Weekly Love Horoscope For December 5th – 11th

Hello loves, welcome back to the weekly Love Horoscope, this time for the week of December 5th-11th.  I’m glad you had the good sense to check out this week’s Love Horoscope because you’ll DEFINITELY want to be prepared for what’s coming up. 

Mercury moving into Capricorn happens early in the week and sets us up with some event or conversation that forces us to consider the ‘facts’ of the situation. It’s time to level up the scores in some cases. You could be asking yourself, is my partner putting in the same amount of effort as me?

Venus quickly follows Mercury into Capricorn, which has a softer approach but is still firmly Capricorn. Venus in Capricorn signals a period where our partnership or relationship, in general, is being evaluated to see if the effort put into it is worth it. This may seem brutal, but it’s not okay to give more than you get long-term either. 

Mercury forming a square to Jupiter this week affects our ability to accurately evaluate our responsibilities and to form a schedule or plan. Perhaps you think that you can get away with being an hour late to your partner’s party but in reality, they’re touchier about it than you expected. 

The Sun opposite Mars in the fixed signs can be particularly pressurized. Like a can of soda shaken up, one little crack in the aluminum will send some situations to the sky. The tension is palpable. Just because the tension must be broken doesn’t mean that it must be in an angry or upsetting way. Channeling the energy productively can assist in addressing problems actively. 

Venus square Jupiter is a transit that tricks us into thinking that we’re invincible in some way. We think that we can charm our way out of a situation, but the truth is, even if we can charm our way out, it doesn’t mean we ought to. The other person may suppress their hurt now, but it could come out later on. 

This week is anything but boring, but whether that is good or bad depends heavily on how responsible you’ve been in upkeeping your personal growth and the health of your partnership. 

On that note, you’ll want to look below to find your Sun or Rising sign. You’ll find tips to inform your approach to your love life and romantic encounters for the week there. 

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Aries – The Center of Attention

Aries, Mercury and Venus moving into your house of reputation, life direction, and your best possible self puts emphasis on your presence for other people. This transit isn’t so much about who you are, but rather, about how others see you. With Venus in this spot, your next love interest could have their eyes on you right now. 

Venus in the sign of Capricorn sweetens the way that Aries placements are seen by others. You’re perceived as someone charming, creative, and attractive with Venus in this placement. Venus ruling your house of partnership may endear you to your partner, but you can find yourself unfocused on your partnership and more focused on how close you are to your goals. 

There is nothing wrong with being career-minded and motivated, but the truth is, this transit can wreak havoc on one’s partner if you’re not attentive enough to their needs. Even as you’re on your grind, remember the person or people who have supported you on your journey to this point, Aries. 

Taurus – Elevating Your Partnership

Taurus, as Mercury and Venus once again come around to an Earth sign, you are in a position to reap benefits from the movement of these two dynamic planets. Capricorn relates to ninth house topics for you, such as understanding, spiritual growth, travel, and higher learning. We can effectively combine this with our understanding of Venus (your planetary ruler) and Jupiter. 

Venus moving into your ninth house bodes well for your love life in general, especially if you’re in a relationship with or seeking who you’d consider to be your second ‘life partner.’ Venus here signals a good time to get married a second time to ensure stability and long-lasting love. 

Venus in a square to Jupiter this week often doesn’t mean anything too bad at all because both Venus and Jupiter are beneficial planets in most cases. Venus and Jupiter in a square to one another definitely can create a sense of relaxation that convinces you to ignore responsibilities to others in your life. Ensure that you carry your weight. 

Gemini – An Ending or an Evolution?

Gemini, your planetary ruler (Mercury) enters the sign of Capricorn this week, creating a new emphasis in your life on transforming your relationships with others. This transit is very telling of the strength and staying power of a relationship. You seek to fully integrate yourself into a relationship with your loved one, but they may be holding back. 

Mercury in a square to Jupiter can have you or another overexaggerating or not taking a situation seriously enough. Perhaps you’d love to see deeper progression in your relationship but keep arriving at a wall within your partner. 

Mercury in this position indicates that you’d like to talk about and relate to deeper, and more intimate parts of one another’s life. You may desire to see the parts of them that no one else sees. Your partner being hesitant to be emotionally and spatially intimate with you could bring you to a tough conclusion.

Cancer – Remembering Why You Mesh

Cancer, your house of partnership is ruled by Capricorn. Now that Mercury and Venus are moving into this sign, your eyes may become opened to the intricacies of your relationship with the one closest to you. Your partnership is of the utmost concern to you right now. Remembering what makes your relationship work can rejuvenate you for a long time moving forward. 

