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Weekly Love Horoscope for July 12th – 18th

Hello lovely readers! I’m happy that you found your way to this page because you’ll want to know about the surprises the second week of July has in store! I’m sure that you’re feeling the effects of the first week of July (which was an absolute DOOZY if I say so myself!).

Last week, we saw monumental shifts in your perception! On the 6th, we saw Venus oppose Saturn, which might have put the brakes on your romantic life. Just when you thought things were solid, Venus squared Uranus, making love explosive! Are you still reeling from the love shake-ups? Who could blame you!

Will week two find you recovering from week one’s intense energy?

July is a month full of surprises, as I’m sure week one has taught you! There are opportunities for every sign coming up in week two, however. What new events and situations await you?

I’m so excited to share with your everything that I’ve found about this week because things are about to get spicy! If you’re dying to dive in like I am, let’s get started!


This week, Aries, you may find yourself being drawn back into your roots. As the Cancer Sun moves through your house of family, the message is clear. Your home, your family, and your past programming are coming up – like it or not! Use this as an opportunity to make your lover part of the tribe! Am I hearing “meet the parents?”

Mercury in Cancer trines the benevolent Jupiter in Pisces on July 12th, encouraging you to be honest about your thoughts with those you love. Your communications are blessed on this day, so if you take advantage of this energy to bring your beau home to the parents, this is the day to do it!

The 12th, 13th, and 14th are prime days to heat your romantic life. As an Aries woman, I know you’re ready for the fire! Venus and Mars in Leo meet in your house of romance. If you’ve got a partner, then it’s time to get sexy with him! Your advances will be well received. If you are looking for a partner, then put yourself out there on these days. You’ll be well rewarded for your confidence and swagger.


Taurus, my darling, you are feeling chattier than usual these days. As the Sun in Cancer transits your area of messages, you’re feeling expressive to the max! Mercury in communicative Gemini just crossed into sweet Cancer on the 11th. It’s time to send some flirty texts and turn on the charm because your romantic communication will be well received this week.

Taurus, you’ve been feeling tense when it comes to your love life. Venus, the love planet, is in the sign of Leo. Taurus and Leo have a hard time seeing eye to eye. You might be feeling like you need to be a whole different person to find love.

It’s important to remember that if your lover is yours, he will love you regardless! The pressure is on now, but it won’t always be this way. As the month progresses, you’ll feel more romantically available.

As a Taurus woman, I know that staying home sometimes is a necessity for you. On the 12th, 13th, and 14th, there’s beneficial energy for you. Venus and Mars in Leo are in your home area; make your living space your love shack. Invite your lover over, because things could get steamy on these days! (Maybe he’ll end up staying over for all three days… you never know!)

On the 17th and 18th, the Sun in your area of communication opposes Pluto in your area of foreigners and travel. If you’re crushing on someone who’s not your usual type, you could be feeling intoxicated by him now. These few days of communication will allow you to manifest a romantic obsession through your communication.



It’s a big week for you, dear Gemini! Your planetary ruler, Mercury, has just shifted into Cancer. Your communication is more private and intimate at this time, creating a perfect atmosphere to get closer to someone who you’d like to bring into your personal life. Use this time to nurture your lover through words since you’re more comforting than usual right now.

With a bit of effort, this whole week could improve your love life markedly! You have a good relationship with the sign of Leo. In Leo, Venus (the love planet) and Mars (the sex planet) invite you to strut your stuff! On the 12th, 13th, and 14th, these planets meet in your third house. Send out some sexy messages on this day that entice and entrance your love interest.

Later in the week, the Sun in your second house opposes Pluto in your 8th house… in the realm of romance; this screams hot sex! If you have a partner, dress up in your most seductive outfit with plenty of accessories. If you like to get wild in the bedroom, then try out some power play.


Cancer, dear, now that Mercury has entered your sign, you should feel confident saying what’s on your mind. As a Cancer woman, I know that asserting yourself can be a challenge. This is a period when you should feel empowered to express yourself! If there is a romantic interest you’ve been pining over, now is the time to make your move.

Venus and Mars in Leo in your area of money and wealth have you feeling decadent. Go out for a fancy date, go shopping with your lover, or buy him something he’s been wanting. Your gifts will be well received right now, and it’s sure to heat the bedroom once the date is over! Take advantage of this energy on the 12th, 13th, or 14th.

