Weekly Love Horoscope For January 2nd – 8th

Hello again, dear readers! Welcome back to the Weekly Love Horoscope, this time for January 2nd through 8th. Here we are, our first week of 2023, and the Universe has the nerve to greet us with some exceptionally dynamic transits. 

So, pay attention and read on to find out what the general transits of the week mean on a broad scale. 

Mercury goes Retrograde in Capricorn just before this week squeaks in. When Mercury goes Retrograde, the themes of Mercury within the specific sign that it’s in become more noticeable because the energy around those topics isn’t working as usual. 

For example, Mercury in Capricorn normally signals focusing one’s mental attention on establishing a growth pattern. But in Retrograde, this same placement can place mental energy on topics that aren’t moving quickly or seem to be halting your path but are really fostering growth.

Romantically, this transit can create role insecurities within your partnership, depending on your chart composition. Capricorn likes clear roles and outlines, as does Mercury. In Retrograde, this combination can have you wondering where you stand and what your role is within your partnership or a specific area of your partnership. 

Venus also moves into Aquarius this week, which indicates that romantic awareness is shifting to issues of freedom, social responsibility, and friendship. 

In the context of a relationship, this transit of the planet of love through Aquarius highlights where we need more space and where we are actually ‘too far away’ from our loved ones. 

Venus in Aquarius could leave your partnership feeling a bit clinical. Aquarius is not known for its impressive displays of love and affection. But, Aquarius can help you get the space you need to see where your relationship fits in the context of your life. 

If you’ve been too enmeshed with the identity of your partner or the ‘idea’ of romance, Venus in Aquarius will allow you to find your individuality in the context of romantic partnerships. You can claim some space for yourself while still sharing your life with your loved one. 

Venus in a sextile to Jupiter in Aries is a supercharged transit for hope and optimism. The brainy Aquarius feels at home with the energetic Aries. The sextile brings up plenty of opportunities for romance, within a partnership or with someone new. 

The Sun forming a trine to Uranus is an inspiring time full of ah-ha moments and realizations. This is a truly transformational period that seems to bring great ideas and relationships down from the sky. 

Being open to new experiences and people will allow you to make the most of this transit. 

The Sun conjuncts Mercury in retrograde within the sign of Capricorn this week, which can make it feel like nothing can go as planned. Since Uranus is still in a trine to the Sun at this time, use unexpected means to overcome issues with the normal way of doing things. 

Mercury forms a trine with Uranus shortly after the Sun does, which I believe will bring a lot of potent realizations about one’s past relationships and ideas. 

You may find solutions from hang-ups sourced from stress-filled partnerships of your past. You can see a resolution to past issues that have been unconsciously holding you back from loving with your whole heart and approaching new people and ideas with an open mind. 

Venus forming a trine to Mars is a positive transit that emphasizes air qualities within a partnership. Air is how we communicate and think, which are both obviously relevant in every partnership.

Venus and Mars in a trine signify a positive alignment of yin and yang. This is a good time to honor each other for your differences. 

Venus is tender and sweet while Mars is straightforward and sometimes aggressive. The trine aspect highlights the best of both placements and provides a bridge of understanding that empowers them to work together. 

In a partnership, this transit typically allows for mutual understanding and passionate discourse. The air qualities enable you to like one another as people and also as romantic partners. You both can have space and independence without sacrificing intimacy. 

With that, let’s find out what all of this means for your own sign!

Find your Sun or Rising sign down below to learn all about what this week is set to bring your partnership based on the movement of the planets. 

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Aries – More Than Just Friends?

Aries, Venus is moving into the house of friendship and civic responsibility, as well as what happens after you hit your peak, or the opposite, a big failure. 

What happens after the climax has been reached? Where does your energy go once you’ve ‘made it?’ Well, maybe you realize that having all eyes on you isn’t such a blast. You’re an authentic person and you come on strong, so people make a lot of assumptions without really knowing you. 

When Venus arrives in Aquarius, you may discover that the person who was there through thick and thin as your friend may be able to support you in even more ways, perhaps as a romantic partner. 

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Taurus – Making Something Out of Nothing

Taurus, as Uranus within your own sign, remains unpredictable but far from boring. This planet has likely been a catalyst for a lot of change for you. It’s hard being subjected to that as a fixed sign, but this week perhaps your ability to handle the unexpected is beginning to work out in your favor. 

With that said, if you’re being noticed for your charm, humor, and looks by new people then maybe it’s time to consider that the Universe brought these people so that you could get to know them, perhaps in a romantic sense. 

Venus moving into Aquarius brings positive attention to the way that people you haven’t even met perceive you. How would someone you know describe you to a stranger? With Venus in this spot, probably in the highest terms. 

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Gemini – Adventures in Love

Gemini, as you’ve been asked to look hard at the way that you approach love and romance lately, you’re finally coming to a point where all of that observation is paying off in concrete insights regarding your love life. 

It’s hard to relax and not focus on the details. But the reason is that at the beginning one must be aware of the little things so that eventually they see how they fit into a greater whole. 

The theme of this transit is expanding your understanding of who you give love to, who deserves love, and why love is so important within the grand scheme of your life. Understand the role that romance fills in your life this week, and you’ll be on your way to integrating lessons that will improve every partnership for the rest of your life. 

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Cancer – Not Seeing Eye to Eye

Despite a lot of positive aspects this week, Mercury’s Retrograde could really throw your partnership for a loop if you haven’t been together long enough to know how to address issues that could arise. 

Mercury’s backward motion is a big deal for you since it can tempt one or both partners into bringing up old issues that are no longer relevant, thus creating wounds and breaking trust. 