Venus in the house of partnership means different things depending on your relationship status. If you’re not partnered, but would be interested in becoming partnered, you could find your life partner during this time. If you’re already in a solid relationship with no glaring issues, then this is a period that deepens your bond. 

Those in partnerships that have been having issues should be aware that this transit can brutally expose the cracks in the foundation. Capricorn energy won’t accept anything that wasn’t hard won by working for it. Feeble bonds can break during this movement of Venus and Mercury through Capricorn. 

Leo – Staying Strong When Life Gets Tough

Planets arriving in the sign of Capricorn is often an indicator of life catching up to you, at least for Leos. When life gets tough, the tough get going. This goes for ourselves and relationships of all kinds. Both partners must be willing to do work on themselves. 

A relationship is not two halves equal to a whole. Instead, strong partnerships are one entity made out of two whole people. This means that with planets arriving in Capricorn, you’ll be asked to do the work it takes to not remain in crisis mode. A whole person is secure enough to not fear the next crisis because they know that they’ll inevitably be okay.

A solid relationship should have a similar vibe. The couple should not be bracing for the next storm. There should be trust running through both of you that keeps you calm. Using this time to work on yourself and your own perception of your relationship will keep you solid and secure as a couple when Aquarius season comes. 

Virgo – The Lighter Side of Life 

Virgo, Venus, and Mercury (your planetary ruler) are arriving within the sign of Capricorn, which brings forth a sense of creativity, spontaneity, experimentation, and expression. There is hardly a better transit for Virgos when it comes to romance and love. 

If you’re single, this period with Venus and Mercury (and soon the Sun) in the sign of Capricorn can bring about new beginnings with someone special. Venus and Mercury here heavily indicate that single people can find romance. Remember though, romance does not necessarily equal partnership. Whether this is a long-term partnership or not will be proven in a couple of months. 

If you’re already in a partnership, Virgo, the Venus and Mercury transits through your house of romance injecting even the most tenured of relationships with childlike joy and genuinely good feelings for one another. This can be a time when you remember why you’re both together. 

Libra – Maintaining What’s Good

Libra, the challenge of Capricorn transits for you is that they tend to trigger issues of security and stability. Even if everything you need and want is around you, you still wonder if it could leave. These thoughts tend to manifest into your reality if sustained for too long. Your challenge and gift is to recognize what makes you react protectively and to ask why you’re protecting it. 

With your planetary ruler, Venus, arriving within the sign of Capricorn, your partnership could be triggering old and new insecurities. This could be for any reason, good or bad though. Our insecurities can be triggered by even the best intentions sometimes! For example, someone who was given gifts as a bargaining chip in a relationship could feel threatened by receiving even a well-intentioned cup of coffee. 

Once you identify if the behavior triggering you is healthy or unhealthy, it’s time to ask yourself if your reaction to your partner or loved one is revealing a spot within yourself that needs addressing. You may need to patch up a few spots in the foundation to ensure that you’re secure enough to open up your heart and take risks in love.

Scorpio – New Insights About Your Partner

During a Capricorn transit, you become like a detective, Scorpio. You’re able to parse out everything that is real from what isn’t. Even more than usual, nothing can get past you right now. But, is that because they are doing something that warrants your close inspection? Or is your mind putting in all of this work for no reason?

Your planetary ruler, Mars, is forming an opposition to the Sun in Sagittarius. This makes you question how stable the sources of what you need are. You’re asking what the quality of your connection to others means. The opposition puts pressure on you. You know that one behavior is required of you to get the love you need to feel secure, but a desire to express something you’d normally repress may seem to threaten your partnership. 

Is it really putting your partnership at risk or are you ashamed of who you are and what you desire to the point that you suppress it from your partner?

Sagittarius – Who Can You Rely On? 

You’re asking questions regarding the source of your security and how solid the sources of your security are. Your needs are all being met somehow, but something is causing you to question if they’ll keep being met. 

Sagittarius, as Venus enters the house of security and reliability, your partnership and needs within a partnership could be changing. If your needs are changing then you may wonder if your partner can fulfill the changing needs. A loved one who is as adaptable as you are is required at this time. 

Mercury entering this house is even more telling of your partnership than Venus, since Mercury rules your house of partnership. You’re highly motivated to either find a partner who is invested in your life or you’re questioning if you can keep fulfilling the needs of your partner as they become their best selves. 

Capricorn – Empowering Yourself And Others

Capricorn, you could be stepping back into the light after a period of darkness, but the thing is, you now realize that you were only in the dark because you kept the lights off. Now, it’s like you’re remembering that there is a light switch! Venus arriving in your own sign assists you in reintegrating yourself into the flow of emotion and love once more. 