The 12th is a perfect day to express romantic feelings you’ve been hiding from someone special. The Moon will pass over both Mars and Venus, giving you the courage (Mars) to express emotions (Moon) about your love (Venus). Don’t let this golden opportunity slide!

On the 17th and 18th, you’ll be feeling drawn to someone alluring and mysterious. You feel like putty in his hands. If you’re single, go for it. If you’re in a partnership, use this opportunity to dive deep into your lover’s psyche. They could reveal things that you weren’t aware of.


Leo darling, this week is desirable for you since the love planet (Venus), and the sex planet (Mars) are in your area of self. Romantic interests are doing double takes when you walk in the room. You’re oozing romance and sexiness, and this energy is present for you all week but especially the 12th, 13th, and 14th. Take advantage of your new superpower!

This is a period where you have a lot of opportunities to take advantage of. Romantically, you’re one of the luckiest signs this week. Mars and Venus are empowering your love potential in a BIG way! But there is more to the story, Leo lady.

This week is a contradiction since you’re alluring to those around you, but you’re feeling like being alone. The Sun in your isolation area is hard to ignore since the Sun is your natural planetary ruler.

As a bold Leo woman, I know this energy is not what you’re used to! Honor your core personality by engaging in some flirting and lovemaking but ensure that you’ve also got lots of time to yourself. With technology, there is no reason why you can’t get flirty while home in your footie pajamas.


Lovely Virgo, this week, the Sun moves through your house of gifts and friendship (yes, it’s as pleasant as it sounds!). Not to mention, Mercury just entered this same area. If you’re single and looking, this is the time to network amongst friends and to sniff out anyone eligible amongst them. There is also the off-chance you could fall for a friend during this time.

Your love life is feeling pretty in the dark this week. You might be feeling like there is no hope, and you’ll never find that one true love. Not so, Virgo! We all go through times when we feel exasperated by love… I see it all the time. This energy is temporary, just like everything else.

Though love feels exasperating, you have an opportunity to spice things up on the 17th and 18th when the Sun activates Pluto in your area of romance. You might find someone who makes you obsessed with them. They’re on your mind and not going anywhere. If you’re ready for your own Christian Grey, now is the time to keep your eyes peeled!


Libra, my dear, are you looking for love? As a Libra woman, I know you usually are! So, look no further than your friend group this week. As Mars and Venus join up in your area of friendships, consider if there is a friend you’ve been crushing on. If so, the 12th, 13th, and 14th are your best days to make a move.

If you aren’t interested in a friend, ask a friend to hook you up. Your wingman/winglady will be willing to help you out, and I bet they’ve got just the person for you on their mind!

Libra, if there is someone at work that you’ve been crushing on, then the 12th is the day to talk him up. Be authentic about your intentions. Mercury trining Jupiter in your house of work indicates that your words and communications at work are being received well. Take this opportunity to get honest with your crush about what your feelings are.

The Sun opposed Pluto in your fourth house on the 17th and 18th, meaning that someone mysterious that you’ve known for a long time could come back onto your radar. Is this an old flame come back to reignite passion?


Dearest Scorpio, are you ready to expand your mind this month? The Sun and Mercury are officially joined up in your area of spirituality and travel. Now that Mercury is there, you should be on the lookout to meet new people that have to do with these themes. Is someone religious or someone from abroad walking into your life now? Could they be a love match?

Jupiter in Pisces and Mercury in Cancer favors your sign for a while, but especially on July 12th. This means that new opportunities await you in the area of communication and romance. The 12th and 13th are the BEST times for you to meet someone who broadens your horizons and your love life.

On the 13th especially, we see a perfect communion of energies as Venus meets Mars to make a sexy AND romantic aspect. Scorpio, you have no excuse not to take full advantage! Talk to your crush, and you’ll see that luck is on your side right now.

Relationships have been complicated for you for the past week, so you deserve this new, fabulous energy that’s made its way to you. You’ve earned it, Scorpio lady!


Sweet Sagittarius, I know you’re not usually one for secrets, but this week’s energy is proving that you could find some gain by keeping some things to yourself. The Sun and Mercury in your area of secrets make you wonder, what romantic, sexy things are you keeping?

