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Weekly Love Horoscope For May 16th – 22nd

Hello again, my dears! Welcome back to our Weekly Love Horoscope for May 16th – 22nd, where we discuss how the upcoming energies of the week are bound to manifest within your life. This allows you to plan your course of action for maximum benefit and minimal stress. Isn’t that what we all want in love, after all?

This week we see a major shift that will affect all signs as the Sun moves from steady Taurus to fast-thinking Gemini, which will bring a new focus to the topics of communication, socialization, connections, and local areas. Depending on where this transit falls for you, this could be the perfect time to strike up a conversation with someone new.

Mercury Retrograde is in full swing this week. Considering the fact that Gemini is ruled by Mercury and Gemini is being emphasized by the Sun and Mercury, we all might find ourselves a bit tongue-tied.

Mercury Retrograde is always made out to be scary. Sure, it has its moments of confusion and miscommunication, as well as technological breakdown. However, it’s also a chance to reconsider and revive subjects and people from the past. This is a necessary and sometimes fun part of life.

If you’ve been yearning to reach out to someone you were romantically involved with in the past, this is your time for it.

This week kicks off with a square from the Sun to Saturn that began last week. This can cause conflicts between egos and authority and tradition. Doing the ‘hard’ thing may feel like a personal offense to others or vice versa.

Mars conjunct Neptune can go well or not so well, depending on how spiritually attuned you are. If you’re ultra-sensitive or paranoid by nature, then you’ll want to be prepared for discomfort. If you’re more self-aware and grounded then you’re going to be able to reap spiritual rewards. Sexuality with others can feel soulful and deep or it can tend toward franticness.

Sun trine Pluto is a time for unraveling personal mysteries and for exerting your influence on situations around you. You may not even be aware that you’re playing your cards right until it’s done. This can be a time for a positive airing of internal gunk between you and your partner. Deep healing within your relationship is possible.

The Sun is conjunct Mercury this week as well, which is a fairly common alignment. This one could feel more potent due to Mercury’s Retrograde. You could feel too busy or like talking a bit too much. Short-distance travel (like running errands or your commute) could feel like a headache. You generally can also use this time to reconnect with those you knew before with greater effectiveness.

The Sun forming a sextile to Jupiter gives you and me a chance to foster your goals and dreams. You are more energized when you’re working on what brings you peace and joy. You have an increased capacity for grace and forgiveness at this time, which will help any relationship.

This is all nice, but how will it affect you specifically? Find your Sun or Rising sign below to find out exactly what you should be on the lookout for and what energies you can apply to finding and maintaining love.


Aries, with Jupiter and Venus now within your sign, you’re feeling like a rock star. You’re the embodiment of love energy this week, so I encourage you to flex that famous Aries initiative when you’re eyeing some cutie on your radar. The Sun forming a sextile to Jupiter in your sign allows you to channel your jolly attitude properly to attract the most love from others.

Your planetary ruler (Mars) conjunct Neptune could mean that your inner world is taking on a completely different vibe. You might be craving solitude despite a desire for love and romance. This can be disconcerting for you. On the other hand, proper channeling of this energy can make you far more empathetic than usual, enhancing your ability to relate to your partner.

With the Sun moving into Gemini and Mercury in Retrograde paired with a conjunction between the two bodies all within the house of communication, you could be feeling the mental pressure. Your communication could be skewed at this time, so if you mess up a text or your tone comes off wrong with your crush or partner, try to practice some understanding for yourself.


Taurus, with the Sun officially out of your sign by the end of this week, the new emphasis is on resources and tangible displays of affection. This means that you desire real-world evidence of the love that others have for you. This can mean anything from receiving a bouquet of flowers or a surprise visit. Anything that takes some physical effort is a sign of love that you want to accept.

Before the Sun leaves your sign, you have a chance to increase your personal power and sexuality when the Sun forms a trine to Pluto. Using the circumstances around you to your advantage can easily make you gain influence without even trying. Your partner could see you as an absolute sexual dynamo right now, so don’t pass up this sensual period.

Mercury in Retrograde could have you feeling insecure about your physical belongings. Perhaps you don’t feel as hot as you used to be or like your sense of style has deteriorated over time. Reevaluating the sort of clothes and looks that make you feel attractive is a good activity for this time.


Gemini, you’re the star of the show this week as Mercury and the Sun are both within your own sign. This is a double-edged sword though. You may find yourself more mentally engaged than usual but perhaps thinking in a less linear way than your logical mind is used to experiencing. You could find that your movements get a little awkward, so be gentle with any clumsiness.

