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Weekly Love Horoscope for July 19th – 25th

Hello, gorgeous! Welcome to the horoscope for the third week of July. It’s beyond amazing that you’ve found your way here. There are significant changes in romance for every sign this week as we see some significant action in signs and planets of love and passion. 

The highlight reel includes two instrumental planets changing signs, namely Venus and the Sun. Venus enters Virgo on the 22nd, and the Sun enters Leo on the same day. 

Venus in Virgo means that love is on your mind since Mercury, a planet of thought, rules Virgo. You’re reasoning about love, which is perhaps why you’ve stumbled here to do some research in true Virgo fashion. 

The cherry on top is Virgo being supported by the generous Jupiter in a friendly opposition this week. Confidence and expansion in love are blooming!

The Sun moving into Leo brings a sense of fun and lightheartedness to romance. Leo is a sign of flirtation, good times, laughs, and passion. This fire sign is heating your love life this week. 

Are you ready to find out what this week has in store for your sign in the realm of romance? If you’re as excited as I am to dive in, then read on!


Aries lady, with your natural fire and drive, you’re going to appreciate the Sun moving into your fifth house and the sign of Leo this week. You’ll find that you experience a new emphasis this week, shifting into something that agrees with your core energy. 

The Sun in Leo has you feeling like it’s time to have some fun. You should follow your heart when you get this notion because it’s the energy you’re meant to embody right now. With the Sun in your house of romance, you’re sure to feel the flirtatious energy rising. Be prepared for a lighthearted and sexy rendezvous! 

Venus is entering your sixth house of work as it moves into Virgo, meaning that your job space could get spicy. Venus in this area of the chart indicates that you could begin crushing on someone at work. Ooh la la! Keep your eyes open for that one coworker that has your heart thumping out of your chest. 

Weekly Advice For Aries – Get To Work

Aries, be your bold self and make that move on your cute coworker that you’ve been into. The time is just right to put yourself on his radar. Leo has a positive relationship with you, and so the Sun is empowering your every move. Leap!


Taurus, the Sun enters flirtatious Leo as it enters your fourth house, creating a welcome environment within your home for romance. You have the opportunity to make your living area a welcome space for any friends or crushes that make their way over. Inviting anyone to your place just became the energy of the moment. For a homebody like you, Taurus, I know this is welcome. 

Your first house of the body and self contains rebellious Uranus, and this week you’ll find that you’ll want to be able to express yourself freely. You’re finding that you feel best when your authentic voice is being heard, so don’t be shy. You could find that making advances on any friends you’ve been crushing on will be well received this week. 

The cherry on top for you, Taurus lady, is Venus entering your fifth house of romance this week. You’ll begin to feel the energy shift into something friskier. Venus, the planet of love, feels comfortable in your house of romance. Flirting comes naturally to you at this time, so make sure you don’t hold back. Over the top displays of affection, and PDA is on the menu!

Weekly Advice For Taurus – Bring The Party 

Taurus, it’s essential to put yourself out there this week. If you can, think about hosting a gathering or attending a party, hit up the club scene, or a concert. Finding romance in these places will be easier than ever for you. 


Gemini, you’re about to be in your comfort zone as the Sun moves into Leo and your house of communication this week. This is the perfect time to put this fire energy to good use in how you speak. Flirting is easier than ever right now, as you’re able to get your point across brilliantly and passionately. 

Venus enters Virgo and begins transiting your fourth house of the home. Your house has the potential to be your love shack if you decide to take advantage of this energy! Going to the home of your potential lover or inviting a lover over to your own home bodes well for you during this time, so ensure that you take full advantage and create a look in your home that will wow your lover. 

An older lover could be heading into your life this week. This could be a teacher or someone that has to do with higher education. As a smarty pants Gemini, I know you’ll appreciate this intellectual lover! Don’t be shocked if he’s got a stellar sense of humor, too. 

Weekly Advice For Gemini – Be Yourself

Gemini, don’t be afraid to put yourself out there this week and flirt up a storm. You’re always social, but this week you’re feeling empowered to put your best romantic self forward. You could invite your lover over to your home or hint that you’d like to check out his place as well.


This week, Cancer, you might not be feeling the love as much as some other signs. However, Leo season is an excellent time for romance for any sign. 

The Sun is entering your second house of resources and money, so it’s a great time to upgrade your wardrobe to attract just the type of guy that you’re after. Leo season might inspire you to add a pinch of fire to your everyday style. 

Venus enters Virgo and thus, your house of communication this week, Cancer. As a Cancer, I know that you can hide out in your shell more than any other sign. During this time, you have the opportunity to become outgoing than usual. Venus in your house of communication will inspire you to become much flirtier than average. Your words are stringing together like magic right now!