These secrets might not be such a bad thing, because on the 13th you’ll be able to share with someone close to you. Is your partner ready to hear what’s on your mind? As your planetary ruler is in a good relationship to Mercury in the area of the undisclosed, I’d say so! This energy is perfect for getting honest with your partner.

Your words are getting sexier, so this is a perfect time for some sexting. If you’ve got someone on your mind, don’t be afraid to move forward with some risqué texts. Test the waters a bit first, then dive in full speed once you know they’re down.

There could well be someone from abroad or a college student or teacher who fires up your heart on the 12th, 13th, and 14th, Sagittarius. You being a Sagittarius woman, I know that this excites you! You should be open to romance coming your way from someone educated and different.


Capricorn, my love, your love life could be heating up right now. The Sun in Cancer is in your seventh house of romance, brightening up your love life. You haven’t been so motivated to find a partner in a while, Capricorn. As Mercury enters this same area on the 11th, you should throw out some texts to test the waters. You have a lot of potentials for your words to come off as charming and poised right now.

Communicating with a lover or potential lover is easier on the 13th. Mercury in your house of partnerships loves Jupiter in your house of communication. I know you’re reserved by nature, Capricorn lady, but this is not the time to be a wallflower. Take charge and send that spicy text!

You are feeling secretive, Capricorn. This is part of what’s made you so alluring to your partner in recent times. Don’t be afraid to be sultry and decadent these days, as your mystery is amplifying your magnetism.


Dear Aquarius, this is a time when your love life is amping up if you let it. You are feeling flirty and fun right now. Any current relationship you’re in will feel spicy, and any new conquests are going to feel fired up. You’ve got some serious power in your hands when it comes to amplifying your relationships.

The 12th, 13th, and 14th are opportunities to meet your new long-term partner. If you’ve got a partner, then these are days when you’ll be feeling hot and bothered by their mere presence. Be bold on these days because a long-term, solid partnership potential is on its way.

Are you crushing on someone at work? A coworker might be on your radar more than ever before right now. It’s the right time to reach out and connect with this person without feeling ashamed. You’re coming off as charming right now, and the opportunity is there to make your coworker relationship into something much fiercer.


Pisces, darling, you’ve got a lot of good vibes this week that are making you feel lucky. The Sun in Cancer agrees with you since you’re a water sign. You’ll find that your energy is good and that you feel like having fun. And I encourage you to do that! The energy is prime for a house party. Get your friends together at home and flirt to your heart’s content because your potential for romance is skyrocketing.

Are you crushing on someone at work? Invite them over to your house or go to theirs. Venus is in Leo in the sixth house while your best luck is going down on the 13th at home. Bring both worlds together by capitalizing on both, Pisces!

Jupiter is still in your sign for a while longer until it comes back in October, so use this week to test your chances. More than likely, you’ll come out on top. I know that as a Pisces woman, you’re always full of faith, but you’ve got a while longer where your trust is amplified. Capitalize on this and open your heart to new love while you’re willing to accept it.

There could also be a friend that’s on your mind around the 17th and 18th as the Sun opposes Pluto in your house of friendships. This energy invites you to see if something more could happen with this friend. Are you harboring a crush and you didn’t even realize?

Wrapping Up

I don’t know about you, but I am enjoying the new things happening this week! The star players (see what I did there?) are the Sun, Mercury, Mars, and Venus, but Pluto sure doesn’t mind livening up the party.

I’m sure that you’re going to use every opportunity presented to your advantage. I’ve got so much faith in you. You’re going to rock the second week of July out of the park. Hey, I didn’t say it… the planets did!

What are your thoughts on your week ahead? How will this forecast impact your plans? Let me know in the comments how you plan on using this information!

If your relationship could use some assistance, I still have some spots open for my VIP Consultations! I urge you to check it out here if you need guidance beyond what I have provided in this article.

See you next week!

Your friend and Relationship Astrologer,

Anna Kovach

5 thoughts on “Weekly Love Horoscope for July 12th – 18th

  1. You say go for it with my crush but my crush isn’t even speaking to me anymore for over a week. I think I’m giving up hope on him. I really enjoy reading what you have to say though. Thank you.

  2. My Gemini lover is supposed to come to finally meet me after 7 months of long distance love. I am a Virgo and love him very much.

  3. Yes the first week was a killer it’s got to get better I pushed the one that hit me when I wasn’t looking away

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