Weekly Love Horoscope For January 9th – 15th

Hello, my dears, and welcome back to the weekly Love Horoscope, this time for January 9th through the 15th. There are no sign changes this week, but I’m not sure you’d know it with everything else going on in the coming days! 

Mars in Gemini moves forward once more, officially ending the Retrograde period for the planet of passion and assertiveness. 

This means that we’re more open to expressing ourselves in a straightforward, verbal way. This means that making your interest known to someone you’re into is easier, but so is expressing your needs in a long-term partnership. 

Mercury in Retrograde in the sign of Capricorn forms a trine to Uranus in Taurus, which can bring interest and ‘spice’ to relationships that feel stagnant but without threatening the core stability of the partnership. 

Our speech can be more firm and dry than we mean it to be. Or perhaps the way we process others is at a higher standard (maybe even verging on judgmental). 

Mars in a trine to Venus in the air signs of Gemini and Aquarius are a harmonious pairing that tends to bring interest to established partnerships or similarly can add sexiness to relationships that weren’t previously so risqué. 

The Sun forms a sextile to Neptune this week which brings a sensitivity to most people, especially in the house where the Sun is. We tend to be more forgiving under transits like these since Neptune plays on our compassion while the Sun seeks to light up the lives of others. 

This combination aids our love life in many cases since our ego is less threatened by the thought of compromising with others. 

Venus in a Square to Uranus can cause rifts to form in partnerships over the amount of freedom and individuality that should be exhibited in the relationship. Something about the nature of the relationship could make it difficult for one partner to take some personal space. A sense of stagnancy can lead to unknowingly stirring the pot just to bring some life back to the partnership. 

It’s unlikely to be boring this week, but is that good or bad? 

Locate your Sun sign or Rising sign down below to judge for yourself exactly what you can expect for your romantic experience in the upcoming week. 

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Aries – Feeling Like Yourself Again

Aries, after a sluggish time while Mars was in Retrograde, I imagine it feels like you’ve got your groove back once more. Mars moving in the right direction in Gemini will clear up your headspace and make communication easier. 

Venus in Aquarius forming a trine to Mars is indeed a stimulating transit for you that can signal to find the romantic potential within someone who you previously were only aware of due to running in similar social circles. 

This transit can create a connection between you and another which brings heat and spice into a relationship that you may not have realized had such potential. 

Venus in a square to Uranus can put your love life at odds with your experience with friends and social groups. Perhaps new boundaries should be drawn when it comes to socialization and what information gets passed along regarding your partnership. 

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Taurus – Stability or Excitement?

As a reliable Taurus, it may seem like the answer to the above is obvious, but this week I wouldn’t be so sure. 

As Venus (your chart ruler) forms a trine to Mars in Gemini, you could find yourself seeking some speed and excitement in your life in general, including your love and romantic experience. 

I’d warn against spending your money too frivolously even if it feels like it’s making you seem like a more interesting person to those that you’re with. Don’t worry, you’re interesting enough without running into debt. 

You could find yourself at odds with yourself due to conflicting needs within relationships. You have a permanent need for predictability but you’re also on a journey to welcome change at this time. 

Your love life can suffer if you find yourself projecting any lack of balance onto the partnership. 

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Gemini – Regaining Confidence 

Gemini, you might have thought that you were permanently on the backslide, but nope. As Mars moves forward once more this week, you might feel as if you’re finally rejoining the land of functional society once more. 

This week, expect your partnership to smooth out if it’s been rocky or if it’s been experiencing complications. 

A trine to Mars in your sign this week from Venus in Aquarius is a sign that your love experience is meant to teach you valuable lessons, but in a totally different way than the way they were taught in school.

Your relationship with yourself affects your relationship with your loved one. As Mercury in Capricorn is Retrograde this week, you may find yourself having to readjust the way that you and your partner get along and what is considered the ‘norm’ between the two of you. 

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Cancer – Having a Hard Time Expressing Yourself 

It’s not easy to be a Cancer and not everyone realizes that. But this week you may find your natural inclination to clam up to be stronger than usual. 

You often preserve the emotions of others by not expressing your own, Cancer. This week others may be frustrating you very much, but you feel forced to communicate in roundabout ways. 

This only continues to build up potential animosity within you. 

It’s important to rely on the good bones that you and your partner have created for your relationship. It should be able to withstand you speaking your truth, Cancer. If not, then it might not be the one for you.

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Leo – Extra Sensitivity

Leo, this week your huge heart is filled with compassion and concern for those around you, which can only assist within your partnership. 

The Sun (your ruler) in a sextile to Neptune can bring out your best qualities as your ego is working in your favor to help yourself and others. 

Keeping an open heart to the experience of others and avoiding judgment is important to learning the Karmic lessons meant for you in romance. 

Mars and Venus in a trine is extra beneficial for creating or strengthening a partnership, Leo. This energizes your spirit and reminds you of what’s most important in life. Your partner is a source of true joy this week. 

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Virgo – Muffled Expression

Virgo, your planetary ruler, Mercury, is in Retrograde within your house of expression. This also covers expressing our love and appreciation for others. 

