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Weekly Love Horoscope For March 27th – April 2nd

Welcome to this week’s Love Horoscopes!

As we enter the final week of March, the cosmic energies are shifting, and there are exciting astrological events happening that will affect your love life. This week, your ability to communicate is supercharged with Mercury conjunct Jupiter, giving you the power to express your deepest desires and connect with your partner on a more profound level.

In addition, Venus is conjunct Uranus in Taurus, which can bring unexpected surprises and changes in your love life. Be open to new experiences and allow yourself to be guided by the universe. This is a week of transformation and growth, and your love life will be greatly impacted by the cosmic energies at play.

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So sit back, relax, and let the universe guide you towards a week of love, passion, and growth. Let’s dive into your weekly love horoscope for March 27th to April 2nd.

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Aries – Silver Tongued Charm

This week your ability to communicate is supercharged with Mercury conjunct Jupiter.

It’s a fantastic time to give speeches in public or to make a great first impression. What’s more important, this is an ideal time for dating because your sense of humor and natural Aries effervescence is shining through.

If you get an opportunity to go on a spontaneous date, definitely say yes, and if you are dating it’s a wonderful time to take a short trip or a weekend away with a new partner, or even if you are lucky enough, a midweek break.

You tend to be really lucky this week, and that’s because you have a positive mindset and whatever happens, you bounce back and see the opportunities rather than the pitfalls. Therefore you are more likely to give off a confident air, and that helps you in advancing in your career and meeting potential romantic partners.

Venus is conjunct Uranus in Taurus; in marriage and your long-term relationships, this is a great time to shake up the routine, to surprise your partner and to be a little bit spontaneous together. It’s very important this week to be alert to anything that is making your lifestyle dull and just reject any engagements or commitments that aren’t particularly necessary, because these will only tire you out and waste your time.

A fabulous week for having an event at your home to entertain the family or visiting with children. It’s also a great time for you and your partner to jazz up or redecorate a room ahead of the spring.

Taurus – Heating up like a burning flame

Taurus are in a really excitable mood thanks to Venus and Uranus conjunct in your sign, in fact, you’ve got a lot of nervous energy, so it’s ideal if you burn off the extra energy by doing something spontaneous, getting together with friends or putting yourself in a new environment where you have the opportunity to meet new people. If you tie yourself down to your normal 9-5 routine you could actually feel quite highly strung and even irritable, so the key right now, for your health and wellbeing, is to break the mold, break the routine and introduce a bit of excitement into your life.

Cupid is just waiting to strike, but he’s not going to do it in the usual haunts and hangouts where you are routinely to be found, so the key to Love is being in a different place, at a different time.

With Jupiter conjunct Mercury in Aries, this is a great time to put the move on a flame. There should be a “nothing ventured nothing gained’ attitude in love, so whether you are looking to get into the dating game or already in a partnership, surprise your partner or prospective partner by doing something they’ll never expect. Be thoughtful, be original and creative because this is the key to creating love magic.

This should be a lucky end of months when it comes to money, you may receive an unexpected bonus or an early birthday gift that you weren’t expecting.

Gemini – Sealing Commitment

Do I hear wedding bells, because this is an excellent time for Gemini to get married or to get engaged, as it’s a very lucky time for sealing a commitment?

However, even if you are already married or maybe have only recently begun dating, this is still a good time for you and your partner to cement your relationship by possibly moving in together, purchasing a home together or meeting each other’s families for the first time.

With Jupiter conjunct Mercury, this is an excellent week for throwing dinner parties and holding events in your home. So get in some champagne, some snacks and invite your friends over, and this can be a great way to invigorate your marriage. Alternatively, invite friends to bring single friends with them, and you never know the potential for love could explode.

This is an excellent time for ventures connected to speaking, education or communications, so it’s a good time to be visible on social media or within the blogosphere, Twitter or TikTok. This is a wonderful time to amass more followers.

You are also feeling quite passionate right now with Mars in Cancer, so it’s time to spoil your partner and a massage. Buy some sensual fragrances because it’s all about stimulating the senses and getting the passions flowing.

