Weekly Love Horoscope For February 6th – 12th

Hello, my lovely women! I hope you are doing really amazing! It is time for my weekly love horoscope once again.

I hope this guidance gives you exactly what you need to create the love life of your dreams! Here is what to look forward to this week! Venus has quite a few things to say this week!

VENUS square MARS: Feb 4 – 7th

Venus exalted in Pisces makes a square to Mars in Gemini and things could get very interesting. These two planets could be wanting to put up a fight or be in the mood for love. Everything is supercharged with a certain edge of sexuality this week, so this might be exactly that spark you have been lusting over. 

MERCURY sextile NEPTUNE: Feb 6 – 8th

A flowing sextile between Mercury in Capricorn and transcendent Neptune in mystical Pisces brings profound dream insights, messages from beyond this world, trance states with or without drugs, and an overall deeply intuitive vibe. Use this energy to connect to your own soul messages. This is a profound time for intuition.

VENUS sextile URANUS: Feb 7 – 9th: 

Venus from her exalted Pisces placement sextiles with the planet of revolt and shakeups, Uranus. As Venus travels through Pisces, she carries good fortune, goodness, and delightful surprises when she connects with Uranus. It’s the time to look for lucky love breaks, sweet unexpected money perks, and even a brand new romance that strikes out of nowhere like a lightning bolt. 

Keep reading to find out what this means for your sign! I suggest reading your rising sign first!

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Aries – Get Ready for Surprises

A message of inspiration is coming your way from Mercury and Neptune. Alternatively, you could motivate others by using your leadership skills at this time. You have a way of inspiring others and this is why people are drawn to you.

It’s amazing how contagious your faith in yourself and your work is, this is what makes you so attractive! On February 8, Venus will connect with Uranus, which may bring you an unexpected gift or an unexpected meeting with a special someone. This week is full of surprises!

Taurus – Open for New Perspectives

On February 6, Mercury in Capricorn connects with dreamy Neptune in Pisces, perhaps revealing you to someone inspiring or changing your perspective abroad. You might learn about something that impacts your worldview at this time that can shift your whole perspective.

On February 8, Venus connects with Uranus, which could lead to a surprising connection! You may be attracted to someone who is quite eccentric or unusual. There’s a new idea you’d like to try out with your partner! This week has some exciting energy!

Gemini – Connect to Your Inner Voice

Imagination and inspiration are sparked by Mercury’s connection with Neptune in Pisces on February 6. Make time for journaling and meditation at this time to connect with your inner voice. Find ways to thank those who help you, and think about ways to give back to the community. The time is right for apologizing and forgiving.

The mingling of Venus and Uranus on February 8 may bring you a gift or reward you never knew you wanted. This is a total surprise in your life. As a result, you’re more likely to try something new and experiment emotionally!

Cancer – Embrace Vulnerability

A compassionate, open-minded atmosphere is created as Mercury, the planet of communication connects with Neptune in Pisces on February 6. It is much easier for you to express yourself in a kind and gentle way. This is the time for you to be vulnerable.

There may be some unexpected good news on February 8 when Venus mingles with Uranus, which is unpredictable and exciting by nature. Your social life could be very exciting right now! You might be connecting with people in a fun and fulfilling way. An unexpected hobby may be catching your attention that is helping your social circle grow bigger. At this time, your intellectual connection with your partner can be especially strong as the two of you may be connecting on quite a nice mind level.

Leo –  Time for Deep Feelings

On February 6, Mercury in Capricorn connects with Neptune in Pisces, inspiring creativity and bringing an understanding, compassionate energy to communication. It is time for you to put your ego aside and find the means to be vulnerable with your love. Share your deepest feelings and emotions.  

Venus mingles with Uranus on February 8, which could bring some unexpected attention your way, and we know how much you love attention Leo! You’re one for the dramatics, so whenever surprises come your way it makes you feel alive and electric! Have fun!

Virgo – Express What You Feel

Mercury, now in Capricorn, connects with Neptune in Pisces on February 6, creating a compassionate, sweet atmosphere for you to whisper to your lover everything you find inspiring about them. 