Mercury forming a sextile to Jupiter could offer a bit of grace to your speech and communication in general. Even though your mind feels foggy, it might come off just fine to others. In fact, this can make you more optimistic than usual, which is a good way to open up a conversation with anyone you’re partnered with or interested in romantically.

You could easily get others reaching out to you from your past during this time. You are on the minds of those who used to know you well. If anyone has been on your mind recently and you’d like to see if the fire is still burning for them too, go ahead and chance a text. This is with the assumption that you know not to contact toxic exes!


Cancer, this week you could be keeping to yourself even more than usual, and yet you’re on the radar of seemingly everyone. Your thoughts are kept relatively private and yet everyone is interested in what you’re not saying. This can be frustrating for you. Despite this, this is still a good period to be noticed by potential love interests so if you’re feeling up to it, then play into this energy.

Mars meeting Neptune this week can signal some form of travel or a renewed interest in spirituality. Meditation on the topics of love and romance can reveal profound insight into what it is that you need within a relationship. If you’ve been wondering if your partner is right for you then the answer could be revealed at this time.

Your relationship could feel a bit too on display right now for your liking, and it could have you feeling restricted for one reason or another. You and your partner may be disagreeing on how ‘exposed’ one of you is to attention from others.


Leo, the Sun being in Gemini slightly heightens the effect of Mercury Retrograde for you. This puts emphasis on the groups you’re involved in, your social media presence, as well as your friendships. I’d pay attention to what you post on social media and who you let see it, lest it affects your relationship.

Your planetary ruler forming a square to Saturn this week could absolutely have you feeling restricted or like you have to enforce restrictions within your relationship. Questions about your roles in a long-term relationship could come up and how you relate to one another. One or both of you may be attempting to control or take authority over the relationship. It’s important to step back if it becomes toxic.

Leo, Mars conjunct Neptune in Pisces could have you and your partner looking beneath the surface of the relationship. Finding out things that you didn’t know about each other is a possibility. Keeping your cool when things you don’t understand are going on is key since this is a period of mystery when it comes to love… but the sex is bound to be fire!


Virgo, your ruler, Mercury, is in Retrograde this week and as a result, your normally analytical mind could be in fits. You may have to take a less linear route in your thought process, which can make communicating with a partner more difficult.

Mars meeting Neptune within your house of partnership and long-term relationships could have different effects depending on your relationship status and strength. You can rekindle passion for one another potentially, but there is also the risk of paranoia and underhanded tactics to avoid confrontation. Choose empathy over fear and you and your partner will be good to go.

The Sun trine Pluto is a perfect period to reclaim some personal power when it comes to your romantic life. This alignment is ideal for creating a deep and lasting bond with someone that you’d like to experience a more intense relationship with. You could act like a detective, seeking out all of the spots within them that interest you most.


Libra, Jupiter and Venus (your planetary ruler) remain in Aries, enhancing your potential for partnership and long-term commitment. Signing contracts will typically go well, so maybe one of them could be a marriage contract?

Fellow air sign, Gemini, is seeing an influx of energy. With Mercury forming a sextile to Jupiter, you can access an uplifting and optimistic way of speech without sacrificing authenticity. Consider expressing your beliefs about a partnership with someone to see if you both are on the same page.

Friends or partners from high school or college could reappear in your life, so be prepared to field the feelings that one or both of you still harbor for one another. This could work out in your favor if you’re interested in rekindling an old flame.

Libra, Mars and Neptune aligning affects your partnership if you are in one. If you’re not, someone at the place where you work could become interesting to you. Ensure that it’s not all smoke and mirrors fueled by sexual or physical desire… that is a risk that comes with this transit.


Scorpio, the Sun is forming a trine to your planetary co-ruler, Pluto, this week. At this time the Sun is still within your house of partnership, and so it’s a peak time to exert that Scorpion power that we can all sense within you. This alignment could bring a deep soul connection together with consciousness, forming a bond with another that you’ll likely remember for a long time.

Mars and Neptune are aligning within your house of romance, entertainment, and self-expression. As a result, you’re likely feeling both highly sexual as well as empathetic towards those you feel love for. It’s a magical alignment as long as you keep boundaries clear with one another.

With the ruler of your house of romance (Jupiter) now in the sign of Aries, you might feel that you have tasks that need to be taken care of before you can get down to the long-term stuff. Getting odds and ends out of the way will benefit you as you align with the energy of service for your loved one.