Cancer – High Octane Motivation

You are highly motivated, energetic and passionate right now with Mars in Cancer, and if your relationships had felt in need of an injection of energy, now is definitely the time to step up the gears in your love life, have important discussions with a partner, and move the relationship forward.

The key in all romantic relationships and marriage is communication right now, and so it’s important to make time for both light-hearted communications, but also talking about your future together as a couple. It is a great time to find common ground and really double down on that, but also to start coming together on the contentious issues too.

You are very proactive right now, and you can be incredibly persuasive, and so you should use that to get your needs met and reestablish balance in your relationships. If you had felt that you were maybe giving too much and being unappreciated, now is the time to assert yourself in a relationship and make sure that you are getting as much as you’re giving.

Keep your food on the accelerator because this could be a satisfying week emotionally and in your career.

Leo – Good Karma is on the Way

Leo should be confident about your earning potential, as improved income or a bonus is just around the corner. However, although you may currently feel a little bit underappreciated and overworked in your career, believe me, important people are noticing you, and it won’t be long before the dividends you are due manifest because of previous hard work and good social karma.

It is easy this week to feel that not a lot is happening, but with Mars in Cancer, plenty is going on behind the scenes, you just haven’t seen the results. When it comes to romance, someone has got their eye on you, but they are yet to have the confidence to make a move. So just remember to be your charming, vivacious self and keep putting your best foot forward because you’re impressing people without actually knowing it.

Venus conjunct Uranus means that this is a really good time for one-to-one conversations, some negotiation and horse trading in marriage. So if there’s anything you’ve been meaning to talk to your partner about, or something you want to run by them, but were a little bit nervous of the reaction of your partner, this is the time to do it. It’s highly likely that your partner will be in an easy-going, receptive frame of mind and it’s more likely that you can get agreement from them.

Virgo – Flying off into the blue

This is a fantastic time for long distance travel, so if you have got anything in mind for the upcoming holidays, this is a wonderful time to put a deposit on a trip, research your trip or actually go on a trip spontaneously.

With Jupiter conjunct your ruler in Aries, luck is on your side and you are also likely to be lucky in love. So it’s important to be available, which means you should accept invitations, participate more heavily in your groups and organizations or get involved in sporting ventures, where you can get chatting to both new people, or improve relationships with people you’ve only said ‘hi’ to, but where there could be a spark of attraction.

This is a great time for self-promotion and that can assist you either at work, or within your relationships. So don’t be modest, it’s time to let your partner know how much you do, how thoughtful you are and what an asset you are in the relationship. Be proud of your contribution and also asset your wants. The problem is that you don’t understand yourself, and that means in relationships you must be alert to situations where you are taken for granted, simply because you yourself don’t always value your input as much as you should.

This is a very good time for group leadership activities, don’t step back and let others to shoot you down, be vocal about your ideas, thoughts and opinions because you are able to gain attention this way.

In marriage, it’s time to have a little bit of space to yourself and fulfil some of your own yearnings that maybe you’ve had on the back burner because of other commitments.

Libra – Live your life be free

This week is excellent for a change in image. If you feel that you have been typecast or people have come to expect something of you which you feel is no longer authentic, now is the time to throw off other people’s expectations, be authentic and be true to yourself.

This is an excellent time to be dating, especially within your professional community or with people who have like-minded social ambitions. You have an enormous amount of charisma and are particularly theatrical and flamboyant, so you are bound to attract attention. With Venus conjunct Uranus it’s good to be a little bit controversial as people really respect you for your honesty, and that is the way you make an impression that lasts.

In marriage this month, the key is compassionate sympathy. Your partner is feeling quite vulnerable and a little bit more emotional, and so they are more sensitive and in need of support. So you can do an enormous amount to enhance your marriage or relationships by being a good listener, and maybe not giving advice, but just showing that you understand. It’s not so much about solutions, it’s more about empathy.