Weekly Advice For Cancer – Talk Up A Storm

Cancer, I advise that this week you send out flirty texts in bulk. There are few other times when you’re feeling so romantically bold, so I suggest you take full advantage of this energy. In addition, it’s time to upgrade your wardrobe to something fiery and full of class. Perhaps in those messages, you attach a photo of you in your sexy new attire. 


Leo, your energy is magnetic this week as the Sun moves into your sign. You’re always full of fun energy, Leo lady, but you’re more empowered than any other time of the year now. You’re always a total flirt, but at this time, it seems that you’re attracting lovers like there’s no tomorrow! If you’re in a position to be social, do be because your general aura is hyper attractive. 

Venus enters your second house of money and resources this week, as well as the sign of Virgo. If you receive a gift this week, it’s likely from someone who has a massive crush on you. This is their way of trying to let you in on it, so keep your eyes peeled for something unique. 

An emotional past connection could be arising for you this week. An old flame, perhaps? They’re looking to communicate with you nostalgically. Be open to where this could lead if you enjoyed the energy you had with them before. 

Weekly Advice For Leo – Step Into The Light 

This week, Leo, I advise that you put yourself out there. You can’t hide from those who you entice because it’s like the Sun is pouring out from you. It would be best if you were on the lookout for unexpected gifts as well as an old connection resurfacing. 


Virgo, this week you’re looking gorgeous to all who surround you. You could be changing up your look, or you’ve just got a glow about you, but as Venus enters your sign, you’ve rarely looked better. Others are seeing you as relationship material. You have an extra charm about you that’s adding to your overall romantic aura. 

The Sun in Leo is entering your second house of material possessions and money. It’s a beautiful time to treat yourself. As Leo also rules flirting and romance, it’s an excellent time to treat yourself to an extravagant date (or perhaps someone else will!). 

Your chart ruler, Mercury, is transiting your third house this week, making you know just the right things to say. As Mercury is in a positive relationship with Venus, sending out those flirtatious and fun texts is a great move.

Weekly Advice For Virgo – Flex Your Intellect

Virgo, your intelligence will serve you well this week. Wow your love interest with your wit, and don’t hold back! You’d do well to look at a spicy date with all the fineries you can afford. Virgo, get chatty with your love interest since your average intellect is sparkling even more than usual this week. 


As the Sun enters Leo and your house of friends, Libra, there is no better spot to look for love than your social group. Being flirtatious when in social situations is accessible on a typical day for a charming Libra like yourself, but this is amplified right now. Is there a friend that you’ve been crushing on? Now maybe the time to make your move!

Despite this romantic potential, Venus entering your twelfth house could put a damper on this notion. Venus goes into Virgo while entering the chart area of isolation. You could find that you feel the need to draw away from the romantic scene for just a while. Libra, this is a period when romantic insecurities could take over, so take your critical thoughts with a grain of salt. 

There is a saving grace as Venus receives a boost from Jupiter this week. You could find faith within yourself that you’ll be able to work through this romantic hold-up. This is true, Libra. In about a month, you’ll be looking at a fresh new start romantically, so do not be discouraged!

Weekly Advice For Libra – Do The Inner Work

Libra, use your fair and balanced mind to rationalize some of your fears regarding romance as they crop up. If you begin to feel lonely, it’s the perfect time to lean on your friends. They’ll remind you of the bright light that you are!


Scorpio, your love life is heating up as Venus enters Virgo this week and at the same time goes into your house of friends and social groups. This makes you likely to find love within your social group if someone fits the bill. Jupiter in your house of romance supports this notion, creating a week that could be instrumental if you take advantage of the energy. 

Scorpio, you’re not afraid of relationships that push the boundaries, and as such, this week could work out for you. There could be a mentor that becomes interested in you. Perhaps he was a guide at one point, but there is a chance that he’s beginning to feel like something more. With the Sun in Leo, don’t be afraid to test the waters. 

Philosophy and ethics are on your mind right now, so this could be the perfect segue into a conversation with your love interest. Whether he’s a friend, someone who’s older than you, or both, you will find that charming them with your deep mind would be your best bet this week. 

Weekly Advice For Scorpio – Keep Your Friends Close

Scorpio, I advise you to initiate romantic action if a friend has been on your mind lately. They will likely welcome the advance, and you can take your relationship to the deeper level you’re craving. Don’t be surprised if they’re a student or a teacher at a university. 


The Sun is entering Leo, and your house of higher education, ethics, and philosophy has you firmly in your comfort zone. Leo is a fellow fire sign that you have a positive relationship too, so you’re feeling supported in being your natural self this week. 