As a nostalgic Cancer, you’re more susceptible to this than most. It’s okay to say that you’re still hurting from a wound inflicted long ago, but ensure that you’re not using this incident as a means of control. 

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Leo – Reality Check

Leo, Mercury in Retrograde in Capricorn will test how well you’ve prepared for the unexpected in the past, especially with the trine from Uranus in the mix. 

As a result, issues that should have been prepared ahead of time may sneak up on you. Perhaps you’ve ignored the check engine light for so long and it finally breaks down on you, for example. It’s important to place blame where it belongs and to be responsible for your energy as stressful things affect how you are around your loved ones. 

The great news for you is that Venus entering Aquarius is an ideal transit for love, partnership, and any venture that involves officially becoming a part of something outside yourself with other people or another person involved. In a partnership, this transit will strengthen your bonds. If you’re single, you’ll be made aware of what individuals fit the bill for your forever love. 

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Virgo – Tongue Tied

Virgo, remember as a teenager just being bombarded with so much emotion and not knowing how to express any of it? You could be experiencing something similar to that this week. 

As Mercury (your ruler) moves into Retrograde motion, your ability to express yourself is somehow altered. Perhaps you’ve been told in one way or another that you shouldn’t express your emotions as a kid? 

This week, the retrograde could up situations that force you to readdress these unresolved feelings. Your loved ones could feel that you’re not appreciating them enough, for example. The goal is to be uninhibited with your expression of gratitude, love, and appreciation. 

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Libra – Nostalgic Shocker

Libra, as the Sun and Mercury in your house of romance trigger old emotions and insecurities, Uranus forms a trine to both of these planets, which could turn out to be a huge gift to you, Libra. 

It’s far from your fault, but people really are bringing up old fears of inadequacy for you. But the great news is that Venus’ arrival in the house of romance can assist you in choosing to express love freely, even though you’ve got reasons to be afraid. 

Venus in Aquarius in a sextile to Mars is an ideal transit for firing up your partnership or beginning a new one. This transit encourages the meshing of two different types of people, which aids in long-term relationships. 

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Scorpio – Expect the Unexpected

Scorpio, Uranus in Taurus in your house of relationships is wildly active, influencing the Sun and Mercury in your house of mental connection, community, and casual relationships. 

This could assist you in realizing an important insight about someone in your life. Perhaps you realize that the way that you communicate could be more open and accepting with only some small tweaks. 

I just ask that you ensure that you take a mental break. Mercury Retrograde in the house of thought and information is a doozy. It can drain your mental energy and make you come off to others in an unexpected way. 

Your partnership would benefit from some casual and less intense bonding at this time. Consider going bowling, to a party, or just watching a cute movie instead of seeking deep emotional stimulation. 

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Sagittarius – Keeping Love on Your Mind

 you interact with others in the world on a daily basis. This can mean online or in casual daily encounters. 

You may avoid gossip due to an empathetic awareness of the parties being spoken about. Or perhaps you go out of your way to leave surprises for your partner. In any case, you’re keeping love and compassion in your daily thoughts. 

Your partnership could feel very foggy as Mercury moves in Retrograde again. You could feel the flow of energy between you both grind to a halt because one or both of you has temporarily checked out mentally. Rest assured that this is likely just a short hiatus needed to recenter and not indicative of your overall relationship health. 

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Capricorn – Sending Mixed Messages 

Capricorn, you’re likely to feel less like yourself than usual as Mercury moves backward within your own sign. This tends to lead to identity issues and confusion when it comes to who you are. 

Consulting your partner about what’s true and what’s not about you is helpful. They have the best perspective to let you know what’s normal and what’s off. 

Venus arriving in Aquarius makes you conscious of the flow of energies between you and your partner. You realize if there are any inequities. Venus’ presence helps you gently broach the topic, or, helps you step up if need be. 

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Aquarius – Opening Your Heart Up

After a few weeks of some cold shoulders, this week can feel like a breath of fresh air. Venus entering your own sign makes space for you to accept your own love and affection. It also assists you in understanding the role love is meant to play in your life and where appropriate boundaries are for you. 

As Uranus makes trines to Mercury and the Sun (ruler of your house of partnership), expect to feel enlightened and reengaged with your loved ones. Uranus’ touch can be unpredictable, but in your case, it may inject life into bonds that have been stale. 

Aquarius, your emotions are calling the shots more than you think. This week you’re meant to be aware of that and work with emotional realizations as they arise unexpectedly.

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Pisces – Seeing the Bigger Picture

Pisces, this week you’re being asked to recognize where you fit in society. Are you pretending that you’re not involved in it at all? Or, does the voice of societal critics echo in your head all day, reminding you of all the ‘rules’ you’ve broken?

As Venus enters Aquarius, you may be asked to step back from your understanding of your place in your peer group, in your life, and in society overall. 

Your partnership may even feel overwhelming or stressful. The feeling that there is no love available for you can begin to creep up. Just remember Pisces, the proof that love is all yours is all around you. Just keep your eyes open and call it what it is. 

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Wrapping Up

What a whirlwind week. Even a week full of trines and sextiles can be exhausting! Especially when tricky and revolutionary Uranus is involved. 

I loved seeing your overview this week because your challenges and blessings are all so unique. What should always comfort you is that cycles will always bring you back to a happy spot once more even after the disruption. 

Have a question about how your horoscope might show up in your specific situation? Wanna know if you and your loved one are a forever match? Well, I’m dying to look at your chart and tell you what you need to know. 

Just reach out to me here, where I’ll be sure to get your request and respond quickly. 

Wishing you all the luck in the universe, 

Anna Kovach

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