If your partnership has remained solid even through a potentially tumultuous couple of months prior to this, then chances are you’ll last through most anything. Stable relationships should have been able to locate the cracks in the foundation. If this describes you and your partner, then this week signifies a time when you once again feel fully invested in the partnership despite the past. 

Mercury in your own sign puts you in positions to mentally engage with the world. You’re being asked to align yourself with what’s important to your self-development. Being present with Venus, perhaps you and your partner decide to take up a self-care routine together.  

Aquarius – A Lot of Unanswered Questions 

Aquarius, this week you may feel that the tide has somehow turned against you. What is normally a great help to you may suddenly not be there to catch your fall. You could feel that you’ve been left without the proper resources to tackle the upcoming problems. 

The thing is, you may have known that this time was coming, Aquarius. You may have convinced yourself that you were prepared for it when really you didn’t want to face up to it. Perhaps your partnership had some glaring problems that you felt like tuning out?

If your relationship is the kind that addresses issues as they arise, then you’re probably going to make it through Capricorn season hand in hand. If you and your partner have ignored that which requires self-development and intimacy, then you’re looking at a parting of ways that makes no obvious sense to you.

Pisces – Being Seen As Accomplished 

Romantically, your relationship is reflecting the reward of the work that you and your partner have put into it. Venus arriving in your house of gifts, recognition, and opportunity puts your relationship’s greatest qualities on display. 

Mercury arriving in this house along with Venus empowers your partnership. If you and your loved one have been together for a long time, then you and your partner could be reinvigorated with the gravity of how special your partnership together is. 

If you’re single, then I imagine that within the next few months you’ll be developed enough within yourself to know what you really want in a partner. Spend some time celebrating yourself and how far you have come, whether single or partnered, my love. 

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Wrapping Up

Capricorn is a famously intimidating energy, babes. But with Venus’ presence here, the thing that is intimidating you is also likely to create immense joy for those willing to experience the discomfort of dedication. 

Capricorn’s lesson is that sometimes it pays to stick to a single direction. Venus in Capricorn calls on you to make moves to secure your course with your loved one. You’re willing to get serious with your partner, but are they willing to commit officially to you?

There is a lot to say about those who can be in relationships with no labels or expectations, but even those relationships will be asked to define what they would and wouldn’t do for one another at the end of the day. How will we contribute to each other’s security? 

Security in a relationship is emphasized greatly. Deciding if you’re putting all your eggs in the right basket when it comes to your partnership is key. You may love with all your heart and dedicate your energy and time to them, but if you couldn’t give so much anymore, would they stay? And at what point is giving without receiving a guarantee of security not worth it anymore?

It’s time to boss up and strengthen your partnership, or else, yourself. Self-improvement is necessary to create the best possible partnership. A partnership should be two whole people, not two halves of a whole. 

Next week we see some trippy transits that could cause some mental anguish, but only if you’re not prepared for their approach. 

Stay tuned for next week’s love transit and how to handle every curveball.

Wishing you all the love in the Universe, 

Anna Kovach

4 thoughts on “Weekly Love Horoscope For December 5th – 11th

  1. I’m going off radar this week, making my Virgo miss me (I’m Taurus). Too much effort on my part so let’s see if communication starts from them for a change ?

    1. Hi Louise,

      Virgo man and Taurus woman are both practical creatures and while this is great, it can dampen your creative and spontaneous sides. You have so much to offer each other in terms of mutual encouragement and bringing out the best in each other.

      Don’t let that be at the expense of creativity as you have a strong combined chance of getting stuck in a comfortable rut, so make an effort to keep things fresh. You can disappear for a while to make him miss you, but don’t wait too long!

  2. I’m a Gemini and my husband’s a Capricorn we started off as co parenting and kinda just went from there but I see me as the more affectionate one is it just the way Capricorns are to be held back emotionally!?

    1. Hi Melissa,

      Well, most Capricorn men are extremely sensitive and vulnerable, but they seldom show it – even to you! These are not the most comfortable signs when it comes to feelings, which can make it hard to connect.
      You as a Gemini, are someone that isn’t necessarily overly “emotional” either, and you can handle his detached ways. You yourself can be rather detached at times, although a bit moody, too. You prefer to talk about emotions than have “messy” displays!
      Just be careful that both of your detached emotional styles don’t block true connection between you! You may have a wonderful relationship, but under the surface, deeper feelings stir, which should be expressed openly in order to connect!

      Best of luck to you both!

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