Scorpio – You are the rock

This month your marriage partner could be behaving quite unpredictably, so get ready for anything and don’t be discombobulated if they come out with something from Left Field, or shock you by getting a radical new haircut or a motorbike or something crazy. It’s very important for you to allow a partner to let off steam, don’t be judgmental and keep strong, so that anything that he is going through right now doesn’t affect your state of mind.

In some cases, with Uranus conjunct Venus in Taurus, a partner act unpredictably because he’s actually acting out an inner need within you both for renewal and change. So this can be a great opportunity to start something new in your relationship, purge yourselves of something that is really becoming dull and irritating and embrace the whirlwind.

This can be a fantastic week for a spontaneous fling, so if you’re the sort of person who just wants to be a little bit wild, let your emotions off the hook, and have a spontaneous relationship that’s not going to lead anywhere, that’s absolutely fine and a good use of the energies of Mars Cancer.

If you are in the dating game and looking for long-term love, you could find it this week, but at the same time it’s going to be really hard to know, simply because a new partner may not express their emotions in way you readily understand because the communication side of the relationship could be quite challenging at the outset.

Sagittarius – Rushed off your feet

This is a very busy week and Sagittarius are rushed off your feet.

It’s a time when there is loads to do and lots of competing priorities, and you need your partner to be able to step up and stand on their own two feet.

In terms of dating, you can be quite impatient and unless you hit it off with someone right away, you may not be particularly interested in pursuing the relationship, particularly if it seems the person has baggage. So the key in dating this week is speed dating, even if you aren’t literally speed dating, your attitude to love and romance is fast and furious, if you don’t feel it pretty immediately, it isn’t happening for you and you are moving on.

Jupiter is conjunct Mercury in Aries and when it comes to marriage, you need your partner to step up, take responsibility and be supportive of you. You are likely to be quite impatient with partners who are lackadaisical and who don’t show much enthusiasm or energy.

Sagittarius is a sign that believes absence makes the heart grow fonder, and you need frequent breaks from your partner to keep the love alive, and this might be one of those weeks when this is definitely true, and thus you don’t want to be living in your partner’s pocket.

Capricorn – Getting the romance genie out the bottle

This week in terms of your marriage it’s a case of actions speak louder than words, but words are kind of important too. Your partner is looking for a little bit of romance, so it’s very important to set time aside to make your partner feel special, valued and to have a heart to hearts.

In terms of dating, an older partner or someone in authority could come into your life and could appear extremely dashing and quite exciting. However, you have to ask yourself what’s turning you on? The position of power? Or is it really their personality? It’s important to know the difference, because right now power is a big turn on for you.

Mercury conjunct Jupiter in Aries means this is really a good time for workplace romances, particularly because you find it very easy to chat to colleagues, simply because there is a lot going on and plenty of interesting things to discuss, and this can help foster the start of a really exciting relationship.

In terms of dating, things are unpredictable with Venus conjunct Uranus, and so you need to keep an open mind, because even if you don’t hit it off that well on a new date, you may be able to try again. So it’s not a case of first impressions count, first impressions really don’t count, so it’s worth giving anyone who comes along a second chance.

Aquarius – It’s a kind of magic

This is a wonderfully artistic and creative week for Aquarius, so whatever your career or hobby, it’s an inspirational time and whatever you create, at work or romantically, will have an extra and impact to it.

This is also a marvelous time for romance, you are able to put your most charming, affectionate side forward. You are more at ease with who you are and this sense of inner contentment radiates out, and helps you to attract the right kind of people into your life so romantic potential is heightened.

This is a great time for meeting people within the work sphere, particularly because you are hard at work and throwing a lot of hours in, so you are likely to be spending more time with colleagues, with whom you will bond. Teamwork is really important this week, so if you have the opportunity to do teamwork, it could help you to get closer to people and that’s great for your romantic life.

In terms of your married life, the key is to bury the hatchet. Make peace not war as there’s far more to be gained from cooperating than trying to prove a point and be right. So the message in love is: compromise and negotiate.

Pisces – Lucky Stars

This week you can be lucky in love, especially if you are travelling. It’s likely that when you are in a transport hub, or on a plane or train, you will have a chance to strike up conversations with people who you wouldn’t normally meet, and these are exactly the sort of people who can present romantic opportunities to your life.