It might be time for you to send a sweet message and let that person know how you feel. You may be in the mood to read or write some poetry. It is possible that you will run into someone unexpectedly on February 8, as Venus and Uranus are aligned. You’re at an exciting point in your love life and it is best to be open to surprises! The mood is experimental and newness will teach you a lot.

Libra – Announcing Excitement

Mercury in Capricorn is connected to Neptune in Pisces on February 6, inspiring an open-minded, gentle environment around communication. It payoff to be vulnerable today. There could be some meaningful connection between you and the past, perhaps someone you once dated makes a reappearance?

While you work on your daily tasks, an easygoing, productive energy flows through you. An unexpected help comes from Venus’s connection to Uranus on February 8. Boredom no more as excitement is always on the cards when Uranus is around.

Scorpio – Strong Spiritual Connections

A deep, meaningful conversation is sparked by Mercury’s connection with Neptune in Pisces on February 6. Love letters may be exchanged, and it’s a wonderful time to write poetry, write music, or do some painting. Your creative self is yearning to be expressed through art. 

The bonds of spirituality are strengthened this week. It is possible that you will be able to connect with someone unexpectedly on February 8, when Venus and Uranus align. You may receive a special gift from your partner at this time. It’s time to discover new thrills and learn something unexpected about yourself!

Sagittarius – Let it Flow

A gentle, compassionate atmosphere is created on February 6 by Mercury in Capricorn connecting with Neptune in Pisces. It could be an opportunity to discuss home, family, or finances in a helpful way. Is it time for you and your lover to move in together? Perhaps it is time to be vulnerable about discussions around the home and what your expectations are.

On February 8, Venus and Uranus will mingle, perhaps bringing some unexpected rewards and surprises! Let the magic just flow through you and try not to control the narrative, it is better to just let it be.

Capricorn – Unexpected Excitement

Mercury, now in your Capricorn sign, inspires you to express your thoughts this week. On February 6, the moon mingles with sensitive Neptune in Pisces, bringing a gentle, compassionate energy to communication and having your voice heard. There is a discussion of dreams, insecurities, fantasies, and feelings are encouraged. People are in a forgiving mood at this time so make use of this gentle energy to get your message across. 

The February 8 conjunction of Venus and Uranus will bring unexpected thrills! The unexpected could happen. You may want to go dancing, enjoy music, or participate in events and celebrations if you’ve been feeling bored. It is possible that you will be invited to an unexpected event that could lead you to all kinds of connections. Someone surprising may express interest in you! How exciting!

Aquarius – Pay Attention to Your Dreams

Mercury in Capricorn connects with Neptune in Pisces on February 6, encouraging connecting with your intuition and placing a great deal of focus on your psychic insights. Let your dreams do the talking but pay attention to these messages – they may be very useful! 

You can go a long way with your brilliant imagination at this time, explore and experiment this week – especially in your connections with others. Venus connects with Uranus on February 8, perhaps bringing a surprising gift or an unexpected meeting – give it all you got! 

Pisces – Time for a New Hobby or New Friends

It bodes well for your social life on February 6 when Mercury in Capricorn connects with Neptune in Pisces, your ruling planet. You’ll feel deeply in touch with your inner guidance this week. Don’t ignore it! Find a new hobby or join an inspiring group who can open up your world and help you meet new people.

An unexpected message or enchanting encounter can be expected when Venus in Pisces connects with Uranus in Taurus on February 8! Allow yourself to be surprised by the Universe because it definitely has something up its sleeve this week!

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Wrapping Up

This week seems to be relatively easy and gentle, but the universe works in mysterious ways. 

This may be exactly the energy you need to process and progress forwards. 

I always get lots of questions after a weekly Love Horoscope. While I can offer clarity on romance to any sign, sometimes it seems to breed more questions about your love situation!

That’s why I’ve created this page to direct all of my curious readers to. Here, I can make sure that I get you the most detailed and accurate response.

Don’t hesitate to reach out – this might be just the kind of answers you’ve been searching for!

Allow yourself to be guided and trust in your self and where the Universe is guiding you towards.

Wishing you all the love in the world,

Your sister and relationship Astrologer,

Anna Kovach

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