncts Mercury this week, which blesses you with the gift of gab. Or rather, enhances your natural charm and allows your infectious personality to be noticed by just the right people. 

Venus also forms a lucky trine to Jupiter, planet of growth, expansion, and spiritual growth. When the planet of Earthly pleasures and love meets the planet of divine guidance and gifts, you can expect an overwhelmingly positive week. Use this time to be authentically yourself and to boldly express your desires to and from others. Your confidence and sincerity are sure to win favor from those around you. 

The only downside this week is that Sagittarius is located in your house of what belongs to others. This tells me that you might stretch the limit of your credit card or overindulge in what allows you to drown out harder emotions. It’s easy to justify why you don’t need to worry about it, but if you don’t address it then circumstances may align to ensure that you have to. 

Gemini – Focus on Long-Term Love

Gemini, your planetary ruler, Mercury, is moving into your sister sign, Sagittarius this week. This is an opposing energy to your own, but regardless, your mission is to think and operate in big-picture mode. Are the people you’re surrounding yourself with your endgame? Is your partner good for you and also a good person? 

Mercury also is meeting Venus this week, which creates a love buzz all around you. As Venus and Mercury arrive in Sagittarius, your house of partnership and long-term romance lights up. You are more able to give yourself love in big, noticeable ways! It’s an ideal period for marriage or for focusing on your one-and-only in general.

Mercury in a trine to Jupiter promotes a hugely beneficial energy in your life that is impossible to ignore. You are feeling more bombastic than usual and more optimistic as well. Your likeability attracts the type of person who can make you feel loved and give you a leg up in life. 

Cancer – Finding Passion for the Mundane

Cancer, your house of work and health is receiving the planets, Venus and Mercury, this week, which combines the concepts of sociability and romance/good humor with your work life and health pursuits. This is an excellent time to spend doing ‘boring’ tasks with your partner. This can be cleaning the house, exercising, or working together. This bonding is essential to a productive relationship. 

The Sun in a trine to Neptune in Pisces benefits your romantic life to the nth degree! The compassionate and forgiving energy of Neptune is enough to keep you engaged in your partnership even when small annoyances occur. Neptune in a trine to the Sun may also provide an intuitive link to a higher power, so don’t ignore the little gut feelings you get. 

Venus in a trine to Jupiter this week can influence your mood positively and make it easy to show up for work and in service to those you love. This is an ideal time to ask for a promotion or to invest extra time in a passion project on the side. Putting effort into your partnership feels effortless.

Leo – Time to Shine

Leo, after a long time of maybe feeling like you’re second best, you are reclaiming your place on the throne as planets move into Sagittarius. Sagittarius occupies your house of romance, so when Mercury and Venus are here, your charm, sweetness, and endearing magnetism come through strongly. 

The Sun in a trine to Neptune is a powerful transit that puts your priorities on relaxation and ‘live and let live.’ I must caution that these planetary alignments in your chart can indicate some strong escapist tendencies. With the arrival of Venus in the fifth house as well, I caution you to not overindulge in the party life and to prioritize your emotional and bodily safety. 

Venus conjuncting Mercury in your fifth house of romance this week provides ample opportunity for creativity. This is the ideal way to channel your energy instead of dulling it through various types of vices and distractions. Channeling Venus and Mercury through art, projects, and play is the most beneficial way to use this optimistic energy for the best. 

Virgo – Getting Vulnerable 

Virgo, Venus and Mercury entering Sagittarius can have a profound effect on you since Mercury is your planetary ruler. The effect is likely to be an internal or private process rather than one everyone else can recognize is going on within you. This means that the emotional scenarios you can find yourself in at this time can be a lonely burden. 

Despite this, you can expect to come closer to spirituality this week, especially with your partner. Jupiter in your house of partnership in a trine to Mercury and Venus this week indicates that your partnership is intertwining you emotionally with your loved one. This allows you to be more vulnerable with them than you ever have been, potentially. 

As your ruler, Mercury, forms a sextile to Pluto before entering Sagittarius, you have some time to integrate the saucier expressions of love into your partnership. Communicating about your needs can actually be super endearing and romantic this week. Deep emotional attachments to your loved one are exposed this week, allowing you to realize just how much you’ve opened up over time. 

Libra – Haunted by the Past

Libra, your planetary ruler, Venus, is entering the sign of Sagittarius this week, which makes your focus tune into optimism and big-picture ideas. You can be mentally strained because you’re able to see all sides of a situation, which means you have many more factors to consider. You can overthink your love life, or be a bit too ‘in your head’ to really enjoy what’s going on around you. 

You can find yourself upset that you haven’t been able to achieve high moral standards 100% of the time. As Mercury meets Venus in this house, you may be regretting lost connections to past lovers or things that you’ve done to hurt others. Romantically, it’s a bit harder to feel the love because of the critical energy of Mercury conjoining with Venus’ normally lighthearted energy. 

Mars (ruler of your house of partnership) is in a square to Neptune which can dilute the quality of your thoughts. You could be affected by not only mental stress, but emotional stress. This could be because you feel bad for not being a superhero in your partnership and for not showing up like you should have been. These moments of awareness bring opportunity for reconciliation though. 