Your ruling planet, Jupiter, opposes Venus in your tenth house of legacy and older individuals. Do I smell a crush on an older man? Perhaps someone who is well educated or a teacher himself? If so, this is the time to act on this inner desire. Jupiter and Venus opposing one another create a fairy tale romance if you choose to take advantage of the energy at play. 

Mercury in your eighth house in Cancer has you thinking about past lovers or crushes. Could there be a connection with someone major from your past cropping back up? If there has been a past figure who was shy but supportive of you, then it’s time to reach out and see what they’re up to. This could be your second chance with them. 

Weekly Advice For Sagittarius – Abandon Preconceptions 

Sagittarius, you’re bold and pioneering, so I do not doubt that you’ll seize the romantic energies that are being presented to you this week. Be open-minded about your love potential this week and be willing to look at someone older than you are, or someone from your past if you’re interested in a lover.


Something mysterious and steamy could be brewing this week, Capricorn. You’re usually a responsible and mature woman, but the energy this week is inviting you to indulge your dark side. As the Sun in Leo brings bold fire energy to your eighth house of taboo and sex, you’re finding the hidden side of life to be fascinating right now. 

Capricorn, you could be looking at a lover who is well educated, perhaps a teacher or a student. This person is intelligent and helpful, willing to teach you anything that they can. Venus enters Virgo, and your ninth house of higher education and ethics could have you crushing on someone with a strong sense of right and wrong. 

This emphasis on an intelligent partner is driven home as Mercury is in your seventh house of relationships. Mercury indicates that this lover could be whip-smart and younger than you are. This is someone that you’re able to talk to with ease that understands your communication style. This is why I encourage you to send out texts and connect to others, as this is how your love could show himself.

Weekly Advice For Capricorn – Find Your Academic Lover

Capricorn, keep your eyes peeled for a super-intelligent lover. Please don’t write off someone younger than you are, as there is the off chance that they will become your long-term partner. You’ll know when you’ve found the right person when you find that expressing your thoughts to them is as easy as cake!


The Sun in Leo is lighting up your house of relationships, Aquarius. This could be your time to begin something committed with someone bright and charismatic. Your lover might be a Leo themselves or perhaps someone who is ultra-popular in general. Either way, this is a time to be on the lookout for a bright and goofy romantic interest. 

Venus is entering your eighth house of taboo, so ask yourself if you’re ready to take a walk on the wild side when it comes to love, Aquarius. You’re all about being an individual, so a deep connection to be scary. However, if there was ever a time to push the limits of connection and sultry sex, this is the week! 

Jupiter is about to enter your sign next week, which could be making you bold as it opposes Venus in your eighth house. Even though you’re out of your comfort zone as Venus enters a sensitive spot, you’re likely feeling brave enough to take the plunge.

Weekly Advice For Aquarius – Push The Boundaries 

Aquarius, love is in unexpected places with people that will surprise you this week. Keep your eyes open for a warm and generous love that is interested in taking you to the edge of your comfort zone. If there was ever a time to find your own personal Christian Grey, now is the time!


Pisces, your love potential is through the roof this week as your houses of romance and long-term partnership are seeing activity. You have the most significant love potential of anyone in the Zodiac right now.

Pisces, Venus is about to enter your house of relationships, creating incredible love with someone here to stay. This is a severe and committed person who is ready to be your other half. Venus opposes Jupiter in your sign this week as well, making your confidence about this person surge. Pisces, you’re great at trusting your intuition, so keep it up when it comes to this person. Follow your joy, and you’ll find your lover!

In addition, you have Mercury in your fifth house of romance, flirtation, and hookups. This leads me to believe that something that you thought was more casual could turn into the love of your life. Talking to this person will make you laugh, so pay attention to who is making you giggle. 

Weekly Advice For Pisces – Let Love In

Pisces, my advice is to follow your heart when it comes to love. The energies are straightforward, so whoever makes you feel like the only girl in the world is likely the one for you. Sending flirty messages could be your key to identifying them as well. 

Wrapping Up

This week is full of passion and intrigue for many signs. Every sign can look forward to shifting in romantic energy this week, which I think is very exciting!

My general advice this week is for every sign to take a risk! The Leo energy entering is begging you to be brave in romance and to strut your stuff. Don’t fear what others think. Take a lesson from our Leo sister and walk into every situation as you’ve already won.

If you want to receive more detailed insight on where and how these specific events will show up for your Zodiac sign, you can book a private consultation and unpack how this energy manifest for you!

I can’t wait to see you next week!

Your friend and Relationship Astrologer,

Anna Kovach

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