Weekly Love Horoscope For March 20th – 26th

Welcome to this week’s horoscopes Sweethearts! 

It’s mid-March and we’ve successfully negotiated The Ides of March, and it’s the spring or autumn equinox (depending on whether you are in the northern it southern hemisphere) this week which is a very significant phase in astrology. 

The equinox is a time when the length of the day is equal to the length of night all over the world. This is a perfect time for a reset, to rebalance your life and your relationships and to incorporate opposing ideas into your life to achieve wholeness.

This is quite an exciting week, the pace of events is fast, there’s a sense of urgency, but there’s a great opportunity for renewal and planting the seeds of new ideas.

This week the new moon is conjunct the Aries point and Ceres moves into Aries, making this an extremely fertile time for new ideas, family planning, new love and nurturing.

In the Northern hemisphere, spring is beginning and this week is indicative of everything we associate with spring: refreshing our lives, spring cleaning, making way for the new and making plans, but it’s also a time to be patient as the energies are very nutritive, so it’s not about racing headlong into new activities and seeing immediate results. The essence is planting seeds with love and care and then waiting for them to grow into something that you can be really proud of.

This is an excellent time for self-care and renewed understanding of what is important in life, and this can help give focus to relationships.

While in the Northern hemisphere we are heading towards Spring and the energies are becoming much more external as we look to get into the outdoors, to be more sociable and to enjoy life; in the Southern hemisphere this is also an important time of activity on a personal level, as you contemplate, look inwards and begin to spend time reaching new understanding in your life, your family and your relationships.

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Aries – Relationships are filled with a potential only you can grasp.

With a stellium of planets in Aries, this is a very exciting and productive time for all Aries, you should feel a surge in energy and renewed zest for life, and suddenly and everything seems possible.

This is a wonderful time for taking ownership of your life and getting inspired. There’s great potential to improve relationships, so it is very important to project positive energy to your partner and take the lead in terms of getting into a proactive new gear in the relationship.

This is a very romantic time, your communication talents are enhanced and it’s very easy to impress a new partner with your vivaciousness and sense of humor.

The communication element is very important in new relationships, so is physical affection and tenderness. Thus this is an ideal time for relationships where you meet up with a date ‘in person’ rather than online, because you need to feel the chemistry.

It’s very important in marriages to be strong and positive, but it may also be important to understand your partner’s point of view, so remember to be a good listener and to understand where they’re at, and then give them support.

Taurus – Love grows when you have important conversations with yourself.

This is an extremely fertile time for Taurus, and you are feeling very artistically inspired and also a little bit romantic. No matter what phase of relationship you’re in, doing things like attending movies, concerts or the theatre can help reinspire you romantically and fire up your fantasy life, you can then take forward into the relationship to bring back a little bit of passion and imagination

It’s very important to be compassionate in relationships, but it’s also important to exercise some self-care. It may be necessary for you to take a step back and think more clearly about what you want and need in your relationships, so that you can develop a fresh set of criteria to understand how to improve your relationships.

Often the best starting point for improving relationships or getting into a positive new relationship, is by working on yourself and getting to grips with your priorities as they stand rather than on the basis of what they were previously.

It’s important to get sleep and to replenish yourself, don’t overcommit in terms of work or strenuous activities. Take time out for pleasure and enjoyment alone or with a partner.

Gemini – Kindness, compassion and strong communication fuels love.

This is an excellent time for Gemini to be leaders within your social groups and networks. Let yourself shine by expressing your ideas, engaging with new people and expanding your friendship circles and professional groups, as these are fertile ground from which you can develop new romantic relationships.

New relationships right now are generally founded on strong communication and respect, so you are likely to connect with people who have similar career ambitions to yourself, and who can understand your level of experience and expertise, because that brings the respect factor into a relationship.

Relationships where you work with a partner are particularly strong right now, however you do need to be understanding, as in relationships there’s often a need for some patience, as there may be certain issues your partner is dealing with, and they may need a little bit of extra support.

While this is good month for improving relationships, that improvement should come through better understanding and compassion, rather than just spending time together in a fun yet fairly emotionless way.

Cancer – Communicate, resonate and reach for the stars.

Cancerians have a great sense of urgency right now, you are fired up with ambition and quite a lot of enthusiasm, and so your focus this week will mainly be on the public side of your life. So what is very important right now, is achieving balance, because you may be needing to spend more time away from home and apart from your partner, simply because there’s a lot on your to-do list and quite a few things you need to do for to fulfil yourself personally.

Relationships that tend to be quite close or little bit controlling will need some work, as you need to explain to a partner your emerging priorities and need for growth, and how they can support you. So if you have a partner who is generally very ambitious and aware of your own work related needs, things should be really good this week. However extra effort on communication and two-way understanding will be necessary to help a partner accept some of the time you may be needing to spend away from the home, especially if this is out of the norm.

Brand new relationships will most probably be established within your work connections.

Leo – Listen to cues, but make your move!

Leo are very restless and excitable right now, the key phrase in your life this month is: bigger is better! You want to do things in a grand way and you’re easily frustrated by boring routines and stale relationships.

There’s a great desire within you to have fun, to break loose and to start enjoying different things. This can be a highly dynamic week for relationships where your partner is also in a spontaneous mood and willing to go along with your plans. However it can be a little bit difficult if your partner is feeling more reticent or cautious, so it’s important for you to be positive and to inspire change in the relationship, but you also need understanding so that you can inject a relationship with enthusiasm without totally overwhelming your partner.

In new relationships, you need to be able to manage expectations as there is the tendency to jump the gun and become over enthusiastic very quickly. So watch out that you aren’t coming on too strong, as that could potentially threaten a relationship with potential, especially if your new flame is sensitive or tentative about revealing too much too soon.