Mercury in Retrograde here brings some confusion when you attempt to speak your truth and express your affection. 

Thankfully this is only temporary, but you may find your well-meaning words to not be landing as well with your love interest or partner as they usually do. 

Speaking with authenticity and with honesty can be useful in clarifying your message. Always returning to your purpose of expressing genuine love will ensure that you have the best chance of being understood.

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Libra – A Return to Normalcy 

Mars in Retrograde was likely affecting the way that you and your partner were relating in a big way, Libra. 

One or both of you could have felt that you could not relate to one another, which is hard when you’re in a loving relationship. 

With Mars in forward motion once more, you are once again able to move forward in your relationship with each other. 

Any built-up tension that hasn’t been expressed could finally come out, but don’t let this get in the way of understanding one another. This is simply part of moving energy along once more so that the two of you may return to ‘baseline.’ 

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Scorpio – A Need For Space 

Scorpio, this week can highlight some of the ways that your partnership has changed your life. While you’re someone who loves the emotional intimacy of having a partner, you are also a capable and independent person. 

You may find a theme this week is finding some time to bond with yourself and invest in your own interests. 

Your partner may not be used to this behavior, and so it can lead to feelings of insecurity as they wonder where they’re going wrong. 

Stellar communication can assist but prepare for potential miscommunication if this isn’t achieved. 

Mars moving forward once more brings your interest back to your own interests and desires after a while of restraining your passion. 

As you attempt to honor this part of yourself that you feel reigniting, being conscious of your communication with your partner will be critical. 

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Sagittarius – Finally Addressing the Issues

Sagittarius, you’re not usually one to let issues slide under the rug since you’re straightforward as a general rule. However, this week you may realize that you’ve been holding back more than you thought from your partner. 

While you probably weren’t harboring secrets or anything, subconscious frustration may have been building as Mars moved in Retrograde motion in your house of partnership. 

As it moves forward once more, you may find yourself suddenly aware of things you haven’t been verbalizing. 

It’s important to keep love at the center of your actions as you address these issues. 

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Capricorn – Being Aware of Energy Exchanges

Capricorn, as Venus moves into your house of belongings and what you give and receive, you’re being asked to bring loving awareness to the relationships in your life and the flow of energy between sources. 

Venus in Aquarius marks a time when you are receiving and giving love, or are aware of any inequalities in this exchange. 

If you have been giving love and not receiving enough then this will feel like an especially harsh wound at this time, since you have taken your responsibility as a provider of love seriously. 

On the other hand, if you’ve been receiving love freely but without matching that energy then you’ll be made aware of that by the person whose love you’ve been relying on. 

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Aquarius – Self-Love Brings Love From Others

Aquarius, this week you’re finding that after a long while of feeling potentially worn down by loneliness you had to be your own strongest support. 

This attitude of self-appreciation is exactly what draws others into your orbit. 

When others see the value that you place on yourself then they too are made aware of how valuable you are. 

Your self-love opens your heart to all kinds of love. This week, it’s important to relax into that awareness as you realize that your love for others is a lot purer when it’s not just there to fill a need within yourself. 

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Pisces – Lifeless Love

Pisces, Venus in your house of isolation and endings can threaten relationships that aren’t strong overall. So, this transit can mean different things for your partnership depending on how secure the foundation of your relationship is. 

The good news is, Venus is supported by the strength of Mars in your house of emotional security. 

By understanding why you react a certain way to feeling underwhelmed by your love life, you will make important realizations regarding your own emotional roots. This week begins that inner journey. 

You are empowered by the energy of a sextile to the Sun this week, which makes you prouder to be yourself. This confidence can inspire others around you and allow you to see the best qualities in those you love. 

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Wrapping Up

The upcoming week is a whirlwind of changing directions and plot twists that many of us might not have seen coming. 

Venus in Aquarius is a placement that encourages love and romance that is tempered with rationality and individuality. 

Respecting ourselves first and then giving energy to our partnership after could prove to restabilize relationships that are thrown off-kilter by this. 

As funny as it sounds, relationships do better in this transit when each partner is uniquely themselves. 

So, after the sort of energy we’ve seen coming this week, I can imagine more than a few of you are asking yourself all kinds of questions. 

Don’t drive yourself crazy, my loves. 

I’m happy to assist. Check out my page designed especially for requests to go deeper in your personal understanding of your romantic manifestations, or really anything you’re curious about!

Can’t wait to see you next week!

Wishing you all the love in the Universe, 

Anna Kovach

2 thoughts on “Weekly Love Horoscope For January 9th – 15th

  1. Unfortunately for me no one has picked up that my husband is dying from cancer. I feel like I have no direction in my life because I am the full time care giver. Many things will come to me, but at the cost of him. I was born on January 24, 1969. So if you have some real insight for me that would be great.

    1. Hi Amy,
      I am sorry to hear that. Last 2.5 years were challenging for you, considering the fact that Saturn transit through Aquarius was affecting your Mars in Scorpio as well as your Sun and Mercury in Aquarius. This will pass in 2 months time and will bring you stability in life you certainly deserve. I hope all goes well for you.

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