With Venus conjunct Uranus in Taurus, if you are looking for love, the key right now is to be proactive and that means new hobbies, new activities and making the effort to strike up conversations with strangers. You have a lot of confidence right now and that should help you to make connections with different people, and this is really good for your social life and therefore romantic opportunities as well.

In marriages, it’s quite an emotional time for your partner, it is up to you to be the cool head on calm shoulders, and to inspire your partner with a little bit of wisdom.

It’s quite likely that your marriage partner is feeling overwhelmed a little discombobulated, and what they’re needing right now is an anchor, someone who is not critical but who can offer some succinct advice to put their mind at rest. So the key is: don’t interrogate your partner, but let them know that you are always open to talk as soon as they need to.

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Wrapping up

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10 thoughts on “Weekly Love Horoscope For March 27th – April 2nd

  1. Hi Anna thank you for my love reading for this week. Im in turmoil at the moment, so am hoping to hear from my ex kamal

  2. When I read the horoscope I had to swallow empty. My love life has been totally destroyed. I was mercilessly screwed by a man for 3.5 years. He lied from day one and also cheated on me. He had a girlfriend the whole time, whom he also got pregnant. Now they have a baby together!
    Even when photos emerged, he continued to lie. Until the photos of him with his child, his girlfriend plus the parents-in-law turned up.I left him and communicated clearly what I thought of him!
    But it’s so hard, even if you’ve only been lied to and cheated on, you’ve got used to this kind of person…
    That’s why I can’t imagine that my love life should change drastically for the better… I was obviously not born to be happy…

    1. Hi Monica,
      I am sorry to hear that but If he can leave so easily, he was never really meant for you.
      Start healing. Start the new day with good vibes.
      Better start a new journey thinking that everything happens for a good reason.
      Always remember, you deserve to be loved and respected.
      Never chase love, attention or affection. If it isn’t given to you freely then it isn’t worth having.
      I hope that soon, you will meet a man who will think you’re too important to lose!


  3. Anna,

    First of all, thank you very much for your support e-mails, notifications about my sign’s (Aquarius) future guiding messages, kind of EVERYTHING! I wasn’t writing you any comments yet, I know, but now I felt to say (write) these words to you, so.. I’m saying Hello from Romania 😃

    Your weekly guidances are helping me a lot! Thank you again! Only one thing! I subscribed for a lot of things, sings of men, and I would like to not recieve any guidance mail for Taurus, Cancer, Sagittarius and Capricorn man, don’t know how to do, ’cause even if I unsubscribed and subscribed for a ‘new’ one, I recieved mails for the previous ones. I think Leo is now the last one, hopefully, the real last one 🙂

    Thank you, so much love.


    1. Hi Erika,
      Your Leo man needs to understand that when you want time to yourself, you are not using it to go betray him.
      Once he gets this figured out, you should be able to work past any other tribulations that may pop up throughout your relationship together. You definitely have more going for you than not so you should be able to overcome anything.
      I hope all goes well for you both!

  4. So I am a cancer and my crush is a Capricorn. I want to move are relationship forward. We’ve been playing this teasing game for months, actually over a year. I’m just not sure he sees our relationship the way I want to see it and get closer. Should I be patient and just wait and see how it h folds? I feel like I am in limbo and mire from him. So I composed a text with all my points to get a possible response as to how he sees our relationship going. If he sees me as more than just a friend. Is that ok? I feel like I would be emotional and forget half of what wanted to say if I tried to tell him in person. I have several of your Capricorn books and relationship books and they have helped me quite a bit.

    1. Hi Karen,
      You have to be intellectual with him. He’s an old-fashioned type of guy. Keeping that in mind, you realize that he’s only going to respond well with smart texts.
      You can be cute and smart at the same time. Text him with purpose because if you don’t, he’ll think you’re just bugging him or being too needy. Yes, he thinks this way. It isn’t what you’re trying to do, but Capricorn is a different breed!

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