Virgo – Time for a Heart to Heart

This is an intense and revealing week in relationships, anything that is bubbling under the surface will now become apparent, and it’s a great time to have discussions and clear the air. You shouldn’t be shy of some confrontation, often some emotional exchanges are needed to get to the heart of the matter. Virgos tend to have quite an analytical understanding of relationships, and yet right now it’s time to use your emotional intelligence and awareness of the deeper aspects of love to really get a grip with what is going on.

New relationships that begin now have an awful lot of chemistry, however you have to work harder at the communication side, as there’s often not a meeting of the minds, initially. This is a week in which Virgo can get involved in those chalk and cheese relationships which are very compelling, even though they don’t always make sense logically.

Remember in love, that honesty is the best policy, so don’t conceal rather reveal.

Libra – Coming to the negotiating table.

This is a fantastic time for Libra in relationships as it’s excellent for relationship goals, getting engaged or even getting married. This is a fabulous time for negotiation and discussion, it’s a good time for you and your partner to have frank exchanges and to come to agreements.

This week is definitely a time to get round the kitchen table, get out your to-do list, your budgets or anything important that needs to be arranged and talk it over. So it’s maybe a good time to do things like discuss wedding preparations, important holiday or family arrangements.

Whatever stage of a relationship you are at, this is a wonderful time for a reset, and so no matter what has gone before, right now it’s a great time to turn the page, to start anew and to be positive about the potential, rather than distracted by the problems.

Scorpio – It takes two, me and you.

This is a wonderful time for work relationships, in fact getting on well with a colleague, going on work trips or bonding within your office can be a fantastic way to start a relationship or indeed cement a relationship.

It can be quite stimulating talking shop or sharing gossip with a new potential partner, and this can be a good way to find common ground and get the relationship off to a good start. The friendship and communication side of relationships is very important now, so it’s good to keep egos and emotions on the shelf, and to rather relax, have banter, have fun and use humor, rather than worrying about the details.

Couples involved in teamwork, when it comes to mutual fitness goals, doing jobs around the home or projects, tend to cement your relationship, especially if you both show a lot of commitment, conscientiousness and diligence in completing tasks that matter to both you guys.

Sagittarius – Surprise ignites the passion!

This is an excellent time for new relationships and for injecting old relationships with spontaneity. A fantastic week for date nights, entertaining and taking surprise trips and outings, the element of surprise is the spice of love right now, so don’t be shy.

In relationships, the extent to which you feel free to express yourself is key to love: the more inhibited or restricted you feel in a relationship the more likely you are to fall out of love, or really struggle. However in good relationships where you feel encouraged to totally be your free-spirited self, things can go from strength to strength. Breathing life into your love life is all about authenticity and spontaneous expression.

An excellent time for family planning, to get pregnant or to do things with the children as a couple. This is often an important time in terms of your children’s development and this can help bring you and a partner together with parental pride.

Capricorn – Family values and suring up your future.

This week is an excellent time for you and your partner to get your ducks in a row, the key in relationships is getting back to basics and renewing understanding at a fundamental level. It’s very important, if you are married, to cut out distractions and find time where you can have a little peace and quiet to have in-depth conversations and to reconnect at an emotional level.

This can be a very exciting time for Capricorn who are dating, new relationships that begin can benefit from a great deal of connectivity and can move quite quickly, in fact the pace can almost sweep you off your feet. So if you are looking for love, get ready for a white knuckle ride and enjoy, it don’t try to control the pace.

This is a good week for family event planning, you may make plans to host family over Easter. It also a good time to budget and it may be an excellent time to tighten the belt to save some money for the summer holidays, as plans made now – connected to money saving and investment – can bear fruit later in the year.

Aquarius – The devil is in the detail.

This is a week when you need a lot of variety, you are very receptive to new information and to challenging communication, and you can handle quite a high tempo of events. It’s important in relationships however to be more consistent with your communications, often things get lost in a flurry of activity, so if there’s something important you want to say, set aside the time and don’t say it as you race out the door.

This is definitely a time where you feel productive, you could achieve a lot and you like to roll with the punches and tackle new things, however be careful not to bite off more than you can chew.

In relationships both new and old, it’s important not to make assumptions as these can trip you up. It’s also important to take the small things seriously, because this is a month where the devil is in the detail, and it’s often the little things, which appear inconsequential, that end up causing a lot of trouble, whereas the bigger things tend to be managed with a lot of common sense.

Pisces – Celebrate good times.

While a lot of the zodiac signs are upping the ante and enjoying a frenetic pace, for Pisces this week is very much about enjoying yourself, having fun, meeting up with friends and chilling.

It’s highly likely that your partner will be displaying more ambition, decisiveness and a desire for action than yourself, so it’s important that you don’t allow anyone to rush you, pursue life at your own pace and take time to smell the roses.

This is a very good time for internet dating and long distance relationships, simply because you have that added bit of space and perspective, and the various intricacies of your partner’s day-to-day life cannot impinge on your own.

If you are in a marriage or long term relationship, it’s very important for you to know how to use the word NO effectively and to draw strong boundaries, so your partner understands when enough is enough.

In relationships where there’s understanding and a good balance of give and take, this can be a wonderfully romantic time with enhanced enjoyment and a successful time for socializing and date nights.

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Wrapping up

With the new moon and the equinox, there’s an emphasis on creativity and renewal.

Whatever your star sign remember that this week is powerful for:

  • Action Plans
  • Physical activity
  • New creative projects
  • Decisiveness
  • Family activities
  • Planting seeds and generating proactive mindsets

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