Sagittarius, your planetary ruler in your house of romance, along with the love planet Venus, creates plenty of opportunities for romance and love alignment. You’ll realize that you’ve got a lot of love and optimism to put out there right now. As a result, you can rely on the fact that you’ll be receiving romantic love back.

Your house of the partnership will hold the Sun and Mercury in Retrograde by the end of this week. This puts massive focus on the significant other in your life or on the concept of attaining one. You could find that you start up communication with a former partner, which really stirs the pot. If they’re someone who was a good person but it just didn’t work out, then I say explore the possibilities.

Mars and Neptune aligning in Pisces can bring up latent anger from your childhood. Mars being the ruler of your house of romance means that your romantic patterns and expression are impacted. Vague notions of what you were taught about love and sexuality can arise at this time, and it’s up to you to keep or discard what comes up.


Capricorn, with your planetary ruler maintaining a square to the Sun in your house of romance this week, you can find yourself or your romantic interest questioning each other’s tangible displays of love. Perhaps you struggle to provide these displays, and as such, your partner feels subdued within the relationship. Finding a way to meet one another’s romantic needs is key.

You tend to value your line of work, Capricorn, and because of this, you’ll want to prepare for Mercury’s potential brain-scrambling effect on you within your work environment. Awkward conversations can arise, particularly one’s surrounding philosophies and ethics on the job. Choose your words carefully but ultimately, stick to your guns.

If your stressful work environment rubs off on you, attempt to release it before going home to your partner. This allows you to maintain a positive relationship with them despite the negativity at work. Allow them to be a source of solace, as romantic partners should be.


Aquarius, you’re seeing a larger emphasis on your romantic life as the Sun moves into fellow air sign, Gemini. You have the capacity to be social, but this week expressing love and affection can feel stunted due to the presence of Mercury in Retrograde within your house of romance. Measuring your words carefully while remaining upbeat is tricky, but finding that balance will assist you through this week.

The ruler of your house of partnership is within your house of romance, so you’re more able to create long-term partnerships based on your love expression. This is why it’s important to express your affection for others even if it comes out awkwardly. Someone is going to find that totally charming, my love.

The Sun squaring up with Saturn in your own sign this week could make you feel like you can’t reconcile your ego and your authority over your own life. This can create insecurities within you that project outwardly to others. You’re going to find that a mix of me-time and socializing is necessary to keep your feet on the ground.


Pisces, you’re seeing an intense meet-up within your own sign this week as Mars and Neptune align. Mars is a fiery planet while Neptune is subdued. These two energies mixed can rev up your motivation to take action in your pursuit of romance. Channeling it in such a constructive manner will make this a week where you flex both your inner warrior and your inner peace to the benefit of your romantic life.

The ruler of your house of partnership, Mercury, is in Retrograde; if you’re with a partner then it can be a time where you feel a bit out of sync with them. Your mentality and thoughts may struggle to align which can easily lead to miscommunication.

A partner from your past reaching out to you is also a possibility. As an empathic Pisces, you’ll recognize if this is an energy you should welcome back in if you get still and get honest with yourself. Find some clarity and go with your gut in this situation and you’ll likely find the path leading to your highest good.

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Wrapping Up

My loves, this week is rolling in communicative energies that can spice up your life or throw it out of whack. The theme this week is ‘Handle With Care.’ Being cautious but not reserved in your communication is typically a good approach.

While we may want to sometimes, I don’t think we should put our romantic or life pursuits on pause just because Mercury Retrograde has rolled around. It’s a period of reflection, and that’s a good thing! Reflect on your words before you speak and you’re playing into the positive side of this transit.

I encourage you to meditate, journal, or otherwise get near to your inner self this week. This will assist in channeling the high-energy alignment between Mars and Neptune in your favor.

Now, with all of this wild energy rolling through, I know some of my readers may still have questions. That’s what I love about this community. Everyone is so willing to learn and it warms my heart to no end.

Because it’s my job to educate and assist on these topics, I’m always open to talking to you about the way that the alignments described can manifest within your own life.

>> You can arrange to talk to me right here. We can go over whatever questions you’ve got about these transits, your relationship, your love potential, or your next partner as well.

I can’t wait to hear from you all on this. Let’s dish.

Wishing you all the luck in the Universe,

Anna Kovach

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    I wanted to see about getting a compatibility/love chart done. I have the birthdate times.

    Thank you!

    1. Hi Jenna!

      It sounds like you need to be working on manifesting the good you deserve. Yucky weeks do happen but try to have more awesome ones. You CAN do it if you truly try. Work with meditation and manifestation and you’ll see things turn around. I wish you nothing but the best!

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