Scorpio – Earthly Delights All-Around

Scorpio, this week two planets (Mercury and Venus) leave your sign and enter your house of resources, accumulation, and riches. This is also a house of sensual delight where Venus feels comfortable. You could be granted a golden opportunity to make more money or you’re granted a killer idea for a new business. Similarly, your partner can positively impact your net worth. 

The Sun is still in your sign, so you reap the benefits of a happy trine to Neptune in your house of romance. This is a seductive and disarming transit that allows you to open up your heart more fully to the love around you. This transit tends to allow you to amplify your beauty and be perceived as an ethereal goddess. 

Scorpio, Venus is the ruler of your house of partnership, so positive alignments to Jupiter and the Sun create harmony in your relationship. You and your partner are in sync and moving as one. You’re able to have a lot of fun together. This is an excellent transit if you’re trying to get pregnant or adopt children. 

Sagittarius – A Jaw-Dropping Comeback

Sagittarius, finally, some relief from the isolation and loneliness! After a period of romantic drought, you’re dancing in the rain once more. Venus entering your own sign means that you’re the queen of this scene. Your most beautiful and admirable qualities are projected outward with ease. 

For your partnership, Mercury moving into your sign alongside Venus signifies an added boost. You are likely to be seen as ‘wife/partner material’ and you’re evaluating what you bring to the table for your relationship. Your altruism and willingness to compromise will get you far right now! 

Sagittarius, Jupiter (your ruler) is in a positive aspect to the Sun, Venus, and Mercury this week, lending its overwhelmingly positive energy to your self-expression, capacity to give and receive love, and your ability to meet minds with others and express yourself. Seriously, it doesn’t get much better than this week!

Capricorn – Looking Back on Past Loves

Capricorn, Venus and Mercury arrive in your twelfth house of isolation and mystery. That which you don’t yet know about yourself is begging to be discovered. You may find that looking back on past relationships and connections to others in contemplation is the closest you should get to pursuing romance for now. 

This period of time asks you to find overlooked opportunities for wisdom. You’re being asked to integrate and begin to understand the collective lessons on romance you’ve been ‘taught’ and enacted with others. This transit can signal a breakup if there is not sufficient stability in your partnership.

Thankfully, the Sun in a trine to Neptune and Jupiter and in sextile to Jupiter make it far easier to glean the lessons from your experiences. Neptune’s presence can sometimes cause self-pity though, so ensure that you’re choosing to use Neptune’s energy for self-compassion instead of victimizing yourself unintentionally. 

Aquarius – More Than Just a Friend?

Aquarius, as planets move into Sagittarius, your house of friendship and community is activated. Many Aquarians find that this house ‘speaks’ to them since what it represents is usually important to Aquarians. Mercury and Venus arriving here indicate new friendships or even a friend turned romantic partner. 

Mercury is the ruler of your house of romance, so when it moves into the house of friendship, these themes tend to collide. If there is no friend or acquaintance that is coming to mind, then it’s possible that someone who seems like a friend but is actually a future lover is arriving soon. 

This week could also line your wallet or increase your reputation if that’s something you’ve been looking to influence. Opportunity for promotion or a new job with upward mobility could also be on the horizon! 

Pisces – Glow Up and Upgrade

Pisces, a new era may be coming for you as planets arrive in your house of reputation, status, and public persona. The way you’d prefer to be known is by aligning with who you actually are right now. But it’s important to remember that the labels that you assign to yourself at this time are the labels you will grow into in the minds of those around you. 

Simultaneously, you can expect identities that no longer fit who you’ve grown into are being permanently shed away. Relationships that aren’t holistic can struggle as the version of you that your partner (or friends/family) preferred falls away.  Strong relationships allow room for their partner to grow and retire old parts of themselves.

Neptune receives trines from the Sun and Mercury and Jupiter receives trines from the Sun, Mercury, and Venus. With so much positive energy surrounding your planetary rulers, something tells me that you’ll be able to better appreciate your way of expressing yourself in the world. This week can be eye-opening to find the essence of who you are and how you love others.

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Wrapping Up

My lovelies, this week is so filled with optimistic energy, and I’m so excited to hear about your experiences with it. Being willing to go with the flow is the best way to capitalize on the energies available to you. You’re being given incredible luck in love and in general, my dears. 

Sagittarius energy is sure to brighten up the mood around here! It’s jolly, open-minded, philosophical, and optimistic. This is a time when goofing off is totally welcome. 

Take advantage of this energy by getting silly with your loved ones and playing games, or generally being carefree. This energy bonds you deeply when you allow yourself to be totally free and authentic. 

Still craving some more information about what’s ahead for you?

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These exchanges are some of the most enriching ones that I experience, but so many get overlooked just because of the sheer volume. 

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Don’t hesitate to reach out to me, darlings. I’m ready and willing to help out a curious mind!

Wishing you all the luck in the Universe,

Anna Kovach



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  1. Awww Anna. I sincerely hope all that you have predicted for Saggitarius women comes true I would definitely welcome this from my Librian man as he knows that he should have taken the 100% moral high ground. He knows instead of hurting me he should have been my super hero and showed up when he was supposed to. Gotta lot of making up to do He now has a last chance to right the wrongs by reconciliation making our time worth while . Many thanks you have really lifted my spirits and restored some hope. Love n light ❤ xx ❤

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